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Big Brother 23 – Monday Updates

September 6, 2021 | 145 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s veto Monday in the Big Brother house and there are only a handful of these left until we settle in for our long winter’s nap.  In fact, after this, there will be 1 more guaranteed veto Monday and most likely a second on the 20th and that’s it.  I say most likely because, in regular seasons, the final week leading up to the final 3 is usually a bit weird, but I’m guessing it’ll be a normally scheduled week.

The feeds last night were really tough to watch as Tiffany told Claire she was going on the block which resulted in a ton of tears

Now, I know we all have opinions on this, but keep in mind that Tiffany knows what she’s doing.  By that I mean she’s fully aware she is almost certainly throwing away her entire season to advance her cause.  Keep that in mind before randomly bashing Tiffany because it’s really not something very many houseguests would do – ever.  It’s an incredibly selfish yet selfless act at the same time which makes it really difficult for most to understand – including me.

Throughout the seasons, we’ve seen countless times when close friends in the game suddenly stop caring and plot to get their friend out if it means advancing their own game. I can’t think of a time we’ve ever seen someone let two of their closest friends in the house go (she could have worked harder to save DX) just to help guarantee a certain type of winner.

Let’s re-frame this using a less controversial but similar alliance, the all-female alliance.  Let’s say a guy won BB11, BB13 and Paul won BB18. If that had happened, We’d have a guy win every season from BB7 to BB19.  Now we’re on BB20 and have Tyler running away as the clear favorite to win while he’s in a showmance with Angela. Let’s say Angela said on Day 1 she’s absolutely determined to have a female winner that season even if it means someone other than her. Week 12 rolls around and Angela wins the HoH but rather than nominate JC and Sam, she nominates JC and Tyler to help ensure a female winner. Kaycee ends up winning easily (rather than 5-4).

Most people would still be like ‘wtf’, but many would realize just how important it was to Angela to have a female win the game after 13 straight males won.  Now picture it if there were 22 straight seasons of male winners and Angela did it? While we all loved Tyler, I’m sure many would understand how significant it was for Angela to help ensure a female winner that season rather than sticking with her showmance. Shit, I think at that point even Tyler would have understood the significance of that move.  Just like Claire’s own roommate understood Tiffany’s move (which I’m sure Claire will echo when she’s out of the house)

I’m a huge fan of Claire and it hurt to watch Tiffany tell her this yesterday, but all I’m saying is rather than rage, just try to think about how important it is to Tiffany to finally see a black winner and be part of a likely historic final 6 (assuming Alyssa doesn’t win the next HoH).  I’m not here to preach and tell you to enjoy the move. Don’t enjoy it. It’s damn sad to see it happen. But just try to recognize how important it is to Tiffany because she really does consider Claire a best friend and this is in no way a good game move on her part. She’s not being a snake to help herself win. This will most likely cost her the game.

…and yes, I fully admit making fun of the move on Twitter last night, but these are my thoughts after a long night thinking about it all and my opinion has changed a bit. Yes, I’m still super sad for Claire. Yes, I wish Tiffany, DX, and Claire ran away to the final 3. And no, I will never personally understand the move because I’ve never seen a situation where white males (such as myself) didn’t play a significant role in historic events – good and bad…  But you know what?  It’s not my place to understand the mindset of the move.  It’s my place to just understand that others have actually different motives in life and respect that.

That’s my speech.  I know many won’t agree with me and that’s fine.  I just hope they bring back people like DX, Claire, and Tiffany in future seasons so we can get the trio alliance we all want.


