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Big Brother 25-Thursday Recap for 10/19/23

October 20, 2023 | 28 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all, We’ve had an eviction and a new HOH…sort of. I won’t go into much complaining about Jag getting to compete in the HOH comp since Steve covered it in the last thread. I’ll just say I agree with all of it. They had precendet for how to handle it, (with Claire on BB23) everyone already knew he’d won it AND it was an individually timed comp. They could’ve easily hid who the Invisible HOH was with them competing in private. It was and will always be a ridiculous decision!

I’ve got to bid 2 jobs this morning so I’m just gonna jump right into the day. (Wish me luck, these are big jobs!) Before the feeds went down for the day, there wasn’t a whole lot happening. There was a little bit to mention tho.

Cory and America spent time just hanging out together. (No shocker there) America still felt guilty and teared up a few times.

Cory told Cirie how happy he was to have played the game with her. He told her “more than anything else, it was so cool walking in the house and seeing you….I’m such a fan, I’m still such a fan. This was so fun.” She thanked him and they hugged. Cory also asked her if Felicia told Bowie about Cory’s plan and Cirie said yes. Cory said “that’s so stupid” and Cirie agreed. He said it didn’t make sense because even if he left, it would still help the rest of them. Cirie agreed with that too.

Felicia woke up with the Bowie mystery on her minld again. She told Cirie she planned to ask if Bowie would go on the block or not. She said if they have something with Bowie then obviously what they have with them isn’t real. (Ya think?) Cirie cautioned her to be careful how she worded it and said she was only trying to keep them both safe. Matt was busy telling Jag, he’d tell Felicia that Bowie couldn’t be a pawn because she’d freak out. (bet that goes over well)

Cirie and America talked about the need to target Jag and Matt. They also talked about Felicia’s big mouth. Cirie said she can’t be stopped and she’s tried. (They were talking about the stuff Felicia told Bowie)

This is who Felicia isn’t sure about if they’re working together:

While making plans for their new targets, Felicia went back and forth over it being America, Bowie or the guys. Cirie kept saying it HAD to be the guys in her Cirie way.

Blue told Felicia and Cirie she wanted to target America next. (America may be the only person Blue can beat in a F2 but she wants to target her. She could possibly beat Bowie at this point but it’s not as likely)

The live show was kind of a drag, if I’m being honest. I liked seeing the Veto ceremony and how emotional it was for America. They dropped the ball on everything else in my opinion. When they showed the clip of America and Blue talking, they claimed it was the aftermath convo from the veto ceremony. It wasn’t, because this conversation happened the next day or maybe even the day after. Blue and America had an argument shortly after the ceremony and we didn’t see any of that last night.

They made the entire episode about Cirie’s punishment and whether or not Cory had the votes to stay. (I did enjoy Cirie complaining about the punishment tho) This was a let down because they had some really good stuff to work with. Cirie wasn’t trying to round up votes to keep Cory like they edited it. Instead, they could’ve shown Blue’s denial about Matt and Jag and how upset Bowie was over Cory’s campaigning. There was plenty of other stuff to use.

Cory’s speech was mostly good but the nod to Cameron’s speech landed with mixed reviews. Calm down people, I don’t think Cory was actually trying to talk about Cameron’s child. (This wasn’t a kyland moment) I think he was just making fun of Cameron. The joke was about Cameron calling himself daddy to everyone in the house. Hell, Cameron did it in the DR too. I think the joke probably went over the casual viewers heads. I also think he could’ve found a better way to make the joke.

Initially, he’d told America he planned to say something nice about everyone and then make fun of Felicia. I think everyone’s forgotten how many speeches Cory’s been called out on by different people. (Most of them haven’t been aired so I get it) America was paranoid. She was afraid Felicia might take it out on her later and assume whatever Cory said, she felt the same way. You have to remember, America just found out that people were telling Felicia about Cory & America “making fun of her.” (by people, I mean Matt) Matt twisted innocent things that have been said to make it sound as if Cory and America were actually taking digs at Felicia.

I thought Cory did a good job in his interview with Julie. (The good bye messages were weird and obviously chopped up. I’m even more convinced Cam’s messages were mean since they showed Cory’s) Now he’s off to spend a week with Cameron. While talking to the live feeders, Cory said he liked and enjoyed everyone on the cast this season..except Cameron. Cory will also have to deal with showing up and Cameron saying “I told you so.” It’s been a running joke in the house that Cameron was going to say that, no matter who came to jury next.

