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Big Brother 25-Monday Recap for 9/18/23

September 19, 2023 | 10 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning, the BB house was a slow one yesterday. Most of them solidified plans for after this week but without Izzy, the gaming frenzy has eased up. The slower pace won’t last since we’ll be heading into a double eviction this week.

Speaking of Izzy, I’ve seen alot of her interviews and she has a better picture now of what happened to her game. She’s seen more of the mess Jared’s made and understands Cory’s move more. I like it when a hg can come out, decompress a little and can acknowledge what really happened. It’s better than the ones who double down and claim “you don’t see everything.”

As for Monday, there was still gaming but it was also a lazy day for them. It was mainly planning for the next one and working to get Bowie as a number for the upcoming collision between Cory vs Cirie. Ya, I know more people are after Cirie than just Cory but that’s what it feels like at the moment.

Felicia was making the rounds trying to gather more info. After Cory and Meme told her more about how the vote went down last week, she began rethinking the entire game. She and Meme have realized Izzy and Cirie may have lied about Red coming after her. (Not really, Cirie did work on Red to stop trusting Felicia but I got her point)

Felicia started the day by telling Meme, she wanted to team up with America & Cory to take out Jared and Cirie. (I wasn’t expecting this) Felicia said “This game is too long for their bullshit. This isn’t Survivor.” I figured she and Meme would keep working with Jared and Cirie but do it without trusting them. No, she’s openly targeting them. In typical Felicia fashion, she’s also talked about it with most of the house.

She and Cirie have been talking but there’s been tension and they both feel it. There’s always been a little between them because Felicia annoys Cirie. I adore Felicia but if I’m being honest, living with her would probably annoy me too. I think Felicia felt like she was Cirie’s #1. It took this week for her to realize, it had always been Izzy. Felicia was hurt by it and Cirie’s right when she says they live in a house “on hypocrisy hill.” Felicia feels betrayed since she had a F2 with Cirie but I guess she feels ok about trying to make one with Jared on the side. (Haha)

Yesterday was also a fight for Bowie Jane. Cirie had already talked to Jared about needing Bowie as a number. Separately, Felicia realized this too. They’ve both been putting in time with her trying to pull her over to ‘their side.’ What they haven’t realized, is Cory, America, Jag and Matt have already been doing that with Bowie.

Obviously, there’s been talk about wanting to take Jared out next. There’s also been talk about who different people can throw HOH comp to, in order to make it happen. (I think once they find out its a double, those plans will be forgotten anyway) The game talk from yesterday has some of them changing their minds already.

Jag, Matt and Blue were hoping to throw it to America and Cory while America & Cory were hoping to do the opposite. The sticking points were Blue, Felicia and Meme. Finding out Felicia and Meme are on board to go after Jared and Cirie has made them feel better about them winning. There’s still uncertainty about Blue (there should be) and they arn’t convinced she’d take a shot at Jared. (I’m not convinced Meme would either)

A side plot to the game has been Blue starting to subtly targeting Cirie. She’s tried to plant some seeds with Jag and Matt already. Yesterday, she did it with Felicia. She was telling Felicia, she thought Cirie was the one who was blaming Felicia for starting the for real for real alliance. Honestly, I don’t know what Blue’s thinking. I don’t know if she wants Cirie out so she could be Jared’s #1. It could also be her way of giving up something (Cirie) to her group, while being able to keep Jared in the game. (I have no idea) Either way, its pretty funny.

Blue told Matt and Jag that Jared thinks they might try to throw the next hoh. She also said Jared is getting a little nervous about trusting them. (Jared trusts Matt, this is really about Jag) Jared told this to Blue but it came from Cirie. I think this made them realize they aren’t as slick as they thought about playing the middle. Jag and Matt began talking about dropping the idea of throwing. They agreed they should both try to win. (No shit?)

Cory’s still trying to convince Jared there’s no hard feelings and would still want to work with him. America has been telling Blue the same thing, hoping it gets back to Jared. Its probably not working but Jared isn’t bothered by Cory or America. He doesn’t see them as threats and just says, “they cant win anything.” He has the same attitude about Meme. When Cirie told him, she was worried about Meme possibly trying to work with Cory and America, Jared said “let her, who cares?” (Jared’s forgotten that you can win a comp but you also need votes to take out your target)

After feeds came back from the veto ceremony, Cameron and America were on the block. Jag used the veto on Cory. It sounded as if both Cory and America has funny speeches. (I’m sure we won’t get to hear them) Cameron talked to Matt about needing to break up Cory and America. He didn’t get anywhere because Matt wants Cameron out. He hasn’t forgotten about Cameron calling him dumb and an idiot if he didnt agree with Cameron last week. He also didn’t like Cameron’s hateful tone with him the other day. (Matt hangs onto these things.It’s s why he’s never moved past America saying she’d put him up as a pawn weeks ago)

