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Big Brother 25-Thursday Recap for 11/02/23

November 3, 2023 | 9 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning, This won’t be the most riveting recap today. Last night ended in disappointment for many of us but we have to keep it moving so here we go…


The hg’s went into lockdown earlier than usual yesterday and it caused some paranoia….or did it? Apparently, the mix of an early lockdown and the clippers being put in the storage room caused some speculation. This made no sense to them because they hadn’t requested the clippers, so Bowie decided, it must mean they were having another double eviction.

Jag chimed in too and also thought maybe it would be a double. Jag, Bowie and Matt had previously discussed trying to convince Felicia they were having another double eviction to make her nervous so this was probably a fake assumption. Maybe not though because Bowie said she hoped it really was another double. She said it would be great if it could just be the 3 of them in the house all week. (I agreed with her because I could just turn off the feeds and take a break for a few days)

Felicia using the clippers to help Bowie. (Bowie’s very trusting, that’s all I can say):

Matt pretended to Cirie that Bowie and Jag weren’t communicating with him very much. I’m guessing he was laying the groundwork to continue acting like he wasn’t in on the plan. Cirie’s not stupid, she knew the vibe was off and I’m pretty sure she knew she was leaving. She told him if she was the one leaving, she’d be rooting for him. I think that’s true, especially if Felicia is gone.

Matt and Jag both gave Cirie one of their hoh photos to keep. She’s talked about making a scrapbook. I’m sure she is but the photo thing started when she wanted to keep one of Jared’s. She may have needed an excuse for keeping it. After they gave them to her, Cirie said she knew she was leaving. (True, no need to do it yesterday if she was staying)

Matt told Bowie and Jag that Cirie thought she may be leaving. Matt said both Felicia and Cirie had noticed they weren’t making eye contact with them. Bowie was frustrated over this because she wanted the surprise. (Maybe don’t be so obvious?)

Live show:

The jury segment was kind of bland. I’m not sure what I was expecting but that wasn’t it. The only standout moments for me was Cameron saying Jag was his guy. While in the house, Cameron only worked with Jag because Matt came as a package deal. Maybe that’s changed because Jag keeps winning comps and comps are what Cameron thinks makes a good player. It could also be one of those misleading clips that are edited. (Yes, they do that and I’m not just speculating) Another moment was listening to Blue say she was the biggest comp threat left in the house. (delusional)

I’m not surprised they didn’t show how Bowie, Matt and Jag have behaved this week. Having said that, I think it was pretty low, even for production, to portray Felicia the way they did last night. They made it appear like she was playing a very below the belt game and using Matt’s hearing against him.

Cirie was evicted to no one’s surprise. (not even hers) It may cost Jag the win but he got to give Cirie payback for blindsiding him this season. I hope it was worth it. I was glad Jag outed Matt about not knowing Cirie was leaving in his goodbye message. I don’t know if she picked up on it or not and truthfully, I don’t even know if it would matter to her. She likes Matt more.

Where we started:

Where we ended:

I thought it was interesting to hear Cirie say Jared complicated her game, rather than helped it, when Julie asked the question. We’ve always known that but it was confirmation that she knew it too.

We need to remember, Cirie saw the game differently than we did. We only looked at it from the perspective of Jared helping Cirie or not. Cirie looked at it as her helping Jared. He was the one that applied and wanted to be on the show. She was added after the fact. It’s why she volunteered to go on the block and leave over him, if it ever became necessary.

We knew why Red was evicted over Jag and knew it wasn’t Cirie’s first choice. It was just good to get the confirmation. Jared told unnecessary lies to Red and it would’ve hurt his game if Red was able to stay and get to the bottom of it. Red was loyal to Cirie and it wasn’t good for her to lose him that early. I still think if Jared had never been there, Cirie could’ve won the game. (No, I’m not saying she would’ve, I’m saying she could’ve) I’ll just say Jared was a bad player, Izzy drew too much attention to them and neither Felicia or Matt was loyal to her. Those were her BEST allies and she still made top 5 without being able to win a comp.

Bowie won the HOH comp in another tiebreaker. She didn’t seem as scared of it this time, at least not initially. It’s not surprising the comps Bowie won have all been similar. It’s the same way that Matt basically won the same veto twice. (Prroduction will be given no credit for creativity this season, that’s for sure)

Night feeds:

Bowie was in the kitchen with Jag and Matt saying she tied Cameron’s record for HOH wins. She also said she hoped to win the veto, because she didn’t want Blue to be the only woman to have won a veto. I kept looking for Jags expressions during this conversation. (I wondered if he was starting to get nervous over taking Bowie to the end too)

When Felicia wasn’t in the room, the 3 privately celebrated their victory. Matt warned them that Felicia would try and do things to get them to keep her this week. Bowie said it didn’t matter because it all came down to the veto.

