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Big Brother 25-Thursday Recap for 10/5/23

October 6, 2023 | 19 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all! We’ve got a new hoh and I’m looking forward to the one on one talks today. (maybe more than any week so far) This could be a fun day for the feeds but before I get to that, here’s the recap of what happened yesterday:

Before the live show:

Cory and America confirmed to Felicia she was staying. They also told her Blue was the only one still pushing for her to leave. (Later, Cirie mentioned this to Cirie)

Matt told Cirie the vote was for sure on Meme. He told her again everything he was doing included her:

Blue tried to convince Jag to flip the vote back:

An unhappy Blue because it wasn’t flipping back:

Both Jag and Matt told Meme they were voting her out. She told them she’d been approached by Cory and America about making a F4 with the two of them and Bowie. She said she turned it down and right after, Cory began trying to flip the vote. (not really how that happened)

She also told them about Cory and America talking about Matt and Jag being threats in the game. I don’t know if any of this is true because it wasn’t on the feeds. It could be because Meme has been pretty straight forward. On the other hand, Blue asked Meme if she would throw Cory under the bus for her if she was being evicted and Meme said she would.

I didn’t get a screen grab of it but there was a shot of Blue during the live show smiling. It was as Meme was leaving and telling people who to watch out for in the game.

I guess Meme woke up yesterday and after 60 plus days, decided to play Big Brother. She was really convincing yesterday and I think she could’ve been a good player…if she’d have played the game. She didn’t so moving on…

Some more relevant conversations from the day:

Cameron, Matt and Jag talked about Cory trying to do damage control so he wouldn’t be blamed for flipping the vote.

Side Note:

Cameron, Matt and Jag set Cory up to be blamed. It wasn’t hard since Cory took charge of making it happen. He started pushing to keep Felicia before bothering to ask Matt and Jag what they wanted. They’d always wanted Meme out. If he’d found that out first, he would’ve known he didn’t need to do so much. Cory’s also aware they were pinning it on him and was annoyed by it. He knew he couldn’t do anything about it tho.

Back to the conversations:

Matt told Cory that Blue and Cameron are closer than he thinks. He said Cameron wants them to go after each other. (So do Matt & Jag but they want Cam to take the blame)

Matt, Jag and Bowie agreed they don’t trust Cameron but said they needed him to think they did. Matt and Jag are also aware Cam is trying to make them not trust each other too.

Matt and Jag talked about needing to get either Cameron or Blue out next. (They’ve came a long way. They’ve gone from not knowing how to play BB to running the house)

Cirie and Felicia hugging again since they know they’ll still be stuck with each other for a while longer:

Live show including hoh spoiler:

I thought the episode last night was a good one.This is Meme refusing to hug Cory. It should be funny when Meme finds out how hard Cory tried to work with her all season.

Bowie Jane winning the HOH:

Meme finding out about Cirie and Jared:

America lifting Cory up to celebrate making the jury:

Yep, F**king Bowie Jane is the new hoh! It was a question comp and it came down to Felicia and Bowie. It was decided by a tiebreaker question, which was how many minutes were Jared and Cameron zombies. It seems Bowie thought they were zombies for either half an hour or about 10 hours. (She changed it last minute) Felicia thought it was about a month. (Haha) I’m going to give Felicia a pass because that week really did feel like a month!

After the feeds came back last night:

Bowie told Cory and America she was annoyed by Meme’s parting comments. She said America studying with her was the reason she knew the answers and said she was intentionally trying to guess low on the tiebreaker. (She accomplished that mission)

Cirie talked to Matt about whether or not he thought Bowie would be willing to take out Cameron. Matt didn’t think she would. Jag and Felicia joined them and they talked about Cory. They think he threw the hoh comp. They also talked about how Cory tries to get everyone to do his dirty work for him. (The current theme of the house is contradictory: Cory and America are running the house AND Cory and America don’t do anything. Lol)

Blue said she was happy Cory lost the hoh. Cirie told her he threw it and Blue wondered why he would.

Felicia asked what got Cameron to suddenly be ok with her being in jury. Cirie pointed out Cameron didn’t have any more power. It didn’t matter if he was ok with it or not. (True)

Cory told Jag he hopes Bowie will put up Blue and Cameron. Jag didn’t think she would and said it would be better to try to back door him.

Bowie is thinking about putting Felicia and Cirie otb. She told America her noms wouldn’t be her target but she told Matt that Cirie was dangerous in the game. She said everyone wants to be good with Cirie and everyone gives her info, including herself.

