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Big Brother 23 – Monday Stuff

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Good afternoon, everyone


Good news and bad news.  Good newss is I’m able to actually get a post out. Bad news is that it’s going to be super short and won’t be updated much. I just wanted to give you guys a post to comment on because I’m sure there will be drama.  Oh, and if I have any typos it’s beause I’m listerally sitting on my bathroom foor without my glasses as I’m very sick today (without gettnig into details). So I can’t really see what I’m typing.

Anyway, Britini should be going on the block and while I’m; not watching the feeds for obvious reasons, I expect that should be happening in about 15 minutes. Fortunately, I’m feeling better enough to type this so I hope it’s a super brief bug and i’ll be able to update more tonight but I just wanted to give you a post beforoe the feeds returned because I was unable to last week.


Sorry it’s so short and messy. Hopegfully the comment section can provide some updates on what is going on in the house.  I will be back soon I promise. It doesn’t feel like a serious bug, but one that makes it very hard to work. Be back soon!  Thanks


1:30 – Made it to bed. Watching feeds. Britini was nominated. I’ll update the header when I get to pc.

She’s clearly not taking it lightly and honestly my heart breaks for her. After watching her so excited about America giving her 100 only to see this today is really sad. No matter what anyone says about the girl, she’s a damn good person and this completely sucks for her. I just hope Azah tells her why she’s going home sometime this week. I know it’s not a good game strat for Azah to reveal her alliance but damn. I’m definitely too soft for this game.


Oh and I got my glasses so at least my typos will decrease. But I’m blogging from my phone and autocorrect will likely mess with me

2:15 pm – I’m not even going to fix the typos above because reading back it’s funny how I type when I can’t really see. I just saw a bunch of red lines under my words and went with it!


Anyway, Azah, Hannah, and big d are talking. D plans on going after SB next because that really weakens kyland. Honestly his entire alliance is sick of him by now. He’s easily one of the first to go once they attack each other


Okay, I think I have had enough rest. My stomach feels good enough to sit at my computer so let’s do this shit!  Thank you all for your well wishes. Fortunately, it was a quick passing bug.

I’ll give you an update on now:

  • 6:45 pm – Britini and Tiffany playing a casual game of pool.
  • Now I’m going to search back and see if anything interesting happened while I was awol
  • (no timestamps on old stuff because I’m lazy)
    • A little plug to this Twitter account which I scan for updates when I miss chunks of the feed. I don’t know them personally but they’re probably the most active live feed updater these days.
    • X gave Britini some super generic advice on campaigning which was a stark difference on him coaching Christian on exactly what to say to each cross-examination like he was about to hit the stand.
    • One part of that conversation, Brit revealed some pretty vague threats by Kyland to her.  According to Brit, he said something along the lines of ‘don’t campaign against me otherwise he’ll start spreading info about her’. Feeds cut at that point because of course, they did. In their effort to protect houseguests, we’re now left to draw our own conclusions what Kyland meant

    • Apparently, this was a big point of contention because Brit told Hannah and Azah the same thing and also vented to the camera about it. (Kyland telling her not to campaign against him)
    • It’s clearly some protection by production (seriously, they’re trash) because they cut any mention of the threat Kyland apparently made to Britini.  So, because production treats us like babies where we can’t handle real words, I’m going to just assume he told Britini if she revealed his secret showmance with SB, he’ll toilet paper her house. Obviously that’s made up, but production forces us to draw our own conclusions, so that’s what I’m going with.
  • Alright, so it appears Kyland is beginning to turn into a shitty person. The cookout doesn’t like or trust him. His detectives alliance doesn’t trust him. I guess that type of stuff happens when you threaten to toilet paper someone’s house!



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