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Big Brother 25-Mini Update for Monday 8/7/25

August 7, 2023 | 46 Comments
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Author: Mel

With Steve gone, I thought I’d hop on and do one more today as an update. I’ll start with a little filler so I don’t blurt out a spoiler in the first line. (like I usually do) I actually meant to mention it in my recap and forgot anyway.

Before I talk about the veto ceremony, I’d like to request suggestions for easy recipes for cucumbers. I grow them every year but this year, it is completely off the rails! I have more of them than I think I ever have in my life. Even after giving them to everyone related to me, friends, neighbors, people at work, the guy who installed my countertops last week and a neighbor who takes them to the VFW and passes them out to vets, I’m still living on them daily. I need some new ideas, please!! I eat them plain, soaked in vinegar, with salt and a bit of lime juice, etc. I tried frying them like you do green tomatoes but they didn’t turn out very well. I don’t know if that’s not a thing or maybe I was the problem. Now on to a mini update….

Hasim did not use the veto. No shock there.

Here is a surprise tho….Hasim and Corey have talked a little game today. After yesterdays cold shoulder, I really wasn’t expecting it. They talked about Corey feeling like he’d want to return the favor to Reilly but almost everyone else being an option if he won HOH. It was a real 2 way convo!

Felicia doesn’t seem to have a fanny pack yet but her mic is wrapped in plastic for the moment. I found out that it was indeed 4 mics. 3 of them have gone in the toilet.

Heres are the bikini photo shoot pics:

More stuff from today:

Big Brother gave them all hoodies with their names on them. Red wasn’t excited about his because it was plain gray. He said he had the biggest personality in the house so he was a little bummed with such a blah hoodie. Look, Red may be a big personality on Tik Tok but in this house, he’s tame. With Felicia and Izzy alone, Red doesn’t stand a chance.

JJared n and Corey are still hanging out more and Jordan’s game is improving too.

Cameron and Izzy had a decently long chat too. Now that Cameron’s realized the game won’t be as easy as he thought, he’s moving around the house a bit more. He’s trying to separate himself from his alliance. He’s even gone back to the cowboy hat. Is he trying to remind them “hey I’m just a good ole Georgia boy?” “I’m not really trying to be one of the cool kids upstairs.”

I don’t know but Izzy wasn’t buying it. She relayed everything back to Cirie and Felicia. It reminded me of Jag talking with her yesterday except Cameron mansplains BB to people where Jag does not. The Handful alliance thinks Izzy is the ringleader of the comic room group. It’s why they went back and forth last night over targeting her. It’s also why I think Cameron chose her to talk game with today.

Luke has continued his mood from yesterday. He also seems to be taking Jared’s advice and talking more with the older group. Reilly must have ticked him off yesterday but I admit, I missed part of that conversation, so I’m not sure when or why. He talks like she would be his target. He’s also shared his cousins are “hoodlums from harlem” and said he has other cousins who are “literal scam artists, like bad people who are charismatic as hell.” He said they were on the FBI’s most wanted list but said “don’t worry, they were caught.” (Please erase from your mind me making the comment that I wish Kirsten could stay and they would kick out Luke. No way, I must find out much more about Mr. Luke. Is he the actual “Florida Man?”)

Felicia spoke with him and just talked to him straight. She basically said, he’s not stupid, he can see what’s going on and what’s he gonna do about it?

Cirie talked to him and offered him an olive branch to work with her but said she’d leave it up to him. He’s says he started to feel like people think he’s stupid. (I’m not gonna blame ‘people’ because he’s been acting like he’s stupid) He admitted he was still a bit in vacation and socializing mode. He’s realized the game is going on around him but I think he’s irritated because he feels like people have only been talking to him for game reasons. (Well, no shit, it’s a game)

Here’s the actual funny part though. Luke’s been practically asleep for the past 5 days. Now, he’s got a constant audience like he’s holding court. People are spilling all kinds of info to him in an attempt to pull him over to their team. Red’s already told him that he thinks Jag is the one running things. Luke said he really didn’t think so from what he’d seen. (Jag isn’t running it but he seems the best player from that group. I sort of hope Cirie’s group stays confused on that one because I like Jag and don’t want him targeted yet)

Cirie and Mecole talked about their group and I had it mixed up. BBB is still a thing, the Professors is with the extra people. They also have Brown Sugar Babes now which is Cirie, Felicia, Mecole and Jared. There’s also the final 3 with Cirie, Izzy and Jared but I don’t think that has a name yet. (How about 2 Hostages plus 1?)

Here’s an alliance chart I saw on Twitter that was really good:

I’m gonna end this with some random hg quotes that I thought were funny but couldn’t cram into a recap anywhere yet.

Reilly: “No matter what we’ll be the majority and these people will do what we tell them to do.”

Reliiy: “Cirie and Felicia will do whatever me, Jag or Jared says. I already proved it by taking Felicia off the block.” (Ya, I know, Felicia didn’t come off the block)

Cirie: “I wonder if they turn mics off when we eat. I’d blow my brains out if I had to hear people eat.”

Bowie: “I don’t think were gonna have Jared.” Cirie: “Oh, we’re gonna have Jared.”

America: “What up Kaysar!”

Felicia: (coming out of bathroom) “Ahhh fuck!”

Corey told Cirie Survivor was the better show but Big Brother was the better game. I couldn’t quote it because I didn’t write it down, don’t remember how he said it and didn’t feel like going back and finding it. I just wanted to include it because I 100% agree with him.

A couple more images so I can clear my album:

I’m wrapping this up as Luke’s talking to Corey about making a bro alliance plus maybe Reilly. (Crumbles notes and throws them) I can’t with these people! Have a great rest of your Monday and leave cuke ideas in the comments if your willing. (Come back tomorrow for more irrelevant info by the time its posted)


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