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Big Brother 25-Tuesday Recap for 10/17/23

October 18, 2023 | 7 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies! Another day down and we’re actually getting closer to the end of this long season. If it feels like it drags for us, can you imagine how long it feels for the houseguests? At around 80 days now, I’ll commend them all if they haven’t lost their minds. Cirie seems close but is hanging in there.

Tuesdays are usually considered the 1st official campaign day of the week. Sometimes, there isn’t much of it on Mondays, especially with a blind side. Often, people need that 1st day to be sad, angry or just be in their feelings. Cory started on Monday and yesterday just felt like a carry over day for several reasons.

Cory was still campaigning, America was still crying and most of the rest were still bashing them for it. America was up and about, socializing and even doing a bit of campaigning too. Her campaigning consists more of ‘If I stay, I’ll go after Matt and Jag.’ Unfortunately, Cory’s is based around thinking he has Bowie’s support and he doesn’t.

It’s similar, but not exactly the same as the situation he had with Meme. Because he wanted to work with her, he just assumed Meme would eventually want to work with him too. With Bowie, he had some good conversations with her some weeks back and thinks that made them a team. He’s still bringing up the Red vote to her and how they bonded that week. Is he not realizing how long ago that happened? While he’s been lounging in the scramble room, falling in love, Bowie’s been busy talking to other people.

The day began with some talk about how America still hasn’t talked to Matt or Jag. They’ve been using this to further slam her to the others. There’s been a lot of ‘see, if she didn’t have anything to hide, she would talk to us’ and ‘she won’t talk because she knows she’s been lying.’ Matt talked to Cirie about it early in the day. Matt told Cirie she hasn’t talked to them because she got caught. (Lying, I guess, which she wasn’t) He went on to say, he didn’t like the way she’s played the game and he wants to play an honest game. (Haha) He said he didn’t like some comments she’d made about real life things and she wasn’t someone he’d hang out with in real life. For some reason, he also told Cirie, he got “cheater vibes” from America.

Jag and Matt flexing to the cameras because they’re running the game:

I think Matt was also trying to get ahead of Cory’s campaign, which is to go after Matt and Jag. Matt pointed out the differences in his duo from Cory & Americas to Cirie and Felicia. He said Cory & America were playing the same game, but Jag and Matt were playing different games. Felicia followed this up by asking Matt if he saw his path to the end being different from Jag’s. Matt responded by saying “not really.” Felicia pointed out how Matt hadn’t been on the block yet too.

Felicia’s game is a bit confusing sometimes. After the convo with Matt, Felicia made sure Cirie noticed the way Matt answered her question. She said she knew they had a F2. (No shit, ya think?) In moments like this, she seems to get it.

However, Cirie is still having to convince Felicia that Matt and Jag need to go before Bowie and especially, before America. It’s why I said yesterday that Felicia plays a similar game to America. She likes the people she likes. She’s got it in her head she can go to a F5 with Matt and Jag and then beat them. (In what world? Or verse?)

Cory had already told Matt that he’d be campaigning to go after them. Yesterday, he said it was true but said, he didn’t really want them to go. What he said the day before was “obviously, if I won, i’d put you on the block, but so would everyone else.” When Felicia is direct with people, it’s seen as adorable but when Cory does it, it comes off as cocky and arrogant. I’m not saying Cory doesn’t have a bit of arrogance about him, but he’s mostly just direct with people. (Too much and its hurt his game)

It’s actually a bit weird how he comes off as very conniving and sneaky, while also being one of the most direct people in the house. (The mustache doesn’t help) He’s always laying out for people what the optimal move would be and also what would happen if they made that move. I think it’s his way of trying to be transparent with people, because he feels like he’s pointing out the obvious. Unfortunately for him, it comes off very ‘know it all.’ He’s young and it’s something he has time to work on…in life, not the game. He only has 2 days left.

