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Big Brother 25- Tuesday Recap for 8/15/23

August 16, 2023 | 14 Comments
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Author: Mel

It’s waffle Wednesday in the BB house but this group is way ahead of schedule. I don’t even want to guess if it’s settled by now, not with this group. I left yesterdays recap with then making the decision to keep Reilly. Izzy and Cory were talking afterwards and seeming to regret it already.

It was just a momentary blip and the push to keep Reilly was still on. Izzy and Cirie were still mad at Hisam, got Jared and Cory to agree and then got Felicia on board too. Izzy had a good talk with Matt and that made her feel better about it again.

Hisam had a chat with Matt at the start of the day. He told Matt they had the votes to take out Reilly. He also suggested Matt not make a target of himself by voting to keep her. Hisam has a way of making things sound threatening while wrapping it in a kind tone.

He gave Matt a hug right after giving him the warning. To me, that hug was the equivalent of taking a warm, snuggly blanket right out of the dryer….and then using it to wrap up dog shit.

Red and Hisam talked and comparesd notes. (Red doesn’t have that many notes) Hisam told him about his convo with Matt. They agreed they have all the votes and Hisam said he’s made it clear, anyone who gives Reilly a sympathy vote will be the next one out.

Izzy, Jared and Cory talked and they told Izzy they didn’t think they should flip the vote. Izzy passed this on to Cirie and Cirie started counting votes. She was dead serious but I thought it was a funny moment. She was counting because she’d asked Izzy “do we need them?” (Not having Jared and Cory agreeing with them didn’t seem to phase her. The Survivor in her was jumping out a little bit)

They’re concerned about Hisam’s bossiness and finding out he tried to make an alliance with Jag and Blue, when he told them not to be doing it. Those arn’t the main reasons they’re worried about Hisam though.

They’ve had a theory that Hisam has felt stuck with their side. They believe he’s pissed the other side didn’t invite him into their alliance. They think this for several reasons. America told them about Hisam trying to start something with her. America said, he told her he wanted to work with her and the strong competitors.

His whole spiel about Rielly was how she decided for the whole house how they’d be teamed up. He’s mad because she chose the teams on her own. (She didn’t but it’s what Hisam thinks) He also told Cirie his initial plan for the first week. He said he’d planned to try hard in the first comps, show his abilities and figured it would make people want to work with him. He’s mad at Reilly for taking that option away from him. (In their opinion)

They think Hisam’s annoyed for being forced to team up with “the rejects” as Cirie put it They also think with Reilly gone, Hisam thinks he can step in and take her place on the side of “the competitors.” Finding out he tried to make a 3 with Jag and Blue is all it took to finish convincing them.

Anyway, back to the day. Izzy and Cirie are getting things back on track for the the plan to keep Reilly. They do a little more work on Jared and Cory and get them to agree AGAIN. They have Felicia, talk with Matt and Reilly about needing protection next week and so on.

Jared said he didn’t care that much and was only concerned because Izzy had been one of Reilly’s targets. Cory didn’t think it was the best move for the group but felt it was good for him individually. They gave Cory the job of telling America since he’s been getting closer to her.

Cirie, Izzy and Felicia moved on to talking with Jag. They grilled him on the new alliance he was making with Hisam. They told him they needed complete honesty from him and they’d know if he was lying. After trying to evade being too specific, he spilled everything. At this point in the day, they were forming a new alliance with Cirie, Izzy, Felicia Jag, and Blue and Reilly. (I think) Matt, Cory, and maybe America we’re going to be on the outskirts of it but with them.

Reilly finding campaigning hard:

Reilly spoke to Blue and for once, kept quiet. Even though this had just been solidified, she talked to Blue as if she was still working on getting the votes. It didn’t matter because immediately after, Jag came in and filled Blue in on everything. Jag told Blue the thing with Hisam was OVER. He said Hisam told them about the 3 but feels good about this new alliance.

Reilly had a little storage room celebration by herself. Once again, she took Izzy and Cirie’s advice. They told her they wanted it to be a blind side and she needed to keep acting depressed.

Basically, everyone was running around talking to everyone in small groups. Lots of planning and scheming all day long. Some of these conversations took forever to happen because of Bowie. I’m only bringing this up because Bowie is rarely seen or heard. Yesterday, she was bored and kept roaming the house. She popped in every time they were trying to talk game. She was left out of all of it and they planned to tell her when it got closer to eviction.

They didn’t want it getting out and didn’t plan to tell Red at all. There were 2 possible plans regarding Red. If Bowie ends up with the ability to take someones vote, they want to convince her to choose Red. If Bowie doesn’t end up having that ability, they just aren’t going to tell him and let him vote for Cameron to stay.

Felicia FINALLY got some real butter and also dropped her mic. (just on the floor) Cirie said her comic would be mics laying around with Felicia pointing guns at them.

Felicia, Izzy and Cirie decided to wait and tell Mecole on Wednesday. They know it’s going to be hard to convince her so they decided to just start planting some seeds on Tuesday. They’d hoped with the right seeds, she’d come to the conclusion on her own.

