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Big Brother 23- Weekend Recap for 8/29/21

August 30, 2021 | 17 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BBJ peeps! Thank you to Steve for the ‘Happy Birthday’ and it’s appreciated no matter when you say it. Besides, you’ve got the jump on everyone for next year now! (Haha)  My husband actually forgot it completely and he gets into bdays way more than I do.

The funny part was that he gave himself away. My birthday was on Friday, we were both working but spoke several times during the day. He mentioned dinner, plans for the weekend, etc.  The things he said, were the kind of things he’d normally suggest for my bday so it didn’t occur to me it was a coincidence until…the end of the night on Friday, I jokingly told him I’d waited all day for him to say “Happy Birthday” and he hadn’t. Seriously, I just thought he hadn’t said the words “Happy Birthday.” That’s when he said “Oh shit, I totally forgot today’s your birthday.” (Haha) It was funny because he gave himself away.  I would’ve never realized he’d forgotten. Anyway, boring story for you guys I’m sure but it was pretty funny to me. (Side note: Every year, there are new people to BBJ who think Steve and I are married. We arn’t. Steve and I don’t even live in the same state, just to clear up any confusion. Lol)

I’d also like to say a big thank you to Janet! I appreciate your donation and your very nice comment! Since I didn’t post over the weekend, this is the first opportunity I’ve had to say thank you.

Alyssa told Hannah she’d been dethroned as the veto queen. Hahaha

Enough of my ramblings, lets get to it…Tiffany was the new hoh (for awhile anyway) and I have to admit, I didn’t realize I was such a hypocrite.  I hate having to admit that but if I’m going to be a hypocrite, I don’t want to be a liar on top of it. I mean, geez! How many bad qualities should one person be allowed to have?

I’m saying this because in the past, I’ve always thought it was such a douchebag move to wear the HOH robe during nominations. I know it isn’t that big of a deal, it’s just something that always rubbed me wrong. However… when Tiffany did it, I liked it. I don’t know if it’s because the guys in the cook out don’t get to sit around patting themselves on the back anymore and talk about how they do everything and saying the women are getting dragged to the F6. Maybe it’s because I just like Tiffany but whatever the reason, it’s hypocritical of me so there ya’ go. I DO truly think Tiffany’s been playing the most strategical game all season but I also like her so that makes me more biased than usual and I can admit it.

Everyone already knew who Tiffany would nominate and she did.  Her HOH remained in tact, even after losing power because Claire left things the same when she won the coin of destiny. I’m disappointed in Claire but I’m also torn over the decision. While camera talking, Claire admitted this was not the best move for herself but said Tiffany was her closest ally so she wanted to respect Tiffany’s noms. (You should always do what’s best for YOU in the game, right?)  Well, she’s sitting there telling us that this is NOT the best move for HER. You also shouldn’t burn your closest ally and that’s the only reason I was torn.  In a different situation, Claire should’ve done what was best for Claire and just not tell Tiffany she won it. That wasn’t possible since the cook out decided to make sure Claire won it and therefore, wouldn’t be able to compete for the next hoh. (This was Hannahs idea)

The game this year is harder to analyze because we’re having to look at the game that’s going on but also the game certain players think is going on in the house. People outside the cook out are simply playing in a different reality. People get tricked every year but this is on a whole other level.  The people in the cook out are playing 2 games, simultaneously.  I can’t begin to express how impressed I’ve been with their ability to do this and do it so well. Claire made the right call since the cook out was always going to know she won the coin flip. Claire made the wrong call based on the game she thinks she’s playing.

The Cook Out being over 50 days into the game before they all met up together to make the alliance official is insane!

Xavier went otb from his veto win and Kyland & Sarah Beth stayed otb. Hannah won the veto and a movie.

Tiffany rubbed it in to Xavier that the women kicked all their asses this week. (They deserved it after some of the comments the guys have made)

Let’s look back at Xaviers hoh….the one almost everyone threw that week.

Neither Big D nor Tiffany were thrilled that Hannah chose to take all 3 nominees with her to see the movie. (I think it was the correct choice)

Hannah trying to escape the awkward convo with Big D when he was pouting over not seeing the movie

Hannah did some camera talking too and wants to take Xavier off the block. It isn’t necessary but she believes it will make her seem more trustworthy to X and she told the cameras he’s all about trust and loyalty. (Nah, he’s all about winning this game)  She said she wanted to make sure Tiffany was ok with it because Tiffany needed to continue to feel like she was the closest to Hannah.  (True)

Hannah told us she’s doing it to position herself well for when they get down to the F6.  She also thinks it could help keep her off the block if Alyssa ended up as the HOH. (also true)

Side note:  Hannah thinking about Alyssa for next week reminds me of Tiffany’s plan and I liked it too. Tiffany said from the beginning, she wanted to use Big D as a replacement nom if she had to replace someone. She wasn’t doing this because she and Big D have issues. Tiffany said, she wanted to keep Alyssa completely off the block because she thought it could help her next week if Alyssa won hoh. (I’m so happy we have real strategists this summer over people who want Instagram careers)

Tiffany, Hannah and Claire are the comp winners for the week and they think DX will be happy to see SB evicted as revenge for getting him out. He’s said in interviews he doesn’t want to see SB leaving next.  He simply doesn’t think she’s the biggest target in the house. Sorry ladies!

