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Big Brother 25-Tuesday Recap for 10/24/23

October 25, 2023 | 10 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all, Two weeks left, that’s it! (It feels like its been years) It may not be two weeks exactly but close enough to say it. Plus, I’m getting end of season fatigue and it makes me motivated to say it’s almost over. Yesterday was alot of personal chit chat but there were a couple of events that kept it interesting.

Felicia started her game early in the day. She headed to the hoh room and actually woke Jag up to talk to him. She sat downstairs and you could see she was planning out what she’d say:

She went upstairs and woke up a sleeping Jag:

She laid everything out for Jag by spilling the convo she’d had with Cirie the day before:

She told him about Matt telling Cirie he wanted to take a shot at Jag. She was off on some of the details but for the most part, it was correct. Jag looked stunned:

She moved right into talking about the Blue vote. She said Cirie was wanting to split it so Jag would have to break the tie and have Blue mad at him. At first, I wondered if Jag was comprehending everything she was saying. (I know when I first wake up, you’ve gotta give me a minute)

She said she was showing Jag how loyal she was to him by giving him the info. Once he understood what she was saying, Felicia suggested she talk to Matt herself to see if he would say the same thing to her. Jag agreed and when she left the room, he said “what the fuck?”

America biked with Bowie and then talked a little game. She’s doing her best to stay out of things this week.

She’s working on Bowie but she’s too far in with Jatt to make a dent.

There was alot of personal talk about past relationships and other things. America told them about Cory jokingly saying he’d propose to her on finale night. She told Blue and Bowie, she’d say yes. (For anyone who hasn’t figured it out yet, America is a tad impulsive)

Blue joked that she’d only used Jared for game. She also said she and Jared had never kissed on camera. I’m not sure why she thinks she knows that to be true but we saw several things on the feeds she’d probably prefer we hadn’t seen.

Bowie chimed in about exes and stuff too. They lost the backyard and the grill, so they were all extremely bored yesterday.

Every time America hangs out with Blue, she says she feels even more guilty about this week. She said she didn’t like blindsiding Blue and wished it was Felicia leaving instead. (America likes Blue alot more than Blue likes America)

Matt, still having a chip on his shoulder from the America bashing the day before, decided to mess with her. While joking about the Cory shrine, he said he should mess it up. You could tell he was primed and was trying to instigate it. He picked up the squeaky dog toy and said it was funny how America saw Cory as a dog. She joked it off as they both said “here Cory” like they were calling a dog. (The difference was, Matt was being passive aggressive, rather than joking)

He commented on how much counter space she was taking up with Cory’s things. She said it was really just her dresser and Cory’s. (Sorry Matt, try again)

Finally he got to the issue that’s been bugging him for a couple of months. He told America he should mess it up the way she messed up Reilly’s q-tips. America said “that was Izzy.” Matt just said “oh, I heard it was you.” (It was a very anti climactic moment) For the record, Izzy blew on it, It came apart and she tried to fix it back. Next, Hisam used a couple of them to clean his ears. Finally, America scooted them off to the side because she needed to use the counter space in the bathroom. (I’m with America on this one. Since Izzy blew them off the counter and had to fix them back, Reilly’s precious q-tip design had already been tainted. Therefore, it shouldn’t matter what anyone else did after that) At this point, I don’t know who needs therapy more. Me, for talking about this shit or them, for obsessing over it!

All the time Matt’s spent bashing America was over nothing and he found that out yesterday. (Assuming he even believed her) Just in the past week, Matt’s said “American and Cory would never have what he and Reilly had.” He’s called her a bitch multiple times and said she’d better campaign to him. He joked she should get up and make him breakfast. He said he wanted to nominate her by telling her “you don’t cook, you don’t clean, your jokes aren’t funny, so get the fuck out.” Granted, this is just trash talk behind her back so it’s not a big deal. I’m only trying to demonstrate the depths of his dislike for America.

Blue talked to Cirie about how she was going to feel stupid If she was being lied to by Jag. Cirie told her she didn’t trust anybody completely but said she’d worked with them longer than her. Later, Cirie talked to the camera. Well, she was really talking to Jared and was saying “I’ve tried to warn her and give her hints. She just refuses to see, nothing else I can do.”

Cirie and Felicia talked more about splitting the vote and what they would tell America. Cirie said if they explained why they were doing it, America would understand.

