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Big Brother 25-Tuesday Recap for 10/3/23

October 4, 2023 | 6 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies, yesterday included some apologies, a fake birthday and trying to flip a vote. Before all that, what about the cliffhanger episode last night? If they were gonna leave it hanging, they should’ve showed more of Felicias speech. It was fairly obvious they left some of it out.

I did like the smug look of satisfaction after she sat down ater her speech. (Haha):

What I liked even more, was Felicia finding herself back outside the house for the veto comp:

The shot of the hg’s watching the movie was telling. The way they’re sitting kinda shows how they feel about each other:

Now we wait for the arguement between Felicia and America on the Thursday show. It sounded like we’ll get a live HOH after Cameron makes his big decision too. (He was loving that moment too):

Moving on to the feeds from yesterday:

The day started with Cory and Jag checking in. They agreed to talk about the vote more later in the day. Jag had began a push to keep Felicia on Monday but Cory and America weren’t on board with it. Cory was only considering it because his talk with Meme didn’t go that well on Monday. (In case you haven’t picked up on this in the past, Cory’s been determined to work with Meme all season, whether she likes it or not!) She gives him nothing in their convos and he may be finally seeing it. (Meme also tried to knock Cory out of the DE hoh comp and she picked Blue to play in the veto)

Cirie and Cory had a long talk about Felicia going off on him, the game and Survivor. (I enjoy their Survivor talks) Cirie let him know Felicia wanted to talk to him. He said he respected her and her fight to stay. He also planned to tell her he was voting her out. Cirie advised him not to go around trying to do damage control or to keep talking about it. (Good advice) I think Cirie likes Cory on a personal level. She just wants to destroy him in the game

Felicia was complaining to Meme about Cirie some more. She said Cirie can’t get the votes to win the game and said she’ll end up 2nd, like on Survivor. Felicia also thinks Cirie wants to be the sole vote to stay for the person getting evicted. (She’ll find out why Cirie voted for Izzy & Jared to stay if she leaves Thursday)

Matt and Blue talked about Cory and both think there’s some truth to what Felicia said in her speech. They talked about Cirie and said they were both good with her. Matt made fun of other people talking like they were good with Cirie. He and Blue feel they’re the closest to her and everyone else can kick rocks, I guess. (Matty Ice is territorial when it comes to his Fields Mama)

The expressions from Matt and Jag when Blue was going on and on and on about Cory again:

Cameron told Matt, Blue and Jag if Felicia came into the HOH room, he was going to tell her to leave. (Not the first time he’s said this) Soon after, she came into the room. (*checks notes* He didn’t ask her to leave) Cirie and Meme came in shortly after Felicia. Cam got called to the DR and once he was out, he complained to a couple of people that everyone was hanging out in his HOH room. He said those 3 (Cirie, Meme and Felicia) were trying to block conversations. (Probably)

Cory talked to Cam about Blue. Cory’s been trying to find a way to get Blue to nominate Meme instead of him if he wins the HOH. Can said he didn’t think that would be possible since Meme and Blue seem to be getting closer. Cory wondered if they could get the rest of the house to pressure her to do it. Cameron also didn’t think that was possible. (Cam is loving watching Cory squirm over this, haha)

America had her own chat with Matt about pressuring Blue to do what they want next week if she wins.

Cory checked back in with Jag. Cory said he thought about it felt like Felicia still needed to be the one to go. He also didn’t think they’d be able to convince Cameron be OK with her staying. (Remember, Jag’s been told by Cory that Jag and Matt would be Meme’s targets if she won hoh. It’s why Jag started trying to flip the vote almost immediately)

Felcia got around to having her talk with Cory. She apologized to him. Cory told her he respected her as a person and also as a player. He said getting yelled at during a ceremony marked something off his bucket list. He told her he would be voting her out but didn’t want anything to be awkward and said he really liked her. Cory also asked Felicia why she hadn’t believed Jared told him about brown sugar babes. (We never got her answer because the feeds cut) I think it’s as simple as Jared doing a good job convincing Felicia he was loyal to her. It’s also why she was so hurt when she found out he ‘d tried to keep Izzy over her.

America hadn’t had her talk with Felicia yet and she was a little annoyed by Cory’s. I think she thought Cory was too forgiving, too quickly. (She took more personal hits from Felicia than Cory so I get it)

They got called to the storage room for some booze and Bowie’s birthday party supplies. There were lots of comments and questions about Bowie’s past birthdays, what was her favorite birthday, how old are her parents and so on. (It was basically just a lot of shade because they know/think Bowie’s lying about her age) There was one moment when Felicia asked Bowie what it felt like to turn 35 and Cirie quietly said “again.”

Felicia talked to Mr. B. (the cameras) and said maybe it was time for her to go. She said there was more things in life than this game and said she likes Cory and America as people, just not as players. She also mentioned Bowie never making a decision and how no one liked Cameron. (Her games ending, let’s cut her some slack. Lol)

She talked more about Cameron and said she knows he wanted Cory out before jury so he could have America to himself. (She’s a person, not a prize) She continued to make several comments throughout the day about America before she got around to talking to her. She said she knew America really wanted Cam instead of Cory. This says otherwise:

I think what Felicia didn’t like was America arguing with her after the veto ceremony. She didn’t appreciate America getting involved in something between Felicia and Cory. She also talked as if she didn’t like the way America spoke to her. (According to America, she said she kept it respectful. As for getting involved, If the retells are accurate, Felicia involved America by talking about her.) I imagine we’ll see on Thursday for ourselves.