I don’t even know why I’m pointing this out because it doesn’t matter this week. Jag, Matt, Blue and Felicia are taking anything and everything Cory and America say and are using it to fit the narrative they’ve already written. Once you don’t like someone, you twist every word to bolster your opinion of them. There was a lot of that going on yesterday. I guess I understand it in a game sense, (not the personal stuff tho) because we do it too. Think about the times we dissect every word from someone we don’t like and move past the nasty things are favorites say. Hey, it happens.

Matt relayed Corys campaign talk to Cirie and Jag. Jag mentioned that America was taking it hard. Cirie said Cory still needed to go first. Obviously, they agreed since Cory will go after Matt and Jag. Cirie agreed with them but secretly for her, It’s not the reason she wants Cory gone first. (Haha)

America and Blue finally had their talk. (Apparently, they got into an argument after the veto ceremony) Blue had spent a couple of days working up in her mind how the conversation would go. She’s said things to Matt and Jag like “I want America to beg,” “grovel to me on her knees” and “I’m gonna make that bitch beg while campaigning to me.” (Side note: None of that happened)

America asked Blue what she was trying to accomplish by ratting out the things she’d told her. Blue said she wasn’t trying to do anything against America and was sorry that saving her game came at America and Cory’s expense. America asked when the conversation happened and Blue admitted it was before the veto comps. America asked (the obvious question) “so why didn’t Jag drop and let you win the veto?” Blue sidestepped it and didn’t answer her. Blue said America had “done her filthy in the game” and said she’d found out America was trashing her behind her back. America denied it and said none of that was true.

America listening to Blue ramble on and on and on…

America asked her again if she really thought she was going to end up in a final 3 with Matt and jag America said “as of now, the plan is for them to go to a f4 with Cirie and Bowie.” Blue went on a spiel about being proud of the game she was playing and said it wasn’t America’s business if her end game included Matt and Jag. Blue said she was still open to working with America. America told her the door wasn’t open if Blue actually thought America had been trashing her behind her back.

America trying to hold her tongue thru the bullshit:

America brought up Bowie lying to her about knowing they were going up. Blue reinforced this by telling America that not only did Bowir know, she said she was “giddy and excited about it.” America said she’d target Matt and Jag and told Blue she may be the renom of one came off the block. She changed it and said it would probably be Bowie. There definitely wasn’t a plan made to work together moving forward. It was more like leaving the door open to whatever. Blue ended up telling America “you’re still my girl” and America said “I don’t know about that.”

Blue ran to Matt and Jag to tell them about the convo. She told them she’s convinced America will run to her after Cory leaves. Blue has some competition now over running to give the guys info.

Bowie tried to eavesdrop during Blue and America’s conversation and ran what she heard back to Matt and Jag too. (Bowie and Blue are competing for that F3 spot and I think they both know it) I expect to see more of Bowie and Blue throwing each other under the bus in the upcoming week.

America filled Cory in on her talk with Blue. Blue let her know Cory was the target this week. Cory said he knew that too because Matt basically told him the same. America was upset all over again and felt guilty. She feels like it was her mistake that caused it to happen and it isn’t fair Cory will pay for it. He was understanding and said “it’s just how the game works.” He also reminded her “it’s just a silly game”

Cirie had to sit in the pool for 2 hours in her costume:

Cory campaigned to Felicia by telling her, if Bowie was with Matt and Jag, the games over. He said it’s obvious Blue’s going to stick with them so that leaves Felicia and Cirie needing to comp their way to the end. He’s trying to do the ‘you need me for comps approach’ but it’s not landing. First, Felicia doesn’t really like Cory. Second, Felicia may get frustrated by the comps but she stays convinced she can win them. (I admire her confidence but worry about the delusion) I know she has her ‘faith of a mustard seed’ and all, but she better be hoping that mustard seed is a comp beast! (No, I’m not saying she should keep Cory tho)

Cory also suggested telling Bowie about the F4 Matt and Jag proposed to Cirie and Felicia. He told Felicia he wouldn’t unless she told him it was okay. (I know I missed something at some point because I don’t know how Cory knows this but he does) None of it mattered anyway because Felicia ran the entire conversation back to Matt, Jag and Blue. (Like I said earlier, anything he says will be viewed in the worst light because they want him out) All this is doing is giving them confirmation that he’s a liar and a sneaky player.