Matt and Jag talked about wanting Cameron or Blue to go. Jag thinks they don’t need Cameron on the block initially because he said whoever won the veto would use it. I think his idea is that if Blue won, Cameron could be the target and if Cameron won it, Blue could be the target. (Since Cameron’s only targeted Cory, Felicia, Izzy and Cirie this season, I’m not so sure he’d use it if he won it)

Cameron told Bowie, this would be the first week he felt comfortable in the house. He said he’s either been on the block or the HOH all season. (Cameron was in a very good mood, ya’ll)

Bowie told him she wanted to talk to him in the morning (today) to figure out the best way to get info out of people. (Don’t take Cams advice! He’s really bad at it) I think Bowie may do fine because she’s more of a listener than a talker.

Bowie got a letter from her parents that said she’d finally found a party that never stopped.

Blue told Matt she thinks Bowie’s noms will be Cory and America. Matt had to break it to her it would probably be Cirie and Felicia. (Blue didn’t know what was going on in the house half the time when Jared was there. She really doesn’t know much with him gone) Blue’s singular focus on one player is destroying what little game she had.

Jag and Matt talking about how easy it would be for them to take Cory out this week:

Jag and Matt made the initial push to Bowie to take out Cameron. Bowie shut it down and said “it wouldn’t be fair.” (I have no idea what that means) Matt told her it will be hard to get Cam out the longer they wait. (It didn’t seem to sway her) I think they’ll settle for Blue going because they want either Blue or Cam out this week.

They’re both a little concerned about Cory throwing the comp. (It’s not confirmed Cory even threw it, lol) They feel certain whoever remains between Cam and Blue would go after Cory for them. (probably true)

There was also some kind of massage train happening. They’re either starting to lose it or they’re very resourceful, you decide:

I don’t know if Bowie wants to target Cirie or Felicia. She does have a reason to but it would be more for personal reasons. I’m also wondering if she remembers how hard Blue was pushing for her to go recently. I don’t think Cameron’s going to be an option this week but she does seem the closest Jag and Matt. Maybe they could talk her into it. (doubt it tho)

Blue, Cirie and Felicia are definitely going to push for either Cameron or Cory and America. I’m not sure Blue is even strategizing anymore. She’s busy being petty. America was called into the DR last night and Blue said “I don’t even think she’s relevant enough to spend so much time in the DR.”

Felicia was few days ing a little petty too. Cirie’s braids have been giving her problems. She said she couldn’t wait ti be able to take them out and resolve them. Felicia said “maybe you can do them in the jury house.” (Haha) Cirie said “what makes you think I’m going to jury?”

Cory’s been doing way too much lately so even though he seems safe with a Bowie HOH, It probably wouldn’t take much to get himself targeted this week. He’s been painted as a liar and sneaky. (Sneaky Skeezy) Those are hard labels to shake off once they’re on you. Some of it’s undeserved but some of it’s not.

I haven’t hated the Cory & America showmance as much as I usually hate them. (It’s because they haven’t forgotten about the game while mancing) However, the time they’ve spent in bed cuddling could’ve been better spent. Cory was putting in a good amount of time with Bowie up until a week or two ago. Now, he just checks in for quick conversations to make sure he’s good with people (Bowie included) and that’s not enough.

It’s also, in part, why people see him as such a schemer. When he talks to people, it’s almost always about the game. He needs to mix it up with just as much socializing. Those are the conversations that get people to really trust you. After that, you’re more free to plot with them. If you remember, he did that a lot more during the first few weeks. He and Izzy talked about things that weren’t game related. It’s not a coincidence they became close and Izzy really trusted him. (Yes, I know Cory does it some but not nearly enough) It’s not rocket science to figure out that when you’re in bed and other people are up hanging out, you’re missing out on shit.

Jag making Cirie laugh and proving my point:

Cirie may still not trust Jag but he’s way down on her hit list. He socializes with people and it helps. He had a big hole to climb out of too. He was the Cory before Cory was the current Cory. (make sense?)

Jag, Matt and even Cameron picked up the ball after Cory dropped it. Bowie seems to trust Matt and Jag the most because they’ve spent more time with her lately. Sometimes, that’s all it takes and shomance time has gotten in the way. Even if Cory is safe this week, he’s lost his position in the game. I also don’t know if he can be good enough in comps to get it back.

As for Bowie, she needed this hoh to give her some credibility in the game, in case she makes it to the end. I don’t think who she targets is as important as how she targets them. People could start taking her seriously as a player if she handles it well. If the week ends up looking like it was controlled by Matt and Jag or Cameron, she won’t have gained any standing in the house.

Update: Based on Meme’s exit Interviews, she made up the stuff she said about Cory and America as she was leaving.

We’ll wait and see what happens. Have a great weekend!


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