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Big Brother 25- Recap for Thursday 8/24/23

August 25, 2023 | 22 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies! The pressure cooker is still going on so I almost didn’t do a recap. I didn’t want to mess up the threads so after reading this, you can just go back to the prior thread for comp updates. Hopefully, it won’t be long because I’m tired. I dozed off for a few hours last night and have to bid a job this morning so there isn’t much in the tank at the moment.

Jared mentioned to Cirie and Felicia that Cameron hadn’t bothered to pack and it pissed them off. They began talking about wanting to send him home because he was being too cocky.

Felicia started trying to flip the vote again. Cirie was briefly on board but it was mostly Felicia. Cory, using common sense, (unfortunately for fun feeds) shut it down again. He told them Cameron packed at the last minute the week before too. It was still being discussed when the feeds went down for the live show.

It didn’t seem like it would happen tho because Felicia was the only one pushing for it. For Cirie and Izzy, it came down to having Jag, Matt, Blue and Red against them if the took out Cameron. They didn’t feel like Hisam’s comp ability would offset having 4 new people going against them. (True) Felicia told Hisam she didn’t think it was going to happen so he wasn’t blindsided twice in one week.

Red apologized to Hasim yesterday morning. He’d asked Hisam to be quiet the night before when he was trying to sleep. I guess Hisam’s laugh was keeping him up. (Red’s the one who told him to enjoy his last couple of days there and that’s all Hisam was doing)

Izzy brought up the end game to Cory and he took the opportunity to start working on her. He was careful about what he said but it still may have been too much. He didn’t say anything about wanting to get rid of Cirie and Jared but he did say, neither he nor Izzy could beat them. It was vague but they agreed they could talk about it again with each other.

Hisam was evicted and Julie got to have her big Cirie/Jared reveal moment. I liked Hisam’s response of “why?” (Hisam, we’ve wondered the same) I’ll also say it was another really good episode. That 2 in a row!

I noticed some things during the dumb shout outs last night. Jared shouted out his girlfriend or ex girlfriend and said “love you.” I don’t know what the status is with them but Kenzo is the person he’s talked about missing to Cirie and she also has his dog while he’s on BB.

Cory’s shout outs aren’t as annoying. He’s shouted out a different person in his family each week but only one. (Thank you Cory)

Julie announced voting for a power and the pressure cooker began. I’m so glad they got Kaysar to do an intro for it. The only thing that could’ve made it better would’ve been if the hg’s had actually known who he was or known about the pressure cooker. America, Cory and I think Meme knew. I think Cirie knew who Kaysar was but not the comp.

The original:

Kaysar in the original PC:

The biggest difference in this pressure cooker vs the last one Is the darkness and the lack of having a Howie. Howie was the outgoing hoh on BB6 and kept talking shit to some of them and bring out snacks and things to try and lure them out of the box.

The new version:

Throughout the night, they passed up times for most of the longest running comps. They’ve now passed BB18’s Dub Step, BB8’s Bunny Hop and BB5’s button holding comp where Diane beat Jace. (I don’t remember what that one was called) That one lasted over 9 hours. They only comp left that went longer is the original pressure cooker. Will they beat it too?

Felicia made snacks, cleaned up the kitchen and watch the comp on the living room screen. She said “who would want to watch this shit? It’s a dumb competition.” (Haha)

Cirie and Jared were the first out. Izzy may have gotten distracted by dancing or she may not have wanted Cirie to go anywhere without her. Either way, she was out next and the 3 of them were allowed to leave the PC.

Jared told them about something Hisam had said to him and Cirie wasn’t happy. Hasim had told Jared not to trust them. Cirie wanted to know why he hadn’t told them about it, especially when they were still thinking about keeping him. Jared said he’d told them to “trust him” about needing Hasim to go.

Izzy sat there awkwardly while it happened. (You know she secretly loved it)

Cirie let him know, that’s not good enough. She said he needed to back up his opinion with the actual information. She also said he needed to pass on info a bit faster. She mentioned how he didn’t tell them about Cameron saying he’d go after Izzy and Cirie for a couple of days. (She’s right, alot can happen in a couple of days!) He’s too occupied with Blue to be bothered with sharing game info.

He wasn’t very happy to be scolded and especially, in front of his sister. He appeared irritated and went to pout, I mean, lay down.

Felicia, Izzy, Cirie and even Jared let their paranoia take hold again. They talked about the way Bowie was only making conversation with Red and Cameron during the comp. Izzy was bothered by how much she despises Red and Cameron and apparently, their hair makes her angry now too. Felicia thinks Cory needs to go soon and doesn’t trust him anymore for some reason. (I think it’s because he shut down her save Hisam plan) Jared was also convinced he is the back door target for the week. (Keep in mind we don’t even have an HOH yet)

I’m wondering if the conspiracy theories about Re,d Cameron and Jag secretly working together will end after today. With this group, they probably won’t but they should. There’s a reason Cameron and Jag are both still in the comp. If they were secretly trying to take out Cirie and Izzy, why are they still in it?

Poor Jag, having to compete in the chicken costume:

Izzy, who can’t keep her mouth shut, even when it could benefit her, told Cirie the conversation she’d had with Cory about their end game. She told him he’d mentioned getting rid of Jared and Cirie at 7. (That’s not exactly what he said) Cirie said she’d have to worry about Cory later.

Bowie is also out, followed by Matt and Red at the time I’m writing this post. It sounded like Matt’s card was to open something that released flies but they were dead. (The end of the episode was funny when America said she thought they released mosquitos the last time, haha) Red won some kind of home entertainment center and Bowie won an actual pressure cooker. I’m assuming the beer Jared and Cirie drank came from their cards. (In BB6, Beau got alot more alcohol, got drunk and annoyed everyone still competing)

Meme hanging in there:

Cameron tossed out deal making some hours ago. He asked when they’d want to start it and America told him, maybe in 10 hours. Bowie brought up the button app thing America competed in with Mr. Beast a couple years ago. America retold the story and about how she made it for 46 hours and came in 14th.

Jared’s complaining about Izzy again to Cirie:

Cory told everyone Kaysar had won the pressure cooker during BB6 and about how he had to shave his head. (Wrong and wrong) I didn’t know if he did this to mess with them and make them worry about having to do something like that or if he just got it mixed up.

Cory, Blue and Jag are also out after 12 hours but they has to wait for 1 more before they can leave the PC:

I’m guessing the hg’s will get to sleep after the comp and noms will happen really late today. Ita just a guess tho. It’s down to America and Meme and Cameron. I’m not even sure who i’d like to see win it. (Probably America) What i’d really like, is for someone to target Jared, but I can’t think of a scenario where that would happen right now. Cory is a have not and has to pick 2 other people. Theyll get PB&J this week. Cory asked Jag but I don’t know if he answered. (This could be good for Jags game if he got closer to Cory)

Regardless of the new hoh, I’m expecting another week of paranoia and maybe more alliances. I mean, Cirie doesn’t have one yet with Julie, the BB announcer, Orwell the Owl or Zingbot.

Have a great weekend!


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