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Big Brother 25-Monday Recap for 9/25/23

September 26, 2023 | 10 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies, for as slow as it is, there’s actually some gaming happening. Granted, these aren’t plans anyone can put into action until after Thursday, but at least there is a little bit to talk about. Don’t get excited though, I’m not claiming it’s all that much!

As for the game vibe in the house, everyone’s making deals with everyone. The exception is Felicia Meme and Cameron. Those 3 aren’t doing any game mingling but everyone else is getting into overlapping situations. Cory and America have been working with Jag and Matt. They also finally made something with Felicia and Meme after talking about it for a while.

Weirdly, Jag and Matt are trying to make something with Felicia and Meme at Cory’s prompting. It won’t be real on Felicia and Meme’s end because that’s who they’d like to target. Cory even suggesting they do it is kind of dumb on Cory’s part tho.

Cory and America & Jag and Matt are basically fighting over Bowie at the moment. America and Bue are fighting over Meme. Cirie is trying to lay low, tell everyone she’s keeping her mouth shut, she’s alone, etc. She’s waiting to capitalize on everyone’s mistakes.

When Jared and Cameron first came back into the house, I felt like Cameron was doing a much better job than Jared. I went over the reasons for it yesterday. I feel like that’s starting to flip because Jared spent yesterday continuing to tell people no hard feelings, we’re even, If I stay I want a complete reset, etc. He’s talked with Jag, who is someone he’s been after in the past. He also cleared the air with America yesterday.

The new memory wall pics:

Cameron’s starting to go back to his old gaming style. He’s acting as if everyone is stupid if they don’t “take the obvious shot” and “make the big moves.” Cameron doesn’t understand the obvious shot for him may not be the same for everyone else. Not only that, is Felicia really a big shot? I’ve admitted to not having a clue over whether or not Cameron was telling the truth. I’ve started to think he’s sincere about wanting to take out Felicia before jury.

Unfortunately, I think he’s talking about it way too passionately to be lying. I say “unfortunately” because he’s so damn rude about it and I’m tired of listening to it. Cameron’s on the ‘who deserves to be there’ train and it didn’t take much work to get Jag, Blue, Jared and Matt to hop a ride. (I figured i’d use a stupid metaphor that I’m sure Cameron would approve)

He’s the most vocal but he has the others talking about it incessantly now too. I’ve said this before but everyone in the house deserves to be there because they were cast to play the game. If I was forced to choose people that didn’t deserve to be there…..Well, I guess I’d choose the people who’ve already been evicted! (2 have been eviced unanimously and the 3rd only got a vote from his mom) I think that’s the part that makes these conversations more annoying than usual. They’ve already been evicted and they’re going to sit around talking about who deserves to still be playing the game. (As Felicia would say “this some buuullshittt!)

I’m not leaving out Blue and Matt because they’ve become annoying as hell too. Matt’s constantly talking about comp wins, who deserves it, blah blah blah. Blue and Matt have been comparing themselves to Cory and America as far as being competitors. Matt has only won 1 competition. Sure, he can count that power comp if he wants but if he does, he needs to count America’s night 1 comp that she won. In reality, Matt has won 1 veto and Cory has won 1 HOH so get over yourself.

As for Blue, her big claim to competitive greatness is “I’ve come close a couple of times” and “I almost won the wall.” America lasted 14 hours in the pressure cooker and probably could have won it so gurrrl, shut up. Please and thank you!

I did like the meme recreation they did the other day. The original:

Blue’s BB version:

Anyway, I think Ive just hit that point in the season where these people are starting to annoy me. I also think this dead week has a whole lot to do with it so moving on to the actual recap….

Cory had another chat with Jared. It was more of the same about no hard feelings, we’re even and so on. He said he only had one target and it was the person he felt betrayed him. He insinuated that he was talking about Felicia.

