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Big Brother 25-Thursday Recap for 10/12/23 Plus HoH Results

October 13, 2023 | 8 Comments
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Author: Mel

HOH Update – Jag won the HoH!

Good morning everyone, Depending on this weeks twists, the game may finally start sending people to jury. With Cameron being evicted unanimously, (for the 2nd time) it feels like we can finally watch them play the end game.

I enjoyed Julie’s exchange with both America and Cory during the vote.

I guess I feel bad for all the Cam stans but the guy was evicted twice and played one of the worst social games I’ve seen in years. Both times, he was evicted at the earliest opportunity by everyone else. His ability to win comps was the only reason he was still in the house. Even with the entire house after him, I never saw him as an underdog. It’s because it was self inflicted. If you’re that rude and condescending all the time, you’re bringing it on yourself.

I’m wondering if Cameron didn’t get his goodbye messages aired on the show because they wouldn’t know how to explain them. They gave him such a good (and inaccurate) edit, that his messages wouldn’t have made sense to the tv only audience.

*****HOH Spoiler*****

As for the players who are left in the game, let’s get into the recap:

There wasn’t much for earlier in the day. Cirie met with Bowie and agreed to the f4 with Matt and Jag. (Neither one of them are sincere in my opinion) Later, Bowie told Matt and Jag about it and said she felt good about Cirie.

Jag debated if Cirie or Bowie would be their best option for a F3. He’s leaning more towards Cirie for right now.

There was some talk about other BB seasons. Cory told some of them about BB Canada 10 and Kevin Jacobs. He told them about the Marsha Moose task he was given. He had to convince the other hg’s he was self evicting. He told them about people crying and begging him not to do it. (Cory and I have the same BB tastes. His fave US season is 10 and his fave Canada season is 10. Mine too!)

America talked about a fight she and her ex got into when he told her she’d never be on Big Brother. (Haha)

Blue and Cirie talked again about the women working together. This was after Cirie told Blue she’d had a good convo with Bowie.

Matt shaved off his mustache and got some compliments from Cirie and Felicia afterwards. (Cory was told he couldn’t shave his off yet) Matt also told Cirie he was worried about Blue spending time with Cory and America. He said he was concerned Blue may not be targeting Cory anymore. (Yes Matt, Cirie’s been working on her all week to accomplish that very thing)

Julie announced an invisible hoh and some kind of ‘seeing double veto’ this week. I don’t know how it will play out here but the invisible hoh was done on BB Canada a couple years ago. For a twist, it’s not that bad, depending on how it’s done. It kinda sucks to do it the week people finally had to get their hands dirty but, oh well. Leave it to production to ruin good game play with twists.

All I could think when the episode ended was this isn’t a group who can keep it a secret. I thought Cirie may be the only player who could win it and not tell anyone.

When the feeds came back, they’d played BB Comics. (No shock for Comic week) This is usually a veto comp instead of an hoh. It sounds like the time were fairly close too. (Except for maybe Cirie and Felicia) The winning time was 8 minutes and 33 seconds and Jag won it. America was around 10 minutes and Cory said his was around 11. Blue was 15 and Matt’s was over 13. (Jag gave a time that was over 9 minutes when talking about the comp)

Blue told Matt she didn’t win and said she was shocked both Cory and America beat her time. She mentioned patching things up with Cory but said she’s still worried she’ll go up.

Other people speculated about it too. Cory said if he goes up, he’ll feel sure Blue won it. They all talked about possibly being able to know who won it, based on the noms. Cirie and Felicia both think Jag is the hoh.

Blue was crying and this caused some suspicion too. Jag and America talked about Blue’s ability to fake cry. (Maybe don’t brag about that to people) I think Cory and America think she could’ve been faking the crying to throw people off. For now, they think Blue may be the hoh.

Cory reminded Jag if one of the duos is broken up, it will make the other one an immediate target. He was doing what he could to keep the target on Blue, just in case she isn’t the hoh. It could also be to get Jag to keep them if only one of them stays on the block.

Once alone, Jag confirmed to Matt he’d won the hoh. He wants Blue out but doesn’t know if he should try to backdoor her. This may change today, but he looking at either Blue and Felicia noms or Felicia and Cirie, with Blue as the backdoor target. The way the veto works would have alot to do with his decision but… one knows how the veto will work this week.

This past week, Matt was sort of pushing for Cory to go first. Jag pushed for Blue, but at times, seemed like he was considering both options. We now know that Matt didn’t sway him. Blue asked Matt and Jag if either one of them won it and Jag said “if i’d won it, I’d already be in bed by now.”

Jag’s already thinking he needs to tell Bowie, Cory and America he won it. (Hahaha) I’m guessing the whole house will know by time he makes his noms. Jag thinks if Blue goes otb, Cory and America will know it’s either Jag or Matt who who won it. That’s his reason for wanting to tell them. It’s also the reason he may put up Cirie and Felicia as pawns. (After talking to Jag, Cory thinks Jag won it but America still thinks it could be Blue)

I’m assuming there can’t be any one on ones today. It will probably just be a day of whispering and speculating until Jag secretly makes his nominations….or until they all know anyway. I have no idea what kind of day we’ll have on the feeds but I’ll stay open minded about the twist. Who knows? This could end up being an interesting week. It’s only Friday which means there’s lots of time to talk and for people to change their minds. The way the Veto works this week could throw a kink in Jag’s plans too.

Cory, Blue and Jag were definitely the most likely people to be in danger this week. Now it’s just Blue and Cory. It doesn’t mean someone else couldn’t leave if Blue wins the veto. Jag could decide to go ahead and take Cory out early or a pawn could leave instead.


Felicia to Cirie: “I think Cory and America may be really nervous today because look at what Cory is wearing.”

Blue to Cory about Felicia: “She’s never came up to me about a girls alliance.” Cory: “That’s because you’re a guys girl.”

(Cory, America and Bowie from a couple weeks ago) Cory: “Hey Bowie, we were just flirting.” Bowie: “Don’t worry about it. All the rooms are like that at the moment, especially mine.” Cory: “Wait a minute, what?” America: “We said flirting.” Bowie: “Oh, I thought you said farting.” America: “What? Fighting?” Bowie: “Did you say fighting? I thought you said farting.”

There isn’t alot to go on yet so this is all I’ve got for you. Have a great weekend!


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