Almost immediately, they talked to Mecole. Look, I garden and this was not seed planting. This was carelessly throwing some seeds on the ground and using the force of a fire hydrant to beat them into the ground. Let’s just say, Mecole was NOT happy. She said she’s fine with taking out Hisam but doesn’t understand why they need Reilly in the house to do it. She also doesn’t understand why they can’t let the other side take him out since the entire house wants him gone. (She’s not wrong)

Mecole seems like a good player so far but she isn’t active enough. Cory has tried to work something on the side with her. She talks to him but doesn’t give him much. It’s partly what I think he’s moved on to America. She has her little group and is just content with it. That’s how you find yourself getting evicted because you aren’t important enough to save at some point. She needs to step it up in my opinion. She needs to make herself more valuable to people.

Mecole spoke with Hisam just to see if she could verify anything she was hearing. He admitted to the new alliance with Jag and Blue but said it was fake. He also told her he was just trying to protect himself after this week, basically the same thing he’d said to Izzy the night before. She didn’t leave the conversation with any ammunition to go back and argue against the new plan but she also didn’t spill anything to Hisam.

After some complaining to Cory & Jared and blowing off some steam in the hoh bathroom, she agreed to go along with the plan. Hisam made a comment about how Meme had been doing her hair for hours in his bathroom. (Haha) She wasn’t just doing her hair, she was one step away from pulling it out. Mecole thinks most of the house is a bunch of emotional idiots and she’s doing her best to keep calm and keep her mouth shut.

Hisam hung out with his Professor alliance and they all played nice. Hisam said the next targets would be Blue and Jag but they didn’t believe him. He also talked about being annoyed people seemed to be giving Reilly false hope. He heard Reilly talking about requesting hair color and wondered why she’d need it since she’d be gone.

Cameron popped in for a visit, no one cared. The o ny thing Cameron accomplished was questioning Matt and Reilly about why they stay up late and said they should go to bed.

Ok, now ya’ll knew this was coming, right? After a dinner Cirie didn’t like, (I don’t think she likes Felicia’s cooking) Jag doing Blues make up and Felicia finally getting some real butter….. they started to change their minds again. Haha

Cirie eating the dinner that she said was dry:

Jared and Cory eat dinner on cheese:

Izzy went to Cirie and talked about how this might be a mistake. They both agreed only Jag, Blue and Matt would be upset if they didn’t do it. They also agreed to sleep on it. Instead, Cirie told Reilly they may not have the votes after all but said they were trying hard.

Reilly relayed this to Jag and Matt and they started giving her pitches to make to people. Jag passed the info to Blue and she told him about a talk she had with Jared. Jared has told her about Hisam saying the next targets would be Blue and Jag. Jag also had another talk with Felicia and left thinking he “had” Felicia. (Bless his heart)

Izzy talked to Cory and Jared about it too. Jared said he was frustrated that it keeps changing. He and Cory would like to make a plan and just execute it. Izzy admitted she can be all over the place. She also told him that a week like this wouldn’t happen again. (I hope it does) He ended up telling her he loved her like a sister and it wasn’t only because they were working together. (It’s a good thing because they ain’t getting rid of Izzy. She’s planning on being at all the holidays, the family photos, all of it! I love that people have taken to calling her Foster Fields online) Cirie even calls her Isabel when she’s being too much. (Isn’t that what moms do when they’re annoyed with one of their children?)

It appears they’ve come to the realization that we’ve known from the start. This decision shouldn’t be Reilly vs Hisam. It is Reilly vs Cameron. After that, they can deal with Hisam. They also realized Hisam is going to go alot harder in comps if they screw him this week. They want him happy, calm and unaware.

This is usually the vote flip day if there’s going to be one. I’m not expecting it today since they may have gotten it out of the way yesterday. I do expect Jag and Reilly to do alot of campaigning.

Cameron is still laying low and unaware any of this has happened. Bowie mentioned how Tuesday was a “nothing day” because nothing was going on in the house. Matt gave Reilly some talking points to get everyone back with them.

This is what Jared, Cory and Mecole have realized that Jag, Matt, Reilly and Blue don’t have a clue about. The vote is going to go the way Cirie and Izzy want it to go. No, I don’t have any follow-up after that because it’s that simple. They control everything this week.

Hisam’s hoh started with me saying Reilly was better for Cirie’s game. (not the whole group, Cirie) I also wondered if she’d decide it was worth it. It would appear she’s realizing it’s not. I still think Reilly is better to stay for her individual game but NOT at the expense of betraying Hisam. If she and Izzy hadn’t gotten pissed off at him for doing things behind their backs, she maybe could’ve gotten him to change his mind. It would’ve taken some work but it could’ve happened. Now, they just need to do some damage control with Jag, Blue and Matt.

I agree with them that Hisam needs to go before jury because he’s gonna be a bitter Betty. Cirie is used to Survivor and quick moves. She’s not used to all this down time between noms being locked and eviction. Cirie’s good enough at social games to probably change her mind 2 more times before tomorrow and get away with it. I don’t think she will, I just think she could. Even if this flip on Hisam still happens, Cirie will probably come out of it pretty good. It’s other people who will get most of Hisam’s wrath.

For now, Reilly is leaving…again. I’m ready for it to get here just to see where everyone goes moving forward. There’s no way they avoid all this getting back to Hisam, even if it’s this weekend or next week, right?

Have a great Wednesday!


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