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Big Brother 25-Thursday Recap for 10/26/23 (hoh spoiler)

October 27, 2023 | 24 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all, The last double eviction is over and it’s only a couple of weeks to go. Last night didn’t shake things up as many of us had hoped but that’s how the cookie crumbles. The fact that I didn’t expect anything helped me not to be too disappointed.

Before the live show, the day was what we expected it to be. America was nervous and looking for reassurance. Felicia and Cirie discussed what to do if they won the HOH. Blue was still oblivious to the fact that she was leaving. Apparently, Felicia and Cirie had agreed to throw the comp to Bowie but were having second thoughts. (Still don’t know if they threw it or not) The thought had been to let Bowie take out America so they could all compete in the next one.

Felicia started having the thought ‘if they could do this to Blue, they could do it to me.’ She told Cirie she was planning on trying to win it and said maybe I should go ahead and put Jag and Matt up. Maybe? (Lol) I get it, they were in a bad situation with both Matt and Jag still in the game. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter. You take the shot and ask for forgiveness afterwards. I do understand with one of the guys still left, taking the shot would mean they would be the next one to leave. Personally, it wouldn’t matter to me if I left in 6th place or 4th or 5th. I understand the logic of laying low and trying to sneak your way into the final 3 though. (I just wouldn’t go that route)

Shortly before the feeds went down, Blue was in the bathroom talking about wearing a dress. She said she wanted to dress up and if they were told they needed athletic wear, she would just change quickly. At that time, Jag was still going along with the lie that she was staying. Jag and Matt both agreed, it was better for Blue if she didn’t know. Cirie was still hinting at it and Felicia wanted to tell her. It sounds as if Felicia told her shortly before the live show but I’m not sure how it happened yet.

I think I’ll say something nice now so I can bitch about stuff as I move forward. I enjoyed the segment of Felicia ratting out Cirie and Matt to Jag. I like the way they did it with the rewinding thing. It was a clever way to edit it and it held my interest, even though I already knew what had happened. It was an interesting way to do it and it made the timeline clear too.

Now, for my complaints….Blues exit interview actually made me cringe. I kept thinking to myself “what am I watching?” Jasmine’s blindside butter beans in the DR is one thing, this was something else. I’ve said before that Blue’s too performative for me to take her seriously. The hand gesturing, the kitty kitty purrs, it was completely ridiculous. She’s playing a character but this is a reality show. She should be playing herself!

Julie’s face when Blue said “like girl, a player like me had to be targeted eventually, right?”

In contrast, America’s interview was genuine and it was much better. Instead of catch phrases, she gave us her actual opinions and raw emotion. I could also be a bit biased towards America, because of the things she said about the comps during her interview. Someone needed to say it and I’m glad she did.

Before anyone starts thinking ‘the HOH was a memory comp so anyone could’ve won it,’ I’ll agree that its true. Anyone could’ve won the hoh comp that Bowie won. Thinking that helps prove my point though. When people like Jag or Matt don’t win a physical comp, we never say ‘that’s one they could’ve won so they should’ve won it.’ ALL the comps are comps the physical players can win. The physically weaker or older house guests shouldn’t have to be saying to themselves ‘I hope this is a comp I have a chance at winning.’ (Equitable comps also don’t have to be boring to watch. Watch a season of BB Australia, for example, to see what I mean)

Kevin Jacob’s said it better than I could last night. (Ya’ll should know by now, I’m a Kevin fan)

This show has completely lost its identity and it’s original premise. Even Julie doesn’t get it. (No, I’m not claiming she ever did but she IS sort of the spokesperson for the show when she’s doing interviews) She gave an interview to Mike Bloom yesterday, where she focused on Jag being the front-runner and her reason was ‘because of his comp wins.’ She didn’t think Cirie had much of a chance to win the game ‘because she hadn’t won anything.’

Veto comp:

Bowie won the memory HOH in a tiebrecker and stuck with her F3 with Matt and Jag. She was a good soldier and took out America. This was the first chance anyone’s had in ages to take a shot at Matt and Jag but Bowie was never going to do it. She told both of them recently, she would be happy to get 3rd. This is just something people say so they don’t seem threatening but in her case, I guess she meant it.

I thought the veto comp looked awfully familiar too. How lazy is the production team getting? This was basically the same veto comp Matt won during the last double eviction. They just added some stairs and dropping a ball.

