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Big Brother 23- Tuesday Recap for 8/17/21

August 18, 2021 | 13 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies. Even with Britini’s campaigning, yesterday felt slower in the house. I don’t mind it because every day can’t be a roller coaster. We have more strategists this season so sometimes the game activity is in the details of conversations rather than a house blow up.

I’m sorry about the recaps being posted a little late this week.  It’s because I have my granddaughters for the week so this will continue for the next couple of days. I have time to look over everything in the mornings but I have to get them ready and get them to daycare before I can write it up.

I was a little hard on Big D yesterday, partly because his game style sucks but I also forgot that Ky DID tell Big D he would use the veto on him if he won it.  I need to take back the stuff I said over him asking Ky to take him off and leave Claire up. (Oops, my bad)

I wonder how confused the tv viewers are going to be with 2 of their 3 faves (according to the recent vote) on the block. I doubt they’ll make a connection with them being otb and the twist that helped put one of them there. (Yes tv fans, you kinda did this, lol) Sure, Britini was on the list to go already but she shot to the top of it because she has so much BB money to spend.

Britini isn’t planning to go out without a fight. It won’t help but I appreciate her trying. Her best point (if it mattered) is that if she stays, she’ll probably go otb every week and that gives everyone a 50% less chance of going up. DX was already on board to keep her and so was Claire. Claire’s been saying Bid D needed to go for awhile.

Kyland is trying to put some weird stipulations on Britinis campaigning and its something I’ve never seen before. They met up to talk and Britini was pretty offended at the way the conversation went. He has requested that she not campaign against him specifically and wanted her to go around to the other house guests and correct the information she gave them the day before.

It was about the deal Britini claimed Ky made with her.  Ky told Britini she didn’t comprehend what they had discussed. (I mean, who could, unless you’re the Riddler in Batman?) Ky did at least talk about the BB bucks and admitted it had a lot to do with why she went on the block. She argued this and said that should have nothing to do with it. (Oh, sweet, naive Britini)

Britini sort of accepted the ‘Kyland wants you to say nice things about him’ challenge and went around talking to the others. She bounced between heavy sarcasm while relaying what Ky had asked of her and sometimes tears. She seemed to approach it differently, depending on who she was talking to at the time. When she spoke to DX and Hannah, she said Ky told her she lacked the comprehension of what they’d discussed.  She said she was a teacher, had a master’s degree and definitely had comprehension skills. (This would be repeated around 500 times throughout the day)  This pissed Britini off, big time!

She used tears with Xavier and there was actually a sweet moment with him when she told him what Ky said.  He said it was condescending and asked if Ky apologized to her. She said no and he said he was sorry Ky spoke to her that way. (X working for that jury vote) I’m not implying Britini isn’t sincerely upset. I’m only saying she knows how to milk it or think she does. (I don’t mind this and hey, in a different season it could actually work)

Remember the Kyland from a couple of weeks ago?  You know, the guy with the enough charisma to fill an arena? Well, like Elvis, he’s left the building and been replaced by an extremely condescending version of the old Kyland.  His first HOH felt very calming and organized compared to Frenchie’s previous one that was a total shit show. Ky decided to take it in a different direction this time around.  I said he should’ve spent more time sleeping and less talking this week.

I also don’t know where the Ky and Sarah Beth have gone that were SO concerned with being targeted over how much time they spend together. For a brief moment, it seemed Christian leaving was a wake up call for them. I don’t know what their relationship is and frankly, I don’t really care. However, we know in the BB house, details don’t always matter. It doesn’t matter if they’re a showmance or not. The only thing that matters is how it looks. They both seemed to get this at the start of the week but they’ve gone right back to spending tons of time together, rather than working on relationships with the rest of the house.

SB has never done much to build those relationships with others but Kyland did. Now, all he does is hang with SB, speak in riddles and strategize with food. I think this is a map of what’s going on inside Ky’s head:

Strangely, SB told Alyssa that she was nervous for next week since the house views she and Ky as a duo. (She can’t be too damn worried about it)  This image obviously isn’t from that conversation but I had it, I’m making spaghetti tonight, so hey, I included it.

One of the things we’ve been keeping up up with is how soon DX will be a target for the cookout. Hannah’s gone back-and-forth the way Tiffany did with Claire.  She was actually working to get DX targeted sooner, instead of later. She seemed to come around to the idea that keeping him a little longer would be better. (Ya think?)  It doesn’t really matter what Tiffany and Hannah are mapping out because Xavier and Kyland have already discussed taking DX out next if they can.

DX and Claire are still pushing for Big D to leave this week and the only thing they’ll accomplish with this is being targeted sooner.  At the beginning of the game, Tiffany spent so much more time with DX than Claire did.  I’ve wondered, if Claire had put that time in, the way Tiffany did, could they have figured things out sooner? We won’t know because she didn’t and here we are.  Claire and DX know something is off and know they need to take shots at bigger players but they still can’t put the actual alliance together. I don’t blame them because it’s been well hidden. Not only does the cook out never meet as a group, EVER, half of them don’t even like each other!

This reminds me of Vanessa in BB17 when she always spoke about incentives. It’s the way she viewed the game. What are people incentivized to do to help themselves?  The cook out as a whole, doesn’t really work for the best interests of some of the people in the alliance so it’s harder to make the connection. For people like big D and Azha, they needed the cook out. They both may have already been targeted if not for the alliance.

After this week, I’d say that applies to Kyland too. Hannah has benefited from being a part of the cookout but she has the relationships built to hold her own now without it. For someone like Tiffany, it’s made her game harder. When Claire and DX are looking at the big picture, it’s easy to see why they wouldn’t think Tiffany would go this direction.  I still think Tiffany’s been the best player in the game this season. From the start, she’s had the most connections and the most options. She made the decision to limit herself and those options. It’s kind of crazy that she was playing well enough that she had the choice.

Xavier, who should be a huge target for the others, just keeps gaining momentum.  He fell into his position a little bit because Kylands loss recently was Xaviers gain.  When Ky kept making things worse with Azha and refused to fix the problem, even if it wasn’t sincere, Xavier was there to step in and benefit.  Xavier stepping up his social game is definitely his own doing tho and he just continues to keep getting better.  Tiffany and Hannah talk as if a good option for them is a final 3 with Xavier. If they want to win, this seems nuts to me!

Azha loaned Xavier her wig yesterday and he introduced us to Lucious.  I have no idea how to spell it but this alter ego is pronounced Loo-shus.  He had an entire walk going with a booty shake included.  Whether it’s Xavier or Lucius, he has one of those smiles that can light up an entire room.

This expression from Tiffany could be “hey, how did you steal MY game Lucious/Xavier?”

Meanwhile….Ky compared SB to a sloth so there’s that.  I’m guessing he thought this was cute but SB didn’t agree. She actually appeared to be pissed off over it.

Kyland tried to fix it with a hug.


Tiffany, the house hair stylist really f***ed up DX’s hair during his recent trip to Salon Tiffany….

Tiffany continues to pretend to be considering keeping Britini, Azha still thinks Kyland is an asshole and Britinis version of her talk with Kyland keep growing. Don’t get me wrong, he was condescending as hell but because she got a reaction from people, she keeps adding to the story for a bigger reaction.

Have a great Wednesday and sorry I was late today!


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