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Big Brother 25-Thursday Recap for 8/31/23

September 1, 2023 | 43 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning, I’ll cover the live feeds from last night but first I want to talk about the episode. We actually got surprised yesterday and that rarely happens. I was happy for Jag because you could tell how bad he wanted to stay. Now, lets just hope he does something with his 2nd life in the game!

Apparently, the only way for both of them to stay while using the power was if Blue received no votes against her. If she’d had any votes against her and the power was used on Jag, she would’ve left. Initially, I was surprised it was used. It was basically Cirie’s power because Matt wasn’t going to use it without discussing it with her. Although she’d wanted to keep Jag, I figured she would let him go and save the power, in case they needed it the next week.

Once I thought about it more, I realized, why not use it? As long as the vote was unanimous, she’d get to keep Jag, do Matt a solid since he wanted Jag to stay and not screw over Jared. Besides, why does she need a power next week? Almost no once would put her (maybe America) up at the moment and even if they did, she’d stay. I’m glad it was used because now, it’s out of the way. Even if someone wanted to make a move against Cirie and her group, the power would’ve just undone it anyway.

Jag and Izzy laughing about Cameron’s hoh being a complete fail:

It’s what DID end up happening. Cameron held a button for 14 hrs for nothing and his hoh was a waste. Even that doesn’t matter very much. He isn’t a target because his hoh was a flop. He was already the next target.

This is a great summary of the week:

It would be great if there were 3 groups going at each other. For a while, it seemed like there was the Jag/Blue/Matt people, the Red/Cameron/Bowie group and Cirie’s group. With Red and Matt’s complete devotion to Cirie, that’s not happening.

There’s also Bowie, who should’ve done what she’s been accused of doing, which is teaming up with Red and Cameron. She IS loyal to Red and Cameron but it’s only because she thinks they’re in the Legend 25 alliance with her and the Bye Bye Bitches. From her perspective, she thinks Cirie is loyal to them too.

A better option to take down Cirie would be for 2 of the groups to merge. Cameron and Cory were already working together so that would’ve been a start. It can’t happen tho because everything else is a mess. Cameron is giving America the creeps with all his weird comments. (He’s mentioned how there arn’t cameras in the jury house. Yesterday, he told her he needed to stay away from her because “he can’t control himself”) She was actually trying to work with him until that started. Cameron wants Cory gone now….because of America.

We also have Red, who despises America for some reason. She’s a flirt, he doesn’t like it and says she’s using her “womanly wiles” to play the game. Ironically, he doesn’t appear to have a problem with the comments Cameron makes towards America.

On top of that, Bowie is loyal to the BBB even if they don’t believe her. Cory thinks going against Cirie needs to happen later and Blue is in a shomance with Jared. Red and Cameron are simply NOT going to team up with Jag, Blue, America, Cory and Matt. The house just isn’t laid out that way. Even if there’s been a remote chance of that happening, Cameron ruined it by going after Jag and Blue. (I still give him the edge over Red as a player. Cameron was already thinking about Izzy and it wouldn’t have taken much to push him that direction during his HOH. Red talked him out of it)

As for the feeds, America and Cirie had agreed to tell Jag but It doesn’t seem like they ended up telling him at all. (America has figured out Cirie, Felicia and Izzy’s game. The problem is, she doesn’t have people to do anything about it. She knows they’re running the house) It seemed like Jag had some hope during the live show and then when he heard the votes were 10-0, he knew he was the one leaving. Later, Cirie told Jag they couldn’t get the votes because America and Cory were the hold outs.

I don’t know why Cirie wanted to keep Jag because its riskier for her game. The original plan was to keep him, not let Cory and American in on it and have them on the outs with the vote. The final plan (I guess) was to vote him out, save him with the power but tell Jag they didn’t have the votes because of American and Cory. (This is also risky)

Side note: Remember last week when Felicia, Meme, Izzy and Cirie were pissed that Cameron didn’t bother to pack? Yesterday, it was because Cameron hadn’t moved his stuff out of the HOH during fast enough. (Haha) In their defense, BB did have to tell him to do it.

