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Big Brother 25-Monday Recap for 10/2/23

October 3, 2023 | 20 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning everyone, There was some excitement after the veto meeting yesterday. Hopefully, we’ll get to see it on tonight’s episode. (Don’t forget, the Wednesday episode has now switched to Tuesdays) Felicia decided she wasn’t going down without a fight and was trying hard to be removed from the block. As I mentioned yesterday, I love how hard Felicia is trying to stay. (Not sure about her approach tho!)

Felicia talked to Cirie about approaching America with an idea. Felicia tossed out the idea of a girls alliance recently and wanted to try it again. She told Cirie her plan was to talk America into going to Cameron and get America to talk Cameron into putting Cory on the block and take Felicia down. (She’s ambitious)

When Felicia spoke to America, she didn’t specify it be Cory at first. She started by telling America the women should stick together and America should talk to Cameron about getting one of the guys (Matt, Jag, Cory) on the block. Felicia also pointed out that Blues game had improved a lot since Jared left. (Yeah, for about 2 days, that’s over) She got around to suggesting Cory. America said she didn’t think Cameron would go for it since he seemed to have gotten closer to the guys in the house. She also said she wouldn’t throw Cory under the bus. (This was too hilarious!)

Meanwhile, Cameron filled Bowie on on leaving the noms the same. He said it had been Blue who was pushing for it. (She knows Cam was pushing for it) He said once he listened to the point’s Jag was making, they made sense to him. He he told her he wanted to keep trust with Matt and Jag and also told Bowie she was his #1.

Cameron also decided to get ahead of the mess that may unfold once Cory found out. He told him Blue had been pushing him hard this week to back door Cory. Cameron also asked Cory not to mention anything to America. Cory said he wouldn’t but said as soon as Matt or Jag talked to America, she’d know anyway.

Obviously, Cory talked to America about it. Cory said he needed to talk to Matt and Jag because that was his biggest concern. It didn’t surprise him Blue was trying to get him back doored. He said he was concerned Matt and Jag hadn’t mentioned it to him. The both agreed if Blue was saying stuff to Cameron, she was saying it to Jag and Matt too.

Felicia telling Cam he shouldn’t sit on the kitchen counters (haha):

Side Note: Here’s the only part that’s confusing to me. Cory already knew Blue was after him because Blue told America and America told him. A few days later, Cory’s giving Blue game info. (The long game talk I went off about in yesterdays recap) I know Jag and Matt had been stoking the fires between Blue and Cory. Yesterday, it sounded like there was a point, where Jag and/or Matt was trying to convince Cory that Blue could be trusted. (I feel like I missed a convo or two) I still stand by saying it was stupid for Cory to talk so much game with Bue the other day but it sounds like something happened to make Cory rethink it. (I’m just not sure)

Maybe it’s as simple as Cory knew Blue was after him, but was surprised she’d push to have it happen this week. Regardless, after talking with Cameron, he knew he shouldn’t have been telling Blue anything. Cameron even brought up Cory ranking the players as proof Blue had spilled everything to him. (Haha)

I also talked a lot yesterday about Cameron having no strategic game all season. I’m going to have to swallow that a little because this was a strategic move. Cameron managed to reinforce to Cory that he’d need to target Blue before he could go after Cameron. He also put a little wedge between Cory and Jag & Matt. (I don’t know if it will last because I’m sure it’s going to come out that Cam was pushing to take out Cory too)

When the feeds came back from the veto ceremony, it was obvious something had happened. Felicia was up in the HOH room with a group of people. She left soon after and the rest began talking about why she’d been up there. Apparently, a group went upstairs right after the ceremony to talk and Felicia followed them up there. She told them something about wanting to go up to either prevent them from talking about her or be included in it.

They were talking about Felicia’s veto ceremony speech. I know we never see veto speeches anymore but I hope we see this one. (I said this already in another week this season but I can’t remember which one. I think it was when America and Cory were on the block together. We’d heard stuff about their speeches being funny) It sounds like she went after Cory pretty hard and was trying to call him out to the house. She dragged America into it by saying she was “riding under Cory’s coattails” or “riding under Cory,” depending on the retell you believe. The gist of it was, she said Cory was a snake and a liar and that America had done nothing and the game.

After Felicia left the HOH room, America, Bowie and Matt were talking about Felicia being out of line. America said she wished she’d told Felicia that if it wasn’t for the work she and Cory put in the week Izzy left, Felicia would’ve already been gone. (True) American and Bowie both agreed, if there was anyone who hadn’t done anything, it was Felicia. (Disagree and Bowie needs to hush up on this one)

After the ceremony, there was a disagreement involving Felicia, America, Cory and possibly Cirie and Meme. (It sounds like Cirie and Meme mostly just happened to be in the room) From what we could gather with retells later on, people began arguing and Cory left the room. He’d mentioned how he’d already been in one argument and wanted to avoid another one. America stayed and she and Felicia got into it. America brought up the Brown Sugar Babes. America had asked if it had been a real thing. It sounds like Felicia started saying Cory was a liar. She said Jared never told Cory anything. America had asked “but is it real?” America said Felicia avoided the question. (I’m sure we’ll get to see part of this argument even if we don’t see Felicia’s veto speech)

Not long after this, Felicia came out of the diary room. Cameron and Jag were in the kitchen and Felicia asked “so how bad did I blow my game up?” Cameron said “what game?” I don’t think she heard him or misunderstood him and may have asked the question again. Cameron said “it’s blown.”

