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Big Brother 25-Monday Recap for 8/14/23

August 15, 2023 | 5 Comments
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Author: Mel

Yesterday was more fun feeds for us with the house scrambling. Between the Reilly debate and Hisam’s hohitis, they had alot to discuss. I want to mention before I get started that I know the recaps are going up late this year. With so many people in the house and my work schedule, its unavoidable at the moment. As the season goes on, I’m hoping it will change but for now…that’s the deal….pickle.

Cirie’s group began the day with the night before still lingering. Hisam had gotten the group together to dictate the next few weeks to them. He was telling them who to get close to but said NOT to make alliances with them. He was being bossy and doing the things he accused Reilly of doing. This didn’t sit well with most of them and talks about taking Hisam out began.

Izzy, Cirie, Filicia, Jared and Cory talked about it the most with Cameron having his own convo about it. He’d proposed it to Jared on his own. (I covered it yesterday) They (Cirie, Izzy, Filicia) don’t like the way Hisam is dictating everything to them. Jared and Cory arn’t really in the alliance with Hisam but it’s good for them if he’s gone.

There’s a debate we can have over Hisam staying to be a shield or if it’s too soon to take him out. I’ll just summarize both sides of it since both points are true. (There isn’t much to debate when everyone is right) Hisam IS a shield for Cirie, Jared and Izzy. He can also win comps for their side. Without him, they may be depending on Jared to win the physical comps for them. This blows his double agent cover when it happens. (He’s going to blow it anyway because he talks too much so I’m not factoring that part in) Basically, they don’t need to take out their own comp people and leave the other side of the house stacked.

Siblings playing well with each other:

As for the other arguement, Hisam has won 3 out of 4 comps in the first 2 weeks. (It’s a first) With each week he stays, his odds of winning go up. (It’s just math) Remember how hard it was to take out Michael last season? Hisam is planning to lay off the comps temporarily because of his wins. That means, Hisam won’t try for the HOH’s right now. They’d just have to beat him in veto comps. There’s also no guarantee they get him out on the first try so why not start trying?

Sun and fun time:

On top of that, with Hisam’s ‘loyalty, integrity and whatever else’ bullshit, why would you want him in jury? If you want him out before jury, you don’t really have that many opportunities to do it. That’s the main reason to start trying now. (Talk about wishy washy, I agree with everyone)

Now, I’ll move on to Reilly. Should she stay or should she go? (Should she stay or should she go now. I’m singing in my head after that) In my opinion, it depends on who you are in the game. It’s absolutely the right move to take her out if you’re Hisam, Mecole, Red and maybe even Bowie. For Felicia, Cirie, Jared, Cory and Izzy, it may be the wrong move. (Mostly Cirie and Felicia tho)

I’m not talking about a game ending decision for either group of people. It’s just a possible easier path for some depending on what they choose. Take Mecole for example, she has almost no relationship with Reilly. It makes sense to take her out. Obviously, it’s the right move for Hisam.

For Cirie and Filicia, why would they trust Cameron? They have no working relationship with him at all. Not only that, Hisam has bought into Cam’s nice guy act (ya, Hisam calls him Cam now) and Cameron is close to Red. They don’t need Hisam getting closer to Cameron and they also need to take him away from Red. (It may keep Red loyal because he’d have less options)

Matt doing pushups with Cory sitting on him:

Reilly would still have Jag, Blue and Matt on her side which isn’t good if you’re the other group tho. Cameron may have a harder time going back to them but it’s not impossible. Even if he doesn’t, he may have more options than Reilly. (Hisam, Red, Bowie) See? It isn’t cut and dry this week. I think it’s one of those decisions that may be results oriented. They won’t know if it was the right decision until more of the game plays out.

Hisam telling Blue,…well, I don’t know what he was telling her but it probably had something to do with “I’m great and Reilly sucks!”

I don’t care who goes, other than my not liking Cameron. I’d also like to see Reilly play without having Cameron in her ear being creepy or her being on the block. (I don’t know why, she hasn’t been very good so far but maybe she could be without the things I just mentioned) Other than that, I’m just enjoying watching them debate over it. As I said, I don’t really care.

I went over all that because those are the 2 big issues happening at the moment. There’s also a new F2 between Jag and Blue, a F2 with Cirie and Felicia, I think a F2 with Cameron and Red and ALOT more flirting between Blue and Jared. (I told ya’ll this was starting but actually, I may have only said it in the comments, can’t remember)

With that out of the way, here’s more specifics from yesterday:

Bowie didnt know if she’d be taking a vote away from someone this week. (nether region stuff) If she could, Hisam wanted it taken from Reillys side. He wants her to send Matt to the nether region. Cirie, on the other hand, wanted Bowie to send her. The secret reason was to avoid voting this week. The spoken reason was to avoid giving Reilly’s side something good. Their theory is that sometimes it’s something good and other times, its bad. (Safety from noms, lose a vote, etc.) As for the nethers, we’ll know when we know.

