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Big Brother 25-Recap for Monday 8/28/23

August 29, 2023 | 73 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning! There was an uneventful veto ceremony yesterday and a whole lot of “who would Red and Cam go after next?” The rest of the day focused on Cirie vs Jared. I’m not going to go in order but instead, hit the main points from the day.

Red didn’t use the veto so Jag and Blue are still on the block. Red asking Izzy if she “felt better now” after he didn’t use it. This pissed off Izzy and she told everyone about it multiple times. He knew she was worried there was a backdoor plan for her this week. I’m guessing the comment wasn’t genuinely meant to make Izzy feel better. She’s been on Red’s last nerve but even if he meant it in a nice way, she’d have still been mad.

Cirie and Jared complaining about Red and just checking in with each other:

Plans continued to flip the vote and keep Jag this week but it’s starting to fall apart. Jared, who’d sort of caved to Cirie the day before, isn’t having it anymore. He’s had a day to think about it and doesn’t want to give in to what the group wants.

There was talk between Cirie, Izzy, Felicia and Meme about when to tell Jared they want to keep Jag. They don’t know Cirie’s already told him. Felicia was the most vocal about wanting to tell him soon. The others said no, they needed to wait. Felicia, who does whatever she wants, told him anyway. She also told Jared about her F2 with Cirie. She said she’d rather have one with him. (She also has one with Bowie)

Cirie and Jared had a longer talk about the vote than they’d had the day before. Neither one of them gave in to the other one. (Everyone wondering who would step up and go against Cirie this season may have found their resistance, it’s Jared)

Jared’s main points were he trusted Blue but not Jag, doesn’t want to compete against Jag later and the obvious reason he didn’t mention. Cirie said the rest of their group trusts Jag over Blue and said Blue didn’t even know how to play the game. Jared said he’d rather keep someone who didn’t know how to play. (Not when you need them to work with you) She also told him 5 of their group wants to keep Jag and only 1 of them wants Blue to stay.

Jared said he’d never trust Jag and Cirie said that’s how they all feel about Blue. He said the group could have a convo about it. She said there wasn’t anything to talk about anymore. If she couldn’t convince him, how were the others gonna do it? (Jared wants to have the convo so he can ignore them but be able to say he considered it imo)

Jared also said Jag was throwing his name out and said Izzy was the one who told him. Cirie said Jag was not saying Jared’s name. It went round and round but they didn’t get anywhere. Cirie said it would be a vote of 5/5 and Cam would break the tie. (She didn’t mean this, I think she was just irritated) Jared also told Cirie about Felicia wanting a F2 with him now.

Cirie told Izzy about the talk with Jared. They started discussing whether to let Jag go or get the votes they need from Cory and America. (This would get them the votes but they’d lose part of the reason for doing it. They want Cory and America to be on the wrong side of the vote) Izzy also told Cirie that Jared misunderstood her. She said she didn’t tell Jared that Jag said his name.

This goes back to when America told Jag that Cory told her about Jags alliance with Cirie. When Jag retold it to Izzy, Jag said the info came from America, who got it from Cory, who got it from Jared. (Since we didn’t see America’s entire conversation with Jag on the feeds, we don’t know if America actually said this about Jared. It’s possible Jag assumed Jared is the one who told Cory because he knows Jared and Cory are close) America may have said it because she told Jag about Cory’s F2 with Jared.

Cory still wants Jag to go and America still wants him to stay. America was giving Jag talking points for his campaigning yesterday.

The other main topic from yesterday was trying to find out who Red and Cameron’s real targets are going to be next. Cirie doesn’t know if they can believe Cory anymore and sent Matt to gather info. Here’s what it boils down to: If they’re telling the truth and will target America and Blue, they’ll probably keep Blue and not rock the boat. If Red and Cam are ready to make a bigger move, like going after Izzy, they’d rather keep Jag. (because he’ll probably do better in comps)

Something else to mention is just how much tension is in the house. There’s the obvious situation of Cirie and Izzy irritating each other but that’s only the start of it. The ladies are sick of Bowie. Bowie is sick of Izzy.

Cirie and Izzy are convinced Bowie is lying about her age:

Red and Cameron are REALLY tired of Izzy. Cirie and Felicia have been snippy with each other for a while now. No one except Jared and Jag likes Blue. Cameron is being creepy towards America and on and on and on…..That’s only scratching the surface. This is a year where I could see some arguements in the house coming that aren’t even game related.

Blue hung out with Felicia WAY more than she ever has before. Of course, Felicia has no idea why she’s doing it. Blue’s trying to make a good impression on her future in-law.

In one conversation, Blue mentioned being the one to take out Jared to Cirie and Felicia later in the game. (That was a funny moment) I actually don’t even think Blue meant it. She just says a lot of game related stupid things that don’t make any sense.

Ciries face when Blue said it:

Izzy is starting to rethink things with Cory and thinks maybe they can trust him for longer. Cirie isn’t convinced and Felicia definitely isn’t. Jared was vouching for Cory some more yesterday but I dont think anyone was hearing it.

