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Big Brother 23 – Power of Veto Results

September 18, 2021 | 59 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s time for the most important veto competition of the season! Assuming the winner is not the HoH, that person automatically becomes the 2nd person in the final 3 and also has full say over who goes home on Thursday night. There will only be one vote, and that is the veto holder (unless X wins).

If Xavier wins the veto, then he has full power over the week which is why I don’t expect him to win. He’s a master at throwing comps and I just don’t see him getting his hands dirty for no reason.  Yes, he said Kyland can’t win the veto earlier today, but logically I don’t see why he’d try to win. Put it this way, when the feeds return, if X has the veto around his neck, then he isn’t confident about Kyland actually taking him to the final 2.

Although, the more I think about it, the more I can see why X would be nervous.  Sure, he’d love for Big D to win the veto but we all know the chances of that are slim to none.  I also don’t think he’d care if Azah won because she’d be much easier to beat in the final HoH. However, if Kyland wins, that opens the door for X to face off against Kyland on finale night which could cost him $750k.  Sure, Kyland claims he wants to go to the end with X, but I just don’t think X would like to put his entire game in the hands of Kyland’s word.  All Kyland would have to do is win the final round of the HoH competition (which is very possible) and decide he wants the easier path by sitting next to D or Azah. All that work by X goes down the drain.

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So, I take back what I said. I actually now expect to see X go full steam in this veto competition unless he can throw it to D.   Did he?  Let’s find out:

  • 3:10 pm – Feeds return
    • No veto for Kyland
    • X won the veto
    • Ky is upset he lost and wonders if X will save him.
    • I actually feel bad for Kyland right now
    • I get that he’s not the most liked person in the house, but it has to hurt to save X only to have him backstab you a week later (if X does)
    • X comes into the HN room and Ky says he’s not good
    • X tries to leave but Ky continues talking.  Ky says he doesn’t know why X wants to hold veto talks tomorrow.  It shouldn’t even be a conversation in his mind. X says he has been telling everyone that
    • Kyland says vulnerable moments and not getting assurances instantly like he gave out his concerning. X is definitely not very assuring.
    • X keeps trying to leave and saying they’ll worry about all that tomorrow.
    • Kyland basically points out how he wasn’t even able to risk X which is why he saved him.  And it’s not really being reciprocated.  X asks if it’s because he nominated him and Ky says no
    • X knows what he’s talking about but he’s trying to avoid the topic and Kyland can see that which is making him more stressed.

    • Kyland’s point that he’s trying to make is – “Listen X, I pulled you off the block in the double because I didn’t even want to risk losing you. Are you going to do the same to me or am I being screwed here?”
    • X says “I can say you’re good, you’re fine but you’re not going to be okay until you see what happens with the veto”.  Kyland says it’s tough because he has to wait a lot longer than X did on day 71 (the double I assume).
    • Xavier finally escapes the room and Kyland says he hates himself right now. As he should, it was really dumb to keep his biggest competitor. Another string of bad moves in this game

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