It didn’t take long for Bowie to start with her ‘oh naur, it sucks that I won’ crap. She said it was dumb that nominations even needed to be made this time since it all comes down to the veto. (See, this is an example of why I say people like all 3 of them don’t fully understand the game) It’s true that it comes down to veto as far as who stays off the block. There’s still something psychological that happens when only one person is left off the block tho. It happens almost every year. Even the people saying “it doesn’t matter” still get in their own heads over it. They often feel like ‘if it doesn’t matter, then why did it have to be me?’ Bowie said she wanted Matt and Jag to decide. (Of course she did. Part of me wants a Matt/Jag F2, with a 3-3 tie, Bowie votes last and has to decide who wins. Her pigtails would explode!)

Matt and Felicia talked about who would go up. Felicia told Matt, at some point he was going to have to take out Jag, if he wanted to win. She said she could tell Jag was planning on taking Matt out by the way he was acting around Bowie. (Felici’s also been trying to get into both Matt and Jags heads about Bowie having 3 hoh’s now too)

Jag and Bowie talked about who she should nominate. He said it was fine if she nominated both the guys and said it would probably make Felicia comfortable. Bowie, who was being ridiculous over it, said it was just too hard to decide. They talked about having them draw numbers and Jag said they could just say Jag was closer to the number she picked.

Bowie worried about a twist and Jag said they wouldn’t have another twist. Jag said to do the number picking but do it for real because he didn’t care. Bowie went ahead and told Jag the number she was going to choose. Bowie kept trying to think of a reason she could put Matt up. (Good grief, it doesn’t matter THAT much!) She finally landed on Matt having never been on the block and Jag being up several times. The situation was made easier for Bowie. Matt volunteered to go on the block with Felicia after Bowie brought up Jag being put up before and Matt hadn’t.

Matt’s comments afterwards proves what I said above about it getting into your head tho. They just had this whole convo about how it didn’t matter. Right after Matt volunteered, he started talking about how he hoped they didn’t vote him out. (Visually, it may look better if she put both guys up. Maybe it would help her with the jury but who knows?) At the very least, she needed to take Matt’s never nominated record away from him.

After Matt volunteered, Bowie went back to wondering who she should put up again. (???) She was making this way too complicated. Finally, she had them pick a number and she said Jag was closer so Matt would go up. Matt made a joke about them rigging it before he came into the room. Bowie asked him if he wanted to go for the best out of three. Jag said it was already decided but asked her if she would feel better if he was on the block. Bowie was somehow blaming this entire decision on Felicia getting in their heads. (Spoiler for feeds over the next couple of days: Felicia breathes=Bowie’s irritated)

Bowie went to talk to Matt alone to make sure he was okay with the decision. She told him she felt bad and blah, blah, blah. He said it would be nice to not go on the block but he was fine with it. There were more unnecessary comvos about how they need to win he veto and kick out Felicia. (No shit?)

Matt added Reilly’s letter to the wall with the BB headlines. (I guess it didn’t occur to him he added it to fake stories) It’s in the lower left corner:

The feeds went down for noms and they came back with Matt and Felicia on the block. Bowie said she didn’t want to stay in the hoh room and said it “would be boring.” (No, she just doesn’t want Jag out of her sight)

Felicia made them all dinner. She isn’t being as petty as they are plus cooking probably gives her something to do. (That’s for all the ‘I wouldn’t cook for them’ comments) Matt told Jag the things Felicia had been saying about Jag turning on him. Bowie and Jag talked about needing to win the veto. (Nothing earth shattering, just what you’d expect)

Jag talked to Felicia and was basically telling her how they’ve always been close. Felicia warned him the same way she warned Matt. Honestly, if this was going to work, she’d be more effective if she only worked on the one who wins the veto. Saying it’s both of them makes it too easy for them to discount it.

Felicia seemed to be split on her feelings last night. While she was in bed alone, she talked about how the other 3 would probably ignore her until she left on Sunday. During another moment, she said she still believed she was going to be sitting in one of those final 2 chairs. I think it’s natural to go back and forth with it. You see the writing on the wall but you’re still trying to hold out hope that you can win.

Speaking of the upcoming comp, Bowie’s said she thinks it wouldn’t be unfair if they have another question comp. She thinks it needs to be another physical one. (Yes, of course Bowie, the most fair thing is to play a comp that one of you has no shot at winning. I wish it could be some kind of bake off) Bowie ate Felicia’s dinner but also stated, she’s planning on dealing with Felicia by ignoring her until she leaves. (I’m starting to think Cirie was the real winner last night)

The final 4 talking as a group possibly for the last time if they continue to be assholes:

Have a great weekend!


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