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Big Brother 25-Recap for Saturday 8/5/23

August 6, 2023 | 90 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all! There was lots of gaming in the BB house yesterday and some funny moments too. I’m anxious to get into this one so here we go….spoilers below.

The veto was played and it sounded like Felicia came in 2nd. (Not sure tho) I missed some stuff because my mom came over for the day, her internets been out so I was catching her up on what she’d missed. If there’s holes in the recap, I’m blaming it on “moms” as Izzy has taken to saying. (It’s what she calls Cirie while talking to Jared) I’m starting to think her entire game is based around knowing Cirie and Jared are related.

Hisam won the veto. He’d originally said he’d use it on Felicia but that’s off the table now. He may have been leaning that way already but Izzy sealed it with her paranoia. After the veto, Izzy claimed Reilly admitted to throwing the comp. She also insinuated Reilly let her know that she’d be backdooring Cirie if the veto was used.

This naturally created a bit of a stir in the comic room. Cirie realized her good pal Felicia was gonna have to stay sitting on that block. If you recall, Izzy and Hisam planned to use a veto and convince Reilly to put Corey back on the block if they had the chance. (I doubt this was even an option and it wasn’t gonna happen even if it was) They still wanted Kirsten out but felt Corey could use another scare since they don’t like him.

This was forgotten after Jared spilled the 8 person alliance to them. (Family Style) Since Corey was in it, Reilly wasn’t gonna do anything for them. Reilly’s also told almost everyone Luke would’ve been the one to go up.

They knew this too because Cirie talked about needing to try and pull Luke into their group for numbers since the other side didn’t want him. I think this was posted yesterday but heres a visual of the house divide by @Nowbz.

Cirie and Felicia had a chat with Reilly to fill her out and confirm Felicia was still safe. Felicia also bluntly asked her who she trusted and had an alliance with…and Reully answered. She didn’t spill the 8 but she said Jag, Blue and Corey. I love this shot of these ladies sitting there with their legs crossed pretty much interrogating Reilly. (Let’s just say Reilly hasn’t understoodd who had the power position this week)

Jared checked in with Reilly too. He mentioned something about next week and she told him she had already been figuring out the next 3 weeks. Haha (Girl, your power has ended)

After Izzy stirred everything up, Jared figured out that none of it was true. He told Cirie that Izzy needed to calm down. Izzy finally acknowledged Reilly hadn’t exactly TOLD her anything. It was more of a feeling she got from her. (Hahaha) Oh, we’re not done with Izzy and her frantic style of gaming. On a 1 to 10 scale, Izzy plays at around a 39. (It’s amusing to watch)

Reilly went over again how much she loved and trusted Cirie and Felisha blah, blah, blah. Later, Cirie said if she was trusted so much, why wasn’t she in the 8 person alliance Reilly made?

Meanwhile, Reilly was starting to get wound up a bit herself. (I think she realized her power was gone) She’s been having her head filled with ideas of having the game locked down, steamrolling, etc. She’s done some of this on her own but a lot of it’s came from Cameron too. He keeps telling her the other side is a disorganized mess and are sitting ducks. He refuses to believe they have eyeballs and have observed who’s practically lived in the HOH room the past couple days. He also can’t fathom anyone else having the idea of starting their own alliance.

I made a comment a couple of days ago how I maybe thought I didn’t like Cameron but I couldn’t figure out why. It’s confirmed, I don’t care for Cameron. It’s early and maybe that will change but I don’t care if it does or not. I like 16 people on a 17 person cast, I’ll call that a win. I don’t like his arrogance, his cockiness, the way he speaks to people, the way he speaks about people, acting like he’s the HOH and….he seems a bit possessive of Reilly. (Granted, my read on this maybe completely wrong. It’s just what I’m feeling at the moment)

Kirsten had her own talk with Reilly. It was mostly fluff and it didn’t go anywhere but I appreciate her not giving up. I also want to point out that people like Izzy and Hasim have talked as if Kirsten was crazy for some of the ideas she was putting out. Now that Jared has exposed the 8 person alliance, I haven’t noticed anyone acknowledging that Kirsten had it almost correct. I get it because it’s either her or Felicia at this point, so it doesn’t matter if she was right or not.

Red has finally been brought more into the comic room alliance. No, they don’t have a name but it’s where they hang out (Red sleeps there) and it’s the extra people that bye bye bitches are trying to bring in. The groupings are kind of weird anyway because traditionally you would look at BBB as the core alliance with the others as spare parts. I’m not convinced it’s going to play out that way because even though Mecole and Bowie are in BBB, Cirie and Izzy seem closer to Hasim. Jared is obviously also more in than those two.

