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Big Brother 25-Recap for Sunday 8/6/23

August 7, 2023 | 23 Comments
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Author: Mel

Hello all! We had more hard gaming, spiraling emotions from a few, a bikini photo shoot and “Another One Bites The Dust” on Felicia’s mic count. That sums up yesterday in the BB house. There should be a veto ceremony today which should also be uneventful but we’ll have to wait and see.

Everyone better keep a blank face tho with this cast. There was alot of talk after the un-nom ceremony about Kirsten being sad (shocker!) and Corey “smirking.” From the episode, it didn’t look like much of a smirk to me. I was going to screenshot it but found this on Twitter instead. Apparently, this is the expression so many people got their underwear in a knot over:

Zach is Corey’s brother, who was on Survivor. He’s funny on Twitter and was long before Corey was cast on BB. He’s also running Corey’s account and he’s funny on there too. (This is for anyone who spends time dodging the land mines on Twitter) If you do, Zack is a good follow.

Here’s some eye candy for those interested as they waited around for the photo shoot:

I thought having the yard would give them some breathing room and they could settle down a bit. Spoiler alert: that’s not what happened. Even with more space, rabid squirrels will still be squirrely. People did branch out more and start talking to people who aren’t already in their groups. They’re still playing at a super high pace. Most of the convos were centered around trying to steal people from other groups or lock in a couple of people they figure don’t have anyone yet.

Luke, who’d been looking like the next target, is now someone both sides feel they need to grab. Even Reilly, who was already tossing his name out, may have seen the light. She’s starting to panic over numbers and realized she shouldn’t be so quick to toss the extra people aside. (More on that later though)

Besides, if you’re into speculation, (you know who you are, haha) Luke could be 2 votes. If you don’t already know, there’s been wild speculation on Twitter that Luke is a twin. (Hey, we don’t know yet that he isn’t)

Anyway, Luke, Corey and Red are becoming hot items in the BB house because they’re needed for numbers. Cirie’s side has know this but Reilly’s side is catching on too. That’s the theme of this recap, if there is one. It’s all about numbers. Well, there’s 2 of them. Numbers and BIG mouths.

Every season takes on its own unwritten rules for the house. Think of seasons like BB21,where no matter how bad the fighting became, they always had taco Tuesdays together. You had the 2nd all stars in BB22, where “untouchables” was tossed around all the time. People felt comfortable telling other people who their untouchable person was in the house.

This year, I guess you have to spill every member of your alliance if someone asks “who are you comfortable with” or “who do you feel good about?” It’s been hilariously messy!

America is playing a really good game so far:

Felicia told Mecole about asking Reilly who she was working with and Reilly actually answering. She said next time she’s just going to go in and name off the people and then ask “what’s your alliance name” to see if she gets an answer.

Felicia also took a lot of shit yesterday for falling in the hot tub the night before. There’s been some funny speculation about how much money Felicia is going to owe production. Hasim and Jared joked about her stipend being used up every week just to replace the cost of the mics. (I (I read this so I cant take credit for it but someone said Felicia could be the 1st hg to leave owing BB money) Yes, if you haven’t guessed, Felicia lost another mic to the toilet yesterday.

Hasim had the best idea and said production needed to get her a fanny pack for it.

Hasim has been counting everything in the house already. He’s been encouraging the others to do the same.

Cirie’s group (BBB) has been working on who they’d try to get out next. (The name is the Professors now. Maybe BB made them change it so Julie doesnt have to say “bitches” every week) This group has had a different approach than Reilly’s. She was looking to pick off outsiders and not rock the boat. Cirie’s group wants to figure out who the strongest player and the glue is to get rid of that person. Between Hasim, Izzy, Felicia and Cirie, they feel like its Reilly. (It’s actually Jag but I like him so I hope they don’t figure it out too soon) So far, the consensus seems to be some combination of Jag, Riley or Cameron as the next target.

