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Big Brother 23- Tuesday Recap for 9/21/23

September 22, 2021 | 31 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning to everyone who doesn’t have ‘give up’ in their vocabulary!  If you’re still here, that means you’re not a quitter or you just enjoy torturing yourself for fun. Either way, I’m glad you’re still hanging in there.

I usually start my morning sometime between 4:30 and 5:00. No, I don’t stay up all night watching the feeds because as much as I like Big Brother, I also like my sleep. I wake up early so I have time to go back and check the conversations I missed.  It usually takes a couple of hours to do that, depending on the activity in the house.  Once I’ve added that info to what I already had, I start writing the recap. I fill in with the images after I’ve finished, unless I have some I just like and want to include. (those are the times you’re scratching your heads, wondering what the hell my pics have to do with what I’m writing about) After that’s finished, I go back for a typo check and how thorough I am with that, depends on how early my work appointments are for that day. (on busy work days, I just cross my fingers and hope for the best)

OK, this is boring as hell but the reason I’m telling you this is because I want you to know how far I strayed today from my morning routine. (and I’m very routine oriented) After looking at what I had from yesterday and adding some things from last night, I wasn’t sure where to start. I wasted some time commenting on the last couple of threads. I did this knowing they’ll probably never be seen since yesterday is over. I also did a little online shopping for a Halloween costume. (I usually make mine but since my downstairs is still full of unpacked boxes, that’s not gonna to happen this year) My youngest granddaughter, who is 4, wants to be a witch this year and wants me to be one too. (She’d planned to be a witch this past Easter until we reminded her Easter wasn’t really a costume kind of occasion) I’m thinking of doing Ursela from The Little Mermaid. I’ve narrowed it down to either Cruella Deville or Ursela and Ursela is at least a sea witch so I think I’ll go with that one. (She’s in the Disney movie phase) My 9 yr old gradddaughter wants to be a gorilla so my husband is going to be a banana….he doesn’t know that yet tho. (Sshhh!)

I also thought about adding a 2nd coat of stain to the railing for my stairs before doing the recap but I’m running out of time so I better stop avoiding it. Yeah, that’s where we’re at because practically nothing happened yesterday.

The jury answering some questions on Instagram

The jury voted Azha the person who sleeps the most.  I was surprised they didn’t vote Derek but after yesterday, maybe I can see their point. Kyland was voted the person who talks the most and yeah, that one makes total sense.

Here’s what I’ve got for the recap:

  • There was napping, lots and lots of napping. Azha was called out for it several times. How do she and Derek not get bed sores? (just curious)
  •  I think one of those math tiebreaker questions could be ‘how many cuddles did it take for Xavier to win BB23?’
  • The hg’s talked about dating and passed around some dating advice, mostly to Derek.
  • They played cards.
  • There was some discussion about sex and if they’d still know how to do it since they’ve been locked up for so long. (I don’t think that’s a skill you really lose. I’d use the example of ‘it’s like riding a bicycle’ but if you have sex the way you ride a bike, you’re way out of my league and don’t need any help from me!)
  • Xavier crawled up behind the couch to try to scare Azha.
  • It worked.
  • There was some speculation as to Tiffany’s age.  X guessed 40 so he was close.
  • Kyland suggested that Christian may ask Alyssa to be his girlfriend at the finale and Xavier said that would probably piss off Alyssa. (What are they, 5? Will you be my GF?)
  • Julie asked Alyssa about this during her exit interview and she’s already said she’d like to pursue things with Christian. (Sorry X)  This is a shot from when Alyssa said this to Julie. I’m only posting it because it may be my favorite outfit Julie wore this season.
  • Taco Tuesday has become a tradition of sorts in the BB house. They had to start without Azha yesterday because she was in the DR.

The best Taco Tuesday was the fight between Christie and Nick on BB21.

I don’t think that one can be topped.

Remember Christie’s chewing?

When you think you’re going to stab your eyeball with a fork if you have to listen to Derek anymore, just stop and remember, we HAVE had it this bad before.

Back to the mind blowing recap:

  • While Ky was in the DR, the other 3 talked about him and his eviction.  It was mostly about blindsiding him which X is still insisting they do. (this F4 is possibly some of the worst game play we’ve seen in a while) It’s starting to sound like X may want to tell him beforehand but is trying to figure out the right moment. He said his reason for wanting to blindside him is to avoid all the convos they’ll have to have with Ky trying to save himself. X said he doesn’t want to have to deal with it. I think he’s also concerned Ky could get Derek to change his mind so he’s trying to avoid that but obviously, he can’t say that to Derek.
  •  Derek talked more about what a hard decision it will be, it’s going to break his heart, blah, blah, blah. (you know this record by now) Azha jumped up, started bouncing around and asking to please let her do it. (Lol) Derek said his main concern is losing Ky’s jury vote. He said he knows he has to do it or he’ll lose the respect of the jury. (Don’t you have to have something before you can lose it?)
  • Derek and Azha talked about F2’s and why Derek won’t take her. He said she hasn’t lied so she’d beat him or some shit like that. (Does it really matter?)

