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Big Brother 23 – Live Eviction Thread

August 5, 2021 | 38 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

Another week is just about in the books for the Big Brother 23 season, but we are just about to evict the first female of the season. Pretty good stretch they had, and I personally think Alyssa should have gone for the throat and got rid of another guy, but it wasn’t my call. Or really her call, either I suppose. Although we all know who was really in control of the HoH this week and it wasn’t Christian.

While I’d like to have a nice suspenseful buildup to who is going home tonight, there hasn’t been any of that this season. We’ve known the targets minutes after each of the last few Heads of Household were crowned and nothing strayed from those plans.  The last 3 weeks have felt like Groundhog Day in the house so I’m hoping now that teams are dropping tonight there will be a bit of a shakeup. I’ve said it all week that I don’t think the Royal Flush survives this shift so I fully expect a bunch of movement of alliances over the next week. I could be wrong, though, I usually am.

Anyway, much to the disappointment of Sarah, Hannah will be staying in the house for another week which at least gives us one small rivalry brewing in the game. This SB/Hannah thing has some legs for some drama so we’ll stick a pin in that and see if anything comes up as the weeks continue. Assuming SB survives this upcoming week which isn’t really a guarantee as she’s the early target for quite a few players. Sarah’s fate will rest entirely on who can hold on the longest in the first endurance competition of the season tonight. I have no clue what it’ll be, but I suspect the wall. The other two main options are slip n slide and the holding on the rope going in circles, but the way CBS has been hyping this competition all week, I can’t see anything but the wall. It’s the most famous endurance comp of the show.

Speaking of, should you choose to watch the competition play out, feel free to sign up to the live feeds here. Or don’t, I’m not your mother. But if you don’t, I’ll be covering the endurance competition on this site (but a new post which I’ll start at the end of the CBS episode).

My early prediction is Alyssa wins the comp. What is your prediction?

Time for some updates!  Well, in 30 minutes when the show begins that is…

  • Some recaps over the last few days
  • Building up the Hannah/SB thing
  • Focusing on Tiffany’s master plan of having side duo things
  • Some clips of the Tiffany situation where she said good morning to SB, X, and Kyland but was mostly ignored except for Kyland. That was indeed kind of weird
  • They need more filler content than normal because the HoH starts later than normal
  • Showing Whitney really trashing her team on the way out the door.  Sure they’re trying to pretend Hannah has a shot at going home but the reality is, this mostly sets up Hannah as the future target.  And it goes back to my point yesterday that beginning to campaign on Wednesday is stupid.  If Whitney threw her team under the bus as soon as she lost the veto, she very well could have possibly put in a situation of DX and Hannah on the block by tonight.
    • Future BB players – don’t wait until Wednesday night to start playing
  • Speeches and Votes
    • Big D – Whitney
    • Britini – Whitney
    • Azah – Whitney
    • Kyland – Whitney
    • Alyssa – Whitney
    • Sarah – Whitney
    • Claire – Whitney
    • Derek X – Whitney
    • Tiffany – Whitney
    • Xavier – Whitney
  • Whitney says she feels bad for being all over X after knowing Azah had a crush on him.  I doubt that’s true
  • Up next, teams find out they’re no longer teams
  • And it is indeed the wall.

I’m going to be closing this thread and starting up a new thread once the feeds return so check back

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