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Big Brother 25- Recap for Tuesday 8/8/23

August 9, 2023 | 14 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning, It looks like we finally had a calmer day in the BB house. There was still plenty of gaming going on but it didn’t have all the crazy energy as the day before. They’d been going at a break neck speed so something had to give, right? Everything’s still shifting in the house as people try to find a place to hide leading into the next hoh.

A couple people have given Kirsten some campaigning advice (even Luke) but mostly, they’re planning for next week as if she’s already gone. America suggested she point out that she’d be a target for people going forward, therefore she’d be a shield for everyone. It won’t help but it was good advice.

Kirsten tried to sit down with Cirie to clear the air. She’d heard Cirie was bothered by some comments Kirsten had made. I think it was Kirsten blaming her situation on hanging out in the Comic room.

She’d hoped to talk to Cirie alone but Izzy wasn’t gonna let that happen. (When the seasons over, Cirie will either have to go ahead an adopt Izzy or get a restraining order. It’s one or the other)

Some words were exchanged but it all worked out:

Izzy having a meltdown because Cirie gave someone else some attention?

There’s already some major sibling rivalry going on:

Reilly continued to be emotional and cried alot. After Cameron blew up her whole game, who wouldn’t? As I’ve mentioned, she caused alot of it herself but she couldn’t have planned for someone like Cameron. (I’ve gotten real Beast Mode Cowboy and Amber vibes from this situation)

Cameron’s feeling pretty smug now that he has the whole game figured out:

Cameron spent the first half of her HOH telling Reilly to calm down every time she had a thought and wanted to express it. Next, he blew up the alliance to ‘help’ her. After that, he told her everyone saw her only as a shomance person and how she should avoid Matt. (Cameron was the only one tossing that around) He’s doing this “I’m the only one who can help you so just be quiet, sit there, look pretty and listen to me.” It’s a little creepy and unfortunately, it’s working. Cameron says things like “don’t make me say things to you that make you cry.” (I’m also over the father figure bullshit. Dude, you’re only 10 years older)

Run Reilly!!

The older group downstairs isn’t buying it at least. Cameron got away with taking over Reilly’s hoh but Cirie had a different take after Cameron gave the women in the Comic room his spiel. Cirie said “I don’t like Cameron. You’ve come into my house, kicked your shoes off on my white carpet, moved the coffee table around so you can spread out and then start telling me how to raise my kids. Then you say my cousins are coming over too.”

Reilly isn’t doing herself any favors. Because she keeps hearing she’s the next target, she wants to hide in the hoh room. She knows she should be downstairs socializing but doesn’t feel comfortable. (Part of the problem is, she hung out too much in the hoh room BEFORE everything blew up) Look, she didn’t kill anyone, she just talked too much, started an alliance and got a bit of hohitis. I actually feel a little bad for her.

At least, the BBB alliance is on to Cameron with the infiltrating stuff. (I don’t want to spell out Bye Bye Bitches every time but when I abbreviate, I just see it and think ‘Better Business Bureau’) Cirie and Izzy have tried telling Hisam they can’t trust Cameron. He said he agreed but I don’t think he does yet. They found out Red was telling too much info so they may be sharing less with him going forward.

Have I mentioned that Izzy doesn’t seem to understand personal space?

Cirie and Izzy have decided to start telling Hisam less. They feel like he’s too close to Red at the moment. Bowie seems to like Red and Cameron too so I think she could be left out of even more moving forward.

I like Hasim but he’s one step away from saying “we’re the good people.” He’s already brought up how their group is playing for a greater purpose, an older person needs to win and how they’re more kind to each other, etc.

Reilly spoke with Cirie and Cirie gave her the mom treatment. Reilly said she didn’t want people thinking she divided the house or was a ringleader. Cirie said she has friends on the other side and she hadn’t heard her name as the target next week. (lie) She also hugged her while she cried. Cirie wants to play the game but she genuinely doesn’t want Reilly to be so upset.

