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Big Brother 25-Monday Recap for 8/21/23

August 22, 2023 | 17 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning! I waited for an explosion yesterday on the feeds but it wasn’t even a firecracker. I’m sure there was more of a reaction than we saw because it took forever for the feeds to come back on! There was still plenty of stuff going on to recap, just not what we’d hoped for yesterday.

There was also a bit of activity before the veto ceremony yesterday. Felicia saw Blue pulling Cameron into a room to talk. After that, she saw her hanging with Red in the kitchen. That’s all it took for any one of these paranoid squirrels to lose it.

Jag and Jared were talking about maybe getting Felicia to switch the target to Red instead of Hisam. (Jared was just humoring Jag) After Matt shared some info with Jag about Red, Jag preferred Red be the one to go. All thoughts of this idea were gone after Felicia talked to Jag.

She pulled Jag aside to ask what was going on with Blue. She wanted to know if they were plotting to team up with Cameron & Red after they take out Hisam. (They weren’t but it’s a good question. Maybe don’t take Hisam out if you’re that worried about it) He said nothing was going on and he didn’t know why Blue was pulling Cameron into a room. She also brought up the lie Jag told right before Reilly’s eviction after he said he’d never lied to her.

Apparently, Jag told America and Cory, they had the votes to keep Reilly and said Cirie, Izzy and Filicia were on board with it. He was hoping they’d vote that way with him with this info. Felicia said it wasn’t too late for her to make a different decision with her renom. (bit of a power trip?) He promised he was loyal to the new 7 and the convo was broken up. (America had been putting in time with Jag to build trust but he knows America ran this to Feilcia now)

Jag and Cirie talked and he told her he didn’t lie on eviction night. He said when he told America and Cory they had the votes, it was when they did temporarily have the votes. (I don’t know if he’s lyng or not because we didn’t have feeds) It was good enough for Cirie tho and Felicia apologized to Jag. Cirie was sitting on the farting chair and it kept making noises during this convo.

Izzy was still trying to fuel it a bit. She told Felicia it was weird that Jag never met with her after winning the veto. Felicia said it was fine since there wasn’t anything to meet about. She said Jag would use the veto on himself and they all already knew Hisam was going up. Izzy said that was too simple and she’d have met with the hoh if she’d won the veto. (This one statement describes Izzy’s game. If it’s too simple, it means she must complicate the hell out of it)

Izzy wasn’t trying to change Felicia’s mind and she still wanted Hisam to go up. She just said the other side (Jag, Blue and Matt) needed to know they were onto them. (This made absolutely no sense. They just solidified a 7 person alliance with them called the Savage 7. WHY do they need them to feel uneasy?)

Blue wasn’t conspiring. She’d been talking to Cameron about why she’d tried to keep Reilly over him. She was just doing some damage control if he or Red won the next hoh.

Meanwhile, Red had told something to Jared recently and told him not to say anything. It was something about Blue lying to Red. (Honestly, I can’t remember what it was about) Blue brought up whatever it was and Red was annoyed. He talked to Cirie about it. He wanted her to know Jared was spilling info to Blue and how he didn’t trust Jared anymore.

Cirie brought up hearing about some Middlemen alliance and Red denied any knowledge of a middle group. Ciirie asking worked because later, Red told Cameron they needed to cool their jets for a couple weeks. Cameron agreed they probably started talking too soon about forming their own group to other people. They also don’t think they’ll be able to pull in America anymore. They agreed Jared is “thinking with his d*ck” and won’t give him anymore info.

While all this was happening, Hisam was falling asleep at the dining table:

When the feeds finally came back on, Hisam was on the block. Felicia gave her speech about taking out a king over a knight or something similar. It sounded like we missed Hisam up in the hoh room talking to both Felicia and Izzy but maybe separately.

We saw Izzy, Cirie, Hisam, Mecole and Bowie in the kitchen. There were some long awkward silences mixed with Hisam apologizing to them for making them feel bad. He said it was never his intention, had been loyal, etc. He did the typical “when you watch it back, you’ll see everything I did was for the Professors.”

Izzy and Cirie basically asked if everyone in the house was lying but him. They said it wasn’t possible everyone had stories about Hisam trying to work with them but Hisam was the only one telling the truth.

I don’t know if Bowie was ready for shit to go down but she had on her tactical vest? She was ready for something.

There was alot of talk about whether or not Hisam had told America he’d gotten stuck with “the leftovers.” Hisam said he didn’t say it and America swore he did. They’re both kind of right. He did reference leftover people having to work together after Reilly chose who she wanted. He didn’t call his alliance L”leftovers” and he was actually including himself when he used the word “leftover.” America is remembering that part wrong but it really doesn’t matter.

The point Hisam was expressing to her was his anger towards Reilly and feeling like she chose the sides for everyone. (She didn’t) He was saying he wanted to pick his own team. He was recruiting people like America and Matt for the specific reasons that they’d be good at challenges. America talked to him about it and she stood her ground.

Izzy was being a little dramatic. (you’re shocked right?) She doesn’t actually want Hisam to be mad at her but she wants to tell everyone he’s the most upset with her. She thought it was a good idea to tell people that Hisam was the most upset with her because Hisam thought she was his final 2. (Why would you say this? It just tells people you have side deals)

Anyway, Hisam made the rounds with some of the others. First, he talked like it was a misunderstanding and said they could fix it and still stay together. He spoke with Red and Red played off he was the last to know. (He was but he’d known for alot longer than he told Hisam) Red isn’t gonna keep Hisam over Cameron either.