When Jared and America had their talk, it was a lot of the same too. He acknowledged that trying to get rid of America was like trying to get rid of his little brother’s girlfriend and he realized it had been a mistake. He told America she didn’t owe him an apology because he’d taken a shot at them, they took one back you get the picture. There was also some fake talk about the 2 showmances working together if he stays. (We all know that’s not gonna happen)

Cirie went to talk with Jag. This was actually prompted by Blue. Blue told Cirie that Jag may still not feel good about her. (It’s because he knows she lied to him when they talked the day before) Blue said Cirie could just apologize for anything and it could go a long way. That’s pretty much what happened. Cirie told Jag she owed him an apology. She told him he’d never been her target (lie) but admitted she’d said things to Felicia they day of the Jag/Red vote.

She explained how she had to tell Felicia the things Red said about her, in order to get Felicia to vote Red out. (True) She admitted she’d been in rooms where Jag’s name came up and said she kept quiet and didn’t try to steer the target off him. They had some personal conversation too and hugged at the end. (Later, Jag told Matt he felt better about Cirie. Haha)

Jag also talked to Matt about trying to get something going with Felicia and Meme on the side. (This idea was prompted by Cory the day before, which was completely stupid on Cory’s part) They also talked about how they feel good with Blue again. (Cory had got them to doubt her last week) They want to go back to their trio but only if Jared leaves this week.

They discussed whether or not they could work with Meme after Felicia left. There was also some talk about continuing to bring Bowie in closer. (Matt thinks he’s the closest to Bowie) They both agreed it was good for them that Blue and Bowie don’t trust each other. (Jag’s been such a bad player this season. I was surprised he recognized this because he’s right) Matt and Jag are feeling good about their positioning. They feel like they’re good with everyone in the house at the moment, except maybe Jared.

Cory and Cirie talked again. (I enjoy their talks) He was basically giving her more details about the things she wasn’t aware of with Izzy and Jared. He was telling her how much pressure they’d put on him to get rid of her. She laughed, said it was ridiculous and had no idea they were doing all that much. (That’s a partial truth. She was skeptical about keeping America around but had no idea about the approach they were using)

She mentioned being scared to talk game with America and Cory told her not to be. They laughed about the way America is always scared to talk game with her too.

Matt told America he didn’t plan on targeting whoever stayes between Jared and Cameron. He said he’d rather make a final 6 of Matt, America, Cory, Blue, Jag and whoever stays between Jared and Cameron. (This should’ve been a red flag to America. It’s a bit relevant later in the day and the only reason I mentioned it.)

Somewhere around this part of the day, America was filling in Blue about her talks with Jared and Matt. Cory and Blue talked and shared their info from the talks they’ve had with people. (Everyone talks to everyone and then everyone goes to everyone else to tell everyone about the talks they’ve had with everyone. Make sense?) Yes, they leave out some of the information but this season is ridiculous! Lol

Cirie had an amazing conversation with America. They talked about not targeting each other and saying they really meant it. They talked about only being able to prove it once they each got a chance. They made some jokes at Cory’s expense which were pretty funny.

Cory walked by as they were talking and Cirie said “look at Skeezy with his shades and mustache, he looks like a narc.” Cory asked “what was that?” Cirie said “nothing, everything’s good over here officer.”

America in the afterglow of a good Cirie converaation:

Cirie talked a lot about her nursing career and some of the work choices she’d made over the years. America brought up her school and career decisions moving forward. It was basically just a wonderful and interesting conversation.

Meanwhile, Cory was busy filling in Bowie on the conversations he’d been having. He knows Bowie wants to be included and he’s trying to do it more than just with how the vote is going. (He started this a couple of weeks ago when they were biking together) He started telling her how he saw her as one of his biggest allies and with the exception of America, he felt the closest to her. He told her he still feels close to Matt and Jag but knows they’d always choose each other over any one else. (I think Cory gets the right tone to hit with Bowie. Don’t start throwing Matt and Jag under the bus because she sees that as allies turning on each other. Don’t start acting like she’s his new final 2 because she’d know it was bullshit) In the same way that Matt thinks he has Bowie, Cory also thanks HE has Bowie.

