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Big Brother 25-Monday Recap for 10/23/23

October 24, 2023 | 16 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning, There’s a weird vibe in the house right now. Everyone except Blue knows she’s the target. Most everyone is still acting like they’re not sure if she’s the target, even while talking with each other….the other people who know. This is causing a fairly boring week in the house. A couple of new things happened but it’s mostly people having stock game convos with cookie cutter responses.

So much of the game talk is people saying “the next HOH comp is going to be crazy” or “this next week is going to be intense.” (Ok, wanna elaborate?) Jag’s comp skills are part of the reason the week is boring too. We’re watching people try to strategize when the only strategy left is to win a comp. There isn’t much to say until that happens.

Yesterday started close to where it left off on Sunday….with Felicia trying to put a target on Cirie or whatever she’s doing. She told Matt she thought Cirie “was calming down.” After telling Matt and Jag, she thought Cirie would target them, she changed her mind. She brought up Cirie’s social game and said she’d get people to do the work for her. She doesn’t think Cirie would want to do it herself. She also asked Matt how he felt about the target possibly switching to Blue. Matt said if it did, he understood because Blue would be better in comps.

Cirie and Bowie talked and it was similar. It was comments like “it seems like the target might be Blue now.” Cirie brought up the possibility of one of the guys leaving in the double. She didn’t say it as if she would target them. It was more like ‘what if something goes wrong and we lose one?’ Cirie brought up how they’d have to move forward with just the 3 of them. (doing her work to pretend to be loyal)

Blue and America both decided to campaign yesterday instead of waiting until later on in the week. Cirie advised Blue when she talked to Bowie, not to say anything about targeting Matt or Jag. She told her to make sure Felicia knows she’ll target them tho. Blue thinks everything is fine and is only campaigning to keep up appearances.

If the campaigning actually mattered this week, it would be terrible For example, Blue’s pitch to Bowie was “I’m a strong competitor.” That’s the complete opposite of what Matt, Jag and Bowie are wanting. I get it, she’s trying to be all ‘I’ll help take people out’ but who? America, Cirie and Felicia? That part of the season is over and they arn’t looking for competitors.

Matt moved on to talking to Cirie. He still didn’t tell her anything Felicia’s been saying. Instead, he brought up how he could go if he was otb with Jag and Jag won the veto. He planted the seed that Jag would be seen as the bigger target. He said he was worried he’d lose Jag in the double and would be a sitting duck afterwards. He said the double was too soon to make a move. For the first time, he brought up taking Jag out. Matt told Cirie, his plan was to win the final 4 HOH and Veto and take out Jag. (I’m sure this is what Cirie’s been waiting to hear) There’s still a couple of issues with what Matt said. First, did he mean it or is it a strategy? Second, could he do it? Beating Jag in 2 comps in a row may not be that easy.

Later, Matt talked to Jag and told him part of the convo he’d had with Cirie. If he was lying to Cirie, this is when I think he would’ve told Jag ‘by the way, I told Cirie i’d go after you at 4.’ He didn’t do that so take that however you want. Jag asked if Cirie was campaigning for Blue to stay and Matt said no. (Cirie WAS campaigning for Blue to stay) Either Matt was focused on what he wanted to talk about and didn’t pay any attention to it or he lies to help Cirie.

Cirie spread it around a little bit that she thought America may have thrown the recent comps. Cirie shared this with Matt butt told him Bowie said it. Matt passed this info on to Jag. Jag said, there was no way America threw anything this week because she was in danger. (I’d have to agree) I’m only bringing this up because it comes up again later. This was about the only thing that Cirie did to try to help Blue. (She’s trying to plant that Cory may have advised America to lay low and not seem like a threat. The idea is to say without saying it, America may be better that you think)

Blue campaigned to Felicia and seems back on board to go after the guys. She mainly talked about not letting them know she’d do it. Again, it’s an example of campaigning that doesn’t matter. Felicia doesn’t want Blue to go but she knows she’ll be going.

