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Big Brother 25-Thursday Recap for 9/21/23

September 22, 2023 | 19 Comments
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Author: Mel

Sorry for the late start today. I’ll skip the ‘good morning’ since it will be lunch time before I get this one up. The hg’s didn’t go to bed until early morning so there’s been alot to sort thru.

I guess I can start with ‘Yeah Double Eviction,’ NOT! I don’t claim to have the skill set to produce a show but what the hell are these people thinking? Do your twists, fine, I get it. Its good to get people to tune in to those episodes but what about the rest of them? The middle part of the season usually drags a bit anyway but they’ve grinded it to a halt. Ya, we get to see the awkwardness of Cam and Jared going back in and see how the hg’s handle it. Then what? Here’s a few of Tweets that put it better than I could:

For more clarification:

And finally:

See where I’m going with this? We have to sit thru all of this all over again. Even if you let that go and say ‘hey, I loved how slow last week was, can’t wait to do it again,’ what about the way it changes how people play the game? When twists are this huge AND during a double, it only encourages people NOT to play the game.

If they keep doing shit like this, we’re going to end up watching seasons where the entire house is made up of Bowie’s and Meme’s. I like Bowie and Meme but do I want to watch 16 of them in the house? No, I don’t. Ok, it is what it is so time to move on and try to find the positives….

We get to see Cory, who made a big move, try to maneuver to get out of it. We’ll also have some good debates over who we hope stays between Jared and Cameron. I guess we also get to see if Jared realizes his big mouth is what tanked his and Cirie’s games. (I was looking forward to seeing if she could regroup and do damage control without him there) Lastly, can Cameron get people to want to work with him now?

As for the double eviction that didn’t matter, here’s a few things that are relevant:

  1. Matt’s been busted playing the middle. Cirie and Jared know what’s up.
  2. Cory knows Meme wasn’t on board to take out Jared. By choosing Bowie and the Cory to go against in the hoh, she made it clear. She doesn’t even have a relationship with Blue but she gave her the chance to win over Cory.
  3. Blue realized she wasn’t playing as slick a game as she’d thought. (She still doesn’t get how she landed herself otb but more on that later)
  4. America and Blue’s new secret F2 is over.

As Steve already mentioned in his last posts, Cameron was evicted on Jared’s hoh. Cory won the DE hoh and put up Jared and Blue. Matt won the veto, didn’t use it and Jared was evicted 2nd. (Jared chose Matt to play with hg’s choice)

Cameron and Jared will play in a comp to determine who will have to (or get to) solve a puzzle to get back in the house. The winner of the first comp gets to choose to either do the puzzle themself or force the other person to do it. Do it yourself, win and you’re back. If you have the other person do it and they fail, you’re back. If they succeed, you’re out and they’re back in. Oh, they wear zombie clothes too, I guess. (Big whoop)

When the feeds came back up, conversations were already going. It’s obvious we missed some arguments. We only know this because of a few comments that were made. Of course, there may be some exaggeration but it was mentioned that Cirie yelled at Mimi and Felicia said, she and Jared yelled at each other. It also sounds like we may have missed a house meeting.

Cirie and Jared were questioning Matt and he was saying he’d been loyal but they had all kind of other deals. (Matt was the 1 person they felt was still with them besides Blue) Jareds main point was, he’d had several opportunities to take out Matt but he hadn’t done it. (He’s had 2, not several, but I’m nitpicking) He said Matt made a move against him the first chance he got. (This is a thing Jared’s used with several people lately)

He’s used his HOH’s as proof to America and Cory on the first one and Matt and Jag on the second. He’s also said it to other people too. It could work but here’s the problem with it. When you’re HOH, you only get to put up 2 people or 3 max. You can’t prove your loyalty by saying you didn’t put up the entire house. There’s only 2 nomination chairs.

Matt at Jag look like they’re in the principals office:

The reality is, Jared did think Matt was still with him. (I’ve been saying Matt was turning into a good liar) After Jared left the convo, Matt talked to Cirie alone. He told her the reason he didn’t use the veto, was because he didn’t want Cirie to go on the block. (Not bad because it’s true) I know people were upset over the way Jared and Cirie were grilling Matt. Personally, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. They’re mad at him for playing them and they’re allowed to be. Matt’s 27 years old and I’m sure he can hold his own. If anything, this attitude could possibly backfire and push Matt further away. Some of the things Jared said to Matt is a big part of why Matt turned on him. (Cory can’t take all the credit on this one)

Matt was pissed when Jared told Matt “you must’ve misunderstood” when Jared got called out for lying last week. Matt said Jared was “using my disability against me.” Now, I don’t know if Jared made that comment with intention or if it’s the same thing he would’ve said to anyone. What I do know is, Matt was furious over it. Matt felt the same way when he was talking with Cameron during the last day of Cameron’s HOH. Cameron told Matt he was “dumb and was an idiot” if he didn’t vote out Izzy. Cameron said the same thing to everyone and it was just his way of phrasing things but it turned Matt off.

