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Big Brother 25-Recap for Monday 8/7/23

August 8, 2023 | 62 Comments
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Author: Mel

Hello BB Junkies and thanks for all the cucumber ideas! You guys are the best! Well, yesterday sure was a day in the BB house. I’ll do my best to make sense of this for those of you who don’t watch the feeds. Let’s get into it…

If you recall, I brought up a convo yesterday between Red and Cameron, where they seem to be solidifying working together. Red had already told Cirie he felt good about Cameron on a personal level a couple of days ago. Yesterday morning, Izzy and Cirie were discussing not being sure how much they trusted Red because they’d seen him with Cameron more.

I also didn’t have much detail on the Cameron and Red convo because the feeds cut for part of it. It did catch the part about them saying they needed to stick together and infiltrate both groups to split them up. These little tidbits of conversations are just a reminder and the lead up for what was to come yesterday.

Sometimes I drop in parts of convos that don’t seem relevant for that day. I usually only devote a few sentences to those. I do it because even tho its makes the recaps long, they can become relevant later. When it does, I don’t want you wondering “where the hell did that come from?” Although everything seems like a jumbled mess, you can look back and kind of see how we got here.

I already talked about Luke starting to play the game in a mini update yesterday and how the veto wasn’t used. Izzy being a hot mess was discussed too so I’ll pick it up from here. One thing I forgot to mention was how Jag was telling Reilly or someone that America looked weird while they were talking. Reilly had slipped up and said something about their 5 (the handful) in front of America. They were wondering if she picked up on it or not. With everyone trying to recruit everyone, it could become important later….or not.

Cirie filled Bowie in on the talks with Luke. Bowie gets filled in more throughout the day. Because she has very little input on things, this is probably the only shot of her you’ll get in the recap.

Kirsten said she wanta to get to know everyone before she left. (Its not like she’s given up but she knows) She said she’d hate to leave not getting to know all of them a little. Mecole, who has continued to talk to her alot, gave her straight facts. Mecole said BB is nothing like Love Island and maybe she should’ve done a little research before she got here. (This wasn’t said in a mean way tho) Since this group gamed hard from the start, I’m not surprised the 2 people who knew the show the least were on the outs the fastest. (Kirsten & Luke)

Cameron, who either wants to jump ship or infiltrate the other group, talked to Izzy. His version is he got swept up with Reilly’s crew by accident but doesn’t want to work with them. Izzy is very skeptical of him. He says he likes her, throws out working together, etc.

He talks about how he sees Reilly as a daughter (he’s only 10 yrs older) and how none of this (house split) was her fault. He’s ready to ditch the others but wants to look out for Reilly. Izzy lets him know she doesn’t give a shit about any of the Reilly stuff he just said. She told him she liked him but wasn’t sure about trusting him. (Ya, she was that blunt)

Cameron made the rounds all day telling everyone who was in the upstairs alliance and spilling EVERYTHING. It’s the same thing over and over so I’m not going to repeat it every time. In his version, he was almost trapped into it. He leaves out how he’s tried to dictate everything and how the night before, he told Reilly she needs to calm down and he’ll handle it.

Meanwhile, Luke is having some convos with Cory, Jag and Red. (Seperately) He’s starting to play the game, find himself a home and feeling everyone out. In each of these convos, they’re talking about the house divide and which direction to go. Corey doesn’t give up much and Red tells him that Jag and Jarad are a thing. Red also tells him that he thinks Cameron is wanting to defect.

Luke and Matt talked. They talked about Matt doing better in small groups or 1 on 1. Matt also said he thought the bedroom set up had alot to do with who was grouping up. (It usually does) He also thinks the game will speed up even more after the first eviction. (He’s probably right but Lord help us!)

Luke was left feeling like Jag wasn’t being honest with him. He also found out he was going to be Reilly’s replacement nom and target if the veto was used. This happened later and I think Hisam was who told him. (It’s like Cameron, I can’t repeat all these convos and it’s mostly the same thing on repeat)

Corey checked in with Cirie and Izzy and spilled his Luke info. They thought America was outside the door listening and now think she may be a spy.

Jag checked in with Reilly about the Luke talk. He told her Luke is suspicious of them and had named most of the people in their group. They’ve decided they shouldn’t try to bring him in and he needs to go. (They’ve got bigger problems)

Izzy also wanted to talk to Reilly to clear the air or something. There’s been all the talk about Izzy spreading that Reilly threw the veto comp. Bowie and Cirie gave her some advice for the talk (which she ignored) This is (at the time) what I thought would be THE talk of the day. It was a doozy but it wasn’t.

It began with the ‘I like you, I like you too’ and ‘I have a big heart’ stuff. Reliily said she hasn’t meant to avoid her but the hoh toom has been so demanding with everyone wanting to talk to her ALL the time. (She wouldn’t be in this mess if she’d actually let all those people do the talking) Reilly started to cry as she talked about the horrors of being the hoh.