Cirie just agreed with whatever Felicia said. Felicia told her she’d really wanted to get zinged by zingbot. Cirie made fun of herself and said zingbot would go at her hard. She said zingbot would probably mention her never playing in a veto and say “did you come to play the game or just lay around in a robe all season?”

Jag spent some time with Meme since she may be staying. He didn’t fare much better than Cory with trying to get targets out of her. They had a good talk tho and I don’t know if she’s even targeting him anymore. I honestly think the Jag and Matt targets are kind of old news.

This is what Meme said to Felicia recently but since then, Cory and America outed her final 4 with them and Cameron’s put her on the block. (That tends to change things) Not only that, she’s been bonding more with Blue and Blue’s been trash talking Cory. (Felicia asked Meme who she’d work with now and Meme said no one. Haha)

Cory went back to Jag and talked as if he’d changed his mind. He thought it might be a good move to go ahead and take out Meme. He and America had a convo about it too. (Cory’s turned into America and can’t keep any of his thoughts to himself anymore) Cory told Jag it could cause good chaos to blindside the other people in the house. (He means Cirie and Blue)

That’s the version he was trying to sell to Jag. What Cory’s really trying to do is get Matt and Jag to blindside Blue so maybe she won’t trust them anymore. This all stems from the one and only thing that seems to be on his mind this week. (How do I get Blue not to target to me if she wins the HOH?)

For those of you keeping score: Jag wanted Meme out and Cory didn’t. Jag’s came around to wanting to keep her and now Cory doesn’t. With a bit of nudging from Cameron, Jag’s starting to see what Cory is trying to do. (Yeah, the guy who went super hard to keep Cory off the block this weekend is beginning to doubt Cory too)

Cory had a separate convo with Matt and he said he agreed with Cory. (to his face) While this was happening, Cameron was busy suggesting to Jag and Bowie, maybe they should evict Cory next week. He talked about how America would be lost, would have to come to them and would have nothing if Cory left.

Bowie argued against this and said America was smart and thought she’d be fine. Cameron also started planting doubts about Cory to Bowie. He told Bowie, Cory must not trust her if he wasn’t filling her in on all these game plans. After Cam left, Jag told Bowie that Cory did trust her. (Cory may have Jag a little leary but he’s not ready to ditch Cory just yet)

Felicia finally had her talk with America. They both apologized and America said she wanted to defend Cory because they have a close personal relationship. They both said none of it was personal, they’re fine with each other and you get the rest.

A few more tidbits of conversations:

Matt was having a rough day yesterday. He spent a lot of time in a have not room. At one point, Jag checked on him and so did Felicia and Cirie. There was large parts of the day where a lot of hg’s hung out together in groups. Matt said those days are hard for him because they aren’t one on one. Cirie called him “Matty Ice,” hugged him and told him she loved him. He beamed and felt a lot better after that. (Matt’s not letting anyone come in and steal Cirie away from him! Lol)

Blue may not like Cam but he’s the one person she can always bash Cory and America to so she keeps hanging out with him. Blue said she thought she and Jared were a cuter couple than America and Cory. She said they won’t make it on the outside and more of the usual. (I wish she’d stick to slamming their game play. I mean, there’s good material to work with)

Cam chimed in and said he didn’t get the whole America and Cory thing. (I’ve always thought Cam just saw America as a hot girl without substance. He really doesn’t get her at all) His view of America and other women in the house made more sense to me after he said Analyse was his BB crush. (America’s fun and flirty so he thinks she’s an Analyse. She’s not even close to it.)

Jag and Matt said they think Cory wants to vote out Meme and do it in a way that will make them look bad. Meanwhile, America and Cory are trying to figure out if they can evict Meme in a way that will make Jag and Matt look bad.

Cory taught America the proper stance for a golf swing. Yes, that’s really what they were doing:

Matt, Jag and Cam talked about targeting Meme next. They agreed if she won the veto, maybe they could take out Blue. (I’m expecting Cam to try and switch it to Cory at some point)

The day came to an end with Cameron, Matt and Jag talking about basing the vote on which one of the women would cook more for them…so there’s that…

Bowie turned 35, or 44 or maybe neither. There’s some dispute over her b-day even being in October. Online, it says her b-day is in February. Lol

Its waffle Wednesday so we’ll see what happens. Cory’s gotta chill or he’s going to have Jag and Matt feeling weird about him again. He can’t play every angle and needs to know when to shut up. (Look, you put Blue on the block and you took out her shomance. If she wins, she’s going to come after you. That’s it.)

Cory isn’t the only one trying to figure out who is best to keep. He’s just the only one going around talking about it and such an open and analytical way. The decision for most of them Is based on who each would put on the block if they were to win the next HOH. Meme doesn’t give up anything so they have no way of figuring that out. Felicia has beef with Cory, America and Cameron so they can’t really narrow her down either. (Felicia’s actually said she would put up Cory and America with the hope of backdooring Cameron)

I managed to get another picture stuck at the bottom of the page again! Just pretend like it’s not there and have a great Wednesday!


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