Jared’s thing with Blue has actually hurt Cory’s game. Jared was constantly in Cirie and Izzy’s ears about how Cory could be trusted. Jared basically took a break from the game around the same time Cory started getting caught telling things. Jared wasn’t around to reassure Cirie about him and it shows.

Blue losing track of her mother-in-law, not realizing she behind her:

Red got his feelings hurt because everyone thanked Felicia for making dinner but didn’t say anything to him. They also talked about being tired of Red and wanting him out soon. This convo led into Felicia saying her protein shake was causing, her, ummm, problems? She said “I need a depends or a pamper. I’m worried I’m going to shit myself.” (Ya, that happened)

Dinner did look fantastic and Blue helped Felicia make it:

There was a meeting for the Legend 25 alliance. I can’t remember but I think Red wanted to have it. The goal was to get everyone to relax because there’s so much paranoia happening. Since it’s a fake alliance, this was a fake conversation. Everyone will continue to be paranoid and they’ll all continue to target each other.

It’s strange because everyone’s secrets (except a couple of the biggest ones) are out and they all know it. It’s like they get together to pretend they dont know. They already know who the other ones are targeting. It’s comical because you have to remember, this alliance was only formed for Red. After they took out Hisam, they wanted Red to still feel like he was with the Professors group.

Red is clinging to this alliance like a life line and he’s the only one who thinks it’s real. I’m not sure if Cameron even thinks it. Red named it, he loves the name and he really thinks Izzy is the only problem with it. Red and Cameron think if they take out Izzy, they’ll have Cirie. They don’t like Izzy but that’s not even their main reason for wanting her out. They see her as the only obstacle to bringing Cirie into a smaller alliance with them. (Well, Cirie did convince Red they all need to get a Legend 25 tattoo after the season, lol)

Cameron told Bowie he thinks Izzy has codependency issues with Cirie. I don’t remember specifically how he put it but he basically said, she’s a Survivor stalker fan when it comes to Cirie. (Okay, Izzy does have some issues when it comes to Cirie but let’s face it, Izzy isn’t the reason Cirie isn’t in an alliance with Cameron)

Izzy gets on Cirie’s nerves but she also has fun with her. They both laugh ALL the time and she’s a better game partner than Jared has been:

The flirtmance with Cory and America continues and I guess is an actual shomance now. I agree, it’s cute because it’s not gross like they usually are but this is hurting his game. It’s not even the fact that they will be targeted as a couple. It’s the fact that he’s getting too comfortable and his focus is on the wrong thing.

Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t Jared or Blue and he hasn’t stopped playing. He just isn’t hyper aware anymore of his standing in the house This has been one of Cory’s strength since the beginning. He’s not always had the ability to convince people of things but he’s had the ability to recognize when what he was trying wasn’t working. He seemed to be good at reading the situation. At least Jared told him yesterday about the groups new suspicions of him so hopefully he’ll get back to work.

I’m starting to agree with Bowie, I need Cory to take his ass up off of the hammock, go get some sleep in that damn dog bed and start figuring out how he’s going to take Cirie out of this game! I feel like he’s the best hope to shake things up. At first, I thought it might be America because she’s such a fan of the show. She does know the game well but she isn’t nearly as good of a player as Cory. (I’ll credit some of Cory’s relaxed mood to Izzy. She’s done a good job of making Cory continue to feel like he’s with them) Cory could’ve also never predicted Izzy would run back to Cirie and spill their end game talk. It’s natural for Cory to assume that Izzy is a self interested player and she may not be.

Here’s 3 things I may be in the minority on:

First, I really like this cast. The ones who play well, the ones who play bad, even the ones I don’t like. This cast had so much personality, good and bad. They’re almost like caricatures. I know people don’t like the Cirie thing and having a relative there. (I agree with that) However, yesterday was great! We are seeing a mother and son, come into this game together and I assume, try to win together. Instead, what we’re getting is two stubborn people butting heads and we have no idea where it’s gonna go. That’s entertaining!

Second, I REALLY like Izzy. I can’t help it, her paranoia and facial expressions are hilarious. She would drive me crazy if I had to live with her in the house but I would absolutely be friends with her outside of the house. Her face is like an open book. Yeah, I know she’s rude and I don’t like that part. (I don’t know anyone that I like everything about in my real life either) I like watching her spiral out of control, her jealousy of Jared and her obsession with Cirie. Honestly, I’m enjoying all of it and I can see why Cirie likes her. It’s ok if you think I’m crazy on this one. Haha

Third, I’m not rooting against Cirie. I’m not necessarily hoping she wins but I don’t need her to be evicted to enjoy this season. She’s entertaining, she’s a good social player and this new battle with Jared is very interesting to me. What I’m rooting for, is someone to step up and make this game much, much harder for her. (I kinda want it to be Jared)

Its hard to not like a season where Jared’s already told Cirie’s secret and Blue thinks Felicia is his mom. It’s hilarious!

That’s it for me today. Don’t give me too much shit for my Izzy love and have a great Tueaday!


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