Felicia spent the rest of the day pissed off and campaigning against Cory, America and even Cirie a little bit. She was simply mad that her game’s probably over and it was a case of misplaced anger. Her anger shifted from Cameron to Cory and America. Part of it was because she couldn’t get America to go for her pitch. (That was never gonna happen)

Part of it was because she’s never liked Cory. We also have to remember, she knows Cory and America outed the recent final 4 deal she made with Cory, America and Meme. I think her irritation with Cirie mainly came from watching Cirie continue to socialize with people yesterday. (Felicia’s not stupid, she knows Cirie is a bigger threat than her but Cirie isn’t a target. I’m sure it’s frustrating)

Even with Felicia being mad, she still got to work. She pitched to Jag about keeping her. She pitched to other people throughout the day. Bowie was probably the funniest one since she’s not always been the nicest to Bowie. She probably screwed herself by calling out Cory and America. If you remember, they were debating a couple of days ago about whether or not they should keep Felicia.

Just before she talked to Jag about keeping her, he’d been talking to Matt about keeping her on his own. They’d both prefer Meme go since Cory’s told them Meme would probably go after them. They started counting votes and couldn’t get there. They were also worried about trying to go against people they were working with in the game. They said it would be bad to go against the Cory back door with Cam and then not take out Cams target too. On top of that, with the America, Felicia, Cory arguement, they’re sure Cory & America want Felicia to go.

Cory talked to Jag and Jag tried to do damage control. Cory said he wished Jag and Matt had told him what had been going on. Jag downplayed Cameron wanting to back door Cory. He tried to make it sound like it was all Blue. Jag said the only reason they’d been up in the hoh room so much was to fight against the Cory back door. (If it was only Blue, why did it require so much work?)

Cory should absolutely be realizing that he was close to going otb. He’s either keeping it to himself or he really isn’t putting it together. I doubt he’s keeping it to himself because he talks all the time. He’s also talking like he can keep Cameron in the game for a while. America and Cory seem to think they can use Matt and Jag to take out Cameron. (This is a dangerous game to be playing)

As Jag worked on Cory to smooth things over, Matt did the same with America. During their talk, Matt seemed to put some things together about Blue. They were just things he’d blamed America for but he started realizing it was stuff that came from Blue. They talked about needing to get her out soon and Matt appeared to feel better about America. (It’s Matt so who knows?) He does a great job of playing the middle, agrees with whoever he is talking to so I never really know what he’s thinking.

Some other things worth mentioning:

Cory talked to Meme about working together….again. As usual, he did all the talking and she responded with “mmhmm.” He told her he wasn’t upset with Felicia and if anything, he respected her more for fighting so hard.

Jag and Matt said they want Bowie for their F3.

Jag and Matt talked to America and Cory about keeping Felicia but for now, she’ll still leave.

Felicia warned Meme she probably cant trust Cirie moving forward. Meme said “mmhmmm” again.

Matt and Jag have fully turned against Blue and want her out soon.

Matt, Jag and Bowie discussed taking out Meme. The feel like she could be a number for Blue since Blue’s been working on her recently.

Cory thinks he’d lose in a F2 against Matt or Jag but thinks he’d beat Cameron. (not so sure about that)

Jag and Matt have decided to stop sharing so much info with everyone they’re working with and are happy to play all sides. They also weren’t even interested in naming the thing with America & Cory. (Jag and Matt… the guys who have to name every alliance and spill everything. Are these 2 finally learning how to play Big Brother?)

Jag asked Matt if he had something on the side with Cirie and Matt pretended as if he didn’t hear the question. (Haha)

Meme fighting the spiral stairs in heels:

For some reason, alot of them think the Slip & Slide could be the next HOH comp. Different combos of Blue, Jag, Matt, America and Cory have been talking about who should go for what. You know, like safety, money or the HOH. (Blue’s been trying to talk Matt and Jag into not going for the HOH) They need to stop trying to be so cute and ALL go for it!

As for alliances, almost everyone thinks they’re in the middle. (Some are correct) Cirie, Bowie and Meme will either become numbers for people or expendable targets. (Not Cirie as much because she has Blue and Matt. Cory also thinks Cirie will work with him… not) Blue has become a huge target unless things change.

Everyone else thinks they’re playing the middle. Cameron think he’s sitting between America & Cory and Matt & Jag. He has Bowie on the side and a F4 with Jag, Matt and Bowie. He’s hinting at a F3 with Cory and America too.

Cory and America think they have Matt & Jag plus a separate thing with Cameron. Cory also thinks he can work with Meme and/or Cirie. Thankfully, America’s finally on to Blue and doesn’t trust her.

Matt and Jag have a F3 with Cam, a F4 with Cam and Bowie, a F4 with Cory & America, are also working with Cirie and want real F3 with Bowie. (Matt may still secretly want it to be with Cirie but isn’t telling Jag)

I don’t think it’s worth trying to determine which alliances are real and which ones are fake. It’s because, I think they’re all real until they’re not. There also all fake until they need them to be real. We could still be heading towards a Matt, Jag and Cameron comp steamroll. If that doesn’t happen, anyone could still work with anyone.

This is also only Tuesday so for this week, Felicia could still stay. I don’t think she will but if she does, I think it will come down to the Blue and Meme connection. Felicia is also planning a round 2 with America today. (Haha) Don’t forget th veto episode is tonight and have a great Tueaday!


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