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Big Brother 23 – Wednesday Updates!

August 18, 2021 | 19 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

I’m predicting that all the fans of this season and fans of specific players need to buckle in over these next few weeks because things are about to get really ugly and it’s starting to show already.

What I mean is, throughout the season it seemed like we had some pretty wholesome relationships forming and it seems many were on board. Especially the way the BB Bucks was voted on the first week. DX with his relationship with Hannah and his friendship with Kyland. Tiffany and Claire. Azah and Britini.  Kyland and SB. DF and the house. Xavier and Christian/Alyssa.

Those relationships were all fine and dandy when they had people like Brent, Whitney, and even Christian available to knock out, but those options are running out quickly.  The only one really remaining was Alyssa and she’s safe this week and also trying to continue her friendship with Xavier so by the time she has to go, it’ll look cutthroat on X’s part. There is no way around it that a good chunk of these duos are about to be screwed over by people they thought were friends.  There will be some situations like the Azah and Britini friendship where Azah escaped looking bad, but I don’t think that’s going to be the same for Tiffany or Hannah when Claire and DX need to go.

I’ve said time and time again that strategically, the idea of partnering up with the house while having a hidden alliance in the center was extremely good gameplay, but it’s not going to do a ton to win over jury members or fans of the players getting the screwjob. We may have an extremely bitter jury this year and could legit end up seeing someone like DF or Azah get carried to the finals because they think they’d be easier to beat only to see them win the whole show. Never in a million years did I think Josh would win BB19, but Paul was so awful at jury management that he made it happen.  Not that I’m comparing DF or Azah to Josh.  He was an ass and a puppet while DF and Azah appear to be good people who are just mostly floating along.

Let’s get to some updates:

  • 12:00 pm – Tiffany and X meet up to talk

    • X mentions that Azah told Britini she’s voting for her regardless. He needs to squash that because the votes are in no way secure right now.  If DX and Claire vote out DF, any pity vote could help push a flip in votes. Sure, Britini would need 5 votes because of the tiebreaker which is still very impossible to get, but X doesn’t want to take any chances right now
    • They talk about how super shady Kyland is.  X points out that the only person who really trusted him was Big D and he’s even losing D.
    • Tiffany says they need to get Kyland and SB on the block this week
    • Tiffany says if DX leaves this week and SB wins HoH, who is she coming for. She says SB is coming for her and Hannah
    • X says ‘why you’?  Tiffany is frustrated

    • She says “I don’t know where ya’ll be at” to X (meaning he’s acting clueless). She says she’s #1 on SB’s radar and one of the issues between Tiff and Kyland is that he gets information from SB but he doesn’t tell Tiffany. SB has said Tiffany is one of the most influential people in the house and she’d get her out with a magic wand if she can.  She’d likely go after DX first, but if DX is out, Tiff is #1
    • She’s coming for DX, then Tiffany, then Hannah
    • And why all the paranoia about Kyland?  Because they can see right through him. Earlier in the day, he told the camera during a camtalk session that he appreciates the cookout, but his secondary goal is to get an invite to play again so he can play for himself next time.  He’s clearly not very #teamcookout and the rest of that alliance knows it. They can already see he’s trying to play a solo game
    • X asks who should win HoH and Tiffany says ‘someone who can put up SB and Kyland’.  He asks who, and she says ‘Me, Hannah, or Claire’.  X says ‘you just wanted Claire out’ and Tiffany goes on to explain how things change in the house. She was speaking out of fear because she knew Claire was considering keeping Britini.  But now that she knows Claire won’t do a 5-3 vote, she’ll only do it with a house vote, she feels better – ok lol.
    • Tiff says Claire will probably want Kyland out but it won’t matter because they have the votes so SB will go
  • 1:40 pm – Claire talking to Tiffany

    • Claire says because DX took out Christian, he wants to take out the biggest targets
    • She says DX may go after X but he doesn’t want to win HoH this week. He wants the shot to be taken by SB
  • Fairly brief conversation between the two.  Claire goes to speak to DX
    • Claire says Kyland is worried about her. DX is happy because Kyland worries him so he knows he isn’t the only one paranoid about him
    • Claire tells him how Tiff said X may put up Claire
    • They talk about how Tiffany is paranoid of SB and DX says he shouldn’t have told her that SB said she (Tiff) is the most influential.  This stems back to earlier in the post when Tiffany was talking with X and mentioned that and was upset that even Kyland wouldn’t tell her that.
  • Needless to say, this HoH is pretty huge.
  • 3:15 pm – Right now the weekly one-on-ones are going on which are really irrelevant to blog because there is zero chance of a vote flip this week. I kind of hate that aspect of the season and don’t remember it being so robotic and pointless in previous seasons
    • Christian had probably the perfect storm going for him last week between an actual lawyer coaching him up, sitting next to someone pulling attention away from Kyland and the major alliance, having guaranteed votes from X and Alyssa and arguably the most influential person in the house (Tiff) pushing for him to stay and he still got evicted 7-2.
    • There is no chance Britini is going to stay this week and anything people say in this meetings like ‘oh, you are putting up a good argument’ is just pure bullshit.
  • 4:30 pm – I’m going to step aside and watch the CBS show. I’ll probably create a new thread when it’s done to monitor anything happening tonight (if anything happens)

Check back for updates

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