When the feeds came back from the veto ceremony, Jag hadn’t used the veto. (No shocker there) Bowie and Cirie were talking and Bowie asked if Blue was getting worried. Cirie told her no, she was very confident she was staying.

Blue talk to the cameras so we got to hear what she was really thinking. It sounds like, in spite of recent comments she’s made, she still wants to take out Matt and Jag. She’d like a final 3 with Ciriee and Felicia. She’s confident she would beat either one of them in a final 2. (We at least have to give Jag credit for being right. He thinks both Bue and America may target them and would rather America be the one coming after them)

Jag spoke with both Cirie and Felicia and went to work acting like he was just now considering switching targets. (Remember, he’s already told them both) He said he thought about it and Blue was a better competitor so maybe she should go. After he left Cirie and Felicia discussed what they should do this week. Felicia was asking how they needed to handle the vote. Cirie said “if Jag wants her out so bad, let’s make him do it.” Cirie was suggesting they make the vote a tie and Jag would have to vote out Blue. Cirie brought up the need to worry about their own jury management, not Jags. Cirie said to Felicia ” unless you don’t care about our game and only care about your own.” I watched this part twice because honestly, it wasn’t clear if she was directing that at Felicia or if she was directing it at Jag.

Bowie ran to Jag to tell him about a convo with Blue. She passed on that Blue said she trusted Matt and Jag. She also told him about Blue saying “they will always choose each other over us.” She told him Cirie had been campaigning for Blue to stay. Bowie found out Cirie blamed the ‘America may be throwing comps’ talk on her. Bowie said Cirie said it and Bowie just agreed with her. Jag started wondering if maybe Bowie should tell Felicia that Blue said she would put Felicia on the block too. (Jag is over complicating this so much)

Felicia and Cirie taked again while prepping for dinner. Cirie really wanted her “I told you so” moment over Blue being the real target. She brought up how there was no way Blue went on the block for a second time and wasn’t the target. Felicia wondered if they should go against the guys or try to stick with them and hope they would take them to the final 4. Cirie worried America may look like a good choice to choose over them.

Side Note:

I think a lot of people feel like Cirie would like to keep Blue so she can go after Matt and Jag. I don’t think that’s the main reason, at least not anymore. When you’re dealing with someone like Jag, who can win most of the comps, unfortunately, you have to switch your strategy. If you can’t beat them, you have to eliminathe other ‘weak’ players. You want to be the weak player left they want to take to the end. I think this has a lot more to do with why Ciriei wants America out. There’s also the obvious reason which is, Cirie has a closer and longer relationship with Blue. The odds are higher Blue what take her to a final 2 than America would.

America took her turn to campaign to Felicia. It was the same thing about how she wants to be there to play for herself but she does still want to pay them back. She wants to try and target Matt or Jag or both. Felicia started picking her brain about who she saw as the perfect final 3. America said she wasn’t just saying it and she really would like a final 3 with Felicia and Cirie. Felicia asked her who she would want with her in a final 2 and America said she hadn’t thought that far and she really didn’t know. (This didn’t sound like avoidance but it didn’t sit well with Felicia) Felicia told America she wanted her to stay but said she needed to campaign because there were some people who wanted her gone. (???)

Blue jokingly campaigned to Jag and Matt. She didn’t think she needed to so it was mostly an America bashing session. Matt brought up how America hadn’t campaigned to him yet. He said America didn’t talk to him because she knows Matt doesn’t like her and said she was a snake. He said he doesn’t laugh at America’s jokes and he doesn’t think she’s funny.

He also said sometimes, he makes her repeat the jokes a second time. When he doesn’t laugh, he said it’s because America thinks he didn’t hear them. He has her repeat them and still doesn’t laugh to make sure she knows he doesn’t think she’s funny.