After Izzy and Jared put work in with Corey, Cirie stepped in and went to work too. I like the way she approached him. Instead of asking him to work with her, she asked him to not count her out as someone he may want to work with. (It makes the other person feel like they have the power) They agreed they could have a secret 4 of the two of them plus Jared and Izzy. Meanehile, Izzy was downstairs already saying that Corey needed to go. Haha (At first glance, Corey looks naked. Who remembers Holly’s nude leggings on BB21?)

Corey also talked to her about Hasim and said he didn’t feel like they’d connected at all. (Understatement of the year!) Cirie told him she’d do what she could to work on him but suggested Corey talk to him again. She said Hasim was a straight shooter and Corey shouldn’t lie to him or try to bullshit him. Corey told her he didn’t feel any loyalty to the HOH group, he only felt he owed Reilly a favor back, only her. Cirie suggested he tell the same to Hasim.

Corey tried it again with Hasim and it didn’t go well. It may not have anyway but I think it stood a chance if Cirie planted seeds to Hasim before Izzy kept pushing for him to go. They got him to soften up with Jared after a bit of work.

Kirsten found out Jared and Felicia had more to do with making her a target than she’d known. She teared up a little bit but pulled it together to make the most of the day.

I always feel bad for the first one out when they already know it’s probably going to happen. I mean, I don’t feel that bad because someone has to go but it still gets to me a little. I picture myself being there knowing my fate and trying to still have fun with the group. Not only have you lost your chance at the money, you’re having to socialize, pretend to be happy, all while getting a small taste of what you’re going to be missing out on for the next few months. She’s doing her best.

Kirsten didn’t play any harder than some of the others. She just happened to get caught while she was already on the block. I actually wish she didn’t have to go but with rumored battle backs this year, maybe she’ll be back. (I agree with the idea that some may go to Juie’s nether region and wait for a comp to get back in)

Izzy, Blue and Hasim have something on the side. Izzy’s also been telling everyone that Blue is the next “chaos agent” after Reilly. That’s the term she was initially using for Kirsten. Izziy told Hasim she was completely done with Blue and didn’t trust her. He agreed, they sort of made a final 2 but I have no idea if one or both of them are lying to the other.

Cirie and Reliiy talked and Reilly assured her again the plan had never changed. Kirsten was always the target and she’d never had any backdoor ideas. Later, Cirie spoke with Izzy and asked it they could’ve just been paranoid. (No, Izzy was paranoid and you bought in for a while) This image isn’t related, I just liked it:

Izzy has finally realized she may need to take it down a notch. She hasn’t yet but did say she didn’t want to be Josh from BB19. (So far, no notches have been lowered)

Hasim had his talk with Reilly, she wants noms left, he does too and so on.

Luke and Jared talked. He finally woke up, realized he was in the BB house and now he’s paranoid. (He should be) Jared told him he was fine, said he needed to socialize more and suggested he try integrating himself with the older group. (Plan to swoop up Luke or Luke’s twin is in action)

Matt has talked to some about having more difficulty than he thought he would. He’s said he has 50% hearing in one ear and 20% in the other while wearing hearing aids. He does fine in 1 on 1 convos. With groups, he can’t keep up and it’s becoming a problem. (Naturally, since these people ALL talk over each other. My hearing isn’t impaired and I can’t make out half this shit)

I’ll give this to Izzy, she always looks directly at Matt when she talks to him. Some of the others don’t. (No, this image isn’t Izzy and Matt but whatever. Again, I just liked it)

Izzy went to Cirie and now she’s paranoid over Hasim. She’d asked him to wait to talk with Blue but he did it anyway or something like that. They talked more about needing Corey for now.

A shot of Mecole:

America and Mecole made some kind of deal with each other. I don’t know if it’s a ‘watch each others back’ or an alliance yet.

