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Big Brother 23 – Live Eviction Episode

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Good evening, everyone!


It’s eviction night in the Big Brother house and time for another to go home (I say home but it’s obviously jury at this point. Just a habit you’ll see often).  It’s pretty obvious who is going this week, but if you’re still wondering, it’s Britini. Kind of sad to see another player go who really wants to be there, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be permanently haunted watching her go from one of the happiest moments I’ve seen in the house (when she won $100) to the lowest of lows when she realized she was going on the block. I rarely get sad about players leaving because, in the end, it is just a game, but the sheer joy that came from her body when she found out she was well-liked by America is still a bit sad now.

The show must go on and tonight is certainly one of the more important HoH competitions of the season so far because it could be the difference between someone in the cookout leaving and a continued battle to the end versus domination by one alliance all the way through.  It’s becoming clear that even if you’re a fan of the cookout, they are by far the favorite to win which will automatically make people root for the underdogs like DX and Claire. Don’t take it personally when it happens because that’s just life.  As a Patriots fan my entire life, I’ve seen the team go from underdog to absolutely hated and now laughed at. So just remember that when people who were once cookout fans start rooting against them as they gain more power.


On a personal level, I’m rooting for Xavier or Tiffany to win it all because I feel they’ve played the best game, but as a fan of the show, I don’t want to see a complete steamroll dull final month. I want to see an epic battle of endurance toward the end of the season between those two and maybe a DX. That’s good TV and fun blogging.  I’m sure most fans can agree with the second part regardless of who you’re actually rooting for. It’s just so much more entertaining watching the fight come down to the last week or so.

I have no clue what the comp will be this week, but it’s definitely not trivia as they did it last week. So we’re either looking at a semi-endurance long comp (like picking up balls off the floor and rolling down the thing) or a crapshoot luck competition like shooting bean bags at stuff. I don’t expect full endurance like slip-n-slide, but maybe they’ll surprise us?

Enough rambling, time for some updates!  Well, in 45 minutes when the show starts

  • Here we goooo
  • Claire tells the DR she isn’t thankful to Kyland for saving him since he’s the one who nominated her
  • Hannah is dead set on finishing in 6th place with the Cookout rather than playing the game.
  • Julie says we’ll see the HoH live so I’m guessing crapshoot competition. In that case just flip a coin

Thank you for your generous donation, Stacey!  Greatly appreciated!!

  • Oh I realized tonight’s comp may be a puzzle type of comp too. Maybe not pure crapshoot
  • Britini raps. Okay. Is it too late to change my mind and hope she goes.  Jk
  • Unfortunately, we won’t get to see Big D evote today
  • Votes
    • Xavier – Britini
    • Hannah – Britini
    • Claire – Britini
    • DX – Britini
    • Azah – Big D
    • Tiffany – Britini
    • Sarah Beth – Britini
    • Alyssa – Britini
  • I see they fluffed up Britini before she left.  They told her they voted her out because they couldn’t beat her. Some jury management I guess.  They still didn’t show the REAL reason she was evicted which was because she won $100
  • Alright, HoH time. Balance beam course. Quickest time to the other side wins but they only have 45 seconds tops. Sorry, Big D
  • Times
    • Claire – 34.97 seconds.  No chance
    • Alyssa – DQ. She fell right before the buzzer.  But she had 27 seconds
    • Big D – Fished but slower than Claire
    • SB – 21.03 seconds. In the lead
    • Azah – Tried the small beam. Failed. Lost
    • Hannah – Close but ran out of time
    • Tiffany – Tries the small beam. No chance
    • Derek X – Tries the small beam. Soooooo close but lost.
    • Xavier – No chance
  • Sarah Beth is the new HoH!

So that’s that.  Thoughts on Sarah Beth winning?  Who do you think she goes after?


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