When Jag went to sit with Cameron, Cam said something like “I’m confused by the plan. It would be alot easier to take out America another way.” Jag said “I know you’ve been cooking up that joke bro.” Cameron said “for hours.” (I have to admit, it was funny)

There was some talk about the upcoming comps. They’d found out they’re losing the yard early again. Cory thinks it must be for a big build. Both Cirie and Felicia have speculated about it being a double. Cory’s convinced it’s too soon for one. (Wrong superfan)

Cirie went to work trying to do some damage control. She brought up the Brown Sugar Babes to Meme and said, they’ll have the majority if they can get past one more week. She also casually brought up all the fake alliances. She said she thought Meme already knew about them. Meme said no, she didn’t. Meme told her other than a couple slip ups, she didn’t know. (I remember when Cirie slipped up and talked about Seven Deadly Sins in front of Meme) Cirie tried to play it off by saying, she’d talked openly about it because she thought she already knew.

After wanting Jared and Felicia otb, Jag may have convinced Cory it would be better for Cirie and Jared to go up. Jag worried Felicia or Cirie may choose Jared for the veto. He said, they at least get one of them if they’re both otb. (He’s right)

After dinner, Cirie apologized to Felicia for not fighting harder to get Felicia the votes last week. (Not sure this is the approach I’d have taken) Cirie made it seem like the only thing she did was stay quiet and not fight for her. Unfortunately for Cirie, Felicia knows alot more than Cirie realizes she knows. Felicia told her it was ok but it definitely isn’t.

Matt let Cirie know he has her back. He also told her Jared is a target now. Matt still wants to work with Cirie so he’s trying to let her know, ‘Jared may go but I’ve still got you.’ Cirie passed this on to Jared. They feel like its Jag, Cory and America that are targeting him. They’re talking like they may want Jag out next, before Cory. (For now)

Jag talkes to Bowie about Cirie and Jared. He gets a little dramatic with his terms because he uses the word ‘bullied’ often. He told her about being targeted and said they’ve lied about him to other people. People have been told he can’t be trusted. He said he’s been told he didn’t talk enough but when he’d go in rooms to talk, he’d be told he should leave. (This is all true) Jag said to Bowie and others that he’s been bullied.

I’m not about to get into an uproar over it. I just don’t like the wording but he’s not the first to describe all these things as bullying. On the outside, sure. In the BB house, that’s called playing Big Brother. I almost get it with Jag tho. He’s such a nice person so I can see how he sees it this way. He lies to people too but it’s the other stuff that bothers him. (I’ve said before, Jag’s too nice for BB but I really like him. His sense of humor is unmatched in the house but he’s gotta toughen up a little)

There was alot more pairs of people having convos throughout the day but it was the same thing on repeat. America and Bowie, Cory and Jag, Matt and Bowie, America and Felicia and so on. It was all about next week and trying to see if they’d all go after Jared. In spite of Jag possibly having withdrawals, people arn’t really making new alliances yet. They’re just feeling out if they can ‘work together’ and ‘vote together’ for now.

I thought this tweet was funny tho:

To summarize what everyone is doing at the moment:

Cory after a sip of apparently bad tasting wine:

Cory’s trying to build a mini army between make out sessions with America to go after Jared. Cirie’s on a damage control tour that so far, isn’t working. Jared thinks he has Matt, Cirie, Felicia and Blue and isn’t worried about being targeted. America feels pretty safe but she’s still worried.

Cirie’s face after she and Felicia talked about their morning workout: Cirie- “My legs and buttcheeks are sore.” Felicia- “Really? I’m not, I guess I’m not as out of shape as I thought.”

Felicia is telling anyone who will listen that she’s been betrayed by Jared and Cirie. Meme is keeping her cards close and is doing alot more listening than talking. Bowie seems happy just to be included in the game talk. Cameron may be realizing there isn’t much he can do to stay.

Jag is fighting the urge to make a new 8 person alliance which we all know is his BB dream. Matt wants Jared out but secretly wants to keep Cirie. Finally, Blue is trying to get her shomance-in-law evicted without being blamed for it.

I don’t know about ya’ll but I’m hoping the next big argument is Felicia vs Cirie. Cory vs Jared was entertaining but Cirie and Felicia could be alot more fun! Honestly, I still don’t know how anyone isn’t enjoying this season. Except for the advantage Cirie and Jared have in the game, it’s been giving us alot. Jared and Cirie are also the underdogs for the moment so maybe that will help even things out a bit.

Have a great Tuesday!


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