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Big Brother 23 – Friday Night Feeds + Noms

August 6, 2021 | 33 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

It’s time for nominations which finally get the week rolling. DerekX spent the better part of the day pulling everyone in the house aside one by one and asking them 6 questions. ‘How do you feel now that teams are broken up’, ‘who would you go after’, etc, etc. Kind of a different approach to question everyone like it’s a job interview, but hey maybe it’ll work for him.

Who will be nominated is something we’ll find out when the feeds return.  Britini was asked to be a pawn and she actually accepted (maybe she’s learning) and DX was tossing between Big D and Sarah Beth as the other. His ultimate goal is to backdoor Christian which could make for fun feeds this week. Especially considering he told Alyssa he’d keep her safe so she’s probably going to kick herself for not thinking to include Christian in that deal. Or maybe she’s secretly cutthroat and knows Christian leaving will likely be the best thing for her game so she’ll let DX do it.

I do want to rant a little – Can people stop complaining about the Cookout?  I don’t control the alliances nor do I really care if there is an all-anything alliance. All girl, all brunette, all southern, all Steves (that would be a dope alliance though). I just don’t let stuff like that get to me and neither should you. Move on with your life and watch the show.

Also, thank you to Susan for your generous donation!  I really really appreciate it!


  • 5:45 pm – Feeds return!
    • Britini and Sarah Beth were nominated.

    • DX is taking this really hard and Britini is the one comforting him this time. Don’t make me start liking you, Brit. Don’t you do it!
  • Meanwhile, in the HN room, the Kings are pouting about Sarah being nominated.  Oh just wait, there will be much more pouting on Monday
    • X is saying ‘I would like to know who his primary target is’. He gets it.
    • Christian says ‘if it’s a backdoor, it’s for me’ bingo
    • Alyssa shittalks Kyland a bit. I guess he was making some faces during the meeting
    • Talk in the room talks about how close DX is with Kyland and how Ky is probably the mastermind
    • Alyssa and X don’t think DX is planning a backdoor. They all point out how he becomes the biggest target of the week if Christian goes home
  • SB heads into the HoH to talk to DX

    • She sits there and stares at him as he stares to the ground for a solid 25 seconds (I counted). And if you don’t think that’s long, just stare at someone and count to 25 in your head
    • DX says he can’t do this, he doesn’t want her to go home. He says the only reason she is on the block is that he had no options.  Seriously awkward conversation. I have to keep checking to see if the screen froze on me because he’ll stop talking and she isn’t saying anything. Just staring. Wow
    • Seriously, it starts at 6:03:50 where she begins to just stare at him without moving. She finally begins speaking at 6:06:30 so she just gave him a death stare for more than 2 1/2 minutes lol
    • She tells him she’s going to pick Christian to play and if he wins and takes her down, who will he put up. He can’t really answer her because he really doesn’t have very many options at that point. He claims he didn’t want to put up 2 jokers because he didn’t want their entire team mad at him. He can’t put up any more Kings (Alyssa and X were promised safety from DX). He won’t go after Kyland, Tiffany or Hannah. And Claire is safe. So that’s nobody left if Chrisitan saves her (without him breaking his word)
    • He realizes the corner he’s been painted in and just tells her he’s going after Christian and tells her not to pick him
    • She says she’ll try to come up with something to pick X
  • Kyland comes in to join the conversation
    • SB is calming down a bit and working with him more.
    • DX is going to tell some people that Britini is his target but Brit already knows she’s not
  • Kings come in to the HoH room
    • DX tells them he’s going after Britini
    • They seem to believe him?  I can’t really tell. Or they’re humoring him
  • 7:20 pm – Kyland catching up with DX

    • They joke about how Azah just stared at the ball with intense focus (referring to the wildcard comp)
  • 8:15 pm – Claire, DX, and Tiffany are talking
    • Tiffany says she is sore from yesterday. DX says he’s fine and Claire jokes ‘yea, I’m fine too, guys’.
    • Tiffany is warning DX that Kyland could be coming for him and just roll with X the rest of the way
    • Hannah comes in and gives a report on the house
  • Taking a little break be back shortly
  • 11:00 pm – Slow night tonight (shocker) but things should pick up so long as the right person wins veto tomorrow and the backdoor plan continues

Check back for updates

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