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Big Brother 25-Tuesday Recap for 10/10/23

October 11, 2023 | 8 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies, We’ve hit day 70 in the BB house so only 4 weeks-ish to go! This season”s been a marathon and the gaming isn’t slowing down. I’m not sure what else anyone could want from a BB season because its given us alot. It’s been constant scheming, bad players turning into decent ones and a mostly likable cast. My only complaint would be the middle of the game dragging with a month of Cameron and Jared trading HOH’s, twists bringing people back and comps that arn’t equitable. (We have the last two every season) I think it’s been really good.

They hit 2 BB milestones by playing OTEV and getting roasted by Zingbot.

Most of the zings were pretty bad but Cirie’s was decent and Cory’s was pretty good.

Yesterday was a busy mess on the feeds. I say that because it was the kind of day that’s hard to recap. It was many conversations with different mixes of people, all saying the same things with slight variations depending on who was in which conversation. Here are the highlights:

Cameron must’ve woke up and thought ‘not so fast, I’m gonna campaign before throwing in the towel.’ The one thing (and maybe the only thing) I do like about Cameron, is his willingness to try different approaches when something’s not working. (I’m only referring to his campaigning because after he was evicted and came back, he played the same way that got him voted out. It’s why he’s being voted out again.)

Cameron’s campaigned under the guise of ‘I’m not campaigning, I’m just looking for answers.’ While looking for those answers, he’s trying to create some doubt and distrust among the others. I don’t think it’s working but I respect the effort.

Cameron was all about the hand signs yesterday too:

Cameron started with Cory but didn’t get anywhere. I don’t think there’s anything he can get Cory to sway his vote. You can’t poke at someone for 2 months and expect them to want to keep you. Cory also found out that Cam calls him a little boy yesterday behind his back. Cory just made jokes about it and started referring to Cam as “daddy.”

Cory and Cirie also met up to talk. They were both more candid than I’d expected. They talked about taking the shot at Jag and/or Matt and when it should happen. Cory mentioned his fear of telling Felicia too much since she talks alot. Cirie suggested he let Felicia do the talking and it was good advice. (When Cory met with Felicia, he did most of the talking. He can’t stop himself!)

After the convo with Cory, Cirie talked to herself. She asked how you were supposed to know who was telling you the truth when everyone was bullshitting? She said it should be called Big Brother, The Impossible.

America got into it a bit with Cameron again. He was trying to work on Cory and America. He asked something like, “what’s the plan moving forward?” Cory said he didnt know how to answer him.

America told him not to pretend like he hadn’t just been coming after them last week. (Cory, at least) She kept shutting down whatever he said. He called her “incorrigible” and walked out of the room. She followed him to the Scary room (he was in there with Jag) and asked why he’d left. They argued a bit more and before leaving, she told Jag “just so you know, he was just throwing you under the bus.” (Haha)

Cameron asked Jag to tell him what had happened. (Why they’d turned on him) He told Jag if he’d tell him thet truth, he wouldn’t say anything else, would wish him luck and would vote for him in the end. Cam also said “don’t do the Jag thing where you sit there all quiet either.”

Jag told him he’d heard Cam was saying some things and throwing people under the bus. He was pretty vague about it. No one wants to come out and say “I played you,” which is exactly what happened.

Felicia met with Jag and they promised to be loyal. Cirie met with Jag and then Matt. They all told each other they were loyal and so on. Cirie knows what’s happening now but wants them to feel like she still trusts them.

There was more talk between Matt and Jag about them wanting a F5 with Bowie, Felicia and Cirie. They also discussed Blue vs Cory and who should go first.

Blue talked with Cire and gave her usual download of info. Blue talks to Cirie like she’s giving a report instead of it being a conversation. Blue doesn’t buy into the things Cam said. She told Cirie, she’s worked with Jag and Matt all season. She said she’d be shocked if they’re playing her. (Prepare to be shocked gurl) Cirie was realizing it wouldn’t be easy to get Blue to switch gears. Blue conceded she thought Jag should go soon but she thinks Cory needs to go first. She also told Cirie she plans on throwing the hoh comp on Thursday. She said she sees how Matt hasn’t had to get his hands dirty yet. She wants Matt or Jag to have to take out Cory. (I liked Blues hair yesterday)

Cory and America talked about how they were being portrayed on the show. (Not like last year when they were obsessed with it. This was more of a curiosity.) It wasn’t clear if America was talking about the issues with Cam or if she was being seen as not playing her own game, apart from Cory.

I’m still surprised people think this about America. She may not be very good at the game but she’s definitely played her own. There’s been more than one time this season where Cory would be in a room arguing for something to happen. At the same time, America would be somewhere else, trying to make the opposite of what he wanted happen.

She brought up the drunk night (Sunday) and talking to Cam for so long. America told Cory she’d wished he would’ve came and got her to end the conversation. He said he didn’t want to be someone who would try to decide who she talked to and how long the convo should last. This was similar to how she’d wished Cory had chimed in when she was arguing with Felicia. (After the veto ceremony last week)

I think America may be that person in a bar who starts an arguement with the biggest guy there and then wants her boyfriend to step in and take care of it. (I’m related to someone like that. It was always a blast to party with her….until it wasn’t) Dont get me wrong, I like America and I think she’s fun. I think she’s just being herself in the house, which I appreciate. I also think it’s why I dont care for Blue. Blue always seems so performative and nothing ever feels genuine with her. (I’m not talking about game. Be as fake as you need to be for the game!)

