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Big Brother 25-Monday Recap for 10/16/23

October 17, 2023 | 21 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning, Yesterday was the veto ceremony and the rest of the day was mixed with game talk, tears, anger and trash talking. One of the duos left in the game will be separated on Thursday.

The day began with Cory and America waiting around for the veto ceremony. They may have been nervous below the surface but they didn’t appear to think they’d be going on the block.

Felicia accidentally ran her tooth thru the washer. She’d left it in her robe pocket. (So does that count as tooth brushing?)

The feeds went down and stayed for quite a while for the veto ceremony. When the came back, Cory and America had been put on the block. Matt, Jag and Blue were hanging out together and America was crying in her bed.

Felicia thanked Jag for using a veto on her…for a 2nd time. Blue was talking about how Cory & America overplayed. She said they shouldn’t have tried to get her to target Matt and Jag. Next, Bowie joined them. (They were in the have not room) They were just going over things that happened with a bit of Cory and America bashing.

Cirie was checking on America. (jury management) America asked Cirie if she’d known ahead of time. Cirie said she was told the night before. She said she didn’t know if it was a lie or not and said everyone in the house knew.

Cory talked to America and she said she wanted him to stay this week. She blamed herself and said it was because of the things she told Blue. She also told Cory that Bowie had known too and didn’t tell them. (Bowie had told America she didn’t know)

Cory left to talk to Bowie and she told him she started to think it might happen the night before. He had this weird convo with her about feeling like they (and America) had an unspoken F3. Bowie told him she didn’t know about it. (Haha) Cory talked about trusting her the most, aside from America. (Cory can’t read Bowie at all. He’d put in good work with Bowie and then dropped the ball….Matt and Jag picked it up)

My favorite moment from the day came next. (We didn’t get to see what was said after the ceremony and it was probably better) America went to use the bathroom. Jag and Matt were in there and Jag said “let me know when you want to talk.” Without even looking at him, America said “literally, fuck off.” Sure, it wasn’t a nice thing to say but you would think Jag would’ve expected a little bit of anger from America, right? She just got blindsided. Matt was angry over it like she’d just said the worst thing possible in life and went off about it after she left. (Matt either forgets the nasty things he’s said or thinks it’s different since it’s behind her back) America and Felicia just say things TO people instead of behind their back. That’s the only difference. (I’m not saying they don’t shit talk behind peoples backs too)

Jag went to Cory and said the 5 (Cory, America, Blue, Matt, Jag) should talk as a group. He told Cory what America said and told Cory he “wasn’t going to take that much disrespect.” (I don’t know why but I got ‘control your woman’ vibes from that comment) Cory said if she was upset, it might need to wait. He offered to talk to Jag but Jag wanted to do it as a group. (Jag had already told Matt and Blue he wasn’t going to give them the time of day after the ceremony)

The unofficial alliance of The Unreliables has officially ended. This was my favorite sort of alliance this season. (Image obviously taken on a different day):

Matt ran to the backyard to tell everyone what America said and later, Jag joined them. Cirie tried to get Jag to not buy into feeling guilty. She said they would’ve done it to him too. (True)

Cory came out and was ready to have their group meeting but America didn’t want to do it. She said there wasn’t a reason for it. She felt like if they wanted to talk as a group, they could’ve done it before Jag put them on the block. If he had any questions he needed answers to, he could have asked her before. (She’s not wrong) The meet up got postponed until America was ready.

Cirie and Felicia stayed in the backyard while this was going on. Felicia didn’t know why they were going to meet to talk but Cirie filled her in. She pointed out that they obviously had an alliance together that was just blown up and that was the reason for them to talk. They moved on to wondering if America would go after Matt and Jag for them next week. Cirie suggested for now, they just stay out of the fray and duck when necessary. She said the best plan was to let them go at each other.