Reilly’s Q-Tip heart:

Matt’s still mad over Reilly’s q-tip shrine she made before she left in the bathroom. He said since America messed it up he’s going to go downstairs and mess up the Cory shrine. (The Coey shrine is a joke) If you remember, Jared and Blue told Matt that America was one who messed it up. Here’s the screenshot of Izzy trying to fix it back after Izzy messed it up:

This is the most childish fucking thing I think I’ve seen this season. Cory’s trash, that America is jokingly saving, is on his dresser, IN A BEDROOM! Those stupid q-tips were on the counter in the bathroom…a room everyone uses. Those damn things were never going to stay intact for 3 months! (moving on)

Matt and Jag had a beer and were trying to sneak it. They didn’t want everyone to know they were drinking the alcohol. They were also trying to get American Bowie up to the HOH room to share one with them. (They planned this the other day) They wanted to share a drink with Blue to make her think she’s good and they wanted to do the same with America.

America made her way to the HOH room and that’s when she realized they’d been drinking. She made a joke about them being so talkative and said that must be why. They shared a drink with America, joked around a bit and shared some info.

Matt said people were trying to tell him that America hated him. America seemed genuinely surprised to hear this. She told them she was still campaigning by telling everyone she was going after them. (At least she’s covered if Felicia runs her campaigning back to them) They jokingly referred to their new alliance as the Jag Man and the 2 Way Rats. (Remember, the 3 way rats was America, Cory and Matt)

They reassured her she was good and said Blue was leaving. Matt even said, since he’d been drinking the truth serum was working and told her he was voting out Blue. Bowie joined them and she had a drink too. They joked more about stupid alliance names. America said she and Cory were inspired by Chill Town so they had a final 2 called Pound Town. (Haha)

Meanwhile, Cirie and Felicia were downstairs talking about why Matt hated America. Felicia thinks it’s because she voted out Reilly but Cirie said that didn’t make any sense. She said everyone voted out Reilly and said there must be something else.

Blue reminded Cirie and Felicia to make sure Matt and Jag felt comfortable for now. She said she isn’t worried about this week but wants to make sure Bowie and America are the targets next week. Cirie asked again if she was sure she was good and Blue said yes. After Blue walked off, Cirie said “She thinks she’s good. How do you feel good with them? Howw do I help this girl?”

Bowie went back up to the HOH room to tell Matt and Jag, Felicia was getting antsy about them coming down to grill. Felicia knew America was upstairs campaigning and said she understood it but in my opinion, she didn’t. She wanted that chicken on the grill and the guys had said they wanted to do it. (They’ve definitely been enjoying the grill)

Speaking of campaigning, Bowie and Matt had a recent conversation that isn’t important. I wanted to mention it anyway because it kind of annoyed me. Matt and Bowie were complaining about campaign days. They both agreed they were annoyed by the campaigning, didn’t want to listen to It and were basically over it. It just seemed like a shitty thing to be saying from the only 2 people who haven’t been on the block before.

Anyway, before going down to grill Matt and Jag looked at the monitor to see what was going on downstairs. It just gave the vibee that these 2 were looking down on their Kingdom. They basically congratulated each other for a good day’s work. After talking to Amwrica, they felt really good. They agreed she was the only one they were worried might come after them in the double and now they feel good about her too. You have to remember, Jag is the same guy who said the other day to Matt “I wish we could just get an easy week” and “every week has been so hard.” (This was coming from the guys who have controlled the game for a month)

Felicia, Matt and jag got a few moments alone in the kitchen. She took the opportunity to fill them in on her talks for the day. She said America was telling them she wouldn’t come after them but she was telling other people she would. (Luckily for America, they already know this)

Felicia also told them about asking America who she’d want in a final 3. She said when she asked her about the final 2, America said she didn’t know. Felicia said she does know, and the fact that she couldn’t answer told her it would be Cirie and not her. (That is so ridiculous. America hasn’t worked with either of them all season so how could she choose Felicia for a F2 on the spot?) Felicia really likes Blue and as far as I know, Blue doesn’t have a final 2 with her either.

That was just the warm up because most of the conversation was to throw Cirie under the bus some more. I shouldn’t even say she threw her under the bus. It’s more like, if Felicia was in a tank, ran over Cirie with it and then did it a few more times, with some donuts to finish it off. It was more stuff about Cirie having a good social game and wanting other people to do her dirty work. She clarified everything by saying “I’m not throwing her under the bus.”

