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Big Brother 25-Monday Recap for 10/9/23

October 10, 2023 | 8 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning everyone, The gaming hasn’t slowed down and it was another busy day. I think most days this season have been active as these people like to run scenarios almost as much as they like to make alliances.

I’ll start with something from the night before. Jag, Matt, Blue and Bowie were hanging out in the HOH room, drinking alcohol and having a good time. Cameron joined them but just sat there quietly. (He could feel what was coming) He gave it one last effort to stay off the block. When Matt and Blue left for a few, he told Bowie & Jag, if he went up, he was being blindsided. He compared it to the situation that happened with them over the Red vote. Bowie told him he was NOT being blindsided because they were having a conversation about it. If he knew he was going on the block, he was not being blindsided.

Side Note:

I think they’d sent America to talk to Cam so they could meet but since everyone got a bit tipsy, the convos went on too long. America and Cory should’ve been up in the HOH room hanging out with the rest of them. I say that because Blue just socializing with them all evening made a difference. I say this all the time, but just hanging out with people while not talking game matters. Matt and Jag are already going back to keeping Blue over Cory now.

America had also told Cameron on Sunday night (when they argued) he was going on the block. All this is to say, Cameron knew yesterday morning what was about to happen.

Yesterday morning, Cirie camera talked to Jared and said she couldn’t wait to take out Cory. Right after this, she went over to the hammock and did some socializing with him. (I admire the way she can switch it off and on) They talked about America and Cory making their relationship official and general chit chat. Cirie told him about volunteering to stay on the block. He said if there was ever a good week to be a pawn, this was the one.

Miss Felicia living her best life (Love it!):

America filled in Blue, Jag and Bowie (seperately) on her talk with Cameron from the night before. She told them about Cameron telling her that Jag, Matt, Bowie and Blue had an alliance and Cory and America were on the outside of it.

Cameron talked about going to the jury house to America. She said he could relax without the surveillance. He told her she’d be next and he’d have someone to talk to but changed it to Cory. He said Cory would probably be out next and then it would be her. He also talked about Bowie, how he’d saved her, kept her safe for months, etc.

Cameron moved on to Matt. He was outside reading the Bible. Cam asked something about the Bible. Matt started to say something about his grandma and Cam cut him off to ask “so how long have you known about the backdoor?” Matt tried saying he thought it was something that just got brought up last night. Cam said he’d trusted Mat and Jag and he was hurt.

When the feeds came back after the veto ceremony, Cam had been nominated and Jag used the veto on Felicia. There was some talk about Cameron saying some stuff during the ceremony and Bowie shutting him down. (I guess we’ll have to wait for that) I think he said something about Bowie showing her true colors. It also sounds like Cirie and Felicia both said some stuff about Cory. They were calling him out the way Felicia did the last time, but this time they were joking. (I guess they’re keeping up with the running theme of ‘when all else fails, blame Cory’)

Dysfunctional family dinner:

Cameron told Cory he wanted to talk with him. He asked if America filled him in from their talk on Sunday night. Cory said yes and Cameron talked about the vote. Cory said he didn’t know what he could do this week to stay. Cameron said it would involve getting Felicia and Blue on board to keep him, (good luck with that) along with America and Cory. Cory was honest and said he didn’t know what Cam could say to Felicia and Blue to keep him. He said he also didn’t know how he could get Cory to want to either. (Cory already told America he was going to be honest and tell him he was voting him out) Cory brought up how Cam always says not to let people get in his head but said Cam was trying to backdoor him last week. He said he let Jag and Matt get into his head. (I guess Cam was trying to blame Matt and Jag)

Side Note:

Alot of Cameron’s (many) words are coming back to bite him this week. He talks as if he’s saved everyone in the house and they all know it. Felicia brought it up and said he acts like the game can’t go on with out him. It’s the same way Cirie recently pointed out (to Cam) that it was Cameron himself who ruined Reilly’s game, not Hisam. They’ve brought up how he said he’s too upfront with people to do a back door but spent a week trying to do one last week. They also talked about how he thinks he knows everything….all the time. To sum it up, they’ve clocked how full of shit Cameron is and now they’re all talking about it.

