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Big Brother 23 – Tuesday Feed Updates

August 3, 2021 | 22 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, Junkies!

It’s Tuesday in the Big Brother house and the backyard is already shut for the week as they’re building the endurance competition for Thursday night.  They keep thinking it’s too early for the wall but I think they’re wrong. Never too early for the wall!  I’m fairly confident we’ve seen 11+ on the wall before and with how long they’re taking to build this week, it has to be it.

One thing is for certain is that the game is about to get exciting because watching these feeds I see a bunch of alliances all heading toward each other like cars on a collision course and there is almost so much time before things get messy. Will there be a bloodbath brawl out of it? Unlikely, and production probably wouldn’t show it if so. But I think more likely the summer camp attitude of the house is going to disappear and we’re going to see a much more divided and tense group of people.

Look, we’re on week 4 and this group is still playing house games nearly nightly together. This can’t and won’t last and the only reason it has is that the first three evicted basically went out with a whimper. I should say the first four because it appears Whitney is also taking that same path. However, I predict the Royal Flush ends this week with the team twist which will cause all these little side alliances to really strengthen and we’ll see a lot less overlap in the groups. It’s just a guess, or I’m hoping because the feeds right now are slow af.

With that, I’m going to just jump into the feeds

  • 12:00 pm – Tiffany is talking to Claire about this morning.
    • She says X, SB, and Kyland were all standing there and ignored her initial ‘good morning’. Kyland then reached out and hugged her but she started getting irritated.
    • She claims she isn’t bothered about it but mostly wanted people to know she said it so they can’t use it against her for some reason
    • Claire changes the topic and says she’s thinking about what Kyland just said. He claimed he was outside last night, but he wasn’t. She checked outside and nobody was out there.
    • This makes her think X, DX, and Kyland are working together.  Tiff says there are a lot of things they’re probably not included in.

  • Claire leaves and Tiffany begins camtalking
    • She claims she is working on her overall attitude, face, and tone. I guess she feels she comes off as bitchy (which she really hasn’t so far)
    • She is also worried about how Azah feels about Hannah but she doesn’t know what to do about it.
    • Dammit. Christian comes in to break it up
    • Christian leaves and we resume
    • She is working with Christian and Alyssa to stay off their radar, but she knows he’ll out-compete her in any physical comp.  Someone else is going to have to take him out
    • Tiff feels more connected with a final 2 with Hannah
    • Her elimination order is SB, Claire, Christian, DX, Alyssa, Britini, and then her final 3 for the 6 (cookout) is X and Hannah.  Kind of disappointing to know she’s willing to cut Claire this soon considering she admits how close the two are. They’re basically best friends inside the house.
  • 1:30 pm – Christian and Britini playing chess. Alyssa and Hannah working out and the rest in the living room talking
  • 4:30 pm – Slow afternoon. Whit still floating around X

      • Other than X’s new shadow, a lot of whispering here and there but nothing really interesting
      • Again this house is just having a summer camp type of season so even when they talk game it’s all the same shit. Who they should all team up and eliminate next week.  Currently there is no target, but Tiff is strongly pushing SB. However, people like Kyland are very close to Sarah and may not want that so the decision isn’t so cut and dry.  I personally think it’s just going to end up being someone like Alyssa because she’s another easy target.
      • Why is she an easy target? Mostly because she has the showmance thing weighing her down.  Is it fair that she be the target rather than Christian?  No, and it’s pretty stupid actually, but right now the house is subconsciously trying to balance the genders so they’ll pick Alyssa first.

Game analysis time – If you ask ‘what do you mean by ‘balance the genders’ and why would the women want that?’, it’s just human nature. Three straight dudes went home first which made the house female heavy. The cutthroat side of fans would then say ‘FINISH THEM’ and peg off the rest of the men now that they had strong enough numbers to eliminate them all, but that’s easier said than done.  Every remaining guy except DF has a girl who is into them which automatically puts up a situation where someone like Alyssa has zero interest in gender wars.  And the remaining girls who aren’t up the butts of specific guys may still want to try and get the guys out one by one, but it’s harder without the full support of the rest.

So, when a situation like a Christian versus Alyssa come up, you’ll be put into two situations.

a) Go with the flow and accept the guys aren’t going to keep eliminating each other and make compromises without even trying


b) Rally the votes and convince the house even though they’re losing another guy, Chrisitan has won a ton of comps and he’s a major threat to the entire house.

A is the path of least resistance and right now this house is all about the least resistance. It’s the summer camp mentality and nobody wants to risk conflict in the house when they view Christian and Alyssa as basically an equal elimination. They’re not. While Alyssa is certainly a threat, nobody is going to vote for her to win until she starts winning comps while also ditching Christian.

Alright, analysis over. Back to the updates once I eat

  • 6:00 pm – Brit and Hannah playing chess while a bunch chill in the big blue couch room.  Really nothing happening
  • Whitney in the living room counting votes

    • She thinks she may have 5 votes, lol
    • Whit says she saw Azah and Alyssa talking and she’s never seen them talk game.
    • She knows Hannah, Tiff, and Claire are working together. She doesn’t know if SB, Brit, or Azah are a part of that
    • She says Kyland and SB have gotten close over the last week. Haha… come on. They’ve been close since the beginning. Wake up
  • 6:50 pm – In the back room, Claire and Azah talk about Kyland how he’s super close with SB
    • They also talk about how they joked about him being asexual. They know he’s not but he doesn’t flirt with anyone at all.  But they figure he’s probably just all game
  • 7:45 pm – DX and Tiffany talking

    • They are talking about a bunch of random things
    • DX says he loves working with Hannah but she’s a bit too emotional in the game. Tiff agrees. Says Hannah is mature but also immature because of things like saying she’d self evict if Brent didn’t go home
    • They also talk about SB how she seemed to get super jealous when Tiff was laying with Kyland
  • 8:30 pmJust did some power rankings. Check them out
    • The house will likely be playing more summer camp games tonight so I’m going to take a break!

Check back for updates

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