Felicia had her talk with Matt and was trying to pick his brain. They discussed whether or not Blue was the right choice this week. Matt said she was, because she was more likely to win a comp. (It was basically past conversations on repeat) Felicia was trying to bait him into talking about Jag. The closest Matt got to saying anything about Jag was about the final 5. Matt said he knows everyone thinks he and Jag are wanting to go to the final 2 together but said “anything could happen.” (That comment could easily be explained away as ‘someone could take one of us out’ or ‘we both may not make it’)

Jag and Bowie talked in the hoh room. He told her about how Cirie and Felicia may be wanting to split the vote. Jag explained, it was because they wanted to do jury management. Bowie said it wasn’t going to matter because neither of them were going to be in the final 2. (Ooh, getting a little cocky are we?) He eventually came around to deciding that it might not be a bad idea. He said Blue isn’t going to be more upset with him forr breaking the tie if he was planning on taking her out anyway. He thinks having Cirie and Felicia vote to keep Blue might turn America against them. He said maybe it would get America more on their side and Bowie agreed.

Felicia reported back to Jag after her talk with Matt. She told him about Matt saying they would get rid of America next and then take out Bowie at the final 5. She said it sounded to her like Matt was still good with their final 4 and she doesn’t know why Cirie was saying any different. They kind of kicked around the idea of setting up Cirie by playing with the votes. Felicia said Cirie was probably going to give Blue a vote no matter what. She reminded him that she’d done the same thing with Izzy and Jared. They talked about Jag getting ahead of it and telling Blue she was leaving. Eventually Jag said it didn’t matter because Blue was going anyway, even if he had to break a tie.

Side Note: This convo was frustrating and not because Felicia was throwing Cirie under a bus. (Felicia’s allowed to play her game too) Forget for the moment that Felicia doing this and the timing of it isn’t good for her game. I was only annoyed by how dense this conversation sounded. They were talking about how and when to tell Blue, but Felicia was the one who told Jag Cirie had already told her! (No bells going off…at all…anywhere??) They also talked about Cirie’s votes for Jared and Izzy as if it was jury management but they arn’t in the jury. (Maybe it’s brain fog from being in the house so long and trying to keep up with so much shit, but this is ridiculous)

Felicia came back downstairs to tell Cirie that after talking to Jag again, he seemed okay with them voting to keep Blue. He said he’d just break the tie and Blue will go. They also talked about if they should trust America. They wondered if she would really take a shot at Jag and Matt. Felicia said she didn’t like the idea of including America in a final 4 because she didn’t trust it. Cirie said she didn’t trust America either but asked what were their options? She asked Felicia if she felt better about Matt and Bowie? (Felicia didn’t have a good answer for this because the truthful answer is that Felicia isn’t planning on Jag going anywhere)

Jag questioned Matt about his recent conversations with Felicia and Cirie. Matt said he only talked to them about needing to vote Blue out this week. Jag put everything on the table and told him about the things Felicia said. Matt said he’d never had a conversation like that was Cirie and thought Felicia could be lying. He said Felicia was probably just trying to stir things up. He said he thinks both of them might be trying to cause trouble to separate Matt and Jag.

They talked about who they wanted as a 4th because they definitely want to keep Bowie. Jag wants Felicia, Matt wants Cirie but both of them pretended they didn’t care. Matt said he thought Cirie and Felicia would both try to get closer to America and Jag said it was the reason he was okay with the split vote. Jag brought up again, he did believe Cirie warned Blue about being the target. Matt disagreed again and said Blue wasn’t acting like someone who thought she was going home.

Everyone hung out in the HOH room. Honestly, I think they were just trying to kill time so the day would be over. They made up different scenarios for stories about each of the house guests and just had some silly time.

Cirie and Felicia had a conversation with America but the feeds got cut off. Later, Felicia was saying she thought about going ahead and telling Jag that America knows about the split vote. (I don’t know if this means they’ve already told America or not) Felicia’s plan was to tell Jag, America had overheard them talking about it from the other room. They weren’t going to admit they told her or were planning on telling her.