Jared told Cirie that if she wasn’t in the house, he’d probably roll with the family style 8 for a while because they’re the more athletic group who’s likely to win more comps. He said they’re liars and snakes though and is more comfortable being with her side of the house.

The people in the Comic room are taking a little heat for hanging out in there so much. They’re planning to make more of an effort to do it less but Cirie was funny. She was talking about it to Red and wondered why the large group hanging out in the HOH group was so worried about her tiny little group downstairs. She made a point to slip it in the convo with Reilly that she just goes back there sometimes to decompress from all the house activity. She said it was the only place to do it since it’s where she sleeps. (They could all get by with it more if Izzy and Felicia weren’t ran up Cirie’s ass constantly!)

Izzy, who has way too much energy and needed an outlet for it, came up with a new plan. Instead of disliking Corey, she decided she was going to “steal him from the other side.” She talked about this with Jared And immediately put the pla into action. They want to convince Corey to make a secret 4 with Jared, Corey, Cirie and Izzy.

I don’t know how sincere Corey was because he’s a gamer but on the outside, he was pretty receptive to it and Izzy actually did a good job.

Jared is trying to bond with Corey over both being aware that they were late additions to the 8. While talking with Jared, Corey even referred to the 8 as “the douche bags upstairs.” They discussed Jared trying to pull in Cirie and Corey pulling in Izzy to form something.

Corey filled Jared in on Cirie’s Survivor experience. Jared said he hadn’t watched it. Corey said he considered her in the top 10 of all time players, said she’s very loyal and the people she works with win the game. He said her lack of comp skills hold her back so she’d be a great person to work with. Since it appeared Corey had just wanted her out, I don’t know if he changed his mind or if this is all bullshit. It may be a mix because I don’t see Corey wanting Cirie to get too far into the game but he’s a smart guy. He knows he was a late addition to his new alliance and he’s looking for other options. (This is just my take)

A fire has really been lit under Hasim’s nether region. He’s getting in really tight with Cirie, Izzy and Felicia. He’s been working on a side thing with Blue. (That one’s good and bad. Good because Blue is sincere, bad because Blue spilled it to Cameron)

Hasim worked on both Jag and Red too trying to form something too. Hasim wants something on the side with Jag. Red wants a 4 person alliance with Red, Hasim, Izzy and Cirie. (Its alot this first week!)

He also has this weird dislike of Corey. It appeared to solidify a couple days ago when Corey tried to talk game with Hasim. The convo didn’t go well and Hasim’s disliked him ever since. (This is one of those funny ones tho like Turner and Jasmine or Steve’s dislike of Becky on BB17) It’s honestly very funny because Corey doesn’t like him either so it works.

While talking with the women in his group, Hasim was accidentally saying ‘Cody’ instead of Corey. After being corrected, Hasim said he guessed he hadn’t bothered to learn his name or remember it because “subconsciously, I hate him.” The room erupted in laughter and it WAS pretty funny. He also said Luke’s name as Kyle in this convo. I actually thought this one was funny because I’ve been getting Kyle vibes from Luke since the beginning!

They got the backyard for the first time last night and everyone was thrilled. I always like to see the first time they get to go outside. Yesterday didn’t disappoint because Felicia fell in the hot tub, mic and all.

Someone, not realizing she’d fallen, yelled out “we were told we’re not allowed to use the hot tub,” She wasn’t hurt so it was hilarious! It was a flashback to BB10. Jerry, the oldest male to ever play, fell in the pool and now Felicia, the oldest woman to ever play, has falling in the hot tub.

I know it’s the first week but I’m finding my favorite part of the day, so far, is seeing what Felicia is saying, eating, doing and her color choice for clothing. (So far, Red takes the top spot for wanting to know they’re outfit choice of the day tho) Mesh…its a choice.

Felicia’s already lost a mic in the hot tub and the toilet and we’re in the first week! I read on Twitter that this will be her 4th mic but if true, I’m missing what happened to one of them. Regardless, she’s a hilarious mess and I’m loving it!

Hair tools were delivered for the women and they were very happy about it.

Cirie and Izzy talked about the vote if the other side decides to keep Kirsten. They said they’d be fine since Jared would secretly vote with them. Izzy started planning for ways to avoid talking about the votes and said people always ask. Cirie said “I’m grown. Don’t asked me about my vote.” (Problem solved, lol)

Jag told Reilly Izzy thinks she threw the veto and Cirie has recognized Izzy is becoming too much. We’ll have to wait and see where all these pieces fall.

UPDATE: I finished the recap, hopped online aaannnnnnd….Cirie was talking to Corey about the 4 of Jared, Corey, Izzy and herself. It seems to have worked!

Meanwhile, Izzy is running around telling people Corey needs to be the next one to go! Hahaha

Have a great rest of your Sunday!


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