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Big Brother 25-Thursday Recap for 8/17/23

August 18, 2023 | 19 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all. We made it through another boring live vote last night. It’s always boring but when its unanimous, it takes forever! They at least showed some of the gaming happening on the episode but it didn’t do the week justice imo. I know they couldn’t show all the flipping back and forth, (they could without 20 minutes of voting) but HOW does Mecole’s storage room rant get left out? Production has so much good material they arn’t using.

Julie had her moment to shine. The Cirie/Jared reveal will be this years version of the Committee from BB22 for her. It’s as if Julie’s sole purpose is to tell them Cirie and Jared are related. Sure, that’s a big info drop but there’s alot more to ask these hg’s about.

I’m happy we’ll finally get another pressure comp after all these years. We just have to wait and see how badly production will screw it up with a twist.

I do like how they’ve gone all in on Hisam being a villain. We may not have gotten his entire veto speech but his diary rooms are showing how he’s playing. The clip of the Professors meeting helped tell the story too.

Speaking of diary rooms, they’re so much better this year, at least so far. Only Cameron and Red are putting on the accents for effect but the rest seem pretty natural. (For the record, I don’t blame them. It’s how they got cast and they have to cooperate) We don’t have any dr screamers yet either and that’s nice. It feels like they’re just talking to us, for the most part. (There’s definitely been some lines thrown in they’ve been forced to say tho)

Anyway, Reilly left and now, we move on to the next one. Before I touch on the late night stuff, here’s a few things from the feeds earlier in the day.

This is called trust:

Cory wanted to get together with Cirie, Jared and Izzy to make an alliance name. He said he knows it’s silly but he’d like to make it official. I think they decided on the Crossroads because they came from different side of the house. (Cory put in alot of work this week with them and just wants it to pay off now) He started the week on the outskirts working with them. Now, his opinions are being considered more than Mecole’s and maybe even Felicia’s.

America’s done the same thing this week. Cirie’s side didn’t trust her but she’s making her way in. She’s also made good use of the info she’s been gathering. So far, she knows when to drop it and who to give it to in convos. (She’s impressing me)

Blue stole Cory’s outfit:

Is this a “who wore it better?”

There was also talk of how to cover their asses with the almost vote flip. Cirie got ahead of it and told Hisam that Jag and Blue thought they were working to help flip the vote but said they really weren’t. She told Hisam enough to keep him from being suspicious over anything Jag might say to him. (She hopes)

Felicia was the first one of the Professors to recognize Jag may be a bigger threat than Reilly. He’d been campaigning to her to keep Reilly and afterwards, she told (someone?) she thought Jag was actually the head of the other side, not Reilly.

Shortly befor the eviction, Jared told Blue he didn’t think they had the vote to keep Reilly. Blue passed in on to her group and that’s how Reilly knew in advance. I’m still shocked they never did the math to see it was all bullshit. (Lol)

I’m also shocked how many people were pissed over Reilly leaving. (viewers, not hg’s) We’re just now heading into week 3. (It’s too early to be this attached. Haha) What’s also surprising is alot of the people who wanted Reilly to stay would also like to see Cirie out. (Those 2 things don’t go together) Reilly probably would’ve kept Cirie until it got down to picking between her over Jag or Matt.

Moving on to the feeds returning last night:

Felicia is the new hoh!! It sounded like Red came in 2nd and some of the hg’s have to get slimed periodically as a punishment.(I’m not claiming to have this figured out yet) I dont know if Felicia chooses them or if it has something to do with how the comp went. What I really want to know is if she gets her letter from Denzel.

Everyone was thrilled for Felicia and she was also thrilled to get seasonings in her hoh basket. (You would think they were on Survivor the way they reacted over seasoning salt) They have them already, they just didn’t have the ones Felicia wanted. It’s the same way they had “butter” but it wasn’t real butter.

Felicia talked in the hoh room and said “we’re gonna backdoor Hisam and get the next big threat out of the house. Shiiiiit, this is the year of women……starting with senior women. Come on with it.”