You can tell Cirie understands that phrasing matters in game talks. Jared’s said several things to people in group convos where she’s jumped in and corrected it. While Jared was itching to call Matt and Jag snakes, Cirie was swallowing the things she wanted to say to them. She probably wanted to say the same but instead, asked them “what did I do to cause you to feel this way?”

Jared went to hash things out with Blue. They were pointing fingers and both accusing the other of playing them. He wanted to know why she hadn’t told him Jag and Matt were targeting him. She admitted she’d been doing her own thing with Jag and Matt but thought she could keep Jared safe in the process. (This is where Blue trying to get Cirie targeted all week comes in) She said, what she was doing had been working and thought she had it under control. (She never had it under control)

Jared thought Matt would use the veto on him. Blue admitted she thought Matt would use it on her. She said, she knew Cirie would go on the block and knew Cirie would be the one to go. (She’s wrong) She also told Jared that Cirie didn’t do anything for her game. She said Cirie’s only came to her once to have a conversation and she’s gone to her multiple times.

Jared tried convincing her he hadn’t continued holding info from her but she said she knew that wasn’t true. She wanted to know if they were breaking up. Jared told her they couldn’t break up because they weren’t official, it didn’t have a title and so on. (This goes back to the many convos about labeling what this thing is between them and how Jared doesn’t want to label it) Blue said she understood the reason to keep things quiet in the beginning but said, by now, the entire house knew they were together. It had also gotten back to Blue that Jared had told people he didn’t care if she left or not.

When Meme talked to Jared, she told him Cory had known about brown sugar babes. She said Corey told her he learned about it from Jared back in week 3. (This answered a question I’ve had for weeks now) Jared tried to lie and tell her he’d never said anything about it. He also tried to say it was the only alliance that wasn’t outed during the argument last week. That was supposed to be proof he’d never said anything. He also said he disnt even think it was a thing in week 3. (Yeah that’s really going to work. Jared didn’t spill it because it didn’t exist yet. Somehow, Cory predicted Jared would get into an alliance called brown sugar babes prior to it happening. Haha)

Here’s the problem, he heard about it from someone and Meme’s never going to believe it came from Felicia. I’d wondered if Cory had simply forgotten about it because Jared told him about it such a long time ago. (Cory confirmed this in another conversation) Anyway, at some point last night this must’ve came out too. I’m only speculating, but I’m guessing it may have been Cory’s attempt to bring Meme back over to his side. (The best way to get someone to distrust an alliance is to let them know someone else in the alliance rated it out)

Jag and Matt were also questioned by Cirie and Jared. Jag said similar things to Matt about how he was loyal to their alliance until he found out they had other ones. Jag alluded to a secret Cirie had spilled. She wanted to know what it was and he told her he wasn’t throwing anyone under the bus. (Its about Cirie telling Jared that Matt played in the power comp and saved Jag)

There’s also a second part to this and I mentioned it last week. (It’s also the one area Matt screwed up while playing the middle) If you remember, while Cory was trying to get his army together for the Izzy vote and moving forward, he told Matt, he’d played in the power comp too. Matt, trying to play both sides, gave this info to Cirie. Naturally, Cirie told Jared and unfortunately for them, Jared told Blue. Blue told either Jag or Matt (can’t remember) and they knew Cirie shared everything with Jared. Cirie can’t figure this one out because it wouldn’t occur to her that Jared would share this info with Blue.

There was a brief period this week where Jared talked to Blue about whether or not he could trust Matt. Blue assured him he could but Jared was actually on the right track. Jared realized, if Cory told Matt he’d played in the power comp, then Cory and Matt must be working together. This is why I said it was the one mistake Matt made playing the middle. He should’ve never given that info to Cirie. Last night, Cory and Matt even had a convo about the power comp. Cory told Matt he didn’t want the info to come out that Cory knew Matt won the power comp. Cory said, it would make it look like Cory and Matt were working more closely together to other people in the house. (ding, ding, ding)

Jared and Cameron chatted too. They agreed to share info with each other this week since only one of them can stay. They did the “I’ll get revenge” thing. Jared tried to make it sound like he’d wanted to keep Cameron but couldn’t because of Felicia and Cirie. Cameron still talked like he was the reason izzy left. (Yeah, he still thinks Izzy was always leaving because it was his plan. He can’t accept Cory, America and Jag flipped the vote to Izzy. It just happened to be what Cameron wanted)

Cory, America, Jag and Matt talked about the events of the night. Bowie joined for a bit too. It was mostly going over what Cirie and Jared were saying to Matt and Jag. There was talk about continuing to try to get Jared out. Jag told them he didn’t give Cirie anything when she was fishing for info.