Here’s a screenshot of Matt in the lower, dark blue lane. He’s coming out of the ball pit as most of the others are just getting in it. He was lapping them, which meant he had almost twice as many chances to drop a ball into the tube. What if that comp had been done without the running and the stairs? (Just a thought) Shocker! Women in their 50’s and 60’s can’t outrun an Olympian.

This is after Matt lapped them:

Anyway, America was evicted and as a superfan, I hope she got what she wanted from the experience. She got to play in OTEV and BB comics. She was zinged by Zingbot, played a pivotal role in 2 vote flips and got into a showmance. She was a very messy player but she played hard and she was entertaining.

The final 5 celebrated:

Cirie didn’t look thrilled with this F5. She knows she’s screwed:

When the feeds came back, Matt had won the next hoh so at least it won’t be 3 weeks of Jag in the hoh room. (Hey, I’m trying to find the positives where I can)

He got the room:

He got a picture of Reilly with his mom:

His letter was from Reilly too:

He said “I guess I have a girlfriend now.” (He was joking…I think)

Matt plans to talk to everyone today before making noms but it sounds like it will be Felicia and Cirie. Felicia was already working people and saying she shouldn’t have to go up again, instead of Cirie. (Can’t blame her for trying) She was annoyed Bowie put her up during the double instead of Cirie too.

For what should be an easy week, it could get a little messy. At the end of the episode last night, Matt was telling Cirie, she was never going on the block and he would never put her up. It was hard to hear all of It because the music was playing too.

He should also want to head into the F4 as the only person who hasn’t been nominated. Bowie needs to hit the block for that to happen.

He also made it clear to Bowie and Jag, he isn’t putting Bowie up as a pawn. That only leaves Felicia and Cirie.

He told Jag, he’d break it to Cirie today. He’s an idiot if he put Cirie on the block because Jag and Bowie want Cirie to be the target. (Matt thinks they’ve agreed on Felicia) Cirie needs to be his insurance if Jag turns on him. She could be the 1 vote that saves him. (Nevermind, shed have to win the F4 veto for that to happen) Still, he’s the HOH and it’s his decision. If he lets her go on the block, it will be a toss up for me between Matt and Jag over who plays a worse game.

Jag and Bowie discussed how much blood they have on their hands now. Bowie seemed a bit bummed that she may not have America’s vote anymore. She thinks if she doesn’t get America’s, she probably won’t get Cory’s either. Like Blue, Bowie lives in another universe. She’s not getting Cory or America’s vote anyway in my opinion.

There’s still potential for a little activity this week. I said recently, if you’re invested in who wins, the end game is going to be very boring for you. If you’re just here to see how it all plays out, there’s still room for entertainment. We’ll get to see Cirie’s reaction if Matt decides to put her on the block. We’ll get to see Bowie melt down if he were to put her up. Jag will probably try the Reilly angle again to get Matt ok with taking out Cirie. I think we’ll get to see Felicia be pissed off no matter what. I’m sure she thinks the noms should be Bowie and Cirie, but she’s definitely going up.

The most interesting thing that could happen would be if Jag doesn’t win the veto tomorrow. Cirie would have a day and a half to get in Matt’s head. She can try to convince him he needs to take the shot at Jag now. (He does) Of course, nothing might play out this way but it’s at least possible.

If they don’t start being more honest at this stage, the jury management will keep getting worse. One of the 3 women will leave next week feeling very lied to by Matt and Jag.

Here’s a few quotes to lighten the mood:

Matt to Blue: “I didn’t even bother reading Cam’s lips sometimes. I was just so tired of him.”

Strange convo between America and Blue:

Blue: “Whatever happens, you know I’m a good competitor. I’m a good number. I’m a dog, ruff.” America: “Meow.” Blue: “Meow, I’m a kitty cat.”

Felicia: “Together, we’re 80. Shit, we’re 90.” Cirie: “Together we’re 96. I’m 53, how old are you?” Felicia: “So were 86, I’m 63.” Cirie: “Wait a minute, girl, we’re 116.”

Bowie to Matt last night: “We’re not gonna share our wine.” (Our?)

Bowie: “Everone talks about getting the big players out. You get the big players out and then what?” (You win the game Bowie!)

Felicia: ” You want to win that final 4 HOH because that’s the person who decides who goes.” (That’s actually the veto holder but whatever)

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!


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