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Big Brother 23- Monday Recap for 9/27/21

September 28, 2021 | 45 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all, I hope everyone’s week is off to an amazing start!  I’d planned for this to be part 2 of the season recap but yesterdays feeds changed my plans a bit.  I’m still going to do it later today but wanted to do a regular recap first. I’m not used to anything happening the last few days on the feeds but with a couple of Jokers in the house, we should’ve known.

I said yesterday, Derek’s been putting in overtime trying to lose his guaranteed 2nd place finish.  He put in some more work to accomplish this last night. He’s continued to say things to Azha, trying to make her feel terrible about her game. He’s now began saying that she’s disloyal to him too.

After Azha won part 2 of the hoh comp, Derek continued to become more pissed off. He said he didn’t like his fate being in someone else’s hands. (No, he doesn’t like his fate potentially being in Azha’s hands because he hasn’t controlled his fate this entire game) Azha has never been disloyal to Derek and didn’t plan to take anyone other than him to the F2, were she to win part 3 of the HOH comp.

He’s continued to tell her he carried her through the game, had to work hard to keep her from being evicted and something about her copying his strategy. (??) I mean, she did sleep a lot so maybe that part is true.

While this has been going on, Xavier continued to speak to Azha like a human being and give her some actual respect. (I felt Xavier should’ve been working harder to get Azha to take him, once he saw the opening) With an assist from Derek, it seems he hasn’t had to do very much. X told Azha she should stop talking game with Derek because he thought it may sway her to take X. (Haha, he does have charm and someone who didn’t have a “middle school crush” on him could see thru this)

Azha was already hurt by the things Derek’s been saying to her.  This isn’t just about hurt feelings though because as she and Derek have continued to argue over the games they’ve played, which moves were made and who made them, I think she’s started to realize Derek is full of shit. It’s almost like her eyes were opened that day last week when he started trying to tell her how many times he’d had to work to keep her off the block.  This was the day she practically forced him to go over the season week by week. She pointed out to him which weeks she knew she wasn’t ever in danger. (Taking out Hannah for them was Azha carrying the guys and she knows this, what’s Derek done?)

The more these 3 have gone over the season this week, the more it’s hurt Derek. Xavier is actually charming, plus he can put 2 sentences together so it hasn’t had the same effect for him.  X is full of shit too and he says he did a lot of things he didn’t but he can at least make it sound believable. Derek just says crazy stuff like yesterday, when he started going off about how even the Cook Out wanted to get rid of Azha at times and said he had to keep that from happening. (I mean, whuuut?)  Azha has argued back with them both over some things, mostly about Tiffany. These 2 refuse to give Tiffany credit for anything and I’ve appreciated the fact that Azha won’t allow it. There was a whole conversation about Tiffanys social game which Azha said was great. The guys said she had a terrible social game and had problems with 6 people in the house. (I don’t know who the 6 are because I  couldn’t get to 6) She argued with Ky but they all did. She argued with Azha but they were both to blame and she DID have problems with Derek. Who else?  She was after SB for quite a while but they didn’t argue or have problems. She just wanted her out of the game.  FYI, here’s the 2 of them now:

Yeah, yeah, I know I find a way to work Tiffany into a game she isn’t in anymore.  Don’t come for me on this one because I already know this about myself so I don’t need it point it out.

Unrelated: Apparently, Kyland was also on The Price Is Right.

Anyway, Azha kept making good points about how many people had Tiffany’s back. X finally conceded that Tiffany had a good social game but he followed up with but ‘she still had a bad one too.’  Derek kept making remarks that “Tiffany sounds like an angry black woman,” which X and Azha immediately shut down. They both said “we don’t need to go there” but Derek kept repeating it because we all know, he WANTS everyone to see Tiffany as ‘the angry black woman.’ (Fuck off, Derek! I try to analyze these players and keep my emotions out of it but I am so sick of his shit.) I truly thinks he’s the worst player we’ve ever seen and I don’t say that lightly. I’ve actually compared his actual game to the worst.

This is the stuff I’m talking about when I say, I think Azha has opened her eyes a bit more to Derek’s personality. This is the kind of thing she’s looked past all season but once the door was opened, when it was directed at her, I don’t think she stopped there.

Azha’s lack of awe over Derek’s game was sort of confirmed yesterday when she spoke to herself and said she didn’t have a lot of respect for the game Derek’s played. Unlike Derek, she wouldn’t insult him by telling him this, she was just going over things to herself.