Hisam talkes to Cory and said he never been after him. Cory talked to him straight and said alot of people were saying the opposite. I liked when Hisam said “I wasn’t gunning for you. You understand that, right?” Cory said “I don’t.” (Hisam’s way of saying ‘right’ to get people to agree with him doesn’t work on Cory)

Hisam brought up only being upset with Cory once and said it was the first week. (It wasn’t clear but it had something to do with the Luke thing. Maybe during the house meeting? Maybe Cory questioned Hisam about not hearing what Luke said? Don’t know) Cory mentioned a battle back and Hisam said no, he wasn’t interested. He be evicted and go back to his life. (No, this didn’t last)

I was actually impressed with Hisam’s attitude. He apologized and went right to work counting votes. Even if it doesn’t work, I like to see people trying. He had a pity party moment and got back to playing the game.

Cirie telling him it isn’t personal:

Hisam also worked on Jared which will get him nowhere but he tried. He told Jared he’d be loyal to whoever voted to keep him. He said he was a strong player, would be an asset and asked him to consider it.

After some make up talks with Felicia, Cirie and Izzy, he moved on to trying the other side of the house. They all told him it was only game and they still loved him.

Hisam had a similar talk with Jag about being loyal to the people who kept him. Unlike Reilly, who was saying she’d keep the whole house safe, Hisam was more realistic. He said he could keep the promise because he knew it would be a close vote if he stayed. He said he needed 6 votes and those 6 were who he’d protect moving forward. He told Jag he hadn’t lied to him and meant the things they’d talked about. Jag asked if Hisam had been targeting him and Hisam said no.

The Professors have been outed completely. Felicia told Blue about it, Cirie told Matt and Hisam told Jag and Matt.

Hisam talked to Izzy again and said he’d like to make amends to the people he’d offended. He told her he regrets some of the things hes done in the game. (The worst things he’s done are being self righteous and making side deals, big deal. I’m not talking about some of his comments. I’m just saying he hasn’t done anything that bad in the game. They all do it, he just got caught already)

Hisam talked to Jag and Matt together about teaming up with their side. He went over all the info from the Professors and told them there isn’t a middle group. Hisam said people see Red, Cameron, Meme and Bowie as middle people but told them they were actually with his group. He also told them about Jared being the mole for them.

Later, Matt and Jag talked everything over alone and I didn’t hear them focus on Jared. Jag was already suspicious of him but it seemed to get lost. Hisam spoke for about an hour and maybe that got lost in the mix. They discussed if keeping Hisam could be a good move. Matt feels like Hisam would still target him. They also talked about Red saying he read Jags lips earlier and knew they said Red’s name. (Red told this to Matt and asked him if Jag was targeting him) They decide Red may be lying and want to stick with target him and Cameron. Jag also brought up being concerned that Cirie and Izzy could do this to them if they could do it to Hisam. (We have a winner folks!!)

Cory running from a bug:

Here’s the problem with Hisams pitch to Jag and Matt even if they were willing to go for it. He’s trying to convince them they could have enough people for the 6 votes to save him. At the same time, he’s telling them Cory, Jared, Meme, Bowie and America have been playing them. Isn’t that just telling them they actually don’t have the numbers to save him?

Now that Jag is suspicious of America even more. He talked to Blue and Felicia about it. They feel like she’s saying different things to different people. Jag has finally had the house layout explained to him so his heads about to explode. He’s realized his groups been swimming in the kiddie pool while Cirie, Izzy and Felicia have been doing triple backflips, off a cliff into the ocean.

So far, Cirie, Izzy and Felicia feel bad for Hisam but arn’t being swayed by the apologizes. They know hes really using the apology to campaign.

Now that the Professors has been outed, America filled Cory in on it. (He already knew) He’s still trying to steer America towards either Red & Cameron or Jag & Blue. He doesn’t want her going after Cirie, Izzy, etc. He wants to work closely with America but knows her targeting them would screw up his plans. She asked if he had any final 2’s and he said no. He admitted Jared may feel like they do though.

They talked super fan stuff like RHAP, their favorite feed update sites and made fun of spoiler girl. They still flirt all while Cory encourages her to keep flirting with Cameron so it isn’t serious. (How can you not root for these two?) They’ll be the most excited to play in the pressure comp because they know the show and game really well.

Jared and Blue are still doing whatever their doing. Unlike Cory and America who are sort of mancing for game, Jared and Blue are doing it for tv. Jared has said as much and even though Blue hasn’t, I get that vibe. She seems like she thinks she’ll get more screen time and followers with a shomance.

Cirie recently talked to him about Blue. She said he better not embarrass her on national tv. Haha

Jared told Blue he was “falling for her.” Blue told America about him saying it. I don’t know if it’s a lie or not but something is still making him want to blab his secret. So far, he’s mentioned how the viewers know about it, a link to Connecticut, said he knows alot of reality tv people and something about a personal relationship. (He’s a mess!)

Red and Cameron played some pool, decided to bide their time a little longer and apparantly smelled weed from over the wall. The problem they’ll run into by waiting is the people they’ll need are already taken. Sure, people flip sides but Cirie’s put in alot of work to keep people like Matt, Bowie and others loyal to her. They better get on it.

I’m wondering how many times they’ll all change their minds before Thursday. We’ll have to wait and see but in the meantime, everyone is spilling everything. Hisam wanted a house do over and he may have gotten it. Past alliances are being outed and alot will depend on who people trust and feel good about for the moment.

I want the mess this week, I think I’d like Cameron to go, Hisam to stay, maybe even win the pressure cooker and blow shit up. Have a great Tuesday!


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