Mecole talked with Cirie about watching out for Blue. Mecole pointed out that Blue was close to Jag, trying to work with Hisam, won’t take a shot at Izzy, flirting with Jared and also close with Matt. Mecole thinks they’d be in trouble with a Blue hoh. (Mecole’s a smart cookie)

Hisam met up with Reilly and told her he wouldn’t be using the veto and she was his target. (No shit?) He said he also said he plans to tell everyone in the veto meeting he want them all to help to evict her.

When the feeds came back from the veto ceremony, alot of them were upset by Hisam’s speech. I don’t know exactly what was sad but apparently it was over the top, really harsh and mean. Izzy, who doesn’t even really like Reilly, was upset over it. EVERYONE was talking about it.

Hisam came over to Reilly and apologized for it. He said he’d been too harsh and it was a mistake. Hisam talked to Jag about it too, said he felt bad about it and got a hug from Jag.

Personally I agree with Cory’s thoughts on it. Later in the evening, Cory said that it’s not like the speech was on the fly. He said the speech was planned and thought out in advance so why was he sorry? He said he obviously meant to say what he said. (I don’t think Hisam regretted his speech, I think he was bothered by the fact that no one liked his speech)

Felicia giving Reilly a hug after they talked:

Cirie gave Matt a pep talk about IF Reilly left. She told him she didn’t want Matt to feel alone and reminded him there was a lot of game left to be played. The shomance thing isn’t really a shomance yet but Matt is the closest to Reilly out of anyone in the house. Matt had also told Reilly maybe Hisams speech was a good thing because everyone was feeling bad for her. (True)

Mecole was annoyed with the speech too but for a different reason. She talked to herself in the storage room (she does that often) about living with a bunch of empaths. She said it was just a speech and was the truth. She’d also just had a conversation with Izzy, where Izzy jumped the gun (shocker, I know) and told Mecole they needed to target Hisam soon. Mecole doesn’t agree with this at all, although she does think he needs to go before jury.

Reilly tried to milk her newly found sympathy during talks with Mecole and America. She said Hisam took it too far and embarrassed her in front of the whole country. She said the things he said were false and he was making the game too personal.

Hisam sleeps like a maniac:

Hisam talked to Cory asking his thoughts on stuff. Cory told him Reilly thought the speech might improve her chances to stay. (Cory’s trying to be neutral here) Hisam went thru his new routine about how Reilly did it to herself, she split the house into 2 sides on day 2, she chose the game path for the entire house, dictated everything, no one got to decide how they’d play the game or who they’d get to work with, etc. Hisam is A LOT! (As Dolly Parton once said in a movie ‘Get down off that cross, someone needs the wood.’) Hisam also told Cory his name came up alot during Hisams talks with people before he made noms.

Okay’ if you’re keeping score, here’s where we’re at… Initially, Cirie wanted to try to keep Reilly but do it secretly. She went to work on it, realized Reilly couldn’t keep her mouth shut for more than 5 minutes and backed off the idea. After people started talking about taking out Hisam and his terrible speech, she started thinking about it again. Her 2 biggest obstacles have been Jared and Izzy. Jared has been dead set on her leaving and Izzy worries she’d be one of Reilly’s targets. (Izzy and Hisam were Reilly’s named targets before)

While dinner was being made, Cirie took the opportunity to talk to Reilly again. (It was more like she took Reilly to school) They talked about the speech, Cirie found a bug in her coffee (that was a funny moment) and she started giving Reilly advice.

She told her the thing about doing it in secret was over. If she wanted to stay, she’d have to get Izzy and Felicia on board. (Felicia had already told Hisam she’d like to give her a sympathy vote but he shut that down) Cirie said Felicia was very bothered by the speech and she should play into it. She said to talk to her about the way the speech made Reilly feel and to remind her again how they already had a good relationship.

