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Big Brother 23 – Saturday Updates

August 21, 2021 | 41 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

There have been a few things consistent from fans in my time blogging about Big Brother. One of them is complaining about alliances, the other is pretending the game is rigged. Mark it down – 8/21/2021 – the day we can officially and without a doubt say this game is not rigged.  Why is it so official?  Because there has been a runaway fan favorite this season who may be the one person skilled enough to take a crack at the now heavy favorite to win – the cookout.  And my disclaimer, but this isn’t a bash against the CO, but it’s a fact they rule the house now and everyone loves an underdog story. Everyone also loves DX. So to have him as the underdog is ratings gold heading down the stretch.

But, he did not get picked to play for the veto today.  And that just about seals his fate in the game this season because no matter what happens – barring some miracle change of mind – he’s in line for a backdoor this week and there isn’t a whole lot that can change that.  Now, the DR could possibly drop hints about possible other scenarios (pure speculation), but the fact is, if they were rigging games, DX would be playing and he’d be playing a comp geared to his strengths.  So, we can put that silly theory to bed once and for all.

And speaking of alliances, something we keep hearing from people like Kyland, Hannah, and Tiffany is how they’re sad they’re going to be losing their partner in the game, but the cause of the cookout is just too important. I’m not going to debate the point of the cookout being important to them. It’s already super historic they’ve all made it to jury, and there is a 100% chance of them win the game if they stick together in the jury as well.  This is because they control the vote if only one of them makes the final 2 (they’ll have 5 jury members), and if two of them make it, one member is obviously guaranteed to win. The only way they won’t win is if somehow the final 3 consists of Claire, SB, and Alyssa (once DX is gone) which is virtually impossible.

So, why am I bringing this up? Because while it’s super great as an alliance for them to make the final 6 together, only 1/3 of the alliance can win extra prize money (at best if two sit in the final 2 chairs).  That means 4 people at a minimum are going to walk away with roughly the same amount of money if they get evicted now or in 4th place. At what point do they start thinking about their own game? $750k is life-changing money, but only one of them will get it. So, you know many of them are going to begin to realize there is one super easy path to 3/4 of a million dollars and that is by sitting next to Alyssa, Claire, or SB in the final 2. The trick is getting there without burning your alliance in the process.

I guess once DX is gone, we’re likely going to start seeing the CO scheming against each other to keep ‘their buddy’ in the game as long as possible.

Anyway, Azah, Alyssa, and DF were picked to play the veto today.  We have a hurricane heading my way, but I should be inland enough to not deal with the brunt. And it’s not supposed to hit until tomorrow anyway, so I’ll be here for updates when the veto competition is done!

  • 4:45 pm – Just a check-in.  Veto currently being played
  • 8:30 pm – Super long veto comp tonight but should be back soon
  • 9:00 pm – Feeds return
    • Xavier wins the veto!  Bad news for DX
    • Looks like it was a weird competition. Alyssa mentioned something about a 24h lockdown. 2 weeks of something.  DX asked Xavier about something that could happen next week to him. Will find out as much as I can
    • Something about a 3rd nominee.
    • Kind of sounds like they had to pick punishments and the winner gets them. Kind of like betting on what you’d be willing to do for veto?  Chicken George slop memories?
    • Xavier may be an automatic 3rd nominee next week because of this veto
    • Okay, it sounds like they had to set up dominoes along a few paths.   If you went for a straight line to the finish, you’d get all the punishments (I think). So they had to put their pieces in a way to reach the end while taking as few punishments as possible. Possibly only the winner get the punishments, not sure on that.  It does sound like X will get solitary for 24h and the third nominee.
    • X explains that even if he wins HoH next week, he’ll be the third nominee the following week. He can’t avoid it. The only way he can be removed is via veto that week.
    • X says he and Claire went for the same path.  BB Bankruptcy and Solitary but she went for the ‘veto disadvantage’ which sounds like it adds time to your score.  X said that would have taken too much time so he did the 3rd nom. There was also solo HN (not sure on length).  So X is broke, will be alone, and third nom next week thanks to Alyssa lol.  Not really her fault, just bad luck, but it’s still funny.
  • Meanwhile, we found out DF went for prizes lol.  So he may have picked up $5k because he knew he wasn’t going to win.  Being the season pawn pays the bills
  • Oh, and this essentially secures DX leaving.

    • Sarah Beth says she maybe wouldn’t mind the 24h punishment because the house is going to be so awkward after the backdoor
  • Not that DX really had a chance, but X going bankrupt guarantees DX goes home.  So this means the twist directly resulted in the eviction of Britini and had a hand in DX’s.  Good twist
  • Actually playing the game is starting to get to Claire. She’s crying in the shower. Tiffany is telling her to stay strong. She’s not going home – this week

  • 9:50 pm – Minutes after telling Claire that, Tiffany heads up to Hannah and Kyland
    • She says ‘my spidey sense is telling me that DX is leaving this week but if you want to send Claire home I won’t be bothered’

Check back for updates

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