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Big Brother 25-Monday Recap for 10/30/23

October 31, 2023 | 48 Comments
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Author: Mel

Happy Halloween BB Junkies! That’s not something I’m used to saying during the BB season. As I mentioned yesterday, we’re just kind of waiting for Thursday, unless you’re excited about the episode tonight. I’m not, since I’ll have to end up watching it tomorrow because of Halloween.

It’s so cold, I don’t think too many kids will be out and about so it may be an early evening. I’m kind of bummed because I love Halloween. We usually hand out candy to the kids, grill hot dogs for the neighbors and pass those out with apple pie moonshine. (Something for everyone) These are the walking neighbors by the way, no driving involved. Anyway, it’s too cold to sit outside doing it this year so moving on to the recap….

Yesterday, Matt, Jag and Bowie planned to start their operation pressure cracker. This was what they called the plan to keep Felicia up all night before the Thursday comp and get her stressed out. After the wine wore off, the plan seemed to lose some of its steam. (thankfully)

Jag started backtracking a little bit but Bowie still felt it was a good idea. They’ve sort of met somewhere in the middle where they mostly juat ignore Felicia and Cirie. They only talk to them when necessary or come downstairs to eat the food they’ve prepared. I’m not saying there haven’t been some brief conversations here and there, but for the most part, it’s two separate groups in the house.

Like yesterdays recap, there’s no point in going over all the childish behavior. I’m just going to summarize a bit of it. Here’s an example: Matt, Jag and Bowie have given Felicia assurances she’s staying this week. (They’ve done the same with Cirie) At the same time, they’re annoyed with Felicia because they’ve said “she’s too comfortable.” They feel like she should be campaigning harder to stay and shouldn’t assume she staying… after being told she’s staying. All of them but Bowie especially, gets annoyed anytime either one of them does any campaigning tho. (make it make sense)

Bowie is on board to do anything and everything to agitate Cirie and Felicia. It’s dumb things too. Jag made 4 croissants and Bowie wanted to give the 4th to Cirie just to annoy Felicia. (Ya, leave out the woman who’s fed you for 90 days) She has this pattern of coming up with ideas and then running away when she thinks she may be confronted. After she runs away, she complains to Matt and Jag about whatever Felicia or Cirie may have said.

For example, yesterday they were being obvious about ignoring Felicia in the kitchen. Later, Matt said Felicia was making it awkward. Bowie said if Felicia had a problem with anything, she should talk to them about it. Felicia attempted to talk to them about it and Bowie ran away from the conversation. (rinse and repeat)

Matt is still assuring both of them they’re staying and shit talking them once he leaves the conversations with them. He touches on several things but one of his hot topics are how they’ve both been carried and have never done anything in the game. (He simultaneously talks about how they ran the house the first half of the game so I dont know how it ca be both) He has to fit in time to talk about how terrible Cirie and Felicia are because he’s busy. He can’t stop complaining about America and Cory, so he doesn’t have his much free time to bash Cirie and Felicia. Don’t get me wrong, he’s making time to do plenty of it too.

He’s made fun of Cory for wearing America’s otev costume during a live show. Personally, I thought he rocked it:

He said something like ‘if you want to brag about how you can fit into your girlfriend’s clothes, go ahead.’ He made fun of him for putting on the suit for his campaign day and said it was stupid. (Nothing major, he just can’t stop looking for ways to insult them) Bowie joined in to say that Cory and America bullied her. (I have no idea what the hell that’s about)

He saves most of it for America though. He almost gave her a compliment by saying he thought she was smart but he quickly changed it to “no she was really dumb, she was the dumbest player in the house.” He also thinks she played the worst game this season. He thinks she was a terrible player because she didn’t know how to cook, do laundry or clean. For the record, America knew how to do those things, she just didn’t do it for Matt and that’s what he likes. (Women have their role in life and it’s to prepare food, do laundry and make beds, don’t you know? Run Reilly, run!)

He’s still convinced the shomance between America and Cory isn’t real and she’ll cheat on him once the seasons over. He also thinks he and Reilly would’ve had a much better shomance if she’d stayed. He thinks they would have had “the best showmance out of all of them.” (I don’t know how one goes about grading a shomance so I’m just going to leave that one alone)

Jag, who comes up with elaborate plans to try and hack the comps every week, is continuing on this path. When he isn’t talking about how much the three of them were bullied this season, he’s busy with plans to give them an edge in the next comp. He thinks he can get Felicia to throw the next HOH comp. He’s also planning on trying to convince her whoever wins it, doesn’t get to play in part 1 of the final hoh comp.

He’s also talked alot about the legendary status of the Minutemen. (Matt does it too) They believe this season is all about the Minutemen. Jag’s compared them to Derrick and Cody and said Bowie is their Victoria. (They could probably say this to her face and she wouldn’t care) They also think Derrick and Cody will be at the finale to congratulate them and shake their hands. (It’s more similar to Christmas, Paul and Josh imo and that’s not even really accurate)

Meanwhile, Felicia and Cirie are downstairs playing cards and making fun of the other three. (What we’re not gonna do is rewrite history and act like these two are angels, haha) Jag didn’t use the veto so it’s done. They know one of them are leaving. Neither is telling the other they’ve been told they’re staying. Neither fully believes they’re staying either.