Cory and Jag also talked about trying to mend things with Cameron. Obviously, they don’t want him there but they see him as the lesser of 2 evils. They think he could potentially be easier to work with over Jared. There was also some talk about having to lose Blue. They rehashed the decision Cory made to put blue on the block. Remember, he’d made this decision on Wednesday, after he found out Blue was planning on putting Cory on the block.

Cory also got his HOH basket. He and America had a good time going through it and seeing how much stuff he got. Later, she made jokes about it being Smirnoff Ice and lunchables. She asked him if he’d actually requested the lunchables. Corey’s original plan was for he and America to drink the alcohol. He ended up having to share it because (Cirie, I think) asked him, where’s the alcohol?

Blue was big mad at Cory and America. (There’d been some convo where America was apologizing to Blue for telling Cory that Blue would put him on the block) I guess she’s forgetting she also said it to Matt and Jag.

Anyway, she was talking to Jag about being upset Cory put her up. She said, she and Cory had a quick convo where he asked her if she’d use the veto on Jared, she said no and he said he wouldn’t put her up. (We watched this exchange on the live show. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t recall Cory telling her at the end of it, he wasn’t putting her up but maybe he did) Either way, Cory made the correct move putting the 2 of them up together. I think he made a mistake in talking to her about it beforehand. She’d have still been upset but probably not as much if he hadn’t gotten her hopes up.

Jag was trying to convince Blue that it was the best move for her. That way, she didn’t have to betray the people she’s working with (Jag, Matt, Cory America) and she also didn’t have to betray Jared. Blue contradicted herself a lot in this convo. She said if they’re working together, she shouldn’t have been used as a pawn. (She planned to use Cory as a pawn) She said she still wanted to try to keep the group together and work with America and Cory. (Immediately after, she said she was planning to target America and Cory)

Here’s the tea on Blue.. She’s mostly pissed that she thought she putting herself into a power position in the house. Last night showed her, she was wrong. I’m not trying to be too hard on her because she definitely had the right idea with what she was trying to do. It’s just that, her execution on her plan sucked. She’s one of those players that assumes everything else is standing still while she’s making her moves. She planted her little seeds to Matt, Jag and America and thought they’d stay put until she came back to give them some new info. (Gurl, the game doesn’t work that way….kitty, kitty, purr and what not)

Jared talked to Blue again and said he was mostly upset at Blue and Matt. (Make sense, he didn’t trust Jag anyway) He wanted to know if she was planning on moving forward with that group and Blue said yes. He said he’d wait to see if he stayed and then they’d have to figure out if they could work together or not.

Once again, he told her he wished she’d given him a warning he was a target. (The fact that Jared didn’t know he was a target on his own blows my mind. He really did believe he won the argument with Cory last week IN FRONT OF Matt and Jag) He also said he can understand Jag making the move because if he stays, he’d be going after Jag.

Cory’s obviously not in the clear but he isn’t taking as much heat for it. First, Jared’s always treated Cory like he’s a little brother, but one who’s about 16. He’s never seen Cory as someone who would have the balls to make the move. Although it probably made him mad, he seems like he could also respect it. I mean, Jared did just put Cory in America on the block.

I’m still a little stunned that Jared and Blue are both still talking as if Cory and America are wimpy players and floators. They took out Izzy and had to flip the house to do it. Last night, they led the charge to take out Jared, even if he isn’t actually gone yet.

Like I said at the start of the recap, I’m annoyed the double played out this way. However, there’s some room for the week to get interesting. I’m going to be hopeful and wait to see what happens. Not having an HOH could put the house at a stand still. On the other hand, the lack of an HOH could cause people to over play out of boredom. I’m curious to see how alot of things shake out this week.

It’s too bad they didn’t isolate Cameron and Jared for a couple of days before letting them back in the house. Maybe it would’ve never happened but I envisioned my own move with Cirie I wondered what would’ve happened if she’d came clean about her secret. I mean, after Jared left and he wasn’t going to be in jury, the others wouldn’t have to worry about him voting for her. I felt like it could’ve been a good excuse for some of the things she’s got caught doing. She could have played on people’s sympathies and said ‘I really wanted to stick with you guys but my son was going this direction, he’s my son, what was I supposed to do blah, blah, blah. I really think it could’ve worked to get her back in good standing especially with people like Felicia, Meme, Matt and maybe others. I just think it would have been really funny if she’d done that and then later on found out Jared might get to come back.

Bowie saying she’s ready for the war. Haha:

Anyway, I’m sure there will be a lot more discussions in the house today. Maybe we’ll get a better idea of where things are heading. Or…the week will be dull as hell but I’m staying optimistic for now. One last positive is the house is starting over for the 2nd week in a row. That means, anyone could team up with anyone at this point and it makes the game more interesting. Have a great weekend!


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