I’m sure he’s going to do it but it won’t make any sense if he says it’s Cory. Cameron made it clear in his exit interviews, he was targeting Cory next. It will be similar to some of Izzy’s interviews. One minute, she’s saying Cory made a huge mistake by getting rid of her. The next minute, she starts saying Cory and America were her next targets. (Pick a lane people)

I can’t believe they had Jag go to the DR during the voting to ‘cover up’ the identity of the HOH. Jag telling people was on the last episode, wasn’t it or did I dream that? Not only that, Cory made a point to say it during his speech! (I need to know what kind of drugs the person’s on who’s making these decisions. I’d also like some of them if we have to watch Matt and Jag comp to the end) I thought it was funny when Julie asked how he was doing and he said “I put up half the house this week so I’m just living the dream.”

After the feeds came back, Jag had won the HOH….again. For now, he plans to put up either America and Felicia or America and Blue. It was a bit confusing because some moments, it seemed like America was the target and at other times, Blue was the target.

There was discussion between Jag and Matt over trying to back door Blue or put her straight up.

It sounds like America had some conversation about maybe making a deal with Matt and Jag to keep them both safe during the double if she was safe this week. Jag talked like he wanted to work out a deal with America but still wanted to put her on the block. I think it would go something like “you’re going on the block but you’re safe.” So far, America is doing a good job of saying she isn’t close to Cirie, Felicia or Bowie and won’t work with Blue again. I think they’re buying it. (It’s probably not gonna keep her off the block tho)

Bowie spent time with Matt and Jag, I’m sure to make certain she doesn’t go up. (She was with Jag alot!) She brought up how Blue and America seem like besties again. (I don’t think they’re besties, Bowie just wants to keep the divide going between the guys and Blue)

Cirie and Felicia talked about the best way to make sure Bowie goes on the block this week. (Good luck)

Cirie talked about being close in the hoh comp. I may have this wrong but it sounds like Cirie came in second and America might have been third. (Which means, if Jag hadn’t been allowed to play, this could have been an entirely different kind of week)

America socialized, talked about Cory and just hung out with everyone. (There was no blanketing) She put on Cory’s robe and talked about him leaving it for her, along with his pink hat. She brought up overhearing someone call her a “stage 5 clinger.” (It was Matt. Yes, Matt, the guy with the Q-tip shrine over a girl who friend zoned him)

Since Matt wasn’t the HOH, he safely told Cirie and Felicia, his noms would be America and Bowie. He brought up how Bowie might have a hard time with it. Felicia said Blue may too since she’s just been otb. She also said Bowie hasn’t been up yet and reminded him, he hasn’t either.

Jag and Mat tried to figure out if Blue would use a Veto to take down America. Honestly, they make my brain hurt sometimes. Cirie and Izzy used to go over every possible scenario but their scenarios made sense! We’ll know more today after Jag talks to everyone. For now, he either wants out Blue or America. Regardless of who is on the block, they’re both confident they have the votes. (I’m not sure about that) I’m not so sure them wanting Blue out (if that’s what they decide) is going to get Cirie and Felicia to automatically go along with it. They also think they can get America on their side now.

While they were busy trying to figure out if Blue would save America, Blue was busy trying to make America the target. Personally, I really want Blue on the block this week. It’s petty but I want her to realize she was wrong about Matt and Jag. I also want Bowie on the block to see if she has another melt down. Her comment the other day about it ‘not being fair if she went on the block’ is part of why I want this, so I guess it’s petty too. I also don’t want Bowie to go on the block because I want to see Felicia lose her shit over it.

These are the 2 I’d like to see work together:

I guess what it comes down to for me is, I’m unhappy Jag won the HOH. I should also be happy no matter who goes on the block. I’m trying to prepare myself for another end game like BB21. It’s boring to watch a duo comp their way to the end, so I’m trying to find my fun where I can get it.

Things may change but for now, Blue is the target with America as a back up target. Jag plans on telling people the reason he doesn’t want to put up Bowie, is because he doesn’t want more blood on his hands. Felicia may also go up if a veto is used. Jag’s also now blaming Bowie for his messy hoh week.

He and Matt agreed, if Bowie hadn’t pitched a fit over being a pawn, the week would’ve gone smoothly. (I mean, sure, there’s that but there’s also those other little things. He didn’t have to tell everyone he was the HOH and he didn’t have to put both America and Cory on the block to get Cory out but what do I know?)

Have a great weekend!


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