They seem to be using this time to mend their relationship a little bit. I’m not saying it’s all rainbows and glitter though. Cirie still knows Felicia’s tried to screw her a couple of times recently and she’s not over it. She’s made comments about how Jag and Matt have never thrown each other under the bus and that’s probably why they’re in the position they’re in. She’s all so made comments saying “I can’t wait for you to meet my son.”

Cirie wondering to herself how many of them will be pissed when they find out about Jared. (All of them?):

They all hung out outside more than than the prior day. They played cards and pool a little bit. Bowie and Cirie played some cards at one point. Felicia and Jag play pool together. I think Jag, Matt and Bowie finally realized they couldn’t hide up in the hoh room until Thursday.

Felicia and Cirie talked about the way Matt and Jag have worked together this season. They said Matt missed his chance to take out Jag. They’ve clocked that all the moves have been Jags and said Matt was a pushover. Because they’ve liked Matt more this season, they talk about it in a ‘blaming Jag kind of way.’ I’m curious to see if it will turn into giving Jag credit for the moves once they’re in the jury.

Matt didn’t feel very well yesterday and said his stomach hurt. (I think he was hungover) it was either that or maybe he is a tad stressed over lying to Cirie. He could also be a bit stressed because deep down, maybe he knows he shouldn’t have given in to Jag this week. I said it yesterday, but this is the dumbest thing Matt’s done this season. (relating to game)

He should”ve pushed to keep Cirie this week because without her there, he’s backed himself into a corner. Cirie pointed out to Matt that Jag and Bowie have gotten a lot closer lately. She knows Bowie used to be closer to Matt. Maybe he sees he either wins the final hoh or has to trust Jag completely to take him now.

Bowie and Matt talked about not wanting to keep Felicia but they think Cirie has a better chance of winning. They said otherwise, they’d evict Felicia. Bowie said she “didn’t like Felicia and Cirie whispering” and said “they were trying to cook up something.” (What?? One of them is leaving)

Basically, Bowie gets mad if Felicia or Ciries breathes. I get it, she feels like she’s got a good thing going and she’ll get her final three placement. She doesn’t want Cirie or Felicia to be able to say anything to Jag or Matt that might convince them to keep one of them over Bowie.

Bowie needs to understand, that’s called playing Big Brother. Instead of getting mad over them playing the game, maybe she should play it too? I guess in a way, she is playing. She keeps reminding them how they’ve been the underdogs, they’ve been bullied, how they’ve been together for so long, etc. (She knows she hasn’t been with Matt and Jag all season but is trying to force the idea on them)

Cirie did a brief check in with Bowie to make sure they were still good.

She did the same with Matt and Jag.

Felicia’s done the same thing and it’s all they can do at the moment. Felicia dumping herself out of the hammock:

Matt told Jag the best decision he had made all season was using his power to keep Jag.

After Cirie made dinner, Felicia confronted the others in the kitchen. Bowie was laughing due to the awkward silence and Felicia asked her what was so funny? Matt and Bowie hauled ass out of there which left Jag to deal with it alone.

Felicia told him they’d been acting like they were the final three already she said they were acting as if she and Siri weren’t even in the house. She told him they were acting different and he said nothing had changed and they were acting the same as before.

Felicia pointed out that they’d been standing there for half an hour while everyone ignored her. She wanted to know if the person who stayed this week was going to be isolated next week. Jag pretended to be confused and not know what she was talking about. Jag apologized and said he’d never want anyone to feel isolated.

When Matt and Bowie went outside, they began talking about Felicia. (This is when Bowie said if there was a problem, Felicia should talk about it)

Jag passed his convo with Felicia on to Cirie. She went inside to talk to Felicia about it too. (It isn’t much but it’s the most excitement we had all day) Cirie basically gave Felicia a ‘good for you’ because she was glad Felicia had said something.

Jag, Bowie and Matt kind of slipped up while talking to Cirie. They were talking about the upcoming comp and talking about Felicia competing in it. Lol

So much for their plan to intimidate Felicia and make her nervous. This woman’s 63 years old and handled far worse than Matt, Jag and Bowie. In Felicia’s words “I may say on Thursday, you 2 may think your shit don’t stink but if you’re stupid enough to being her dumb ass to the end, I might give her the money because you were stupid enough to being her fucking ass to the end.” (Unlike the 3 stooges, Felicia actually says the stuff she talks about saying) She may not win the next hoh but it will take more than these 3 to get this woman rattled. (I hope she says it because they’re the ones who will be rattled) Of course, it may make Jag and Matt go ahead and take each other but so what? I don’t care who wins anyway!

We’ve just hit that point in the game where people sit around saying the same things over and over. It’s because there isn’t anything to talk about and there isn’t any strategizing to be done. They’re also sick of being in the house and sick of each other. It’s ok because I’m about sick of all of them too.

Hisam posted something on his Instagram and I wanted to mention it. He said he was disappointed in Bowie, Jag and Matt for the way they’ve talked about Cirie and Felicia. He commented that they’ve been saying things that may be out of their normal character and I think that’s a very good way to put it. It’s a stressful environment, they’re on a power trip and as I’ve said, they’re feeding off of each others energy. I’m not making excuses for them. I’m only saying, their behavior at the moment doesn’t necessarily represent who they are entirely as people. I think we just happen to be seeing them at their worst. They need to be called out on it and I’m sure they will be. We can disapprove of the way they’re acting, but we don’t have to start hating them. Besides, it would be hypocritical to be disgusted by their behavior and then turn around and behave the same way.

Enjoy the episode tonight and have a great Halloween!


delicious still telling Siri

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