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Big Brother 23 – Friday Afternoon Updates

August 6, 2021 | 5 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, Junkies!

It’s Friday in the Big Brother house which has meant Wildcard + Noms, but the Wildcard comp is all over now so it’s just a Nomination kind of day for us.

DX has some big decisions ahead of him because he has to look at the long-term outlook of the game and really start setting himself up with alliances he plans to stick with for the final stretch now. It’s really hard to get a read on him because he’s really into Kyland and seems to want to work with him, but Kyland loves working with SB. Then SB has been talking about going after Hannah who has been trying hard to pair up with DX.  If that happens, he’s a dog chasing his tail while the rest of the house advances further.

He has the option to try and backdoor Christian this week which he is certainly considering as a very realistic plan but that’s a pretty scary thing for him without a solid alliance backing him up. I think the thought process of getting out your biggest rival whenever you can is always smart but when you’re also a comp beast and will instantly become the #1 target of like half the house, you need a group backing you up to pull off this move. Right now, DX doesn’t have that group. So, if he does indeed go after Christian, he’s basically just doing the dirty work for the house before they peg him off the second he’s vulnerable.

While I’m not a huge fan of the shield theory as shields end up coasting through the game, it does hold merit and this is one of those times.  If DX can secure something legitimately solid with Kyland, SB, and Hannah while making sure Hannah/SB squash their beef, knocking off Christian is definitely the move to make.


  • Claire tells DX that she’d just nominate X and Christian and go right at it lol Kind of like spending someone else’s money. Much easier to say than do when it’s your own
  • DX and Kyland meet.  The afternoon of meetings is underway. Fun

    • Kyland is immediately getting on the defensive about SB. He knows she’s in danger and wants to head it off
    • DX going over his plan to cut deals with people this week for a few weeks of safety (good luck with that)
    • DX says bluntly ‘what if I take Christian out and then you and X go after me’. Kyland is surprised by that scenario and says he hasn’t thought of that
    • The topic changes a bit and DX is trying to think of a situation of maybe him, Kyland, and X.
  • DX spent most of the afternoon having his discussions. Mostly asking people if they were willing to go up as a pawn, if they were willing to work with him, what deals, etc, etc
  • DX did a little camtalking between meetings
    • Alyssa told him she feels threatened by Azah and the pairing of Kyland/SB
    • SB spoke with him and they both realize they’re near the bottom of their alliances and should work together with Kyland.
  • One thing I like is this cast does a lot of camtalking which is nice to get their real thoughts

    • Hannah talks about the royal flush alliance how she understands it but is kind of bothered how three people are part of both the RF and Cookout but didn’t tell her about the Flush
    • She has been lying low by not winning comps but knows she has to turn it up soon
    • She wants to go after SB next week if Christian is gone but if he’s not, she’ll go after him
  • 12:45 pm – X is talking to DX in the HoH room
    • DX going through his questions. He is making it sound like he wants to roll with the Royal Flush but not sure how accurate that is
    • In the side room, Britini is talking with Christian telling him that DX should put Christian on the block and give him a chance to play. She says if DX is smart, he’d keep Christian because of the shield aspect
    • Back in the HoH room. X asks who he’d go after if he left the Flush alone.  He isn’t sure. It would have to be the Jokers but he isn’t sure who he’d want gone from that team
  • 2:00 pm – I have to run and fix some plumbing, I should be back before noms are announced
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