  • Feeds went down at noon for the dreaded veto ceremony. Expect them back around 1
  • 1:10 – Feeds return to Tiffany camtalking
    • Apparently, Tiffany maybe made the suggestion to Alyssa to use the veto on X

    • X comes into the room and says ‘I’m not mad’ so I’m not exactly sure what happened
    • It sounds like he’s just talking about Tiffany’s last-minute pitch to Alyssa but he’s happy she still kept her word which was to put Claire on the block
    • Yea, X clears it up with Hannah downstairs and that’s what happened. They both can’t blame her for trying because the worst-case X was safe in that event.
  • Meanwhile, outside Alyssa is talking to Azah

    • Alyssa plans on feeling sad all week expecting X is going home and Tiffany is going to be blindsided.  Stuff like this is hilarious sometimes. When someone is so far in the dark, they’re really playing checkers while the rest of the house is playing chess.  She legitimately can’t see what has been happening all season around her but feels she’s some mastermind?  Hahaha
    • And Claire was hurt, but she knows what’s happening. I went over this ad nauseam last night. Claire didn’t really ask why. That’s because she knew why the second Tiffany mentioned she couldn’t be the first person to evict a person from the cookout. She didn’t say ‘cookout’ specifically, but she named every member and Claire knew.  I know she knew because she spoke with DX about it a few weeks ago and Alyssa is even the person who pointed out Claire would be the last white person in the house once SB leaves.  Yet Alyssa still doesn’t see it lol.  To be fair, maybe she thinks she’s safe because she feels included in that bunch?
    • Alyssa leaves and Azah talks to herself about how Alyssa has no clue what’s going on and has no idea she is next.

Jumping back to my example above. Don’t forget that Nicole F won BB18 specifically because of her gender.  As I mentioned, there wasn’t a female winner since BB13 so Natalie specifically voted for Nicole to win because she wanted a female winner (she didn’t throw away her own game for it, but she did vote that way). Up until that point, there was actually a lot of talk about how unfair the show was to female players because guys kept winning season after season.  After Natalie changed that, talks of having a female winner have dramatically died down. Kaycee won BB20 not because she is female, but because she absolutely dominated the last month of comps while Tyler burnt bridges in the jury.  Jackson then went to beat Holly and nobody mentioned gender. They understood Jackson dominated despite being an ass. The same for Cody in BB22. That dude had a virtually flawless game.

  • Back in the house, Hannah speaking with Azah and saying they plan on casting a sole vote to evict X and they’re going to blame Kyland

On a lighthearted note, let’s watch Kyland discover a pineapple

Hmmm, what is this strange thing that hurts my hand when I touch it

Let me see if I can identify it by its smell

Hmmm, what a strange but fairly pleasant smell coming from this hurt ball with leaves

Xavier, have you ever seen such an awkward item before?


Let me cut off a piece and smell the inside

Could you please find me the Twitter account of this object so I can complain to its manager?

  • 4:20 pm – House mostly relaxing outside. I can’t imagine the backyard being open much longer after today so may as well take advantage of it.
    • With a double eviction this week and next, they may only get the backyard for 2-3 more total days between now and the 19th. That is of course unless they have another veto comp next week that doesn’t require the backyard, but that’s doubtful. My guess is the yard shuts sometime tonight/tomorrow and won’t open until late Saturday night and then go down again on Tuesday until after the second DE veto comp.
    • For Alyssa and Claire, today may be the last time they set foot in that yard.  Claire is obviously aware of that, but Alyssa isn’t.
  • 6:30 pm – Feeds drop for what I can only assume is some party. Maybe a 3/4 party?  I seriously doubt any twist or anything like that so it’ll almost certainly be the feeds returning like nothing happened
  • 8:00 pm – Feeds still down on pets.  Maybe Alyssa is getting her call she won like five years ago (it seems like by now)

    • As expected, feeds return to nothing. Well, Alyssa talking about how she is told she’s told she looks like Ariana Grande, Penelope Cruz, or Victoria Justice. Yea, and I get mistaken for Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio  🙂
    • Big D is outside alone just lounging.  My guess is he’s heading into a food coma because they probably had some type of party where havenots got to eat regular food. I know I’d be stuffing my face full of anything if I had to be on slop all week.
    • Slight correction – I’d be stuffing my face full of food regardless of my slop status. That’s better

And with the slow night in the house, I’m going to step away for a bit.  I’ll keep my eye on my phone and update this if anything happens but it’s unlikely.

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