Felicia took her turn at making America feel better. She told America that if people wanted to talk to her, she needed to talk because she was still playing a game. (Wasn’t Felicia pissed off too just the other day over the same thing?) She said telling people to fuck off probably wasn’t the best way to handle it and they both laughed. America agreed Felicia was right but she said, it felt personal because they were her friends. (America has always played the game based on who she was friends with)

Meanwhile, Cory talked to Matt, Bowie, Cirie and later, Felicia. (Seperately) He was doing some gentle and at some moments, awkward campaigning. He said he and America had talked about it beforehand and he wasn’t doing anything behind her back. (This is true) He said America was wanting him to stay but he thinks it’s just the initial surprise of it. He said he expected and also wanted her to move past it and start campaigning too.

He basically told everyone his campaigning wouldn’t be anything behind America’s back. (I’m sure they were all disappointed because the night before, they sat around talking about the 2 of them campaigning. Some of them were hoping they would throw each other under the bus. I think Matt’s hoping they’ll break up over it.)

During Cory and America’s earlier chat, they both told each other, they were more important than the game. I know it’s a long way until Thursday but I don’t see these 2 getting very underhanded with the other one. Cory would go campaign, come back and check on America, campaign again, come back and check on America and so on.

They joked about the different stages of grief and discussed which stage they were in at the moment. America said again, she didn’t want to meet with a group and didn’t see the point. Cory told her Matt and Jag were putting it all on America as to why they went up. Cory told her the ‘fuck off’ comment didn’t land well with Jag. She said if he was offended by that, he hasn’t seen anything yet. She joked about pouring out all the milk. (In case I haven’t mentioned it before, Jag is obsessed with milk and America knows it) America said several other things that Cory said was a bad idea. He said she shouldn’t go “scorched earth.”

He kept telling her he didn’t want her to be in a worse situation if she was the one that stayed. He also said he felt guilty about trying to campaign to stay. She told him not to feel bad and said she knows it’s her fault they’re in the situation. (True and it’s where some of her anger is coming from too. She’s also mad at herself.)

Cory and America seemed to bounce between her crying, Cory consoling, making plans and making out. Like I said, Blue, Jag and Matt were going to be disappointed if they thought this would drive a wedge between the two of them. The trash talking about Cory and America died down for a little while, but then it seemed to amp back up.

Around this time, we got to the info dropping part of the day. Cory told Cirie he’d known Jag was the HOH since Friday. America also told her all about Matt telling them she’d played in the path to power comp. (This is good info for Cirie to have. She was already on to Jag and a little bit with Matt. Stuff like this just confirms what she may already know, which is Matt can’t be trusted either.) You have to remember what a big deal Matt and Jag made of telling Cirie that Jag was the HOH. They made it sound as if Matt was the only one who knew and felt guilty about keeping it from her.

Cirie told Cory she appreciated their talks, liked that they could be up front with each other and not to feel bad for wanting to stay. She told him it would be weird if he didn’t campaign to stay. She talked about liking America and the talks they had too. She said any time she was having a bad day or missing home, America would always come and try to cheer her up. She said it’s why she went to America to let her know she was there for her when she was ready. (Oh I bet, she’s ready to swoop in and scoop her up as a number)

Blue and Cory finally sat down for an info dump too. He asked her about the things America said to her. Blue told him about America saying they should make a final 2. She also said America asked Blue if she really thought she had a path forward with Matt and Jag. She told her Matt and Jag were coming after her and the things Cameron had said were true. Cory seemed genuinely surprised by some of it. It’s because America never really told him just how much stuff she had said to Blue. (Haha) Blue said at least she knew where she stood with Cory. She said America had done her dirty several times so it was different. She said she stuck her neck out many times for America but America’s never done that for her. (Oh I don’t know, blowing up her game and her boyfriend’s game just to give Blue a heads up doesn’t sound like nothing to me.)

Cory told Blue that it was true and he said the only reason Jag and Matt weren’t coming after her was because she won the veto. He said he had known since Friday that Jag was the HOH and Blue was the target. He also told her Bowie knew about it. (I wonder if she’ll figure out she’s been replaced by Bowie) They both fake made up and apologized for lying to each other for the past couple of months.

