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Big Brother 25-Thursday Recap for 9/28/23

September 29, 2023 | 27 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all, scaryverse week is finally behind us but there could still be a nightmare ahead. If Cameron, Jag and Matt are sincere about working together, we may start wishing Jared was still in the house. That’s only because Jared being there with Cirie probably wouldn’t be as big of an advantage as the this trio of guys working together.

They feeds were down most of the day yesterday so the recap will be short. All the activity for the week won’t really begin until the hg’s get up for the day. We have a new hoh and noms have been discussed but that’s about it. Before I get to that stuff, this is my version of ‘describe this season of Big Brother only in pictures’:

Moving on to the recap:

Cameron won the hoh last night and his plan is to put Felicia and Meme on the block with Felicia as his target. I’m guessing we can expect a week of Cameron telling everyone how to play BB and who isn’t qualified to be in jury. Keep in mind, this new power trio, (the fugitives) has 2 people in it who’ve been voted out unanimously. Here’s some more stats for you:

  1. Only 2 woman have won an hoh this season. One is gone and the other is the target this week.
  2. Cameron, Jag and Matt have won all the comps except 2 out of the players still in the house who’ve won.
  3. Women have only won about 25% of comps in recent seasons. They’ve also won the game about 25% of the time too. If you look at the first years of BB, women won about 50% of the comps and won the game about 50% of the time. In modern BB, it’s almost impossible to win the game without winning comps.
  4. 15 of the 17 comps have been won by men this season.

I know some people were worried about a steamroll in the early part of the season, when Cirie and Izzy were controlling the house. (Even though they controlled the game, they evicted 2 people from their own side) That was broken up and was never a steamroll anyway. We could be getting ready to see a true steamroll for the 2nd half of the game.

Jag pointed this out to Matt and Cameron a few days ago. He said if the 3 of them stick together, they’ll always have 2 of them playing for every HOH. Depending on the veto draw, all 3 could potentially play for every veto too. If you’re hoping for an interesting season, you probably need to root for this trio to turn on each other.

We always say, you can’t plan to just comp your way to the end. It would be almost impossible. (Ask Michael from last season) However, if 3 people worked together, they could actually trade hoh’s for the rest of the season. We’ve known for years now, the competitions have been leaning more towards needing physical ability to win them.

If they aren’t going to change the way they set up the comps and are determined to turn BB into a mini version of The Challenge, players have to find a work around. Smart players have found it by understanding that you need to take out the physical comp threats earlier in the game. This season, the strategic players aren’t being rewarded for their efforts. They evicted 3 physical comp threats and all 3 were allowed to come back into the game. I’m only pointing out that if you’re still hung up on Cirie being in the house, you may be missing the forest for the trees.

Making the comps more equitable even helps the physical players. It’s the majority of comps aren’t based on physicality, there isn’t a reason to target the physical players early. I get production won’t listen to us but maybe they should listen to their players. Jag, Matt and Cameron sat around last night saying they were hoping for another physical comp next. They get it because they said it. If they keep getting physical comps, they’ll just run the table. Apparently, last nights comp was a good example. Cameron Matt and Jag placed 1, 2 and 3. It sounds like Blue was 4th but a very distant 4th.

We can wait to see if any new info comes out this week but Cameron doesn’t take in new info very well. He already thinks he knows everything. Remember the Izzy week? He still thinks Izzy was always going home, simply based on him putting her on the block. He still can’t acknowledge that alot of work went into making that happen from Cory, America and Jag. He also doesn’t concede it ONLY began to happen the day before the eviction.

I wanted Jared to leave so Cirie could play the game without an advantage. I wanted Cameron to go to open up the playing field for the others in comps. Since only 1 could leave last night, only one of those things could happen. On the bright side, if Cameron had left, we’d just be trading one thing for the other, I suppose.

Cameron, Jag and Matt talked about the order people should go. I could still see Cameron making a push to maybe backdoor Cory this week. He’s already saying he needs to go next. Last night, Jag said if they take out Cory too soon, all the women could team up against them and steamroll. (I think I just showed how that probably won’t happen) For now, Cameron talked like he agreed. Cameron’s also pushing for Bowie to be their real 4th. Jag and Matt seemed ok with it.

Blue talked to the cameras. She said she wished she’d had time for a real good bye with Jared. (She had a week) She talked about protecting Cirie “as long as she could.” She also mentioned hoping he got his “situationship” straightened out by the time she left the game. I’m curious to see what she does this week. She was already staring to lose Jag (and Matt a little) as far as wanting to target Cory next.

They all sang happy birthday to Cory, except for Matt, Jag and Cam. They’d found streamers in the storage room but Cory asked they not put them up. He doesn’t want to make a big deal about it since they celebrated already on Tuesday. (I think it was Tuesday)

Cory and America debated over whether Meme or Felicia would be better to keep. Cory wants to think on it more and doesn’t know if they could get Matt and Jag on board to take Meme out instead. (He’s not even sure yet he’d like to) America agreed and said they should wait till around Monday before bringing it up. (This probably means, she’ll talk to Matt and/or Jag about it today) This could cause Cory to become the target faster in my opinion.

I wonder if Cameron will use this hoh to gain info this time around, instead of telling people they’re dumb if they don’t agree with him . His one on one talks could be interesting or they could be cringe worthy. Well know when they happen so until then…..

Have a great weekend!


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