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Big Brother 23- Thursday Recap for 7/29/21

July 30, 2021 | 27 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies!  I can’t believe we’re already in week 4 but here we are. Brent was evicted last night and we have a new HOH after a team puzzle comp.

Hannah didn’t let Brent leave questioning whether or not she was happy for him to go:

Speaking of the diary room and voting, does anyone have a guess how many evictions it’s going to take before Derek F can say “I vote to evict?”

The new HOH this week is……Christian.  Things didn’t go according to plan for a large percentage of the house last night.  Many of them went into the comp thinking, it’s ok for anyone to win as long as it isn’t a King. Before Friday even arrived, it’s already on to plan B.

There was a bit of dancing and post Brent eviction celebrating.

Yesterday, I said I didn’t have a preference for who won the HOH but now I realize, I did have a preference for who lost. After seeing comments that reminded me this will be a showmance week, I wish it wasn’t Christian.  I don’t have anything against him, he’s just all about the tv romance and even said so in his intro package. I will say that he IS at least trying to play the game too so there’s that. The target on Christian & Alyssa could grow even larger after spending a week up in the HOH room together. (fingers crossed)

Whitney just made a deal or alliance or whatever it was with Christian and Alyssa, Derek X and Xavier, or she thinks she did. (I think its only real to her) Tiffany, Xavier and Derek X both have put in work this week trying to steer Christian and Alyssa away from Hannah and onto Whitney. (Some of X’s work backfired tho) We’ll know soon if it worked. Well, to be more accurate, Derek X was trying to steer them away from both Hannah and Whitney and get the kings to throw the hoh. Although, I think Derek X stopped caring after he found out Whitney was willing to cut Hannah loose and strike a deal with the Kings. Tiffany has definitely been trying to steer them towards Whitney.

Whitney told Alyssa after the hoh comp, she was excited and happy Christian won but didn’t want to show it. (Whitney, you in danger gurl)

You just know Frenchie is at home telling everyone “I was right, I knew it, they’re a shomance!”  I say let’s give him that one because he wasn’t right about anything else and everybody should get at least one.  I’m not sure how romantic of a shomance it is because this was right after Christian farted and commented on how he must be very comfortable around Alyssa. ( I’ve been married about 20 years and I don’t ever want my husband that comfortable!)

Here’s some of the discussion after the HOH camp last night:

  • Sarah Beth asked Derek X if he was trying to win instead of throwing it.  He stumbled around and was too slow in telling her that he threw it but said heneeded it to look good to Whitney and Hannah. (He didn’t want to end up as the HOH but he was NOT throwing that comp)  She didn’t believe him and he may now be one of Sarah Beth’s new targets.
  •  I don’t think Tiffany and Claire threw it but Kyland absolutely did. He camera talked a little and said he felt it was best for his own personal game.  I guess when he said he was on board with taking out one of the Kings, he wasn’t exactly being truthful. (Shocker, someone lying on BB)
  •  Derek X is sure Kyland threw it and said Kyland is way too smart for his performance to have been real. (Bingo)
  •  Hannah has gone back to thinking she is safe. She’s had some good game talks with Christian lately so maybe she knows something that we don’t.  I did hear Christian talking to Alyssa and saying maybe they could save Hannah for later and not put her up now. I think Hannah has the correct read about Christian. However, if Alyssa is still wanting to target her, I think she can get Christian to do it.  His team has decided they should all be in the room when he has his meetings. They don’t feel like he can handle it on his own and they basically let him know this. (haha)  If Alyssa’s smart, she will stay far away from the HOH room during these meetings. If she wants to be able to claim Christian is playing his own game, she didn’t have any control over his noms, blah blah blah, she should seperate herself from this part of it.
  • Hannah gurl, you in danger too…
  •  Tiffany and Azha seemed back to normal with their relationship. Azha was in a good mood but I don’t think she realizes her name has been thrown around as a potential pawn too.  She sounded completely fine with trying to keep Hannah safe this week but I think it’s only because she dislikes Whitney more than she dislikes Hannah.
  •  Tiffany and Azha discussed the need to keep Hannah safe. They agreed they will try to keep the target on Whitney and if they can’t, they will go against Christian in order to save Hannah. They know this will make them show their cards a little early but but they said they will have to do it.
  •  Tiffany joked around about Whitney not bringing any clothes into the house, hiked up her shorts so her butt cheeks could be seen, raised her top to show some under-boob and did a Whitney imitation. She tried to sit on Azhas lap like she wanted to cuddle. Azha was fair about it and said she thought Whitney’s clothes were cute but she liked Xavier so she was just being petty. (Whitney flirts and snuggles with X and Azha does not like this)
  • Tiffany warned Derek X that Hannah would probably go otb this week.
  • Derek X is so funny. He and Hannah were talking and changing some of their clothes at the same time.  Once he realized that’s what they were doing, he looked at her and said “are we doing this” and she said “mom, dad, don’t look.”
  •  The jokers are the have nots for the week and Derek F is not looking forward to it.  I guess the big blue couch will have to be the small yellow jet ski for now.
  •  Derek F was visibly annoyed after the HOH comp and Xavier had to tell him that he needed to chill out.  Xavier said he said would have a harder time protecting him if he made a target out of himself. (I get it, he wanted to win and he wanted to take out one of the Kings but he wants Whitney out pretty badly so he should chill)
  • Tiffany wants Kyland to work on Sarah Beth a little about Hannah.  They are hoping he can get her to stop looking at Hannah as a target. Tiffany doesn’t trust Sarah Beth anymore. This is because Kyland let it slip to Tiffany that Sarah Beth had told him about the alliance of Claire, Tiffany and Sarah Beth called the Jackpot.  This let her know that Kyland has Sarah Beth much more than she does.
  •  Xavier, who is also extremely funny, was making jokes about he and Kyland being Hannah’s big brothers. He said Kyland was only his half brother and he didn’t know what was up with Kylands other half.
  •  This is Azha giving Whitney some side eye while she was talking:
  • Britini said (earlier in the day) if she got put on the block again, it would be seen as bullying. (Girl, give me a break! None of this would be considered bullying just to be clear but Britini threatening people not to put her up would be closer to it than her being put up) She also talked about her crush on Christian. Britini in the have not room:

Just when I thought I couldn’t be more a fan of Tiffany, she managed to top herself.  Some of the house guests were talking about the live feeds and Tiffany explained how last season, the live feed watchers were upset with all of the feeds cutting. She said it was bullshit because people pay for the feeds and they want to see them. She said the main reason the problem happens is because the house guests don’t listen and they break the rules. She told them not to be talking about stuff they’re not supposed to be talking about so the damn feeds can stay on!

The players in the Wild Card comp will be Whitney, Claire and either Azha or Derek F. If Whitney is indeed the target and if she wins either the Wild Card or the Veto, things could play out very differently this week than many of them think.

The Cookout has discussed knowing they have the numbers with Derek X to keep Hannah over Whitney. Well….what do they do if it’s Hannah versus Azha, for example?  I think some of them, without telling Azha, are holding out hope that Britini could go on the block as either the target or the pawn.  Personally, I don’t see that happening. Alyssa has been working her relationship with Britini and told her (and her own team) she would not be putting her otb if she were to win. Christian has put some time in with Britini too and as recently as 2 days ago, hinted at a F2 with her.  I don’t think he’s going to want to do that either. Azha has been suggested by Alyssa in the past as a target so we’ll just have to see how it plays out.

We also don’t know what twist will come with the wild card comp and what kind of safety might be involved. If Claire or either Azha or Derek F win it, none of this speculation will even matter. For that reason, this seems like a good time to wrap it up and wait for the comp to happen.

Have a great Friday and weekend!



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