Cirie checked on America again and said she was there for her. She said to take as much time as she needed but eventually, she’d have to shake it off. Dinner was prepared and after some more crying from America and feeling guilty over ruining Cory’s game, she got out of bed.

She told Cory again, it was her fault. Cory told her they’d done pretty well together and said the game is hard. America said she had needed to stop being stupid and she should have “kept my big mouth shut.” Cory told her to stop being so hard on herself.

Blue was busy telling Bowie about her talk with Cory. Blue’s decided she wants to hear both Cory and America out before making a decision. I’m not sure how this will play with Bowie since Bowie made the comment “anyone who keeps Cory in the house will be ostracized.” Blue said at least with Cory she knows where she stands. She also said she feels more screwed over by America. (I have no idea what this girly pop thinks America’s ever done to her. America’s risked her game to give Blue info several times.)

Bowie ran to Matt and Jag to tell on Blue. She warned them that Blue may start trying to get the votes to keep Cory in the house.

America played some pool with Cory, chatted with Cirie and began trying to shake it off. She laughed with Cirie and made fun of herself by telling her about the pouring out the milk plan. She said she had also thought about hiding the tortillas and cheese. (That’s Matt and Jag’s late night snack) She told Cirie about what happened with Blue. She said she was trying to get Blue to see they needed to team up together to go after Matt and Jag and said Blue ratted her out.

They laughed when America said she couldn’t believe they’d done this to her. Right after, she said “well, the plan was to go after them next but how dare they?” Cirie asked “how dare they beat you to it?” They both laughed about the stupidity of it.

Cory continued telling America he wanted her to campaign to stay. He said she was too much a fan of the show to just give up. They both have the same campaign too. America plans to tell Matt and Jag directly, she’s coming for them if she stays. Cory’s telling everyone, he’ll obviously be coming Matt and Jag, but there’s no venom behind it. He’s also told Matt and Jag that obviously, it’s how he needs to campaign. Word has spread around the house that this would be both Cory and America’s plan. (Well, no shit!)

Cory talked to the cameras and said he isn’t surprised this happened. He said he tried to do too much or have too much. He felt like he could focus on his game and the new relationship with America. He said it was greedy to think he could do both and do it well.

Felicia and Cirie had a convo about who to keep Cirie already told Matt and Jag that she knows Cory needs to go but what the hell? Things can change. They think it’s dangerous to keep Cory but admit it would be helpful to have him to go after Jag & Matt.

Blue talked things over with Cirie too. One minute Blue thinks they need to target Matt and Jag and the next, she said Cory and America are both liars. She said obviously Jag wanted her to win the veto so she could take herself off the block. (Ya, that’s why he fought her for it in the comp for 2 hours)

Blue, Jag and Matt met up again for another Cory and America bash session. They seemed to have a problem with the way Cory is “complaining” but I didn’t see that yesterday. (I thought he took it pretty well) Blue went on another one of her rants about not wanting either of them to get any of the “top 5 money.” She doesn’t think “they deserve it” and doesn’t even think they deserve jury. Matt thinks they’ll break up, Jag’s a victim in all of it and Blue thinks Cory has a “God complex.” (Just insert alot more insults here)

Jag talked alot about how Cory and America sat back like it was an easy week. He said they were just chilling while he and Blue “were fighting for their lives.” (How? Did he forget he’s the HOH?) Keep in mind, Jag told them to sit back and have an easy week because he was the HOH. He told them they were safe.

Jag and Matt talked about making a F3 with Bowie, Cirie and Felicia. They’re worried about someone finding out so they thought maybe they won’t name it. (Haha)

I’ve watched this show for a lot of years and you can always tell when emotional immaturity or mob mentality is involved. The first step is to villainize the person you’re going after, in order to avoid feeling guilty. This usually involves two or more people feeding off each other and the comments get more hateful as they go. After you’ve put them on the block, the moment passes and so does the adrenaline. If you don’t get the reaction you’ve built up in your mind, there’s usually a brief period of feeling guilty anyway. In order to avoid that feeling, people start to double down on their reasons, and the trash talk begins again. This is what was happening yesterday for many of them.