America talked to Bowie just to clarify what she’d said to Blue. She told Bowie that she’d never said to Blue, they were targeting Mat and Jag She said the only thing she told Blue was Matt and Jag would need to go eventually. She also said she didn’t understand how Blue knows she was Jag’s target but still wants to work with him. (I don’t have any faith in Blue but I’m holding out hope it’s because she knows both Matt and Jag can compete for the next HOH)

Matt grew more annoyed as the day went on because America hadn’t campaigned to him. (Actually, she hasn’t spoken to Matt or Jag) He said America must be too confident she was staying and didn’t feel the need to campaign. (Rrmember, he was another one who wants America to ‘beg him’ for his vote) He’s also annoyed America and Cory aren’t getting into it since they’re both on the block. He actually seems really disappointed over it.

Meanwhile, Jag was still talking about how America didn’t want to have a group meeting. He said she won’t do it because “she knows she’ll get caught and all her lies.” I know this shit happens every year but it’s getting ridiculous. I get it, they all have the other to pump them up, tell them they’re right and validate everything they’re thinking but come on! It’s really not that complicated. America felt like these people were her friends. She feels like even Cameron, who no one liked, got a heads up. Her issue was with the way Jag did it. She even pointed this out to Blue.

America told Cory, after her talk with Blue, she knows she isn’t going to have anyone to align with if she stays. (They both know she’s probably staying) She was probably hoping Blue did what she did to save herself this week, but moving forward, Blue would realize she needed to target Matt and Jag. America cried again over ruining Cory’s game. (For the record, I think this would’ve happened anyway) She said she’s happy he’s fighting to stay even tho they both know it probably won’t work.

While Cory and America hung out by themselves, most of the others prepared dinner. Matt was annoyed again because Cory and America didn’t feel like participating. There was more trash talking in the kitchen about how they were both liars, Jag saying no one would want to work with America at this point, Blue saying she was “brutally honest with America during their talk,” etc. (America and Cory shomancing has been annoying as hell but you’d think they were off in a room kicking puppies or something!)

America told Cory she couldn’t figure out why Jag felt the need for a blind side. She said “was it just to be a hurtful?” Cory said it was more to be theatrical. America said she understood bitter juries now and said “it will be theatrical when I dont vote vote for Jag or Matt at the end.” She said she wanted to hold on to this feeling for 21 more days. (Haha)

Cirie went to eat her dinner outside, just to have some alone time. It didn’t work because everyone followed her out there Later, America and Cirie were laughing about it. Cirie told her if she wants to talk, she’s there for her. She said even if she just wants to complain about the other hg’s, vent or whatever She wanted her to know she’s not alone. (Cirie was putting in some work)

I hope America will see Cirie is her beat path forward, not Blue. Sure, it’s Cirie so I know that sounds dangerous but what are her options? In a perfect world, she would team up with Bowie and Blue but they’re ran up Jag and Matt’s asses so that’s not gonna happen. For the moment, America is in a bit of a different situation than everyone else.

There’s a way for everyone left in the house to win the game if they can just get there, except for America. Ya, if she wins an hoh and takes out Matt or Jag, that could change, but I’m talking about right now. Blue’s seen as more a player than America, even tho she hasn’t done much.

Pretty image of Blue:

Even Bowie has a little win equity by taking out Cameron. As of right now, name 1 person America could beat in a final 2. (There isn’t one) Her game is seen as riding Cory’s coattails even if it’s not true. It’s the perception of her in the house and it’s been that way even before the America bashing started.

Cirie genuinely wants to pick up America as a number for her. If she could get closer to Cirie and convince her she’d be loyal to her, it’s the best option to get down to around F5. I think Cirie has enough influence to get the target off America. If that happened, maybe she could win one of those end game comps and then who knows?