The night before, Aza talked to Xavier about potentially taking him over Derek to the F2. Before committing to anything, she told him she wanted to sleep and pray on it. After Derek continued his bullshit for another day, she reached her decision and told Xavier she’d take him.  I kind of think she’d already reached this conclusion but she spent the day hinting to X that she’d like him to give her the same commitment back. X remained evasive and would never actually tell her he’d take her too. (This is the part I don’t understand with X’s game) What the worst that could happen if he told her? Azha tells Derek? So what? He isn’t competing anymore and Derek’s made it clear, he won’t be voting for a woman to win so I think X would still have his vote in jury.  Azha winning part 3 is the one hiccup that could lose X the game so he should’ve just told her yes and sealed his spot in a F2 chair.

I guess Azha gave up trying to get a commitment from X. She told him she’d take him to the F2, would like him to take her but if he didn’t, he’d still have her jury vote. (This probably guaranteed he won’t take her. He’s seen what a bitter Betty Derek can be and won’t chance it)

Azha told the cameras or herself, it came down to feeling Xavier deserved better than 3rd place. She said she was ok with 3rd place herself, but not for X.  At first, I thought Azha was starting to believe some of the stuff the guys were saying about how she would beat both of them. That isn’t her reasoning at all though because she said she’s aware she may beat Derek but thinks she loses to X so she does know. She also reminded herself the money wasn’t her main motivation for being there and said Xavier would be a good winner.

Perhaps I’m reading too much into this or pushing my own feelings onto Azha but here’s what I’m seeing. I think Azha has seen more of Derek’s true self recently and I think she’d rather sacrifice her win, rather than risk Derek winning. She feels very good about Xavier representing the Cook Out and as the winner of BB23.  She’d rather lose than risk Derek winning. (I know it’s how I feel!)

Unlike Derek, Azha has a spine and told Derek her decision.  It went about as well as you’d expect and and Derek had what can only be described as a tantrum. I may not care for Derek but I understand his wanting to make it to the F2. Who wouldn’t? However, I don’t understand his logic for WHY he’s upset. He’s been repeatedly telling her they had “no deals.”  Now, he’s saying he feels ‘portrayed’ by her and this is the part that doesn’t connect. (He said portrayed, not me by the way) How can someone betray you if they don’t have a deal with you?

Azha had to sit last week as Derek’s sounding board, listening to Derek debate over the reasons he wanted to keep Kyland in the game, in spite of her being the other person otb. She handled it very well and remained his friend. Last night, Derek went off to Xavier saying he wished he’d kept Kyland. Derek said he wasn’t speaking to Azha again, wouldn’t speak to her in the house unless production made him, and whine, whine, whine.  X didn’t like hearing Derek wished he’d kept Kyland and asked him if he really meant that after the way Ky made his exit. Derek said yes.  Later, X discussed this with Azha and said, he tried to get Derek to understand with Ky in the house, he was definitely taking X to F2, so nothing would be any different.

Derek packed up all his things from the room he’s shared with Azha all season and moved into another bedroom. (Ya, I ran away from home too when I was 9. I sat by our mailbox until I got hungry. I think I made it about 45 minutes) If he’d moved during comps at the speed he moved while relocating his belongings, he may have won a comp this season.

Xavier did what he does best which is play peacekeeper and middleman but even he became annoyed with Derek.  I won’t remember Xavier as a great player but wow, does that man have patience…

It shouldn’t be lost that Derek isn’t upset with X for cuddling with Azha and helping this happen but he’s upset with Azha for cuddling with X. For Derek, X is blameless. He’s also never spoken to X the way he speaks to Azha.

I didn’t think this much bad game play was even possible with so little game left to play.  Who’s the winner this week for bad strategy?

I’d like to give Xavier the credit for convincing Azha to take him to the end but I don’t think he made this happen.  He also wouldn’t give her what she wanted and agree to go to the F2 with her, even if he didn’t mean it.  She’s still choosing him at the moment though so it’s not X for the bad strategy win.

It’s unlikely Azha will win the last comp but if she does, she’s planning to make the losing decision. However, she’s said her main priority isn’t winning the game so if you factor that into it, it isn’t her either.

I have to give this one to Derek.  He finally made a move of his own in this game. He single handedly convinced Azha this week NOT to take him to the F2. This is his doing and his move. That’s impressive and I don’t know that just any ole average player could’ve pulled that one off.  I mean, Victoria from BB16 would never….

It’s possible part 2 of the season recap may not be posted until the evening instead of the afternoon. Have a great Tuesday!


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