Izzy gave her a hug. They beat around the bush for a while and Izzy finally said they should just cut the bullshit. She said everyone knows what’s up. She also told Reilly it was fine if people were working with people they felt comfortable with and it wasn’t a big deal. They left it with how they still want to work together but that wasn’t the vibe in the air. (Reilly wants Izzy out even more now. It’s fair since Izzy’s side wants Reilly gone too)

Izzy retold the convo to Cirie. Cirie seemed to feel bad that Reilly had cried. Izzy didn’t and said Riley only wanted to talk about herself. (Kind of true) They moved on to talking about how they may have Luke now. Izzy made a comment about how they were running shit and Cirie told her not to get too cocky.

They had a laugh over a story Jared had told Cirie when she retold it to Izzy. Apparently, Corey and Jared were talking about Felicia and Corey said to Jared, “wouldn’t it be funny if Felicia was your mom?” When Jared told this to Cirie, she told Jared “I bet your butt puckered when he said that.” (It was pretty funny)

Most hung out more in the yard and enjoyed the hot tub and lounging around. Izzy couldn’t relax too long though because she had more work to do. She needed to work on Cameron some more!

They talked again, she apologized for being so harsh earlier. They decided to work together and shook on it. She also let slip that Corey and Jared felt low on the totem pole with Reilly’s group. (How would she know this if they arn’t working together already?)

The new secret 4 of Corey, Jared, Cirie and Izzy met up to solidify working together. There was a funny moment when Cirie said to Jared, he seemed like a good boy and Corey asked her if she was getting bad boy vibes from him. (It was a cute look into Corey’s sense of humor) At the end of the chat, Cirie asked if they needed to hug, fist bump or what?

There was another talk with Cirie, Jared and Izzy. I missed some of this so I’m not sure what specific thing irritated Jared. (I think it was Izzy talking too much about targeting the other side to Cameron) Basically, he was telling Izzy she needed to calm down a little bit. (Moms had to deal with the sibling rivalry) She told Jared he had to give everyone room to be how they needed to be in the moment or something like that.

Jared is only worried Izzy’s mouth is going to get them in trouble. (It will to an extent) He told Cirie the other side was already targeting Izzy and that was why he wanted her to chill. While alone, Cirie made Jared see that he needs to let Izzy keep Izzying. She said if the target comes off of Izzy, it could end up on her. (Mama knows best) Besides, if Izzy’s already a target, is it gonna go away if she chills now?

Cameron moved on to Cirie and Felicia. He gave his same spiel about getting in with the wrong people, Reilly is like a daughter and so on. He cried, they hugged him but didn’t know what to think about it. (Keep in mind, Red has basically given Camerin an invite to join them already)

Mecole found out about Cameron joining and tried to sort it out in private. She talked to herself a little bit. She was trying to figure out who they would target next since the whole damn house was in her alliance now. She also made some comment about how Jesus was stingy passing out the common sense and maybe should’ve divided it up more evenly.

Cirie met up with her and wasn’t happy either. She said Red insisted on Cameron and Cameron was already insisting they include Reilly. (I get it, Red likes Cirie’s group but he needs a person for him in the group. This just isn’t the way for it to happen)

Mecole also clocked Cameron’s plan. She said he’s just trying to infiltrate their group for info and doesn’t want to work with him.

Cameron finally got around to telling Reilly he’d blow up their entire alliance as a favor to her. (He’s looking out for her, right?) He said she needed to go to Cirie and Felicia and tell them everything and how none of it was her fault. (Reilly is stressed ya’ll. She looks like she’s aged 5 years in the last 5 days)

So all the work they’ve done has been for nothing at this point. Reilly can’t figure out how all this happened. I actually like Reilly but she did alot of this and doesn’t see it yet. Yes, Jared told Cirie but they’d mostly pierced it together before he did. Reilly is the one who told everyone who she was working with the first day in her hoh room. She’s also the one who insisted on including Cameron in the group of 5, after she, Jag and Bue had formed the group of 3.

She’s also the one who insisted they not include Luke but definitely include Jared. This was AFTER Jared told her he was the closest to Matt and Luke so far. Jag and Blue aren’t without fault either. The 3 of them were so busy moving around chess pieces, they forgot these pieces are people who have their own interests.

Before you worry about a steamroll, remember Izzy is on the other side of the house. She talks too much too. Reilly and company know who’s working together on their side too. What Cirie’s side had going for them that Reilly’s didn’t was thinking about the math first. They weren’t discounting people and didn’t get too comfortable.

That advantage probably won’t help them tho because they now have to deal with new people in their group. This isn’t going to last either and their side is getting ready to implode too.. They’ll be starting all over before Thursday even gets here. Even people like Corey and Red, who they do feel good about, have their own agendas.

I’m curious to see how long Cirie’s group humors Red and Cameron just for numbers. Thursdays HOH comp, assuming there is one, is going to be big! I can’t wait to see how big of a mess the next HOH can make out of it. Reilly had one of the easiest HOH’s ever and it’s in shambles.

See ya later and have a great Tuesday!


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