Once Cory and America sat down to chat afterwards, they laughed over the fact that they both completely trust Cirie at this point. (I think I’ve grown fond of these 2 because they both make game mistakes but they’re also both very self aware) America doesn’t know Cirie’s gaming history the way Cory does but she has eyes. She’s seen the way Cirie controlled the game for over 40 days was nothing more than some conversation, a giggle and a smile.

This is where I see Cory and Matt’s games differently. Matt is drawn to Cirie and just trusts her. Cory is drawn to her too but he knows he has to stay on guard with her. Cory and America laughed over how great they’re both feeling about her. He followed this up by saying Cirie’s probably in the top 10 of greatest Survivor players out of over 700 people. He told America about what he considered Cirie’s biggest move. (No surprise, it’s where she got Eric to give up his immunity idol to someone else) He was just trying to let her know that it may be smart to work with her right now, but they better never, ever let their guard down. (Agree with both of these things)

Meme and Felicia talked about their recent convos with Cory and America. Meme said she was down to work with them if it was for real and not some bullshit. They agreed they wouldn’t put up with any talk about using each other as pawns to hide things anymore. They’re hoping Cory and America will be willing to go after Matt and Jag. Meme said she came her for money, not friends. (She may not game enough but I like the way she thinks at least) Meme also talked to the cameras about it. She doesn’t trust America or Cory at all and thinks it’s ‘making a deal with the devil.’

Blue was working on dinner and asking Jared about his brothers. She asked who each of his brothers would have bonded with the most out of the cast. Separately, she asked Cirie the same questions.

Cirie was answering but looked as if she wanted to get the hell away from that conversation. I don’t know if Blue’s just having some fun and messing with Cirie. I don’t know if she’s trying to push Jared into telling Cirie the truth. I have no idea. What I do know, is it makes Blue look sloppy. I may be wrong but I can honestly see Cirie trying to take out Blue if Jared leaves, instead of working with her.

Cory talked to Felicia while America talked to Meme. I think Cory was mostly trying to find out if Jared would really target Felicia or if it was a lie. He was asking Felicia what Jared knew about the vote during the double. He was wanting to know if Jared thought Felicia had been trying to keep him. She said no and told Cory that Jared knew she’d wanted to vote him out. She said Jared knew it was because they’d tried to keep Izzy the week before.

Cory, Meme, America and Felicia making their deal to work together:

After dinner, Cory worked on Jag a little bit. Cory knows Cameron’s plan (he says) is to take out Felicia and the idea seems to be growing with more people. He pointed out to Jag how few men are left in the house. (There’s only 2 men in the house who haven’t been evicted already) He told Jag, for the end game, Felicia would be easier to take out than Cameron. (He ain’t wrong) Cory said he thinks they should focus on taking out whoever stays between Cameron and Jared.

America and Cameron talked too. He was annoyed with her because he said she was running her mouth and wanted her to keep their conversations private. Blue knew Cam wanted to target Felicia and when asked how she knew, Blue said America told her. Actually, I don’t think this is true because I think Jag and Matt told her. (It doesn’t matter because America may have told her too and she does have a big mouth) Cameron went on one of his speils about how Felicia needs to go and everybody needs to wake up and do what needs to get done. He talks horribly about Felicia and I don’t get it. They haven’t worked together but they haven’t had anything confrontational happened either.

Cameron asked America if Cory wanted him out. She didn’t answer him quickly enough so he felt like she was lying. Cameron does have some valid points when they talk but his tone with America has shifted again. (He’s pissed because he can’t deny that Cory and America are hooking up any more. (Come on, it’s too obvious) It causes him to have a real shirty attitude with her. (I tell you when something’s only my opinion and this isn’t my opinion. The entire house is aware of it)

He’s very condescending when he talks to both America and Cory. He tols America he wanted to know the story of how she fell in love and was kind of making fun of it. America told him love was a strong word but she did go on to talk about the things she liked about Cory.