Felicia talked to Cirie again about the possibility of getting all the women together to go after Matt and jag. ( Felicia also farted on Cirie’s bed and made Cirie mad. Hahaha) Keep in mind, Felicia’s mind changes about 25 times a day so she was having a moment where she didn’t want the final 5 to be with the 2 of them plus Blue, Matt and Jag. Cirie tried telling her that’s never going to happen. She pointed out how Bowie’s been making the guys beds and doing their laundry and said she’s not leaving them. I think she also recognizes as hard as she’s worked on Blue, she can’t get through to her.

Cirie spent more time trying to convince Felicia they can’t get Bowie to keep Cory, even if they wanted to do it. (Yes, Felicia even talks about that too. She’s all over the place!) The main things she’s trying to get across to Felicia are Matt and Jag need to go and Bowie needs to go before America.

Most of them hung out and chatted in the comic room while Cirie was wanting to go to bed and have some alone time. Eventually, they all left and Cirie rolled her eyes as Matt and Jag were hugging them good night. (She’s so over this, haha)

America and Cory making out in the phone booth:

America and Cory did some packing, some making out and joked around too. America’s worried about coming back to Twitter. (She should be after some of the nasty things that have been said about her) She said she enjoys BB Twitter and doesn’t want to have to give it up. Cory suggested she start using the block button. (Good advice)

There were some other silly moments that I enjoyed. America’s not a good player but her love of Big Brother is contagious to me. I enjoy watching her enjoy it, if that makes sense. While using nail polish remover in the bathroom, she faked to Cory like she was going to take a drink of it. (It’s what Aaryn did during B15, except she actually took a drink of it) Cory talked about how bad his game had been. When he said he knew he’d never be asked to come back, America said “David was invited back.” (Bb21 and BB22 and he’s known for being a terrible player. I think he was only invited back for all stars because of Covid and needing people)

America with the Lay’s chips:

There’s been a lot of moments like that this season. I love watching someone play who knows so much of Big Brother’s history, the cast, the comps, etc. Her games been a nightmare to watch but I’ve liked this part. Shes recreates some iconic BB moments and created some of her own. It’s like she’s had her personal BB checklist and she’s trying to check off as many items as she can.

She made it to the smaller table that came yesterday too:

I had hoped some of the venom would die down after Monday but it continued through Tuesday. There’s still some hope for today but we’ll see. The problem is Jag, Matt and Blue all have each other to feed off of so it keeps it going longer.

If I’m being honest, only part of me hopes it dies down. (Obviously I hope the personal insults stop because that’s not fun to watch) There’s another part of me that enjoys seeing America having them so riled up while do nothing.

There was a moment yesterday when America went to sit and talk with Cirie. She was sitting in front of Matt so she had her back to him. She never spoke to him and didn’t acknowledge his presence. It absolutely irked the hell out of him and I was amused by it. (Matt is also territorial about his Mama Fields. That’s another reason I hope America starts hanging out with her more.) I believe I said yesterday, it’s harder to get away with being an asshole when you’re sitting on top of the mountain. Jag and Matt have been at the top for a while now.

If Matt wants to call people names and toss out insults, it would be more palatable if he was an underdog. When Jag wants to talk about sacrificing and protecting people with his comps wins, dont do it when you’ve won 5 of them. Besides, its bullshit anyway. Jag cheers Matt on when Matt says things like “she’s lucky we let her stay her this long” but wasn’t Jag already evicted once? (Don’t get me wrong, I like Jag. I’m just over the victim noises)

If Jag thinks he’s had to stick his neck out and win comps in order to protect Cory and America, here’s a thought: Don’t win them. Just don’t go for the win in these comps. How about that? (What’s that Jag? What did you say? Oh, you need to win those comps because otherwise, you’ll be a target? I see, so basically you’re not winning comps to protect Cory and America, you’re winning comps to protect yourself.)

That’s it for me today. Have a great Wesnesday!


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