I’m not ignoring all the shit talking America, Cory, Felicia and Cirie have done. Matt, Jag and Blue just do alot more of it. Name calling happens and it’s not the end of the world. It’s a stressful situation and they all do it to varying degrees. I also think it comes off worse when you’re sitting on top while doing it. If it seems like I was giving America a pass in this recap, it’s because I am. They just went on the block and she was mad over it. The others are getting what they want this week so there’s no reason for them to have this much animosity towards Cory or America.

They aren’t getting everything they want exactly. For some reason, they wanted Cory and America to go at each other and create problems on a personal level. So far, that isn’t happening.

As for everyone else, this is where I feel like they’re at in the game.

Cirie- She’s still going with the flow and trying to lay low since her game was blown up. She’ll happily bandage America’s wounds from mean ole Matt and Jag and try to use her to further her game. She’s realized Felicia and Blue aren’t the most level-headed allies but also knows, she has to work with what she has left. Her social game is unmatched.

Felicia- She needs to chill on her opinions about America’s behavior Is my opinion. America and Felicia play very similar games. They both talk too much and have been a detriment to their allies at times. They both have fiery personalities and people know when they’re pissed off. They both also have a tendency to want to work with people they like over people who would be smarter choices. For example, Felicia would rather take out Bowie and America over Jag and Matt because she likes them more.

Blue- The game she’s playing appears to be in a different universe than the game that’s actually happening. In Blues world, America has betrayed her over and over again. Matt and Jag have always been with her. She’s seen herself as some kind of comp beast all season and now with 1 comp win, she feels that way even more. She’s mentioned how she’s done better in every comp than America. (**checks notes** She’s wrong) Blue could’ve won her veto and sat quietly for the rest of the week. She’s only in the middle of this with America because she put herself there. She’ll probably try to convince Cirie that going to the end with Matt and Jag is a good idea. She’s benefiting the most from Cirie’s advice but is she going to waste it? (Blue is Matt and Jags next target if they don’t go after America)

Bowie- She stepped up her game by taking out Cameron. I think the only way for it not to be seen as someone else’s move, would be too ditch Matt and Jag. I don’t see that happening and I think she’s loyal to them. She actually has more potential than I thought she’d ever have in this game. However, she needs to be very careful. Last week Cirie was her target and this week, she wants a final 4 with her.

Jag- Jag will pay the biggest price for taking out Cory. Cory was his shield and with him gone, Jag is the #1 target. For someone who wanted to be invisible this week, he’s had the messiest HOH of the season. I think he just got wrapped up in all the trash talk because he didn’t need to do it this way. First of all, he didn’t even need to win a veto this week. Second, he could’ve just put up Cory when Blue took herself down. They both didn’t need to go on the block since the veto was over. America probably would’ve campaigned hard for Cory to stay, pissed off everyone else and all she would have left next week was Jag, Matt and Blue. Now, she’ll be going after them instead. Did he forget its jury now?

Matt- Except for Cirie, he’s been playing the best game, for at least the second half of the season. He’s let Jag take the lead, do the dirty work and has covered his ass pretty well. That is…up until now. He’s gotten way too sloppy with Cirie lately. He’s never liked America, since she messed up his q-tip shrine to Reilly. I think Reilly is one of the reasons Matt is so consumed with Cory and America breaking up. Matt got friend zoned by Reilly and she was voted out. It comes off as a ‘if I can’t have it, you can’t either’ situation. His biggest assets in the game are probably the ability to win comps and having Cirie snowed. He’s lost one of those assets now. He’s still probably the most likely to win for now tho.

Have a great Tuesday!


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