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Last Live Update Thread of the Big Brother 23 Season!

September 29, 2021 | 169 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

It’s time! We finally get to see who is crowned champion of the Big Brother 23 season. Will it be Xavier, Azah, or Derek?

Before I begin, I want to give everyone who has donated this season a huge, huge thank you.  You have kept me fully caffeinated through the season where I’m going to stop drinking coffee and head into some winter crash that will help my hibernation.  Seriously though, thank you to everyone. Mel and I couldn’t be happier blogging this show, but seeing all the nice messages that come with the donations usually help get us through the long parts of the summer.

Also, thanks for sticking through some site changes this season, crazy rollback to Big Brother 13, and email spam when I was working on the mailing list.  Speaking of, join our mailing list so you get emailed every time we make a post.  I may do an occasional newsletter if I think of it, but that’s all you’ll ever receive. Your emails are private and won’t ever be sold because that’s a horribly scummy thing to do and I hate when companies do that.

Alright, so on to the show….

Who will win this season?  That’s easy – Xavier will – IF he makes it to the final 2.  He will easily beat out D or Azah if he’s sitting in that final 2 chair and the only question will be if it’ll be unanimous or not.

The tricky part comes if Azah wins round 3 of the HoH and takes Big D to the final 2. First, I will cry because that will be one of the worst final 2 scenarios since Steve & Liz and could very well prompt more changes to the final 3 format if it happens.  If you remember, the final round of the HoH competition used to be almost pure luck. They would show a clip of a jury member saying something in the jury house and you had to guess what they said next.  While some of the questions were obvious, some were very tricky and 100% a guess which resulted in things like Steve beating Vanessa 5-4. He took Liz and won the game.

While they kept up that through BB19, they eventually changed it to a memory-style competition that at least brings some skill to that round.   Since then we had:

  • BB 20 – Two comp beasts Kaycee and Tyler went to tiebreaker
  • BB 21 – Comp beast Jackson won
  • BB 22 – Comp beast Cody won

So, if that holds true, Xavier should win the final round tonight but there is no guarantee.  However, if that doesn’t happen and Azah takes Big D to the final 2, I think Azah will win with ease. Big D isn’t nearly as liked and respected in the jury house as he thinks he is while Azah is just a very good person. I can’t see 5 people in that jury thinking D is more deserving of a victory considering he won no comps and Azah had a much more pleasant social game.

Alright, let’s get to covering the episode….

  • Here we go!  Someone will walk away with $750k in their pocket (minus taxes) tonight
  • Yea, this comp was definitely not designed with D in mind.  Not a shocker he lost
    • Azah – 13:19
    • Derek – 20:22
  • Azah on to round 3 (but you already knew that)
  • Xavier talks about how Big D lost which puts him at risk.  If only he didn’t turn on Kyland who told him he’d take him to the final 2?
  • Azah tells Xavier she wants to take him to the end after her argument with D
  • Azah tells D about it and he is butthurt.  This is after he told her he’s taking X to the final 2.  Stop whining
  • Jury time.   Kyland joins

  • Time to talk about the final 3.  DX says no way is X a bartender
  • DX says the best part of Derek is they share the same name. Ouch
  • Kyland says Hannah and Big D are interchangeable.  Dude is going to the end shitting on Hannah for some reason.

  • Ok, final comp time!
  • 3 statements per jury member. 1 will be false. 8 rounds.
    • Round 1 – Xavier leads 1-0
    • Round 2 – Xavier leads 2-1
    • Round 3 – Xavier leads 3-2
    • Round 4 – Xavier leads 4-3
    • Round 5 – Xavier leads 5-4
    • Round 6 – Xavier leads 6-5
    • Round 7 – Xavier leads 7-6
    • Round 8 – Xavier wins 8-7
  • Xavier is the final HoH! There it is.  $750k to Xavier. Congrats to him!  He will go down as one of the greatest of all time.
  • I know I’m getting ahead of myself but this is literally the only thing he had to do once he won the 2nd to last HoH and he did it.  Zero chance D or Azah win
  • Decision time
    • Xavier chooses Derek for the final 2

  • Azah would have taken X she says
  • He didn’t deserve third even if it meant losing the game

    • X says he did lie but he didn’t get personal
    • D says he started the cookout.  And claims he got in the HoH’s ear targeting outside the cookout (sure)
    • X says his biggest mistake was getting too close to his teammates (or Alyssa wink wink)
    • Hannah says D was here for fame more than the game.  D claims he was there for fame but also trying to win.  Weak answer
    • X says he threw the HoH to DX so he would take out Christian.
    • SB says “other than starting fights to conceal the cookout, what did you contribute”  ouch.  He once again reverts back to the ‘I was in the HoH’s ear’ .. wow. Doesn’t even come up with a new thing he did lol That is brutal.
    • Azah asks why D feels he deserves the money over X.  D says he put in the work (lol) and he gave it his all and he made himself a pawn (unlike X going on the block 5x?)
  • I think X will tell the house after they lock in votes (about lawyer) because it can only hurt. They’ll think he has money and won’t need it
    • D just says he played hard but X deserves it as much as he does
    • X goes off on a lawyer speech about how he threw comps and did whatever the cookout needed.   He was dominated 5x but also won all these comps despite throwing tons of comps.  He won’t say anything bad about Big D.  The jury is in love I think.
  • Time for them to lock in X’s win
    • DX drops a Travis quote in there everyone cracks up
    • Azah nearly drops who she was voting for.
  • When they return, pre-jury people are back via zoom
  • Some questions, nothing interesting so far.  Brent credits Tiffany for her master plan
  • Julie says some secrets weren’t revealed so they showed highlights of DR segments
  • They react to the Brit being a black belt thing

    • Winner time!
      • Britini – Xavier
      • DX – Xavier
      • SB – Xavier
      • Claire – Xavier
      • Alyssa – Xavier
      • The rest – Xavier

  • Congrats!
  • Now time for AFP
  • America’s Favorite Time
    • Top 2 – DX and Tiffany
    • The winner – Tiffany!
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