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Big Brother 23 – Friday Afternoon Noms And Feeds

August 27, 2021 | 64 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s Friday in the Big Brother house and for the last week this means that it’ll be nomination and BB Buck day.  We should get nominations first and then feeds will likely be down for many hours again as they do the BB Buck thing for the last time this season. Decent concept on the twist, but I don’t think they counted on the house ganging up on those who actually won the top prizes. Ouch.  “Here, let’s give the popular people in the house a prize to help them because fans want to see them advance!    …… and they’re evicted”.  It’s like seeing your friend get circled by a shark so you throw in some fish and guts and crap (I’m not a fisherman) and that only makes the sharks more bloodthirsty and hungry. Oopsie!

As you know, Tiffany won the HoH last night which should mean SB will follow DX into the jury house unless she wins veto.   I ran through the rest of the house last night and determined the only people who had a chance at actually playing in the coin of destiny today likely wouldn’t go changing the noms on Tiffany which means that power has been rendered virtually irrelevant.  Just a little more salt in the wound of DX considering that’s the power he sacrificed his game to try and get only to see it wasted.

Anywyay, I was just in a meeting and noms came and went, sorry dudes.

Noms are Kyland and SB.   This isn’t expected to change due to what I discussed yesterday about who is actually eligible to play the coin

And speaking of the coin, the feeds are back down again for a few hours as they do that twist

I’ll update this later when the feeds return!

  • 1:00 pm – Feeds returned and it seemed like they just put in a bigger couch for the 3 noms. Coin should be later I guess
    • Tiffany and Azah chatting in the bedroom
    • Azah saying how Big D thought he was going up
    • Tiffany says she told him “I need you to win the coin of destiny. I may need a favor from you” and D replied “I’m gonna be the pawn???”  and she mocks his reaction how he threw his arms up walked around and hugged Tiffany and left lol.
    • Okay, Tiffany called to the DR and feeds drop. This time it’s probably for the coin
  • 5:45 pm – Feeds still down!
  • 7:50 pm – Alright, feeds return!  Let’s see if we can figure anything out.

    • Oh damn, sounds like Tiff got booted from the HoH.  Harsh.  That’s part of the coin of destiny.  I’m not sure if the winner gets the room?
    • But it sounds like Tiffany can play in HoH next week
    • It’s sounding like Claire won the coin but will likely not change noms
    • Tiffany telling Big D about SB telling her how many different people are ‘after’ Tiffany and she’s just telling her now.  She even said SB came at 2am to give more names
  • 8:30 pm – Tiffany is talking to Kyland
    • He tells her that SB thinks it’s personal that she’s on the block and how she tried to make him feel bad.  She asks if it is tough and he says no, and that’s the problem. He wishes it was (meaning he doesn’t really care that SB is leaving)
  • 9:00 pm Dinner time in the house

Check back for updates

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