Apparently, at the end of the conversation, Felicia may have said under her breath, “Cirie’s not making it to no final 3.” (I didn’t hear this myself and couldn’t make out what she said. I got the info from another update account so I’m not claiming this is a fact)

They all seem to enjoy the grilled chicken:

I enjoyed watching the frienamies eat together:

Blue checked in with Cirie and Felicia again. She told them she felt really good but asked that they let her know if anything changed. When she left, Felicia asked what are we going to do?” Cirie told Felicia not to breathe a word of it and told her what Matt said about maybe needing to take Jag out. Cirie said she knew Matt didn’t want to do it but Matt talked as if he knew it had to be done.

Bowie and Jag talked about making plans for a backup target for the double. It’s obvious Jag would like to take out Cirow but he’s not coming out and saying it yet. (This plan would be if America wonn a veto) He also suggested Bowie start planting seeds to America. He wants her to convince America that Cirie and Felicia are trying to get her out. (Jag doesn’t understand the game well enough to realize it wouldn’t matter. At this stage, everyone’s trying to get everyone out. The people who are winning the comps are the people who are in your way)

America already knows this is being said. She tells Cirie that people were trying to convince her Felicia and Cirie were against her. Cirie said it isn’t true but admitted, Felicia may be saying some stuff. They talked again about needing to try to get Jag out in the double.

Felicia told Cirie, she thought it may be too early to take a shot at Matt and Jag. Cirie just kinda look like she wanted to murder Felicia. She asked but was practically begging Felicia to please not go saying a bunch of crazy stuff to Matt and Jag this week. (Oopsie, too late)

Bowie and Matt shared the days info again. They talked about all the stuff Felicia had been saying lately. Matt said Felicia had always been on the anti Cirie train and he wasn’t convinced everything Felicia was saying was the truth. He admitted he’d prefer to keep Cirie over Felicia. We also found out the reason he hadn’t told Cirie anything Felicia was saying. He told Bowie, if Cirie happened to win an HOH, they’d tell her everything Felicia has been doing, in the hope of getting her to target her instead of them.

America camera talked and said it was hard trying to lie to everyone all the time. She’s trying to convince Matt and Jag, she’s with them and trying to convince Cirie and Felicia she wants to target them. She was also confused over how relaxed Blue seems to be. She mostly believes Blue’s the target but Blues calmness creates some doubt for her. She also talked about Cirie and Felicia wanting her out this week. She said it was actually helping her stay and she knew it.

Jag and Blue were making a pizza for a late night snack. They joked around with America and she was showing them her shrine to Cory. She made jokes about how they better not touch it. It was stuff like a cup that still had doctor pepper in it and an empty plastic bottle. America also made jokes about staying in the house long enough to see Jag go from the underdog to the villain.

Cory’s stuff:

After the snacking, Matt and Jag ended up back in the hoh room to oversee their kingsom once more, before turning in for the night. Matt mentioned feeling bad about taking Blue out this week. (Yeah I think that’s what happens when you let one of your friends bond with you all week about staying, knowing they’re leaving)

They talked about a bit about the new Felicia and Cirie feud. Matt thinks they may go after each other instead of them. Jag isn’t as convinced of it as Matt.

The block/robe twins:

Holy shit, I just realized we still have 2 more full days of this nonsense! Other than Felicia driving the tank over Cirie a few more times, I’m not sure what else can happen. Maybe someone will break down and tell Blue she’s leaving. That could cause some drama since she jokingly told Matt and Jag, if they evicted her, she was punching them both in the face on her way out. (Haha)

There’s a chance Cirie may find out what Felicia’s been doing but after Matt’s comments, I don’t see him telling her. Don’t get me wrong, Cirie feels a shift with her and Felicia. You can tell it when she’s around her. Unfortunately, I think Cirie may chalk it up to Felicia pouting. Cirie thinks she had an ‘I told you so’ moment with Felicia yesterday over Blue becoming the target. She could think that’s what’s causing it.

Other than those possibilities, we just wait around to see what they’re going to grill. Have a great Tueaday!


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