I said back in week 1 or 2 that Cameron seemed to have a savior complex and I stand by it. He did it with Reilly, America and now Bowie. He’s even done it with Cory, Matt and Jag at times. America humored him but finally called him out on it Sunday. Bowie called it out immediately the other day, when she told him she hadn’t been safe because of him. We’re all the hero of our own story but Cameron takes it to another level. Honestly, most of the accurate game info he’s gotten, America told him. All 3 times, he followed the same pattern. First, he’d tell her she was wrong and stupid. Next, he’d come around to believing it and lastly, he’d say he known it all along. (I’m not picking on Cameron. I’m just point out how he had zero game other than winning comps. He’s one of the worst players I’ve seen in years)

Yeah, yeah, I know he’s somewhat popular with some of the BBJ crowd. Sorry, I just call it like I see it. Here’s another unpopular opinion: I like Jag a hell of a lot more than I like Matt. (I’m not talking about their games because they’re both playing good games) I mean personally, how they seem as people. I think Jag is pretty amazing and I actually don’t care for Matt very much. (I thought today was a good day to confess it. That way, some people can be irritated at me over this one and maybe they’ll forget about all the Cameron shit I’ve said)

The biggest convo of the day (in my opinion) happened next. Cirie asked Cam if he was doing ok and he said he knew he was leaving. After saying how much they respected each other, Cameron gave her some game advice. (Cirie asked for it so he wasn’t being condescending) She’d asked him, if she was the one who stayed, what he thought she should do. (Jury management mixed with milking him for info before he leaves) He filled her in on everything.

He said Cory wasn’t running the house like she thought. He said Matt and Jag were only setting it up to look that way. He told her about the week Jared left and said Matt and Jag were in on it. He said Matt and Jag were using everyone to do their work for them and about trying to get Cory and Blue to target each other.

Cameron said Matt & Jag were the center of several alliances. (Cirie was realizing Matt and Jag were playing the game she played the first 40 plus days, haha) He told her how they were using Bowie for the moment, the same way they’d used him. He said Jag was the reason he didn’t take Cory out last week. He also said the only shot she had at not getting picked off was to stop targeting Cory. He said Cirie, Felicia, Cory, America and Blue needed to team up and take out Matt, Jag and Bowie. He included all 3 initially but then seemed to focus on Jag for much of the conversation. He talked like he thought Matt wasn’t completely in the know. Matt reading the Bible when he asked if Matt knew about this week sooner, convinced him Matt wasn’t lying. (As Cam likes to say “wrong.”) Cam said he’ll still fight this week but said there isn’t much fight to be had.

This pic was not from that convo. I just like the shocked face images:

Here’s another one:

Cirie said she didn’t know if she could ever get Blue to work with Cory. She said Cory had been Blues target for a while. Cameron offered to talk to Blue and give her the info too. He knows Blue’s upset with him and thinks he tried to get her on the block. Cameron pointed out the obvious by telling Cirie, if it was going to be Cameron or Blue, obviously he suggested Blue. (I still don’t understand how Blue can be upset by this)

Bowie talked with Cirie and Felicia. She was trying to see if they could work together moving forward. She’s hoping for a 5 with Matt, Jag, Cirie and Felicia. Everyone agreed with everything just to cover themselves. Later, Bowie talked about it to Matt and Jag so she was serious. Jag said his only hesitation was that they’d need to win everything. He said the mamas want to throw all the comps and they’re playing the most cut throat games out of all of them. (They’re tryin’)