Cirie got paranoid after going into the kitchen and seeing the talk stop. She asked Bowie about it and Bowie told her it was actually over Luke being paranoid and acting weird. (Red confirmed this to Cirie later)

Luke spoke with Reilly and she gave him some game advice. (You know, like “wake up, you’re in the BB house!”) He accidentally insulted her a bit by telling her she was smarter than she looked. (Haha) Reilly repeats everything 500 times when it’s real game talk and speaks in generic terms whe she doesn’t want to work with someone. Generic was what Luke got from her.

Cameron said he and Red needed to work from the inside to break up both groups. (Cameron may have seen he isn’t running the show finally) Red agreed with him. Again, I dont know if it’s sincere yet. They do have a bond but Red seems pretty integrated with Cirie. Then again, Red’s smart enough to know he needs side stuff of his own.

Cameron with straight hair:

Back to Luke…Luke’s a REALLY bad player if he’s worse than Reilly. I would NOT be taking her advice. Don’t get me wrong, I like her but wow! She’s given up her entire game, all her future plans and her alliances. (So has half her alliance tho)

Reilly and Matt:

Not only that, she’s sat up in the HOH room talking about weeks 3, 4 and 5 and saying she’s got Cirie in her pocket. She’s made comments like “no one’s going to go against me because I’m the HOH.” She did a way too obvious job of trying to throw the veto comp and so much more. I also dont know what this is either. I guess Jag is riding Reilly?

After finding out from Jag, she hadn’t actually convinced Izzy when she told her she didn’t try to throw the comp, Reilly began to unravel. They even debated on trying to take out Izzy. They feel she’s the ring leader on the other side. Reilly said she couldn’t because it would make her a bigger target. (Good luck getting Hasim to go along anyway)

There was some freaking out feom realizing what the other side is doing. It was a wake up call for Reilly, Jag and Cameron to find out they weren’t the only ones playing the game. None of them realize they give up SO much when they talk game.

Reilly filled America and Blue in on her convo with Luke. She said he’s paranoid and needs to go. America kept pushing for the idea of trying to get him out this week and working with Kirsten. Reilly pushed back and said she won’t do that to Felicia.

Izzy’s still on her power trip but with no power. She told both Jared and Cirie she isn’t a fan girl and she’s sincere with them. Cirie said she knows it and knows she’s keeping a big secret. (Izzy brings up knowing the secret alot. It’s starting to feel like blackmail instead of a working relationship)

Izzy also talked game with Luke. She talked about the need to vote together and about next week and wanting to take the power from the other side. Luke said she was the first one to speak to him that way. (It was very different from Reillys convo)

Jag and Reilly finally got to catch up on game. They’re worried about Luke and said Izzy is trying to take him. She also didn’t like how Hasim seemed to know who she was working with in the game. (They finally figured out the other side has eyes!!) Jag was even trying to sneak out of the hoh room. (Sorry, that ships sailed) Reilly said she hasn’t had time to think before answering people since she’s been swarmed this week. She still doesnt understand how her alliance is being figured out.

Random pic:

Look, I know Jared being there is an advantage for Cirie. However, Jared isn’t the reason the alliances are being pieced together. I truly believe if you removed Jared from the situation, this would be happening anyway. Between Izzy, Reilly, Blue and Cameron, it would’ve all been exposed. Add to that, the amount of time Hasim and Felicia spends with Cirie, that would be obvious too. Jag may not give up as much but it’s still obvious who he’s working with. He said himself that he hadn’t socialized enough with the other people.

I’m sure I missed a ton but it’s all moving too fast at the moment. As for the episode, I’m loving less DR screamers so far and Cirie is a natural.

They are so messy but it’s making for a fun first week. I actually get a little anxiety watching Izzy work. It’s somehow both entertaining and stressful. If she could find her on an off switch for gaming, she could actually be a good player. She can be effective in certain situations but she wants to talk game 24/7. People who do that tend to spill too much because you can’t possibly have enough important things to discuss constantly. For filler and to hear your own voice, you end up spilling too much. Reilly, Jared and Blue have the same problem. (Jared has toned it down tho)

That’s it for me today. Have a great Monday!


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