For a less game strategy update, Jared asked Blue to leave him some of her underwear, in case she got voted out. (Hey, you do you, Pooh) He also said something about if she got famous from BB, he’d sell them on Amazon. First, I don’t think Amazon is really the site for that and second, let her sell her own damn underwear!

He was also annoyed with her Wednesday night. He wanted to spend alone time playing rock, paper, scissors. She said something about having bigger issues at the moment. (She was trying to campaign to stay) It turned into a whole thing. This isn’t anything strategy related and I’m only bringing it up because it seems to be getting worse. Last night, he was annoyed because she didn’t mention him specifically in her speech and he felt like she was making him look dumb. The “looking dumb” part was because she was “crying over another guy.” Good grief, Jag is her friend and she was happy they were both staying! (Tell me if ya’ll think I’m crazy but I get serious Jackson and Holly vibes from this showmance)

Moving on to the hoh…..Jared won it. It was a knockout style comp and it ended with brother vs sister. The last round was between Jared and Izzy. He got pictures of his dog and a letter from his brother. I have no idea what his meetings will be like today because it sounds like he already has his plan. Cameron is also throwing Red under the bus a bit so he knows he’s in trouble.

Jared doesn’t like America or Cory anymore but for now, Red and Cameron will probably go on the block. Cameron is the target. Cameron made some comment to Jared last night about hoping he’d get a week off before needing to be a pawn again. (Cameron is delusional)

Jag and Blue talked and Blue filled him in on alot of the things she and America have been talking about. She said she’s trusting America a lot more and doesn’t believe America and Cory were the hold out votes. She told Jag about America saying they (Cirie) were going to try to blame her for the vote not working. She said Cirie is running the house and they started trying to figure out a way to put a group together.

Blue told Jag they cant tell Jared. I don’t know if she knows who specifically his mother is but she knows his mother is in there. She’s not giving up the secret and only telling Jag that Jared is too close to the other side so they can’t let him in on anything they do. They’re working on trying to have Jag, America and Blue as a 3. They would each have Matt Cory and Jared working with them on the outskirts of it. They would do this by not giving them all the info. This would be great if it works but I still have my doubts. Jared’s not going to go along with anything that puts Cirie in danger. (more than the shit he’s already done himself)

Blue actually did a decent job of laying out what was going on in the house. Maybe being on the block has finally lit a fire under her ass. Jag also realized no one would put up Cirie or vote her out too.

I don’t know how long this new gamer Blue will stick around. Jared has a week in the hoh room to reel her in even more. She made the comment to Jared that this was her HOH room too.

Jag talked to Matt and told him he needed to be careful moving forward with sharing information. He specifically mentioned Cirie’s name and said he needs to be careful with her too. (I don’t think Matt believes him tho)

Matt talked to Jared and told him he was the one who used the power. (He also told Jag) I don’t know if he did this on his own (the Jared part) or if it’s something Cirie had him do. Either way, it’s good he did since Jared already knew. Jared told him he’d have been pissed if he hadn’t told him. (Stop talking tough Jared, your momma’s not gonna let you take out her new favorite child)

Jag and America talked and she tried telling him the week was all bullshit. She told him she and Cory didn’t have that kind of power in the house because they didn’t have the numbers. She said she’d always wanted to keep him and it was Cirie and the others who were lying to him. She also told him the same thing happened during the Reilly week. They tried to blame that one on America when America was only 1 person and did not control the vote.

Jag, America and Cory talked too. Jag and Cory hashed out why they haven’t trusted each other fully up to this point. They talked about working together but stressed everyone needed to start keeping quiet. Jag said the leaking of info had to stop. This was a little funny because America leaked the info to Jag that got Cory in trouble in the first place. Jag leaked it to Cirie and that’s how Cory got busted. Cory, who thinks there’s still a middle, is leaking info to Izzy, which goes straight to Cirie.

Blue sipped a little champagne but Jared told her he was saving it to have with “some other people” too.

Back to cuddle time:

Hopefully, any of the blanks we need filled in will happen today. Part of me thinks Jared knew they were going to use the power. On the other hand, I thought he looked surprised last night. He also campaigned pretty hard against Jag to go. When Jared has his one-on-one with Cirie, we’ll get more info….I hope.

For now, bring on the hohitis and have a great weekend!


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