Matt Jag, Cory and America talked to each other at different times, with different pairings. These are multiple conversations but I’m just lumping it all together in one paragraph. The gist of it is that everyone is on to everyone and they’re all pretending like they’re not. (Most everyone) They’re all acting like the stuff Cameron is saying is lies to try and save himself. Remember, they have a final 4 that neither pair plans on honoring. (Cory is making the mistake of thinking Matt and Jag still want Blue out next. Timing is everything in this game and Cory may wait 1 week too long to go after them)

When they weren’t busy trying to convince each other Cameron was lying, they spent the day talking about America and Cory being boyfriend/girlfriend now. There was ALOT of conversation about it. Some of it was funny and some of it was annoying. There were jokes about how much Cory liked Amerika and if they would get married. Cory asked Jag if he would be his best man. Jag said yes and Cory said he would only get the job if he was loyal to him for the rest of the season Jag laughed and said, he guessed he wouldn’t be his best man. (Lol)

Cirie finally got to fill Felicia in on everything Cam told her. They came up with different possibilities of how to get Cory and America to lock in something with them, If they could get Blue away from Jag and whether or not Bowie was too loyal to Matt & Jag. I still think they trust Matt too much although Cirie may be fine. They’re on the right track by wanting Jag out first tho. (Cirie needs to take Jag away as a F2 option for Matt) They basically went over the same scenarios that everyone else has been doing. They recognize their biggest problem is needing to win comps. (Wouldn’t the game be more interesting if the comps were set up for anyone to win? There would be so many more ways the end game could play out) More of their conversation will be relevant later but for now, it’s just ‘what if’ planning.

Cameron talked to Blue and she didn’t take to it as well as Cirie did. She listened to him and made the comment that Cirie was screwed. Cameron corrected her and said “no, you’re screwed too.” This was never going to go well because Blue doesn’t recognize her position in the game. (She never has) Cory’s made that mistake too but the difference is, once he gets new information, he gets to work. I guarantee you, if Cory realized he was the last person to find out who the target was this week, he would’ve been panicking and doing something about it. (I’m just using him as an example. He’s not playing great either)

Blue either didn’t believe Cam or didn’t care. She ratted out everything Cameron said to Matt and Jag. Now, they know the whole new possible plan about Felicia, Cirie, America and Cory teaming up to go after Jag and Matt. (Its not really a plan yet but you know what I mean) Blue also talked to Cirie and talked liked she believes some of what Cam said so who knows?

More conversations:

There was more talk about another possible double eviction.

They joked around about trying to figure out everyone’s secret professions. (Cam already told Felicia about his Denzel Washington theory)

Cory and America made plans to hopefully take out Blue next.

Blue hoped for a double eviction next week because she’d like Cory and America to leave the same night.

Jack and Matt continue to go back and forth over whether Blue or Cory should leave next.

Cameron did the ‘I’m done and going to jury’ thing yesterday but I expect him to make some kind of campaign to stay over Cirie. If you look at how many different arguments he came up with to try and stay off the block this week, I can’t imagine him giving up so easily. I may not care for Cameron but he’s definitely not a quitter.

As for Cory and America, I’m not sure what they’ll do. They aren’t positioned very well in the game. It’s not a matter of whether they should go after Matt, Jag or Blue because truthfully, they need all 3 of them gone. Cory also needs to figure out quickly, he may not have the extra week he thinks he does, to go after Jag and Matt. On top of that, he’s reading the situation with Bowie wrong. He thinks he and America have her, when she’s really loyal to Matt and Jag.

Been waiting to use this image:

Cirie acquired a lot of helpful info yesterday. Now, it’s just a matter of what she can do about it. She also has to worry about Blue being the new Jared. Is Blue going to run whatever plan Cirie comes up with back to Matt and Jag?

I’m so behind on a list of funny quotes. These people game ALL the time so I never have time to recap the silly stuff. (That’s the stuff I live for!) Maybe today will be a slow day and I can add some for tomorrow. For now, have a great Tuesday.


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