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Big Brother 23 – Saturday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, Junkies!


It’s Saturday in the Big Brother house which means it’s time for the veto competition!  What does it mean for the house?  Sadly very little. Azah, DX, and Claire were picked to play today and the only possible shakeup could be if DX won the veto (other than Whitney). If Whitney won, bad things happen because she’s the only real target for the week which means Christian would be forced to either target Hannah or move to someone like Britini.  If Hannah, the cookout will then have to decide if they want to expose themselves by forcing her to stay or just let her get clipped.  If Britini, we get a dramatic week of crying.

As I said above, DX could shake things up and save Whitney, but it’s seriously unlikely he’d do that. Especially since Whitney has been running around trying to put a target on Kyland who happens to be DX’s closest friend in the house. A week ago, DX may have saved Whitney, but this week it’s a slim chance.


Why is Whitney putting a target on Kyland?  Simply because she told DX that she wanted to go after Kyland at some point. She then saw DX and Kyland talk for an hour+. Suddenly she is the target in the house. In her mind, it’s all because of Kyland, but when she’s home on Friday she’ll learn there just weren’t many options because of the two major alliances in the house.  Right now between the Cookout and the Royal Flush, the people in danger of leaving are Britini and Whitney. Everyone else is protected by the alliance overlap.  Hannah is the only other one in any remote trouble this week because she’s not in the Royal Flush and not officially in the Cookout. Shit, she doesn’t even know the name of the Cookout alliance. She just knows it exists.

Next week things will have a pretty big shift because I predicted this is the last week the Royal Flush remains intact. You can almost bet the house on that one (see my gambling reference?? Royal Flush, bet the house…I’m clever). But the reality is, the thing that brought the Royal Flush together were the teams working together (Kings and Queens). With that ending on Thursday, people like Alyssa and Christian become huge targets as they basically lose the protection of the Kings. Tiffany has been chomping at the bit to strike at them and she’s not alone. With no more teams, no more protection.  Needless to say, the real game begins on Thursday.

Let’s get to updates:

  • 12:00 pm – The house is still mulling around waiting for the veto to start. I’ve said it countless times, Saturday afternoons are dead for this reason so it’ll likely remain this way until after veto
  • 2:00 pm – Feeds still up so it’s going to be a late night comp I think
  • 5:20 pm – Wow. I step out for 3 hours and they already finish the veto comp. Sorry for the late update!
    • Christian won the power ov veto
    • Other than that, the house is mostly hanging around. Even Whitney seems okay right now.  I wonder if the drama will ever start.

    • Meanwhile, something surprised Claire

    • I know she’s not the most popular person but these two make a good couple imo
  • 6:30 pm – House hanging around waiting for dinner.
  • 7:30 pm – We have some whispers
    • DX and Hannah in the bedroom are talking about who they’d rather work with moving forward between Christian or Alyssa. Hannah points out if the Kings win next week, they (D/H) will likely be targets
    • Hannah says a King has to go next week point blank and period. You know she’s not messing around when she busts out the point blank and period! I kid, relax.
    • But for real, she’s right although the Kings will be broken up next week. The reality for them is that Christian is currently easily in the lead to win this game followed by X, Tiffany, and Kyland in no specific order. If they want any chance at winning this game, they need to start looking at those big targets and then focus on the smaller yet still big threats like Claire, Azah, SB, Britini, and Big D. Wow, that’s literally the entire house minus Alyssa. Now, Alyssa can easily jump up those ranks by winning comps by right now she’s guaranteed to look like a Holly who only managed 3 pity votes against a pretty terrible person in Jackson.  2 of those votes were by people they either bullied or ignored (Nicole/Jessica) or the failed showmance with Kat.
    • Basically, Alyssa will be seen as ‘sleeping to the finals’ just like Holly was. Not because Alyssa or Holly are weak people or competitors. Holly is strong and also won HoH twice, but sitting next to a comp beast like Jackson made her look like she barely played.  We’re 4 weeks into the season and Christian has 4 comp wins and everyone knows it should be 5 (he should have won the opening night HoH if his team didn’t drop the puzzle).  If you count the week 1 where he should have won HoH, Christian has won every comp he has played in except week 2 and 3 HoH.
  • 8:15 pm – Azah and Tiffany talking about how they’re doing bad in comps

    • They are talking about how dangerous Sarah is because she plays dumb and clueless but is very smart
    • Azah seems to get defensive over the words so Tiffany clarifies – Sarah plays as she’s dumb but she’s very intelligent
    • Tiffany says the guys need to take Christian out because she doesn’t want to. Azah agrees
    • Azah admits she wants Whitney out because she’s petty and wants X to herself lol. Hey, have to appreciate honesty

    • Tiffany makes fun of the way Whitney was rubbing lotion on X
  • Meanwhile, downstairs Whit is working that vote

  • 11:40 pm – Really slow night in the houses, but at least the back yard is open so they’ll have that tomorrow

Check back for updates


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