Jared also spent time with Reilly. They agreed talking with Cirie and Felicia more would help. Reilly said they feel like her mom’s. Jared said they made him feel the same way. (Haha) She filled him in on the meeting she’d had with Izzy, the one where Izzy told her to ‘cut the bullshit.’ Jared tried to push the target more on Hasim and less on Izzy. For now, she still thinks Hisam and Izzy both need to go.

Kirsten told Mecole about her talk with Cirie. She said she didn’t want Izzy in the convo but every time anyone tries to talk to Cirie, Izzy has to be in the middle of it. (True)

Jared met up with Izzy and Cirie. He said he thinks he has the target off Izzy. (He doesn’t) He confirmed again that Cameron can’t be trusted and also said to watch out for Blue. He found out she doesn’t want to win the next hoh since she knows Hasim and Izzy may be the targets. She doesn’t want to be the one to do it.

Cirie was feeling bad for Reilly but Jared still wants Reilly to be targeted. He told Cirie that Jag and Matt would do whatever she wanted. He feels like that makes her dangerous. He also feels like she did some of this to herself by closing herself off in the hoh room so much. (True) Jared said she’s upset now but if she got power, she’d do the same thing again.

Blue already has her fake 3 with Hisam and Izzy. (She thinks) Now, she wants one with Hisam and Jag. (Jag and Blue are playing the game about 3 days behind) However, Jag may be figuring out that Jared is the one leaking info from their group. I mean, they know Cameron did but Jag seems to be suspicious of Jared too now. They still think Cameron is on their side and only giving up info to help them. (Make it make sense!)

Cory, after a talk with Cameron, confirmed to Mecole that Cameron isn’t trustworthy. It isn’t anything new, as much as it’s confirmation for what they’ve already been thinking. Cory’s been moving around the house alot more. He’s getting in with BBB, has a side thing with Mecole but is still working his relationship with Reilly.

Part of why I think Hasim isn’t worried about Cameron and Red is his dislike of Cory. It seems he doesn’t like that Cory appears to be getting more comfortable in the house. (A bit of tunnel vision) Ya, that game talk they had was short lived. He kept telling Cirie that Cory needed to go.

Jag, realizing he hadn’t been talking enough to the people outside his 8, has started trying to remedy the situation. He’s been letting his hair down….literally.

Cirie asked Hasim to go have a talk with Reilly. She said not about game, just on a human level and he agreed to do it. He said he didn’t want her feeling ostracized either.

Hasim also checked in with Kirsten to make sure she was ok. Red gave her a pep talk the day before and even tho she’s still leaving, at least she’s not being treated like shit, the way it is on so many seasons. (Older cast, more life experience)

Cameron told Cory now that he’s done all the work, they can relax until the next hoh. (Haha, I hope he leaves with a blind side)

There was some late hammock talk and the have nots could finally eat again. Speaking of have nots, Jared told Cirie that if she got have nots, he’d take it for her. Izzy, not one to let Jared be the favorite child, said she’d volunteer too so Cirie wouldn’t have to do it. Cirie just laughed and told them she’d be fine. She said she’d gone days without eating and would be fine with the oatmeal. (Did they forget their mothers history?)

Some recent quotes for the day:

Reilly: I feel like they’re my moms.” Jared: “That’s how I feel!”

Luke: “Thanks for the hat Reilly. I’m gonna keep the mother fucking hat and you’re not getting it back. It’s my fucking hat now.”

Felicia: “They told me it’s ok if I don’t take my mic in the bathroom anymore.”

Cameron: “I’m not playing Dan’s game, I’m not playing Wills game…” (no shit?)

Izzy: ” I should do my emu impression.” Blue: “my friend has an emu.”

Felicia finally made it a full 24 hours without destroying a mic! Production did have it wrapped in plastic tho. Haha

Felicia has also asked production for some Teavana tea bags. She didn’t like the cheap ass Kroger ones. She said it was the 25th season so they could splurge for the good ones. (She said this to the overhead cams outside that we watch from, not in the DR) I love this woman!

Take care everyone and have a great Wednesday!


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