  Kyland has thrown an unexpected wrinkle into the plans for the week by wanting Hannah to use the veto on him.  He pitched the idea to Xavier, Tiffany and even Sarah Beth. (Read the room, dude! SB would like to protect her own game, not yours)  Guys, I can’t help it, I still like Sarah Beth and I especially liked the moment Tiffany told her Ky was the target. I like that SB just said ‘oh well, bye Ky!’ (No, that’s not word-for-word but that was her attitude)  I also thought it was sad to hear her talking to Ky about reading all the bad things people said about her once the season is over.

SB made a terrible move for her game last week. I said it was a terrible move even if the cook out didn’t exist but it’s a game and people are allowed to be wrong.

SB was wrong and she allowed Ky to manipulate her.  This just makes Ky good at what he’s doing, it doesn’t make SB a bad person.  There are so many worse things in life than going into the Big Brother house and playing a bad game. Derek X did the same things and he’s getting lots of love from the fans. I guess that’s all I’m saying.

Kylands pitch with Tiffany included a foot massage except Ky forgot one important detail during his pitch. Tiffany isn’t Sarah Beth so she was like ‘I’m gonna take that foot rub but it’s not gonna change shit!’

Ky told Xavier it made sense for Ky to come down so he could give SB a pity vote. Tiffany has put in a lot of work in trying to get Kyland and Xavier to go against each other, rather guys vs girls once they get to the 6.  Moments like this one may help that happen. The funniest part of Ky talking to Tiffany was at one point, Tiffany couldn’t take Ky’s extended power convo any longer, and just got up, said she couldn’t do it anymore and left. Lol

There was also a conversation between Ky and SB this weekend that may help X and Ky go after each other. SB told Ky how great X was playing and said X was going to win the game. Ky didn’t like hearing this….at all.

Hannah didn’t have to work very hard to get Tiffany on board with her plan to take X off the block. Tiffany said as long as it wasn’t Ky, she didn’t care. Their biggest obstacle is trying to find a way for it to make sense to Claire and Alyssa. Alyssa will be easy because all she’ll focus on is the fact that X we’ll be coming down. Claire, who’s already suspected Hannah and Tiffany of having something going on with X, won’t be so easy. It doesn’t really matter because Claire can’t compete for the next HOH.  They’ll just get rid of her before getting rid of Alyssa to solve the problem.  Yeah, they could run the risk of Claire figuring it out, winning a veto and using it to take Alyssa off the block. That problem is also solved if Claire and Alyssa go otb together. (There’s a tiny risk and if they don’t want the alliance to come out, they shouldn’t risk it imo)

Everyone is continuing to get more and more annoyed with Ky. He’s pushing really hard to have the Veto used on him and no one understands why.  I really don’t think he’s trying to save SB, I just think he doesn’t want to be on the block. If anyone was going to turn on the cook out and try to ride to the end with their side person, I think it would have happened earlier. The closer they get to the 6, the less likely they’ve always been to turn on it.

The cook out also agreed to Tiffany’s plan from the beginning. The plan was not only to have a side person, it was for each of them to go on the block with that person. Sure, you don’t give them a pity vote but if you’re on the block, you aren’t voting them out either.

I’ve always continued to kind of like Kyland, probably because of the game he was playing and he’s such a strategizer.   Holy shit though, his ego is off the charts!  SB is otb, worrying about going home and he’s already telling her DX leaving was HIS game move. I get it, he wants to make sure he gets the credit in jury but damn, it’s cold! (Haha)  I’m guessing the people who think Ky is trying to save SB this week, didn’t see this convo or several others they’ve had.  Ky is NOT trying to save SB this week, he just wants her to puppet all the things he’s planting in her head to the jury.

Ky also put Hannah thru a long and torturous conversation about using the veto on him. I have no idea how she had the patience to sit through it but she did. She left him with something that he didn’t have much of an argument against. (Remember, he’s running around making sure everyone knows DX leaving is solely because of him) Hannah reminded him that Claire is under the impression Ky is the reason DX left so therefore, from Claire’s perspective, why in the hell would Hannah take Ky off the block?

Even SB and Claire, as bad as they’re playing, have never stopped playing the game. These people really want to win and really think they’re doing things to position themselves better. We don’t have any Victorias in the house this year and that’s amazing. I mean, I don’t really know what the hell Alyssa’s doing but even she THINKS she’s doing stuff.

This post is already way too long (sorry about that) so here’s just a few remaining things from the night:

  • Hannah and X talked about Kys attitude and his arrogance. They also agreed X would give SB a pity vote if Ky wanted her to have one so badly. They agreed it’s just about the jury for Ky and said it’s why he insisted he give DX a pity vote. X said he told Ky that he wouldn’t be able to give Alyssa her pity vote if he was otb against her either. He also said Ky is starting to turn into a liability to the group and it’s making him want to get rid of him sooner over later. (Rut Roh)
  • Ky said something to Hannah about needing her to give him a good enough reason not to take him off the block.  The whole thing was in Ky speak so without some Kysetta Stone to help me, I’m not positive I’m interpreting this correctly.
  • Hg’s just hung out and had casual convos last night. Ky and SB isolated themselves for a while tho. (Shocker)
  • SB said she’ll put up X and Tiffany if she stays this week and wins another hoh.  She also thinks she’ll try to work with Hannah.
  • Azha admitted to Hannah, she’d like Ky out before F6 but said she wouldn’t turn on the alliance. She’s fine with him being the first of the 6 to go.
  • There was alot of sex talk last night. Alyssa had tons of thoughts so I guess she IS doing something in the game.

Sorry this one was so all over the place today. Hannah will probably be taking Xavier off the block today but check back later with Steve.

Have a great Monday!


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