America went to the HOH room and got assurances from Bowie, Matt and Jag that she was still staying. She also told them Felicia and Cirie hadn’t been saying anything to her about game. I don’t think it will happen but this is the only thing that might come back to bite her. If they switch things up and start looking for a reason to take out America, they could say she lied to them. Of course, they’ll have to find out America was told about splitting the vote. (I’m still not sure she was) They’d also need to consider it a bigger deal than the Cirie/Felicia issues.

Finally, the conversation we’d been waiting to see happened. Matt didn’t warn Cirie the prior day about the things Felicia had said, but yesterday he did. He talked to Cirie about the conversation he had had with Jag. Cirie pretended to be shocked.

She said she hadn’t told Felicia anything. She said Felicia told her that Matt had said it to her (Felicia) around a month ago. (about targeting Jag)

She swore up and down she hadn’t told Felicia anything. Matt warned her she couldn’t trust Felicia. Matt also said Felicia was spreading it around about the split vote. He told her Jag knows about it and so does Bowie. (Jag did tell Bowie but so did Felicia earlier in the day) Matt said Felicia was trying to put the idea of splitting the vote all on Cirie. (Ok, that part is true. Haha)

Sometime after that, Felicia asked Cirie if Matt had said anything else about the double. Since Felicia couldn’t get anything out of him, she wanted to know if Matt had said anything else to Cirie. Cirie told her “ask Matt.” (Haha)

Felicia staring at Cirie’s picture:

Matt went to Jag and told him he’d talked to Cirie. He said she denied saying anything like that to Felicia. Jag was worried and said he wished Matt hadn’t said anything to her at all. He said it was going to make Jag look bad because he hadn’t gone to Cirie himself. Matt ‘innocently’ apologized to Jag. (Oh, he’s not sorry!)

Jag is worried Cirie may go and tell Feicia. Matt told him he didn’t think she was going to say anything. Jag said he thinks this will get them targeted in the double. Jag was definitely irritated and I don’t think wanted to let Matt off the hook completely. He told Matt how their games were linked so if he went on the block during the double, so would Matt.

Matt ran back to Cirie to tell her she definitely couldn’t say anything to Felicia. I think Matt is safe with that one because I doubt Cirie plans on telling Felicia anything, ever again. Cirie said she should go talk to Jag to let him know that Felicia was making up stuff.

Cirie headed up to the HOH room and lied her ass off. She said the vote splitting thing was Felicia’s idea. She said Felicia was paranoid and had been paranoid ever since she thought she may go up as a pawn again.

Jag told her that Felicia said the whole thing was Cirie’s idea. Cirie said if she’d wanted to split the votes, she would’ve came and talked to Jag about it. She said that she hadn’t talked to Jag about anything this week because she was fine with their 4 and fine with the vote being unanimous.

Jack said he’d been fine with the split vote but now, thinks it should be unanimous. He’s also decided he isn’t going to tell Blue ahead of time anymore. They hugged and things are fine….for now.

While Cirie was upstairs, Felicia noticed Cirie was gone. She looked into the scramble room for her but went back to bed. When Cirie came back into the room, Felicia pretended she was asleep.

Matt and Jag talked alone after Cirie left. Matt thinks Cirie and Felicia will be going against each other after all this happened. He also questioned whether or not they should still tell Blue. Matt said he’d hate to be evicted and crying when he went out to see Julie.

Jag doesn’t want to tell her but is pretty sure Cirie will do it anyway. He reminded Matt, she did the same thing with Reilly. This is something Jag’s been using lately, in an attempt to turn Matt against Cirie. (Blue’s used lies about Reilly to help turn him against America too) It may have taken 2 months but Jag’s finally put the pieces together. Jg told Matt that Cirie pretended she was fighting for Reilly the week she left. He said she’d never tried to keep her but told Reilly she had right before she left. He said this is the reason Reilly told them to trust Cirie before she left.

I think Matt is in too deep with Cirie to doubt her now but Jag ain’t lyin’. I’m not giving him any props here because he fell for it too at the time. The sole reason Matt and Jag started trusting and wanting to work with Cirie was because Reilly said they should trust her. Now, Cirie did the work on her own to keep them on her side. I’m not trying to take that part away from her.

We’ll see what happens today. Cirie can tell when the vibe is off with Felicia so I’m curious to see if Felicia will be able to do the same. Matt and Jag may start to get paranoid with each other too. As for Blue, she’s just living her best life waiting for America to leave….she thinks!

Have a great Wednesday.


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