Cameron is a victim of plain old-fashioned jealousy. He can’t possibly understand why America would have chosen Cory over him and he lashes out at her because of it. Cory finally called Cameron out on the mother, son, little brother bullshit. Cory told him it was getting kind of old, saying America was his mother. Cory was making fun of Cameron downgrading Cory from his son to his brother.

America and Cory talked again about Cameron Matt and Jag. In my opinion, America isn’t worried nearly enough about Cameron and Cory isn’t worried enough about Matt and Jag. They’re at least talking about it and realizing there’s a possibility of Cameron Matt and Jag teaming up. America finding out that Matt didn’t want to go after the person who returned was good information to get. If Matt and Jag are truly working with America and Cory, there’s no reason they’d want to keep Cameron or Jared.

There was also a conversation with Blue, Jag and Matt. Blue’s really feeling herself lately. She’s been acting like someone with hohitis. Jag and Matt chime in and agree with her on the thing she says but she’s been the ring leader in these conversations. (She’s also almost yelling when they’re in the have not room talking. I’ve been amazed at how loud they talk game this season but last night Blue with literally, almost yelling. I don’t know why people aren’t standing outside of doors more this season trying to listen because it wouldn’t be hard)

Anyway, they feel like the 3 of them are doing Cory and America’s dirty work. (This had to do with Cory winning the HOH but Matt having to finish Jared off by not using the veto) They said they’ve been carrying them in the game and they talked about how Cory & America have done nothing.

Matt and Jag are upset on their own too. They found out that Cory said Mimi might go after jag and Matt. They feel played because Cory hadn’t tols them. Keep in mind, this was just something Cory said to America that he THOUGHT Meme might do. America told Blue and you know the rest.

Blue concedes that Cory’s not a bad player but says America is worthless. Blue thinks it’s pathetic that America has no game of her own. She said America’s entire game is just following Cory around and doing whatever he wants.

Look, I get why Blue is pissed at Cory. Forget the fact that Blue was targeting Cory or that she told Jared about her fake final 2 with America. Forget that Blue told America (Cory’s #1) that she’d put him otb. (It’s hard to play this game without being a hypocrite) Cory DID put her on the block as a pawn and America DID spill their final 2 so I get it. She should absolutely want to take Cory out of the game. What I don’t get is all of her projection lately. She talked about how she’s had to be on the block, almost won some comps and America hasn’t had to do anything. Has she forgotten Jared put America on the block?

Jared refusing to kiss Blue when she asked:

I actually think a lot of Blue’s issues with America don’t have anything to do with the game. She sees Cory and America making out all the time and she can’t get Jared to kiss her. She’s also mimicked Jared’s attitude and picks up the things he says. I think some of it is from Jared getting into her head and some of it is girl pettiness. (This isn’t all about game)

I don’t even know what kind of game Blue’s been playing. It’s because Blue’s played terribly and the decisions she’s made am have been terrible too. However, she’s positioned pretty well in the game at the moment. I think it’s situational and I don’t think it has anything to do with what she’s done but she’s still sitting in a pretty decent spot.

Who knows? It may work out for her once Jared leaves. She’s given Matt instructions to get closer to Bowie. She gave some to Jag too but I don’t remember what they were. She said she’s planning on working on Meme so at least they’re making plans. I admit, I do like Blue’s plan of trying to target Cory or Cam. She said if she can’t get Coey, she thinks Cameron needs to leave. (It sounds like she’s assuming Jared is going on Thursday too)

This week, the lack of comps has almost changed how the game needs to be played. I’ve been irritated because there’s no game being played, but I’m starting to realize that’s not true. Normally, you want to touch base with people, not bug them too much, but try to be the last person in someone’s ear before decisions are made.

America falling out of the hammock:

This week seems to be more about who can talk to people for the most amount of time. Since they don’t have anything to do but talk, the ones talking the most, are making the most progress. This could also be why Cory and America may be falling behind. They’ve been touching base with people like Jag and Matt, they way you’d do in a normal week. Cameron and Blue have continued to repeat the same things over and over and over again. I’ve started to think it’s working….at least for the moment.

Have a great Tuesday!


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