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Big Brother 23- Tuesday Recap for 9/14/21

September 16, 2021 | 21 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies, the campaigning continued but Tiffany will still be leaving tomorrow. (insert tear, not really, I’m not that emotional) I’m actually more anxious to see who’ll head out the door right behind her since Tiffany’s fate has been sealed.

The campaigning didn’t do much but it did at least cause some brief 2nd guessing on Monday. Azha wanted Tiffany to stay, Xavier paced for quite a while after talking with Tiffany and she even got into Derek’s head.  She’s been a good player and I’ve enjoyed watching her. So why didn’t it work?

Derek and Xavier have been saying for weeks Tiffany needed to be the first one out once they were at the F6. All this stuff about an HOH costing her 750K is just something Xavier said because he was mad and once he said it, he started trying to make it the reason. Does he actually beleive this? I don’t know but I hope not. (I wish Xavier was more of a camera talker!!) I want to know that he’s getting rid of Tiffany because he recognizes she’s a threat to his end game. (I’ll be more impressed with him)  I also REALLY want to know who he actually wants in a F2! (He can’t be as dense as Ky. He has to want to sit with either Azha or Derek, right?) With Ky winning the HOH and placing an extra gift in X’s lap, his path to the F3 is looking great.

I’ve said before and I stand by this, Tiffany did more to get the CO to the F6 than any of them. The work Ky put in would come next, followed by Hannah and Xavier after that, if you look at it from week to week and their game contributions.  Having said that, it didn’t work for Tiffany because she had too many issues with the people in the Cook Out. Her track record with Ky has always been up and down and that’s before you get to the personality clashes with Azha and Derek. Tiffany may have done more FOR the CO but Xavier’s always done more WITHIN the CO. That makes a big difference this week. It also made a difference the week DX left, when Tiffany wanted him to stay. There was a tug of war for influence that week and Xavier won it.

It should also make a difference moving forward without Tiffany in the house. There was a time this season when Ky was closer to Derek than X had ever thought about being.  It wasn’t that far back either. Remember when Sarah Beth was HOH and she and Ky were spending so much time with Derek? They even made a F3 with him. X and Derek really bonded when Tiffany won that hoh. Derek was always ‘all about the men’ and that gave him motivation to keep Xavier going and help keep him angry over it. Xavier had already been working Azha all season because he knew she liked him.

Xavier has completely stolen Derek’s loyalty away from Ky and although Hannah sees the benefit in taking X out, I’m afraid the move she would make with an HOH would backfire.  I agree with Steve that Hannah would need to put X and KY both otb to ensure one of them would go. Hannah’s had some great plans this season and some of them have worked but she’s over thinking this one. I do believe her when she says she says she would prefer Xavier as a winner over the other remaining hg’s. (excluding herself, of course) She does think he’s playing a good game and thinks he would be a good person to represent their season. (Now, when she’s saying all this TO him, she’s definitely blowing smoke up his ass but there’s some truth to it too)

Hannah and Tiffany both respect Xaviers game. Derek is loyal to him, Ky stupidly wants a F2 with him and Azha has a crush on him. Not to mention, he’s not too shabby in the competition department either. X has also had more influence on the members of the CO than Tiffany ever did.

BB Comics:

Here’s the recap from the game talk yesterday:

  •  Derek held hoh meetings in the hoh room. (? Dont ask me?)
  • I mentioned yesterday, Derek was saying he’d put Azha otb as a pawn. He’d said this to X and for some reason, he thought it was a good idea to share this with Azha too. (The likelihood of him winning HOH is  obviously huge so I guess he thought he needed to get a jump on it!)  At first, it didn’t go over very well and Azha wasn’t happy about it. She said she didn’t understand why he would do that to her when there were other people to put otb.  He backed off, at least a little, and suggested they could reevaluate if one of them won (yeah, no shit?  He could’ve waited till he won before he mentioned it at all) I know it’s a double eviction and there won’t be any time but he doesn’t know that!
  •  Azha, who still wants to keep Tiffany, asked Derek if he was sure they were making the right move.  She said at least Tiffany’s transparent and you know what you’re getting. She’s concerned that Hannah will be good in mental comps and mentioned that it’s mostly mental comps at the end. (Ive heard several people say that this season. In recent years, the comps near the end have become increasingly more physical)  I guess Azha was trying (in her own way…which is barely) to put up a fight. She continued on with it, Derek reminded her Tiffany does well in comps too and said Xavier would “feel on his own if they kept Tiffany now.” (Oh, poor Xavier, insert another tear)
  •  Hannah told everyone that her thoughts about having an early eviction on Wednesday were wrong. (They’ve been speculating as to why they lost the backyard so early) Hannah said she got confirmation in the DR that they would have the eviction on Thursday as usual.  (I’m sure Hannah having to admit she was wrong about something related to BB production, scheduling,  comps or anything BB was painful. I’d really like to see Hannah win the entire season at this point but it doesn’t change the fact that she’s a KNOW-IT-ALL)
  •  When none of Tiffany’s pitches we’re going anywhere with Derek, Tiffany tried to work on Xavier. She tried to paint a picture that he was alone, everyone would come after him, Hannah would come after him no matter what she was telling him and she would be completely loyal to him to the end if he kept her. They also had a conversation about Xavier and Derek trying to take credit for Tiffany’s cook out plan.  Xavier pretended that she’d given him a lot to think about with her pitch but it didn’t change anything.  Tiffany also told Xavier that Hannah and Azha wouldn’t work together. (I don’t know what the hell this was supposed to accomplish because all that told Xavier was ‘fine, keep Hannah and Azha both in the house and make it easier for the 3 guys to get to the end) Sure, he basically already knew this but why the hell confirm it?
  •  Later, Tiffany camera talked and said she meant the thing she’d said to Xavier. She said Xavier and Azha would be the only people she would feel the need to be loyal to if they kept her.
  •  Meanwhile, Hannah was busy pitching to Azha and Derek. She was mostly trying to get Derek to see that the hg’s viewed Derek, Azha and Hannah as the pawns of the cook out. She said it didn’t matter what they’d actually done in the game. She said it’s just the way everyone sees them and their best bet to the end is to stick together. (True) She said any of them would have a tough time beating X or Ky and the 3 of them would have the best chance against each other.
  • This was just before Ky cracked his head on one of the cameras:
  • Azha told X she’d like to win but she was fine helping him win the game. She said if she can’t win, she at least wants someone that she’s been loyal to all season to win the season. (Yawn)  She told X that Derek tries to make her feel like she owes him because he says he’s talked people out of putting her otb. She asked if he’d had to have any of those conversations with people to keep her safe. He said her name really hadn’t came up that much.
  •  Hannah gave X more of the pitch that I discussed earlier. This involved wanting to see X win if she couldn’t because she respected his game.  She said Ky didn’t accept any deals she offered him this week so she knew she couldn’t work with him moving forward. She also talked to him about some of the comments Derek makes. She said she didn’t like the way he constantly brought up that the women would only vote for a woman in the end. She said it was disrespectful because it discredited anything the women had done in the game. Hannah said she called Derek out on it.  X said he understood what she was saying and said he’d even talked to Derek about it too and told him he needed to stop making comments like that. (This actually isn’t true because although he does have this conversation with Derek later, he doesn’t have it until AFTER Hannah brings this up to him. X has been saying the same kinds of things although granted, not for nearly as long as Derek’s been saying it)
  •  Hannah and X also talked about how delusional Derek is about his game. They both acknowledged that he hasn’t done a damn thing but X said he couldn’t say anything like that because he knew it would “break Big D’s heart.”  (That may be true but X and Ky are both smart enough to know, they should continue pumping up Derek’s ego. If by some fluke he wins any game comp, they need him to want to stick with the guys)
  •  When Hannah pitched to Azha, it didn’t go quite as smoothly as Hannah had anticipated.  Azha asked her why she should vote to keep her this week. Hannah gave Azha a lot of reasons as to why she would want to work with Azha. Azha told her she didn’t ask her why she’d want to work with Azha, she asked why SHE should want to keep Hannah. (Lol) When Hannah started talking about moving forward with Azha, Azha said “I’m not talking about next week, I’m talking about why I should want to keep you this week.” (Ouch!) Azha doesn’t want to keep Hannah and that’s where some of the attitude was coming from imo. It’s either that or Azha woke up and said “ok, I’m gonna pretend to play BB today.” It was entertaining but mostly because it seemed to throw Hannah off for a minute.  (It was the equivalent of Hannah spending 6 months preparing some detailed school presentation, doing a kick ass job, covering every imaginable angle… only to have the teacher ask her a question at the end about the one and only thing thing Hannah hadn’t included in her presentation)
  • I do think it was good that Hannah told Azha she wouldn’t put Derek and Azha otb at the same time just because Azha seems suddenly concerned with going up.
  •  Tiffany told Derek she hoped his vote, regardless of what it was, wouldn’t be personal. He assured her it would not.  (He’s wanted her out since week 2 so I assure you it is)  That’s not completely fair because Tiffany showed no interest in working with him so he does have a game reason to want her gone. (See, I’m not always an asshole)
  •  Derek and X compared notes and said Tiffany was basically promising them both the same things. Derek told X that Hannah said she wouldn’t be able to beat Ky or X so she would definitely target the 2 of them. (X and Ky)  X said since Tiffany and Hannah are pitching the same thing, he said he has to look at their actions in the house to make his decision. Naturally, the 750k mistake came up. (It isn’t their fault Tiffany has to go. After all, she must be punished!)
  •  X did end up telling Derek he needed to cool it with some of the comments he makes about the games the women have played. He said he shouldn’t assume that a woman would only vote for a woman because she was a woman. He said it discredited the games they played. Derek apologized, said he didn’t mean it the way it was sounding. (Look, I don’t know if they’re doing this for the cameras and both full of shit or if Hannah saying something to X really did turn on a light bulb. He DID pass it on to Derek and I’m glad it happened. Listening to these guys has become nauseating lately. It’s made the feeds more of a chore lately, rather than something I enjoy doing) X and Derek also discussed Azha becoming such an big target because she’s the only one left who hasn’t been otb. Keeping Hannah longer than Azha was floated but I dont think there’s anything to it.
  • Hannah and Tiffany met up, joked around and mentioned how Ky spent all day sweeping the bathroom. They think he’s nervous about how things will go.
  • Ky came downstairs (twice) and asked Tiffany if she wanted to sleep in the hoh room. (Derek slept up there the night before) She passed….both times.
  • He left with his ass all out of whack. He camera talked about it and said he was trying to help her and her bad decisions just continue. (Take a seat Ky. Your reign is ova!!!)

Have you guys noticed what a good BB player Kyland is when he’s NOT the hoh?  Sure, he pissed everyone off by trying to get off the block that one time but even that wasn’t too bad. Tiffany fed into Xavier’s irritation that week intentionally to get people to be mad over it. Other than that, he does so well when he’s not in power. It’s kind of weird to think, Kyland could be in the position Xavier’s in, if he didn’t keep winning shit. It’s almost like a theme this year when you factor in Tiffany’s last hoh.  Instead of “win or go home,” this year it’s ‘win, fuck it up and then go home.’

Update: There was a production feeds leak this morning while doing a rehearsal. (Production, not the hgs) It also sounds like What the Bleep? will be one of the Thursday comps.

Have a great Wednesday!


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