Izzy needed a different approach and Cirie told her that too. (I want to mention that the night before, Cory gave Reilly basically the same advice. It wasn’t nearly as detailed but Riley didn’t listen to It. She just continued to hang out with the people that made her feel most comfortable)

Cirie said Reilly had to approach Izzy on a human level, not a game level because she’s emotionally driven. Cirie knows Izzy was bothered by Reilly never giving her the time of day. She said not to bullshit her and tell her she was sorry she hadn’t tried to start a relationship with her. Cirie said to just admit she’d made a mistake, say it was stupid, say how she regretted it and so on. She said not to make it about game and let her know, even if she was leaving, she wanted to get to know Izzy more before she left. The only thing game related was to tell Izzy that if she was willing to keep Reilly, she would love to work with her. She said tell her it would be on izzy’s terms. (Cirie is good at this shit)

Right after telling Reilly she needed to do it tonight, Izzy came over to the hammock where Cirie and Reilly were hanging out. Izzy asked her how she was feeling and Reilly went into the speech thing and how that made her feel. Reilly likes to ramble on and on (like me) and this is where it was heading. Reilly also gets caught up in being the victim too much and started that too.

Cirie, seeing where it was heading, asked Reilly why she hadn’t made more of an effort with Izzy up till now. This prompted Reilly to take Cirie’s tips and start talking about the things they’d discussed. She didn’t do a great job but she didn’t do a terrible job either. Before they all left the hammock, Izzy and Reilly mentioned talking again later and kind of left it there.

Cirie started to work on Izzy once they were alone and eating dinner. She was making some progress but Jared joined them. It didn’t take much for Jared to undo any progress she’d just made. (Haha) The 3 of them openly talked about the pros and cons tho which was good. (Don’t worry, I’m not going through the whole convo but here’s the summary) Izzy feels a little safer if Reilly’s gone and Cameron stays. Cirie feels the exact opposite. Jared worries Reilly’s group will just get back together if she stays. I also think he feels he needs Jag and Reilly out to have more influence over Blue. (They were joking around during the hand holding)

All three worry Cory may go back to that side if Reilly stays too. (Cory is on his own side no matter who stays) Cirie agreed it may be best for more of them if Reilly left. They all also agreed to discuss it more but they’re leaning towards evicting her.

It’s all settled, right? (Hahahaha) Not even close! While this was happening, Hisam had been up in the hoh room with Jag and Blue for a long time. Jared left and Cory joined Cirie and Izzy. Cory went over his weird conversation with Hisam and mentioned the comment about everyone trying to get Cory the block this week. This pissed off Cirie and izzy and said it wasn’t true. Jared and Blue being with Hisom for so long also came up.

They’re realizing Hisams up there covering his own ass and making a side alliance with Blue and Jag. They’re also wondering who Hisam is throwing out as potential targets to them. They feel fairly confident it’s them. They’re also pissed they were ordered not to make any new fake side alliances while he’s probably up there doing it himself. This turns into ‘screw Hisam, let’s keep Reilly.’ They say they may need her comp skills to help get rid of him and blah, blah, blah.

Meanwhile, Jared is off talking to people about how Reilly HAS to be the one to leave. (This is just too good!)

Izzy, who should’ve waited until they’d decided for sure, went ahead and talked to Mecole about keeping Reilly and taking out Hisam. Mecole isn’t having it….at all.

Mecole goes to the storage room again and as they say “loses her shit.” (Mecole’s storage room ranting is becoming another one of my favorite things this season) Here’s a sample:

Mecole quote: ” I don’t give a danm what he said, he could’ve said my mamas fat, bald-headed, her booty stank and Riley still has to go… I’m dumb, I’m ugly, I’m stupid, and yes, all of that, Reilly still has to go. Someone has cried every single day. Why are you crying? Why? What are you crying about? You knew what you signed up for.” (Mecole is a gem)

Izzy also talked to Reilly again but alone this time. It was mostly “if Cirie trusts you, I could probably trust you, I’m not making any promises but I’ll see what we can do.” There was also a bit of “you’d better not tell anybody about this or I’ll know” sprinkled in with it.

Hisam told Izzy about his talk with Jag and Blue. He said he’s trying to protect himself for next week, said they want an alliance and how he doesn’t trust them. I’m sure he was trying to do the full disclosure thing but it may have had the opposite effect.

Jared and Cory checked in with each other. They talked about being worried their alliance may play too emotionally but Cory mentions how Cirie doesn’t play with emotions. He also mentions how maybe they can’t go to the final 4 with Cirie and Izzy. He said they may need to end up with other people. (Ruh Roh)

Jag and Blue did alot of game talking but they just don’t factor in too much this week. It’s mostly about wanting to save Reilly but voting with the house if they know the votes aren’t there. There was talk about bringing Hisam in for their secret 3 and trying to pull America in even more. As Jag put it, he still doesn’t feel like she’s found a home, even though she says she’s with them.

Izzy and Cory were also beginning to change their minds again. They’re starting to think keeping Reilly might be good for their games in the short-term but not in the long-term. (That’s a valid point)

That’s it for me on this one so have a great Tuesday!


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