So far, the plan is to nominate Cameron and Jag with Hisam as the back door target. Bowie and Red are also being tossed out as possibilities by people like Jared and Cory. (I don’t think that will happen since they have BBB with Bowie and Professors with Red)

They think there’s a chance Hisam may throw the veto because he’ll feel totally safe with Felicia as the hoh. If Hisam happens to win veto, they’re fine with either Cameron or Jag leaving. It’s a smart way to play and it’s surprising how many players don’t do it this way. If you’re trying to backdoor someone, only use pawns you’re also fine with going home.

I’m not saying the plan to take out Hisam is the smartest play but if that’s the goal, this is the way to do it. I guess it’s a good plan if you don’t want him in jury. He already wants to lay low since he’s won 3 comps. He’ll never feel safer than he does this week. Unless…..Jag and Blue convince him they were talking about backdooring him over the past few days. This is why its good for BBB to have Jag on the block too. He can’t get their votes if he tries to blow up their games. (This could still all blow up)

They may as well take Hisam out. Cirie’s group had him as a shield. If he finds out what happened this week, they won’t have that anymore. They almost have to take him out now because of the sloppy game play. It would’ve been better to let the other side do it but I get it. Jag and Blue have already said, they’d vote Hisam out but didn’t want to put him up. That means either Matt would’ve needed to win or Felicia’s side was left with the job.

I know the episode was boring but the unanimous vote wasn’t scared game play. (It was for Jag, Blue and Matt) As for the others, its smarter to keep Hisam unaware until after the veto. They didn’t do what Hisam wanted out of fear, they did it for strategy. (It just doesn’t feel like it when we’re bored)

Matt made a Q-tip shrine for Reilly and cried after she left. I felt bad for him but I’m also with America, who said she isn’t dead, she just left the house. America talked to him about it and is probably planning to try and get closer to him now. (He’s also a have not with America and Red this week) As for Matt needing Reilly in the house to relay info to him, I think there will be people to step up. Reilly may have done it the most but he also spent most of his time with her.

Cirie, Izzy and America joked around about the Q-tips. Cirie wondered if she fell in love that fast when she was young. America reminded her he was 27. Izzy pretended to mess up the Q-tips but accidentally messed them up for real. She had to try and fix them back. (Ya, I know Matt’s sad but before anyone starts getting pissed, its Q-tips on a counter, in a community bathroom. They can’t stay there all season)

Izzy, Cirie and Jared celebrated getting rid of Hisam this week. Cirie also told him to watch out with Blue. She said people were already talking and it could make him a target. He said he already knew. Cory joined in on the celebration.

Cirie told Izzy not to worry about the Blue situation. She said “I’m his mama,” She isn’t worried about who he’d choose when it came down to it. Izzy gave in and went with ‘mama knows best.’

Campaigning will begin today and there will be a lot more to talk about after that happens. I’m so happy Felicia got an hoh and I’m curious to see how things play out this week. She’s older, they respect her so I almost think people may be reluctant to argue with her over her choices. She plans to tell Cameron he’s a pawn because they need his help in winning the veto. I’m curious how Jag will take the news though.

As for the steamrolling fears, I think we’re still safe from that happening. Each ‘side’ won an hoh. Someone from each side has gone home. The professors may have won back-to-back hoh’s now but they’re also targeting someone from their own side. Besides, the sides are going away. This is quickly turning into alot of mini groups with overlapping of the people in them.

A couple of quotes:

Bowie: “I’ve got to find a personality, I lost my personality today.”

Bowie: “I’m going to vote with the house but I don’t know where the house is…”

Reilly: “I’m worried about Cirie flipping the fuck out” Jag: “We’ve not been doing our job.” Blue: “She’s flipping out for a good reason. It’s because we’ve not been doing our job.”

Hisam: (about Felicia’s hoh) “That was fantastic, it will be one of my favorite moments of the season.”

Izzy: “Felicia’s the best hoh ever! Bowie: “The bar is very low though this season.”

I’m hoping for another entertaining week, even if it isn’t shown on the episodes. Have a great weekend!


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