I’m going to start working on the individual game recaps for each of the F3. I remember season 20 being hard because there was soooo much content for all 3 of them.  This seasons may be hard too but for the exact opposite reason.  I haven’t worked out exactly how to do those yet.  Here’s a mini summary of how I see their games for now. There’s been a lot of talk the past couple of days rehashing what happened this season. It’s became obvious, most of them don’t know and don’t even know how they got to the F4.

Kyland has the best grasp of reality in this area but he has such a huge ego, isn’t hasn’t helped him. He’s leaving at 4 but if he wasn’t, he’d still lose the game. He’s doing a lot of camera talking and one thing that comes up often is how everyone in the jury told him taking X to the F2 would cost him the game. Ky said he doesn’t see the game that way. The part he can’t grasp is that it doesn’t matter how HE sees the game! It matters how the jury sees the game since they’ll be the ones voting. They’ve told him it’s a losing move.  He simply won’t accept that because HE doesn’t see it that way. If by some miracle he stays, he’ll still deserve to lose for that reason alone.  I also wish he’d stop talking to the families of the hg’s. Remember the week he was telling Tiffany’s family their HOH letter should’ve included “you should’ve trusted Kyland.”  I didn’t like listening to him talk about X’s nephew this week either. He was saying he felt X would want to take him to the F2 because he didn’t think X would want to raise his nephew to be a coward. Tiffany put it best when she said “shut the fuck up Kyland!”

Xavier will probably be the winner but his game has issues too.  I’m almost getting some BB19 Paul vibes from him.  Yes, there’s a little merit to not wanting Ky hounding Derek to use the veto on him but Ky’s already doing that.  Letting him know he’s going may actually stop it because Ky would know X is in charge, not Derek. Let’s face it, Ky’s campaigning so far has been whining, picking fights with Derek, isolating himself in the HN room and trying to put people on guilt trips. That’s not exactly grade A campaigning. X is banking on Ky only being pissed off at Derek but Ky isn’t stupid. (Crazy maybe but not stupid) You think he isn’t going to figure out how his ass got evicted and believe it was a move completely done by Derek? I don’t think so and it just looks like a situation where X would rather avoid confrontation and doesn’t want to own his game. Remember how angry he was over Alyssa potentially finding out about the Cook Out? He was almost panicked at the thought of it when they’d already agreed to tell the last side person about the alliance. He couldn’t deal with it and couldn’t face it. He was fine with her learning about it after but he didn’t want to have to talk to her about it.  I didn’t get it then and I don’t now. Having that person still in the house and having that extra time to explain it to them is a gift. This probably won’t matter because the jury seems to have built up an illusion regarding Xavier’s game. Someone has to get the credit for the CO that’s left sitting in those F2 chairs and it’s not gonna be Azha or Derek.  I also think it’s a really bad move to keep Derek off the block and leave him placing the vote this week. I don’t thinks it’s fear of Derek being upset that’s keeping him from doing it. I mean, what’s Derek going to do about it at that point? I think it’s because he knows if Azha comes down, Ky will know why it’s happening. You know what would cut down on Ky annoying people if he knew he was leaving? Take Azha off the block. She’s already said she doesn’t mind anything Ky tries to tell her and she doesn’t agree with the blindside anyway.  As a fan, I don’t mind a blindside. I just think it’s dumb for X’s game.

For a while, I couldn’t decide if Derek was delusional in thinking he controlled the game or if he was simply insecure about his game. He hasn’t won any comps and I thought maybe he was trying to convince people he had control, even though he knew he didn’t. The more I hear him, I don’t think that’s it anymore. Listening to him tell Azha that he talked to Derek X about not putting Azha up made me start to think something else. He did indeed have a convo with DX when DX was the hoh. I’m starting to think, Derek thinks he did things since he DID have talks with people. He’s just so self centered that it doesn’t occur to him, other people had conversations with the hoh’s too. Maybe he thinks, it’s HIS talk with the HOH the that made things happen because in Derek land, no one else really matters except him.  He’s also spent the week wishing he could evict the one person who he could actually, maybe beat in the end. Dumbass!

Azha has been a waste of a player.  She’s actually a fan of the show too and that makes it worse.  She’s said her favorite player was June from BB4. (Azha is as much of a June as I am a 20 year old Instagram model who rides bulls in my feee time)  She let whatever personal issue she has with Hannah take away her best shot to sit in the F2.

I guess it doesn’t matter what I think of the F4 at this point because this is the F4 we have. (I’d still rather be bitching about BB than not watching BB) Kyland said he thinks he’s the best player to leave at the F4, if he’s evicted this week. (He’s delusional because I can think of quite a few people who left at 4 that were way better at this game) Regardless, it got me thinking about something else. Since someone has to win, who do you guys think is the worst F3 we’ve ever had?

Have a great Wednesday!


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