Most of them are claiming they’ll be throwing the hoh comp so it’s not just Blue. There’s a chance they’re lying, could change their minds or it could be a comp that’s hard to throw. If it’s sincere, it could be hilarious though! Jag & Matt want to throw it to Cory & America so they can take a shot at Blue. They’ve also said they want to do the opposite and throw to Blue so she can go after Cory. (This will depend on who they decide to target)

Blue wants to throw it to Matt & Jag so they have to stop playing the middle. Cory mentioned throwing it too but I can’t remember why. (Seems dumb if he wants Blue gone) It may be to hide who he’d go after, since he just talked to Cirie about going after Jag and Matt. He may also believe they’d also go after Blue. (Sorry, not sure) I doubt this holds about throwing it but if it did, it would be much easier for Felicia, Cirie or America to win it. Haha

Cirie and Felicia studied together and talked about who needed to go. Felicia thinks if Cory goes, they can gather the women together to take out Matt and Jag. It’s a nice thought but I don’t see it happening. Cirie is leaning more towards putting up Matt and Jag or Cory and Jag.

Felicia has bad reads on the house and she has all season. Cirie tried telling her, if Cory goes, they’ll be next. (One of them will be or maybe Blue) Cirie talked to America about a F4 with the 2 of them, Cory and Felicia. They plan on meeting up today to talk some more.

Everyone updated Bowie throughout the day about was Cameron was doing. She hadn’t spoken to him since he went on the block.

She finally talked to him in the evening and he tried to pry info out of her. She wasn’t saying much. She basically just said he pushed too hard on the Cory thing. (I get it, it’s hard to say “you’re an asshole.”)

Speaking of that, I’ve been wondering how they’ll edit the Thursday show clips. It’s not the first time they’ve given someone an underdog or hero edit and backed themselves into a corner. Now, they have to try and show why the entire house wants Cameron gone. I don’t know how it will make sense to the tv only viewers.

Cirie and Felicia are in a tricky position. They’re the most vulnerable to go on the block as pawns, since they’re the least likely to win the comps.

On the other hand, everyone is trying to recruit them to be on their side at the moment. The smarter route for them is to work with Cory and America but they’ve had a better working relationship this season with Matt. Not only that, it isn’t just a trust thing. If Cory doesn’t want to target Matt and Jag yet, then what good is he to Cirie and Felicia?

They definitely can’t trust America and Cory. They would just be easier competition in the upcoming comps. Along with that, Cirie has to deal with the Blue problem. Blue doesn’t want to work with Cory or America but Blue is still working with Cirie.

It’s at least interesting because anything could happen. I agree with Cameron on one thing. Matt and Jag need to be split up. (Well, Monday Cam said that. Tuesday Cam thinks Cory needs to be dealt with first) Matt and Jag will control the rest of the game thru comps if the rest of them arn’t careful.

Cory and Jag are the targets for Cirie. (It’s Cory for Felicia, depending on her mood) I know people have mentioned Matt might take Cirie to a F2 so she she shouldn’t go after him. I’m not sure I agree because it’s possible, but not guaranteed. He could just as easily want to stick with Jag or even Bowie.

Matt’s also the 1 person I think could beat Cirie in the end. I think taking Matt out could open up the game for almost everyone. He’s the most liked in the house and has almost the same resume as Jag. Jag’s done more of the dirty work but that could be good for Matt at the end. Blue is actually closer to Matt than Jag at this point so it splits that up too. I don’t see it happening but I think Matt may be the smarter target for almost the whole house.

Some Recent Quotes:

Cameron: “Its nuttier in here than a damn squirrel Christmas.”

Cirie: (referring to her young adult years) “I was the black Snooky.”

Cory: (talking about preferring to live 300 years in the past or 600 years in the future) “In 600 years, we’ll almost be to jury.”

Cameron: “America will be left in the wind if Cory leaves. She won’t have anyone thinking for her anymore.”

Cameron: “I’ve been told I’m like the guy, Joe from You.” (He said it, I didn’t)

Matt: “Cory is working every angle.” Jag: “You know who else is working every angle? Us!”

Cory: “I hate twists. It almost always gives the majority more power in the game.” Cameron: “Production is just trying to make money.” BB voice: “Stop that!” (Cory went on to talk about BB10 being his fave season because of an awesome cast with no twists and I agree!)

Cameron: “Waffle house is king where I live.” America: “Do they have mimosas?”

Blue: “Cam thinks he’s the smartest person in the house.” Bowie: “We keep voting him out so he’s not that smart.”

Felicia: (retelling her veto speech) “America, stop robbing the cradle. Cory, get off the nipple.”

Cameron: “I want to get in the jacuzzi Friday.” America: ” Do you think the jury house one?”

Have a great Wednesday!


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