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Big Brother 23 – Post Eviction Feed Updates

August 26, 2021 | 24 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

It’s Thursday night in the Big Brother house, and we have a new HoH in the house and that is Tiffany! And we already know who her target is going to be and I’ll give you one hint – she says her name just about every DR session.

If you notice, Xavier is on the block above. For those wondering if that’s a mistake, it’s not. That’s part of Xavier’s veto punishment last week. If he didn’t win HoH, he was going on the block and it was by far the smartest move to go on the block this week rather than next considering his buddy Big D was likely to be the only one playing the coin comp (that was until Julie tossed them all a few extra coins at the end).  That’s why he peaced-out the first round and didn’t even pretend he was trying to win it.

So, you all watched the episode, so I’m just going to start blogging now…

  • 6:45 pm – Tiffany, Kyland, and Big D in the kitchen

    • Big D says “Will Smith (Kyland), you need to stay far away from Tiffany.  Kyland says not until the noms because then he’s supposed to act angry
    • She wants to keep X on the block so Alyssa will vote to keep him
    • Kyland and Tiffany are alone talking. He tells her she is Big D’s #1 target
  • 7:55 pm – Kyland talking with SB.  SB says she wants to avoid the block entirely lol.  Good luck with that.
  • 8:40 pm – Tiffany doing one-on-ones already and there isn’t much to talk about with that.  It should almost certainly be SB on the block and likely Alyssa with her so she can split up Alyssa/X.
    • If SB saves herself, well the week is fucked for Tiffany.  If Alyssa wins and saves herself, they’ll put a pawn up (Big D) and Alyssa will certainly vote for SB to leave.  If X wins, it’s just the two noms and X will vote for SB to leave (not that he wouldn’t have anyway).

    • Really, the week isn’t even remotely set in stone yet, though.  I mean it’s close for these reasons:
      • Xavier will be playing in the veto.
      • Kyland will almost certainly throw the veto (if he plays).
      • Nobody else in the house would play to keep SB other than SB.
      • Unless there was a $150 prize in that giveaway tonight (pretty sure Julie just said only 50’s and 100’s), SB just won’t have enough money to play the coin unless she gets $100 from America hahahahahaha   Stick that up your butt 🙂
      • So, it’s really unlikely the noms are even going to change because nobody eligible to win will change them. Alyssa is the only other and she is currently broke so she has 0 chance to play as well.
      • Hannah and DF are now guaranteed to play even if Hannah gets the $50 both through card and vote. Claire should get $100 from us so she’ll be able to play. Azah may likely get $50-75 from us but she needs $150 so she needs $100 from the card (unless they have $75 in cards, that would work as well).
      • Basically, it’ll be Hannah, DF, Claire, and maybe Azah who play in the coin of destiny. Tiffany also has a long shot but she’s HoH so that’s irrelevant if she does play (She needs $175 which is possible if she scores the $100 card)
      • And that’s it.   So the coin of destiny is virtually garbage this week and shouldn’t factor into how the week goes.  The only possible wrinkle (and a huge wrinkle) is SB winning the PoV

Alright, what this also means is that assuming SB does go home this week, Alyssa is virtually guaranteed to follow her (unless she wins HoH), and then Claire (unless she wins HoH).  According to my cheat sheet, the night Claire goes home  – if it follows that pattern – will be a triple eviction. If the house knows it, Claire may be able to skate by the night because it may be at that point the CO just starts taking shots at each other seeing as 2 are guaranteed to leave the house that night along with whoever was planned on going.  Someone even mentioned how Big D may even try to win the final 7 HoH (lol) just so he can take an early shot at Tiffany. I mean, it’s unlikely Claire survives the entire triple eviction, but stranger things have happened (have they?)

Claire would need a massive falling out by the alliance that has remained an alliance for a solid 50ish days (as of today) with virtually no more catalysts left in the house to cause a rift. Seriously, the cookout played fucking phenomenally. I know people cry about them, but It’s not easy to keep a 6 person alliance a secret and remain together all the way to the final 8. I believe Tiffany reiterated again tonight that there is zero chance that ever happens again because people will suspect any PoC to automatically work together in future seasons.

  • 9:10 pm – I’m going to cover Tiffany and SB’s conversation then be done for the night
    • Tiff hints that it may be SB and Kyland so they can play PoV
    • SB says that Alyssa and X are really tight.
    • Nothing much just Tiffany telling her she’s likely being nominated but that’s about it

Note – I will be sending out some confirmation emails to people.  If you receive one, that is to opt-in to the mailing list that just notifies you on new posts. If you received one already over the last 24h and clicked confirm yet you receive another, just click confirm again. My ‘confirm’ status on all the latest emails got switched to confirmed and I want to 100% guarantee everyone on the list has double opted in to receive notifications.

Check back for updates!

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